Monday, June 18, 2018

Radio - Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Here is tonight's show on the player above or download the show here.

COLONY MUSUH - Sue Huten (Araktee Acehnese

DIRTY BROTHERS – Edaten (Tough Ain’t Enough
YOUNG IDEA – Shield or Sword (Crowd Control Media)
CURASBUN - Guitarras Y Kalashnikovs
DEALER'S CHOICE – Kids (Self-Released

TESTBUNKER – Würgegriff (Self-Released
SOUVENIR ATOMICO - Sin Perdón (Self-Released
BARCELONA - Esto Es España (La Vida Es Un Mus)
EXOTICA – Asco (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ANMLS – No Nos Ven (Slovenly)
HARM DONE – Loneliness (Straight and Alert)
BEROSSZULAS - Hivatal (Self-Released)
MISA HISTERICA – Mesías (Self-Released)

Russia is hosting the World Cup and with all the crap going on with Russia and there has to be some kind of resistance or resentment so here is a set of contemporary punk out of Russia. 

Смех - Просто посидим (Soyuz Music
4SCUMS - Ебаная Мясорубка- Fucking Meat grinder (Self-Released
ACTA DE TORMENTO - Злая Песня (The Evil Song) (Self-Released
REPTILOIDS - Клочья Последней Зимы (Self-Released)
Петля – Хватит (Self-Released)

A.F.K. - Forced to Run (Sengaja
DISCHARGE - A Hell on Earth (Clay)
DISBRIGADE - Festival de Charlatanería (Pluteras
DIRECT ACTION - Fire in the Sky (Irate Faction)
AMERICAN WAR MACHINE - Prey Drive (Bridge 9

CAPITALIST KIDS - Brute Farce (Brassneck / Eccentric Pop)
HOLIDAY - Lunch Break (Self-Released
FASHIONISM - Baby She's Gone (Drunken Sailor / Neon Taste
CHIXDIGGIT – Church (Lance Rock
CITRIC DUMMIES - Where The Fuck Were You (Fashionable Idiots
PROTRUDERS - Controller Controller (CIUT)

YOUTH CRUSHER - Border Control (Self-Released
SEX PRISONER – Power Violence Wonderland (Straight and Alert
COKE JAW – Hex (Self-Released
DESARRAGIO – Inconstancia (Self-Released)
YOUTH SUCKS – KP (Self-Released)

DISTURBIO - Que Esta Pasando (Ugh! Discos)
VAGRA – Nothing (Self-Released)
DEPOZITYVAS - Vienuolė ir vibratorius (Self-Released)
NAPALM RAID - Ruling Hand (Run State / Rust and Machine)
ANARCHIST WOLVES - Smash the Fascist (Self-Released

Y2K - Sickle Swings (Self-Released
SS BLOCK - Bring Back Shit (Self-Released
Μάτι - Όπως Δίποτα (Self-Released
TOZCOS - Es Mi Vida (Verdugo Discos)
NEW REGRETS - Bleed For You (Fantastic Freak Family)

NO HEART - These Days (Longshot Music / Bords De Siene
RIOTGUN - Beer and Revolution (Last Punk Rockers / Crowd Control Media)
DOA – Gonna Set You Straight (Sudden Death)
AUTONOMIA - Alza Tu Voz (Decadencia)
AVGAL – Parasit

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Toronto that I have seen on a few local flyers. You can find their demo on bandcamp.

DIGEST - Smokescreen (Self-Released)
DIGEST - Erasure (Self-Released)
DIGEST - Alpha Dog (Self-Released)
DIGEST - Scrying (Self-Released)

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  1. buenas tardes soy el batero de disturbio desde uruguay .bueno queria saludar y agradecer por difundir un tema nuestro aguante el underground !!!!