Sunday, October 29, 1995

Chokehold "Content with Dying" LP

This LP came out on Great American Steak Religion in 1995. This was with a newer line up and the songs on here are:
1. Underneath
2. Afraid of Life
3. Content with Dying
4. Not a Solution
5. Relisgion on a Stick
6. Regression
7. Conditioned
8. Sidetracked
9. You're the Only One?

Friday, October 20, 1995

Flyer - Friday October 20, 1995

Sunday, October 15, 1995

The Mods "Twenty 2 Months" CD

The title represents the time that the Mods were together. The Mods were from Scarborough and the band was on the Last Pogo bill and self-released an ep on White Collar Records. This CD collects the ep and the other songs that were recorded at the ep recording back in May 1979. There was another recording at Phase One studios in January 1980 and live material from the Horseshoe collected for this CD. Chris Spedding mixed the material in January 1985. The songs on here are:

1. Reign of Terror
2. Troubled Times
3. Reactions
4. You Use Me
5. Between Four Walls
6. Coming In Out of the Rain
7. Changed my Mind
8. The Other Side
9. Tell Her I'll Be There
10. Second Chance
11. Anywhere but with you
12. I Don't Even Mind
13. Swaying Hair
14. Just Begun
15. The Look in Your Eyes
16. Out of Your Hands
17. The Other Side (Live)
18. From a Window (Live)
19. New Breed (Live)
20. Bust Down (Live)
21. Step Out Tonight

Saturday, October 14, 1995

Hocley Teeth "Smells like Stanley's cup!" CD

This is Hockey Teeth's first full length release. It was released by Outcast Records and was recorded at Rumenal Studios. The songs on here are:

1. Today
2. Lost friend
3. Not so long ago
4. Rich man's stuff
5. Just let me think
6. Behind these eyes
7. Hungry and homeless
8. Game Face
9. Blowin' in the Wind
10. Trick of the Jack
11. Power and Control
12. Stolen Land
13. The death of dollar bill
14. Believe

15. Hit and Run
16. My dad's Jeans
17. Hockey Teeth

Sunday, October 8, 1995