Wednesday, December 23, 1992

Peanut Gallery “Remotecontroleosis” ‘92 demo

Peanut Gallery were from Vancouver and pre-dated Insult to Injury and Submission Hold. They released a demo in 1992 called “Remotecontroleosis”. The songs on it were:

1. 5 Alive
2. TV Sinner
3. Fine Line
4. Sorehead / Lighter Shade of Gray

Sunday, December 20, 1992

The Hanson Brothers "Gross Misconduct" LP

The Wright Brothers join forces with some other folks from BC to do a hockey / Ramones tribute. the Hanson Brothers were characters in the move' Slapshot' that Paul Newman was in and they played a bunch of goons. They had glasses held together with hockey tape. Fit in with the glass wearing brothers in NoMaensNo. The songs on here are:

1. No Emotion
2. It's a Secret
3. A Night Without You
4. My Girlfriend's a Robot
5. Sabrina
6. Butthead
7. Go Away
8. Comatose
9. Road Pizza
10. No More Headcheese
11. Duke It Out
12. Lovesick
13. Jack Off
14. Total Goombah!

Wednesday, December 16, 1992

Mexican Power Authority "eiskonfekt" / Insult to Injury split ep

MPA does a split with Insult to Injury from Vancouver who would go on to become Submission Hold. Jason's label Break Even pressed this and there was 1,100 copies. the songs on the MPA side are:

1. unnecessary seance (1:00)
2. constellation (0:57)
3. dustbowl (0:44)
4. deviated septum (0:02)
5. car alarm (0:39)
6. flipsy (1:20)
7. icy blue razor of logic (1:23)
8. nocturne no. 28 (0:09)
9. eve of destruction (0:36)

Jason Flower helped record the Insult to Injury side. the songs on the Insult to Injury side are:

1. Backlash
2. Broken Whole
3. Fear Hating
4. Ed Anger

Saturday, November 28, 1992

Tuesday, November 3, 1992

Sunday, November 1, 1992

Various Artists "Smash the State" ep

This was a 7" that accompanied the release of the "Smash the State" booklet. It was limited to 500 copies and featured only one song from the band's 7". This was the first No Exit release. One side features bands from Alberta and one side featured bands from Ontario. The Wild Rose side had:
1. Rock and Roll Bitches - Wild West
2. The Hot Nasties - Invasion of the Tribbles
The Trillium side featured:

1. Arson - Coho? Coho!
2. The Fits - Bored of Education

Smash the State book

This was a book compiled by Frank Manley on Canadian punk releases. He started out with a list by Tim Yohannon of MRR and started adding. There is an interview with Joey Shithead in the forward and this came with a 7" compilation of four early Canadian punk bands. This resource is often credited with starting a collector's boom of early Canadian punk material. Rightly so. It is the most thorough collection of punk releases and includes material from all over Canada. This book was released by No Exit.

Tuesday, October 6, 1992

Flyer - Tuesday October 6, 1992 - Ildiko's

Eugene Chadbourne was an MRR columnist. He played an electric rake.

Flyer - Tuesday October 6, 1992

Tuesday, September 22, 1992

Saturday, September 12, 1992

Saturday, September 5, 1992

Chokehold " goes on..." ep

Arm's Reach was a fanzine that Adam Carr used to do in Toronto. It was a straight edge zine. Adam wanted to do more for the scene so he released this third recording by Chokehold who were a straight edge band from Hamilton. It was a good fit for the Adam as the zine was a straight edge zine. The songs on here are:

1. Do It Yourself
2. Manly Pride
3. Insecurities
4. Enuff

Friday, September 4, 1992

Tuesday, September 1, 1992

Zine - Seen Not Heard #1

Seen Not Heard was a zine done by Melanie Gauthier. In Melanie's own words this is a zine zine, which means she interviewed the people who did zines as these folks never got the credit for what they did. There is a straight edge, vegan, and animal rights focus to the zine.

