Saturday, September 27, 1986

Desperate Minds "A Chance to Feel Emotions" ep

Desperate Minds were a three piece from Vancouver. the band featured Sean Chikara on guitars and vocals, Gary Chiba on Bass and vocals and Kim Holowaychuk on drums. The record came out on Chikara Records. The songs on this ep are:
1. Hype
2. Do Your Part
3. Prey TV
4. Do You Remember
5. I Care Too Much to Quit

Wednesday, September 17, 1986

Beyond Possession "Is This Beyond Possession" LP

"Is This Beyond Possession" is teh band's first full length. It was released on Metal Blade records. The song titles are:

1. Never Nothing New
2. Life Force
3. Dying Fast
4. Living to Tell You About It
5. Last Will and Testament
6. You're So Important
7. Final Daze
8. Why ? It's Youth
9. Beyond Possession
10. Creeping Eruption
11. Hard Times
12. Attitude Problem
13. Depression
14. Cinderella Syndrome
15. I'll Never Rest in Peace

Sunday, September 14, 1986

Thursday, September 11, 1986

Propagandhi "Where Quality is Job #1" ep

This is a double ep that came out on Recess. The collection of material was early demo material. The songs on here are:
1. White, Proud, and Stupid
2. Fine Day
3. Bent
4. Support Gun Control ... Kill a Hunter
5. Kill Bill Harcus
6. Government Cartoons
1. Leg Hold Trap
2. Hidden Curriculum
3. Die for the Flag

Wednesday, September 3, 1986

Flyer - Wednesday September 3, 1986

A bunch of shows that Jil Heath did in the summer of 1986.

Monday, September 1, 1986

Zine - Nerve #28

This is Nerve #28 which features R.E.M. on the cover, which came out in September 1986. The issue also featured pieces on the House Martins, Ikons, Neon Rome, the CASBY Awards, and Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. There are regional reports on Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, London, and Montreal, music and show reviews and columns.