Thursday, July 29, 1982

Wednesday, July 28, 1982

Flyer - Wednesday July 28, 1982

This was a big deal of a show. I remember seeing interviews with punks at the show on the New music. This one girl was wowed that Jello kicked her in the head. But I also heard a story from Rob Mallion of Youth Youth Youth about how their singer wasn't able to make the show. Chris Genest of the Young Lions talked about how Mike McCurdy filled in on voacls for Youth Youth Youth at the last moment. Chris also spoke about how some illusions about punk bands working together were shattered at that show as the Jello went back to the promoter looking for more money and left it so the local bands were unpaid. That's kind of shitty. No Cause for Concern wrote a review of the show.

Saturday, July 17, 1982

Flyer - Saturday July 17, 1982

Friday, July 16, 1982

Sunday, July 11, 1982

Flyer - Wednesday July 11 - Thursday July 12, 1982

The Viletones line up with half of the Ugly in the band. This show was at Larry's.

Friday, July 9, 1982

Flyer - Friday July 9, 1982

Flyer - Friday July 9, 1982

The Young Lions and Zeroption play at the Dovercourt Hotel. Not sure where this was.

Thursday, July 8, 1982

Sunday, July 4, 1982

Flyer - Sunday July 4 - Wednesday July 7, 1982

Blibber and the Rat Crushers open for the Dub Rifles from Winnipeg.

Thursday, July 1, 1982

MRR Review - Neos "End All Discrimination" ep

This is a record of the first Neos record, which appeared in MRR #1, which came out in July 1982. I was able to retrieve this from Operation Pheonix Records. Click on the image to enlarge the review to a readable size.

Raving Mojos "Live at The Turning Point" CD

1. Yeah-Yeah-Uh-Huh
2. Jumpin' Chicago Blues
3. Keep On Workin'
4. Eyes On You
5. Hi-Dee-Hi-Dee-Ho