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UPDATE - July 30, 2009

We did our first set of uploads this week check out the list below for details.

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 6 - July 2002 (Featuring: DFA Destined For Assimilation)
VOLUME 2, ISSUE 8 - October 2oo2 (Featuring: R.A.M.B.O.)
VOLUME 2, ISSUE 10 - December 2002 (Featuring: Robot Has Werewolf Hand, DRI)
VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2 - February 2003 (Featuring: Raving Mojos, Ed Walters Records, Negazione, Shank, Super Sabada Gigante)
VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4 - April 2003 (Featuring: No Time Left, Skin Jobs, Let Me Be Your Band)
VOLUME 3, ISSUE 5 - May 2003 (Featuring: War Squad, Head Hits Concrete)
VOLUME 3, ISSUE 6 - June 2003 (Featuring: Knuckle Brain, The G-Men)
MRR - THE MODS - September 2007
MRR - TEENAGE HEAD - July 2008
MRR - THE EXISTERS - June 2009
VOLUME 9, ISSUE 3 - July 2009 (Featuring: In Time, Molested Youth, Death Is Easy)

Sunday, April 26, 2009 (Featuring: McBain)
Sunday, May 3, 2009 (Featuring: Gay Marriage)
Sunday, May 10, 2009 (Featuring: Death Is Easy, Co-Workers)
Sunday, May 17, 2009 (Featuring: Tyranna)
Sunday, May 24, 2009 (Featuring: Greg Bennedetto from Stuck In The City)
Sunday, May 31,2009 (Featuring: The Ugly)
Sunday, June 7, 2009 (Featuring: City Sweethearts, Sick Error)
Sunday, June 14, 2009 (Featuring: Disco Assault, Rumours)
Sunday, June 21, 2009 (Featuring: In Time, The Corporations, Force Fed)
Sunday, June 28, 2009 (Special on Queer Positive Punk, also Featuring: Bad Choice, Rumours)
Sunday, July 5, 2009 (Featuring: Pointblank)
Sunday, July 19, 2009 (Special on Japanese Hardcore)
Sunday, July 26, 2009 (Featuring: Nitad, Overdose)

More updates shortly, including ISSUE 1, VOLUME 1 from 2001 featuring FUCKED UP.

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Radio - Sunday, July 26, 2009

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NITAD - Jag Ser Rott (No Way)

Studio 3 Session
NITAD - Sen är du död / Rädslan / Dag Efter Dag (CIUT)
NITAD - Mär Sheppet Sjummer (CIUT)
NITAD - En För Mychet är tre för fä (CIUT)
NITAD - Pengaproblem (CIUT) 
NITAD - Klimatförändring (CIUT)
NITAD - Sök och förstör (CIUT)
NITAD - Brun utan sol / Ge mig ge mig (CIUT)
NITAD - Ibland Kan man inte hibndra sig själv (CIUT)
NITAD - Interview (CIUT)
NITAD - Stockholmsnatt (Deranged)

Top 10 - July 2009
THE HUSSY ‘Winter Daze” ep - One Word (A Fistful of Records)
ROGUE NATION, THE “Be Your Own Rogue Nation” CD - The Enemy’s within (Suicide Watch)
CANADIAN RIFLE “Visibility Zero” LP - Cave Within (Residue)
ZILEMMA “Brave for Slave” CD - Future (MCR Company)
PAHAA VERTA “VVVV” ep - Ehja Perhe (Roku)
GERM ATTAK “They Live We Sleep” CD - New Messiah (MCR Company)
SACRED SHOCK “You’re Not With Us” LP - New Medium (Residue)
YHTEISKUNNAN YSTAVAT? “Porojen Maa” ep - Testamentti (Roku)
BITE DOWN “Doomsday Machine” ep - Sinking Ships (Crucial Response)
KEEP IT CLEAR - See It My Way (Self-Released)

THE CRAWLERS - Back to the Drawing Board (Blind Spot)
SCHOOL JERKS - Stray (Riff Raff)
VICIOUS CYCLE - Vertigo (Deranged)