Melanie inteviewed:
- Al Quint about Suburban Voice
- Sam McPheeters about Dear Jesus
- Kent McClard about No Answers
- Daisy Rooks of Not Even zine from Bethesda with the "Chicks Up Front posse" concept
- Chrissy and Stacey of Budget zine out of Simi Valley, California;
- Eric about Cloudbreak from Springfield, Missouri
- Jhon of Cunchface from Akron, Ohio
- Gabe about Good 'n' Plenty from Illinois
- Dave Mandel about Indecision from Woodland Hills, California
- Fred Hammer about It's Alive from Oxnard
- John about Reality Control of Carpenteria, California

In addition there was some great photo spreads, some vegan recipes, and a column on being straight edge and having animal rights ethics.

Monday, August 31, 1992

Zine - Drastic Solutions, Issue 6

Click on the image above to open or save a PDF of this issue.

Issue 6 was our issue on the Tobacco industry. There were interviews with Rorschach and Born Against in this issue.

Thursday, August 27, 1992

Monday, August 3, 1992

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Monday, July 20, 1992

Saturday, June 20, 1992

The Hanson Brothers "Brad" ep

"Brad" was basically the NoMeansNo song "Dad" re-made for the Hanson Brothers, who were half of NoMeansNo, so it was their song. This got released on Wrong Records which was NoMeansNo's label.

Tuesday, June 9, 1992

Sunday, May 17, 1992

Flyer - Sunday May 17, 1992

Black Flag has just broken up and Rollins got the guys from Gone to be his back up band and in the van they went.

Wednesday, April 29, 1992

Numb "A Fools Progress" LP

This band was from Peterborough. Rob Purdie, the former sing from the Nunfuckers, was going to school at trent and switched to bass for this band. The songs on here are:
1. Her Life Question
2. Montreal House
3. Shit I've been Thinking About
4. Brick
5. Party
6. Crushed
7. Drifting
8. Peterborough / Langley
9. Can Someone Please Tell me
10. Greatest Vomit Story of All Time
11. Fool's Progress
12. Identity
13. Self-Censorship

Thursday, April 23, 1992

Thursday, March 26, 1992

Monday, March 16, 1992

Various Artists "Ya Ma Buzz" cassette

This was the second release by Fans of Bad Productions called Ya Ma Buzz". The phrase was a Curly impersonation we used to do to each other. We were saying it a lot. Chris titled a comp after this practise or at least how it sounded when we did the impersonation. Paul Abrash got us started on it. Here is the track listing:

1. Liquid Joy - Mountains
2. Liquid Joy - Rusty
3. Liquid Joy - Blue Funk
4. Liquid Joy - Mountains
5. Liquid Joy - Jack ' N Jill
6. Liquid Joy - Feeling Good
7. Liquid Joy - Rusty (live)

8. Mud - Intro
9. Mud - Iti Shabot

10. Mud - L.A. Bomber
11. Mud - Power Song
12. Mud - Steve Perry Drug Dealer
13. Mud - Je t'aime Husker Du
14. Chicken Milk - Milking
15. Chicken Milk - Slim Jim
16. Hi Dummy - Road Trip
17. Hi Dummy - Amateur Freud (live)
18. Gods Mom - Groove is in the Heart
19. Gods Mom - Dogbite
20. Gods Mom - Psyche Shift
21. Crisis of Faith - Close Your Mouth
22. Crisis of Faith - Ecological Business
23. Mourning Sickness - Dog
24. Mourning Sickness - Reverie
25. Mourning Sickness - You don't have to say please

Friday, February 14, 1992

Saturday, January 18, 1992

Flyer - Saturday January 18, 1992

Sons of Ishmael broke up before being able to play this show.

Friday, January 17, 1992

Sunday, January 5, 1992

Flyer - Sunday January 5, 1986

This was Sons of Ishmael's last show.