Friday, November 25, 1977

Flyer - Friday November 25, 1977

The Androids and the Toyz at the Shock Theatre.

Saturday, November 19, 1977

Wednesday, November 9, 1977

The Diodes LP

This was the first Diodes album that came out on Columbia Records in 1977. The songs on here are:

1. Red Rubber Ball
2. Child Star
3. Tennis (Again)
4. Blonde Fever
5. Plastic Girls
6. Death In The Suburbs
7. Behind Those Eyes
8. Midnight Movie Star
9. We're Ripped
10. China Doll
11. Shape Of Things To Come
12. Time Damage

The Diodes "Raw / War" ep

Some members of the Diodes put out their first record at this time, a vinyl single featuring Bruce Eves and Amerigo Maras of CEAC; CEAC was a gritter alternative to general Idea's glam / gay projects. Mickey Skin of all-girl punk band The Curse spews profanity on one side; the Diodes provide musical backing on the other - released on the Crash and Burn label. One side was called “War”, the other “Raw”, one of the first punk records to come out of Toronto. This single was actually an issue of the CEAC Newsletter (published by the Centre For Experimental Art and Communication, the owners of the building that housed the Crash ‘n’ Burn club).

"Raw" finds Maras querying us with bits like "Does a repressive society reproduce repressive social models?", with Skin in the background snarling, as if in response, a litany of gems like "Stick it up your fucking ass!" and "You're the scum of the earth!". Over on the flip, the pair take what will become the first recorded sounds by the Diodes, and use them as punked-up backing music. There is a great write up on this at Canuckistan Music.

Saturday, November 5, 1977