Sunday, June 24, 2018

Radio - Sunday, June 24th, 2018

This week we celebrated LGBTQ pride with some sets of LBGTQ punk. We featured a lot of new punk and a demo feature by a new oi band out of St. Catharines. Download the show here.

THE MEATMEN - So Long (Meat King)

RUDE BOY GEORGE - Fascination (Trilby
IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS - Wake Up and Make Love with Me (Stiff)
DUNCAN REDMONDS - Homesexual WWIII (Boss Tuneage
DIZZY SUNFIST - Beautiful Sunday 
SKALAPPER - Summer Sunshine (Ska in the World)

MDC – My Family is a Little Weird (R Radical)
BIG BOYS – Hollywood Swinging (Moment Productions)
DICKS – Dicks Hate the Police (Radical)
PANSY DIVISION – Wish I’d Taken Pictures (Lookout / Mint)
TOILET BOYS – Party Starts Now (Hall of Records / Outlaw)

LIMP WRIST – Facades (Self-Released)
STRONG BOYS – Fashion Fags (Milk Run
SPIKE GIRLS- Take No Shit – Dyke Pit (Self-Released
PUSSY RIOT - Putin zassal (Protest)
NEO NEOS – Asexuallickally (Another Label
NUCLEAR FAMILY - Every Trans Suicide is a State Murder (Self-Released)
PERMANENT REVOLUTION - Gender Blind (Self-Released

MORON’S MORON – Vibrator Violator (Slovenly)
!ATTENTION! – Mary Margaret Muise
JOHNNY MAFIA - Big Brawl (Dirty Water)
THE BIZARROS – Lady Doubonette (Soul Jazz)
NOBRO – Call the Doctor (Brain Gum)

JIMMY VAPID - Hands are Tied (Self-Released)
CRIM - Watch Your Back (B-Core Disc / Testa / Pirates Press / Contra)
ERA BLEAK – Robot (Dirt Cult
ASALTO – Dualidad (Self-Released)
CHILLER – Offred (Dirt Cult)
FUTURE GIRLS - June 23rd (Dirt Cult)

DEMENTE ABIERTA – Ego  (Self-Released
S.H.I.T. - Losing in the 21st Century (Iron Lung)
GELD – Dripper (Iron Lung
I.S.S. - My Miata (Sorry State)
CONTROL TEST - Sin Sentimientos (Iron Lung)
DAUDYFLIN – Aldauði (Iron Lung)

DESPIZER - Chuj Wam w Twarz (Self-Released)
NITRAKO – Globalizadicción (Self-Released)
U.B.T. – Democrazy (Self-Released)
YDINASEETON POHJOLA - Tyhjä Huuto (Self-Released)
ABSURDO – Depressió (Self-Released)

The demo feature is by a new oi band out of St. Catharines. You can find "Takes from the Border City" up on Crowd Control Media's bandcamp

ANVIL STRIKE – Glory Days (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Hard Lesson (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Skinhead Crew (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Looking Down (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Outro (Crowd Control Media)

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Radio - Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Here is tonight's show on the player above or download the show here.

COLONY MUSUH - Sue Huten (Araktee Acehnese

DIRTY BROTHERS – Edaten (Tough Ain’t Enough
YOUNG IDEA – Shield or Sword (Crowd Control Media)
CURASBUN - Guitarras Y Kalashnikovs
DEALER'S CHOICE – Kids (Self-Released

TESTBUNKER – Würgegriff (Self-Released
SOUVENIR ATOMICO - Sin Perdón (Self-Released
BARCELONA - Esto Es España (La Vida Es Un Mus)
EXOTICA – Asco (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ANMLS – No Nos Ven (Slovenly)
HARM DONE – Loneliness (Straight and Alert)
BEROSSZULAS - Hivatal (Self-Released)
MISA HISTERICA – Mesías (Self-Released)

Russia is hosting the World Cup and with all the crap going on with Russia and there has to be some kind of resistance or resentment so here is a set of contemporary punk out of Russia. 

