Sunday, June 24, 2018

Radio - Sunday, June 24th, 2018

This week we celebrated LGBTQ pride with some sets of LBGTQ punk. We featured a lot of new punk and a demo feature by a new oi band out of St. Catharines. Download the show here.

THE MEATMEN - So Long (Meat King)

RUDE BOY GEORGE - Fascination (Trilby
IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS - Wake Up and Make Love with Me (Stiff)
DUNCAN REDMONDS - Homesexual WWIII (Boss Tuneage
DIZZY SUNFIST - Beautiful Sunday 
SKALAPPER - Summer Sunshine (Ska in the World)

MDC – My Family is a Little Weird (R Radical)
BIG BOYS – Hollywood Swinging (Moment Productions)
DICKS – Dicks Hate the Police (Radical)
PANSY DIVISION – Wish I’d Taken Pictures (Lookout / Mint)
TOILET BOYS – Party Starts Now (Hall of Records / Outlaw)

LIMP WRIST – Facades (Self-Released)
STRONG BOYS – Fashion Fags (Milk Run
SPIKE GIRLS- Take No Shit – Dyke Pit (Self-Released
PUSSY RIOT - Putin zassal (Protest)
NEO NEOS – Asexuallickally (Another Label
NUCLEAR FAMILY - Every Trans Suicide is a State Murder (Self-Released)
PERMANENT REVOLUTION - Gender Blind (Self-Released

MORON’S MORON – Vibrator Violator (Slovenly)
!ATTENTION! – Mary Margaret Muise
JOHNNY MAFIA - Big Brawl (Dirty Water)
THE BIZARROS – Lady Doubonette (Soul Jazz)
NOBRO – Call the Doctor (Brain Gum)

JIMMY VAPID - Hands are Tied (Self-Released)
CRIM - Watch Your Back (B-Core Disc / Testa / Pirates Press / Contra)
ERA BLEAK – Robot (Dirt Cult
ASALTO – Dualidad (Self-Released)
CHILLER – Offred (Dirt Cult)
FUTURE GIRLS - June 23rd (Dirt Cult)

DEMENTE ABIERTA – Ego  (Self-Released
S.H.I.T. - Losing in the 21st Century (Iron Lung)
GELD – Dripper (Iron Lung
I.S.S. - My Miata (Sorry State)
CONTROL TEST - Sin Sentimientos (Iron Lung)
DAUDYFLIN – Aldauði (Iron Lung)

DESPIZER - Chuj Wam w Twarz (Self-Released)
NITRAKO – Globalizadicción (Self-Released)
U.B.T. – Democrazy (Self-Released)
YDINASEETON POHJOLA - Tyhjä Huuto (Self-Released)
ABSURDO – Depressió (Self-Released)

The demo feature is by a new oi band out of St. Catharines. You can find "Takes from the Border City" up on Crowd Control Media's bandcamp

ANVIL STRIKE – Glory Days (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Hard Lesson (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Skinhead Crew (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Looking Down (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Outro (Crowd Control Media)

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