Demo Feature
Overdose - On the Run (Self-Released)
Overdose - For the Music (Self-Released)
Overdose - Hockey Night (Self-Released)
Overdose - For the Boys (Self-Released)
Overdose - Rock ‘n Roll (Self-Released)
Overdose - Glory for You (Self-Released)

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Flyer - Wednesday July 22, 2009

Flyer - Wednesday July 22, 2009

Various Artists "No T.O." LP

This is a great idea. From the moment I heard of it I couldn’t wait to get a copy. And now I am getting to hear the final product. Taking the “Yes L.A.” comp that Dangerhouse put out and having bands from your neighbouring home town cover it. But in reading the liner notes this is as easy as it sounds. It’s only six songs, but you know how bands over commit to things and just can’t deliver on half the shit they promise be it for financial reasons, time constraints, competing schedules and whatnot. But STEF AND THE STUDS seemed to save the day, which I think may have been a makeshift project between the VAPIDS and Zoe of the defunct BAYONETTES. They do great versions of the BAGS’ “We Don’t need the English” and the ALLEYCATS’ “Too Much Junk”. CAREER SUICIDE cover the EYES’ “Disneyland”. The DANGERLOVES do the X’s “Los Angeles”. And LEGION666 take on the GERM’s “No God” appropriately enough. The vinyl is see through with a silkscreen on the underside. The record is one sided like the original I believe. And it is limited to 300 copies. (Schizophrenic Records – 17 West 4th Street / Hamilton, ON / L9C 3M2 / Canada /

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keep It Clear ep

With the demise of GO IT ALONE, KEEP IT CLEAR is there to fill the hole of the straight edge scene that STRAIN built. They totally remind me of the FIRST STEP and could easily be on Revelation or Bridge 9 but they kept it DIY, so punk points to them. Actually this may have been released in Europe on Not Just Words records and this is a way to make the ep available here. It’s a great idea. And we benefit because this is amazing ep, even with 8 songs squeezed on it. Even so “Imposter” has one of the longest build ups I have ever heard. Not sure how they were able to pull that off. But the sound quality is large, which means the songs are short. In KEEP IT CLEAR’s case quantity does not impede quality. Think SIDE BY SIDE meets RIGHT BRIGADE and you’ll be on the right track. Keep It Clear – 1637 West 62nd Avenue / Vancouver, BC / V6P 2G1 / Canada / Songs on here are:
1. On Our Own
2. Imposter
3. Puppet on a String
4. Way It Is
5. See It My Way
6. The Deal
7. Alone
8. No Punches Pulled

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

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PAINTBOX - Genseki (HG Fact)

SLANG - Ready to Fight (Schizophrenic)
BURIAL - Sworn to No One (HG Fact / Nightmare)
HELLSHOCK - Prisoner (HG Fact)
DESTINO FINAL - Donde Estan? (HG Fact)
FUCKED UP - Two Snakes (HG Fact)

GAUZE -Thrash Thrash Thrash (Selfish)
OUTO - No Way Out (Selfish)
JUDGEMENT – Process (HG Fact)
DEATHSIDE - Live and Live (HG Fact)
PAINTBOX - Fly on the Ship – Cry of the Sheep (HG Fact)
ASSAULT - Stay Away (HG Fact)

GATES - Disillusion (High Society Satanic)
ZADKIEL - Miss Satan (Hold Up)
CITY INDIAN - Shake Your Boots (N.A.C.)

CROW - Flock of the Beast, part 1 (Prank)
NIGHTMARE - Chain Reaction (HG Fact / Hate)
ACUTE - Track 1 (Answer)
CHAOTIX - Meaning (Self-Released)
MARUBULLMEN - Money Grappler (Self-Released)
N.A.N.S. - Youth Name the Times (Answer)
CRUDE - Just Go Ahead (HG Fact)
AGE - Earth Burning Black (HG Fact)
FLOW - 34 (Discrete)

GOATWORSHIPPER - The Invocation (Dan-Doh)
GLOOM - Morbid Education (MCR Company)
D-CLONE - Here is the Will (Mouse)
DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR - Tomorrow / Horrendous (Crust War)