Смех - Просто посидим (Soyuz Music
4SCUMS - Ебаная Мясорубка- Fucking Meat grinder (Self-Released
ACTA DE TORMENTO - Злая Песня (The Evil Song) (Self-Released
REPTILOIDS - Клочья Последней Зимы (Self-Released)
Петля – Хватит (Self-Released)

A.F.K. - Forced to Run (Sengaja
DISCHARGE - A Hell on Earth (Clay)
DISBRIGADE - Festival de Charlatanería (Pluteras
DIRECT ACTION - Fire in the Sky (Irate Faction)
AMERICAN WAR MACHINE - Prey Drive (Bridge 9

CAPITALIST KIDS - Brute Farce (Brassneck / Eccentric Pop)
HOLIDAY - Lunch Break (Self-Released
FASHIONISM - Baby She's Gone (Drunken Sailor / Neon Taste
CHIXDIGGIT – Church (Lance Rock
CITRIC DUMMIES - Where The Fuck Were You (Fashionable Idiots
PROTRUDERS - Controller Controller (CIUT)

YOUTH CRUSHER - Border Control (Self-Released
SEX PRISONER – Power Violence Wonderland (Straight and Alert
COKE JAW – Hex (Self-Released
DESARRAGIO – Inconstancia (Self-Released)
YOUTH SUCKS – KP (Self-Released)

DISTURBIO - Que Esta Pasando (Ugh! Discos)
VAGRA – Nothing (Self-Released)
DEPOZITYVAS - Vienuolė ir vibratorius (Self-Released)
NAPALM RAID - Ruling Hand (Run State / Rust and Machine)
ANARCHIST WOLVES - Smash the Fascist (Self-Released

Y2K - Sickle Swings (Self-Released
SS BLOCK - Bring Back Shit (Self-Released
Μάτι - Όπως Δίποτα (Self-Released
TOZCOS - Es Mi Vida (Verdugo Discos)
NEW REGRETS - Bleed For You (Fantastic Freak Family)

NO HEART - These Days (Longshot Music / Bords De Siene
RIOTGUN - Beer and Revolution (Last Punk Rockers / Crowd Control Media)
DOA – Gonna Set You Straight (Sudden Death)
AUTONOMIA - Alza Tu Voz (Decadencia)
AVGAL – Parasit

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Toronto that I have seen on a few local flyers. You can find their demo on bandcamp.

DIGEST - Smokescreen (Self-Released)
DIGEST - Erasure (Self-Released)
DIGEST - Alpha Dog (Self-Released)
DIGEST - Scrying (Self-Released)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Radio - Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Tonight is CIUT’s spring fundraising drive. We have made it a tradition to test the DJs on the Prophesy on their knowledge of songs related to the ska/reggae scene, but we play covers by punk bands. Tonight we featured a song that is a combination of two songs that bring the punk and reggae world’s together. Arthur and the Spooners created a mash up between the Clash’s “Guns of Brixton” and Jimmy Cliff’s “The Harder they Come”, which they use clever lyric blends to bring the songs together. You can support the station by pledging on-line at Stream the show on the player above or download this week’s show here.

ARTHUR AND THE SPOONERS – From Brixton to Kingston

Cleave Anderson came in on the show to tell us about how he got into punk rock. Here's the video for the song that inspired him to get into punk rock.

Cleave also told us a story about a ska show at the Nikolodeon. The next song is a version of Selector’s “Times Hard” recorded by the Restarts in our old studio.

RESTARTS - Times Hard (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - The Future is Dead (Stupid Stupid Henchmen (Self-Released)
RANCID - Where I'm Going

We set up song ska songs to talk over while we ask for your support for CIUT. We start with a new Mexican ska band.

LOS RUDE BOYS - Mexico Sigo Yo
ARTHUR KAY AND THE ORIGINALS - Mardi Gras on a Saturday Night
RUDE PRIDE - Many People Suffer

Back to the punk programming.

THE ENFORCERS – Ultraviolence (Self-Released)
CHRIST AIR – Faceplant (Self-Released)
THE LUCKY ONES – Stupid Song (Stumble)

Here is a set of old bands with new releases starting with recently released Husker Du from the “Metal Circus” era.

