Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Snakepit demo

This is a new band from Toronto featuring D’arcy Rix-Hayes formerly of BORED STIFF on vocals. The band also features a guy named Kota who played guitar in a band from Japan called EVERYBODY’s ENEMY. I think the other members do double duties with TOTAL TRASH and BLACK FAXES. In terms of influences I hear a boatload which include GANG GREEN, DYS, NEGATIVE APPROACH, and a tougher sounding hardcore, without diluting this into a tough guy sound. Think of bands like INSURANCE RISK or DS 13 and how they stripped down the sound to a back to basics look at early hardcore. SNAKEPIT do the same but with more of an emphasis on the brands of Straight edge that have filtered into hardcore. On top of that the band uses some great samples from movies as intros for their songs. Reminds me of the days of SPAZZ when sampling was a way of song writing. In fact the band goes so far as to reference the samples in their insert. And their insert folds out like a flower with various peddles that have lyrics and messages of minor activism. Things like Turn off your TV and Stop Shopping at the Mall. The folding job alone demonstrates a labour of love. These guys put a ton of effort into this release and it shows. I think this is Toronto’s next big thing in terms of an underground hardcore band. Don’t take my word for it, invite them to your town. Japan did. They might be touring with TOTAL FURY. (http://www.myspace.com/snakepithardcore). The songs found on the demo are:

1. Hogtown Blues
2. Kill John Mayer
3. Collapse
4. Slow Rot
5. Crossing the Rubicon
6. Records
7. Hipsterectomy

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