HUSKER DU - Won't Change
NIP DRIVERS - Fox on the Run
THE ADICTS - And It Was So

Every month we compile a Top 10 of favourites from new releases. Going from old to new bands here are my number one picks of from the last six months.

FAITHLESS - Turn the Tide (Self-Released)
ANTIMOB - Κάλεσμα στο ποίμνιο
SHITTY LIFE - Panic Attack
ULTRARAT - Égorger
PISS - Ignorant and Destructive
DAGGER - Singled Out (Self-Released)

Over the last six months we put together a number of special features on punk which included:

  • 1990 - 2000 on Mexican punk (January
  • 2000-2010 on Mexican punk hosted by Jose
  • DJ Dr, Nora Noise from Italy featuring Italian hardcore
  • Punk from Hawaii, New Brunswick, Toronto strong, Chicago, Dublin (Karate Club), Tijuana
  • Ska feature
  • B-GIRLS two part interview
  • Peter Swedenhammer who is behind the Killed by Death site
  • Dave Stevenson’s X-Mas show
  • Post punk feature on Toronto (December 17th)
  • SHEXD on December 10th.

In store we have a show on :
- Lithuanian punk show
- show on Colombia

Here are some songs to recognize the special programming from the past six months

RAW POWER - Dedico Queste Righe
DFMK - Renu(e)ncia

Demo features are a staple of the show and since the last fundraising drive we have played locals including:

DAMAGERS, TOURIST (from Toronto)
CRACKED EYE (from London)
BRAIN ITCH and UNCLE Ray (from Windsor)
WAX (from Halifax)
HONEY (from Winnipeg)
DISPHORIA (From Victoria)
NNIC FIT, CANDY, and CORNER BOYS (from Vancouver)
TIRED OUT - (from Belarus)
MAREE NOIRE (from France)
I.S.S. (from North Carolina), OBSTRUCTION (from Dallas), DREAM PROBE (from Chicago)
GAME (from England)

TOURIST - Darker Hue
CANDY – Bears
OBSTRUCTION - Detached Resolve

Tonight’s demo feature is the new MALDITA recording called


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Friday, June 8, 2018

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Radio - Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

The first 3/4's of tonight's show is programmed and researched by Jose El Podrido as he continues a look at the evolution of punk in Mexico. The bands featured in tonights show released material between 2000 and 2010. Download the show here.

CONFLICTO SOCIAL – Gente de Mierda (Self-Released)

CRIMEN – La Mierda Siempre cae a Cubetadas (Record Shop Base / Dogma Destroyer / Discos Enfermos)
LOS CARRONEROS – Ni Una Victima Mas
C.H.T.M. - Inmadurez
CONFLICTO SOCIAL – Ataque Terrorista (Self-Released)

CRIMENES DE GUERRA – Kontrol (La Femi / Chaman)
DEMENCIALES - Sacramento (Self-Released)
HEADSHOT – Invasion (Self-Released)

MUERTOS x EL SISTEMA - Tanques de Guerra (Self-Released)
GULA – Sitting Bull (Self-Released)
SOCIEDAD PROHIBIDA - Enemigo Social (Ludell / Javier Tena)

VOMITO NUCLEAR - Sucios Policias (Fonodifusion)
NACIDOS DEL ODIO – Comando Anti Nazi (Rusty Knife)
LOS MONJO - Cerdos

COACCION – En Vano (Self-Released)
INSOLENTES - Encierra el Encierro (Self-Released)
FANATICOS BASTARDOS - Mass Media Mass Mierda (Criptas)

JIMMY VAPID - Snake Charmer (Self-Released)
HASSLER – Trainwreck (Beach Impediment)
DOA - I'm Desperate (Sudden Death)
WARSICK - Fight to Break Control (Rotting Head)
S.H.I.T. – Fixed (La Vida Es Un Mus)
PHANE – Subterfuge (Self-Released)
REHASHED - White Lies

LIMP WRIST - Thick Skin (Self-Released)

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Top 10 - May 2018