THE CLAY - The Demilitarized Neutrality (Dogma)
DEADLESS MUSS - Border (Selfish)
FRIGORIA - Ett Krig Formel (Overthrow)
LSD - Karen Nash (LSD)

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Sick Error demo

Gena from DISGUSTING BODY has a new band. She has teamed up with some guys from ABJECT FAILURE and some other lesser known bands from around here.The first song “Entitlement” starts out with what could be a brooding power violence intro and breaks out into something more like GORILLA ANGREB or MARGARET THRASHER in sound.Mid-paced rudimentary punk. The band credits some of your basic pillars like BLACK FLAG, but the singer has a fascination with the scenes in the Philippines and Indonesia. (Sick Error c/o Gena Meldazy / 200 Palmerston Avenue / Toronto, ON / M6J 2J4 / Canada / e-mail: / The songs on here are:
1. Entitlement
2. Spit It Out
3. Bent
4. Lonely Hell
5. Meltdown
6. Future Options
7. Fuzzy Spots

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

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THE VAPIDS – The Point Remains the Same (Surfin Ki)

REPROBATES - Gone to Shit (No Way)
URBAN BLIGHT - No Direction (Slasher)

AND THE SAGA CONTINUES - Truths of the World (Self-Released)
BORED STRAIGHT - W (Data Control)
SACRED SHOCK - Checking Out (Residue)
HUSKER DU - Deadly Skies (SST)

GET THE MOST - It's Not Over (Crucial Response)
CROSSED OUT - Homegrown (Slap-A-Ham)
EXTORTION – Extortion (Deep Six)
LIMP WRIST - Cheap Art (Lengua Armada)
NEGATIVE FX - The Few, The Proud (Taang! Records)
PROJECT X - Cross Me (Schism)
COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN - I'm Sweet, I'm Sexy, & I'm Oh So Chocolate (No Idea)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Pig Life (20 Buck Spin)
TURNCOAT - Jazz (Just A Audial)
NO COMMENT - Sarcastics (Slap-A-Ham)
SPAZZ - Desperate Throat Lock (Sound Pollution)
DAS OATH - Anomie Records Sit and Spin (Youth Attack)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Pressure (Touch And Go)
BONES BRIGADE - King of the Pit (Fight Fire With Fire)
INFEST - Why Don't You (Slap-A-Ham)
CEREMONY - It's Going to Be a Cold Winter (Bridge 9)
XREVERX - Viva o circo sem animais (Self-released)
THE SWARM - November First (No Idea)

HIS HERO IS GONE - Outside (The Great American Steak Religion)
CARRY ON - The View (Bridge 9)
TEENAGE DEPRESSION - Reagan's Gestapo (Bulldada)
SS DECONTROL – Screw (X-Claim)
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - I Saved Latin (Equal Vision)
JERRY'S KIDS - Straight Jacket (Modern Method)
CHARLES BRONSON - Let's Start A Revolution So I Can Break Some Shit (Youth Attack)

VIOLENT MINDS - Drop Out (Crucial Response)
LIGHTS OUT - Your Call (Youngblood)
S.I.E.G.E. - Armageddon (Relapse)
CROSSED OUT - Society (Slap-A-Ham)
STATE OF ALERT - Gonna Hafta Fight (Dischord)

AMPERE - Money Stinks (Clean Plate)
VINCENT PRICE'S ORPHAN-POWERED DEATH MACHINE - Choke isn't the right word, but it's the first one that comes to mind (MSD)
BUCKET FULL OF TEETH - Conditioned Response (Clean Plate)
STRAWMAN FALLACY – Rick (Gorgeous Industries)

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - Throne Of Blood (Back and Laugh Records)
GIVE UP THE GHOST - It's the Limit (Bridge 9)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Extreme Lifestyles '07 (Deranged)
SHOTMAKER - Drown (Troubleman Unlimited)
THE RAMONES - Loudmouth (Sire)
SONOROUS GALE - Shattered Fingers (Wrong Foot)
CONTROL DE ESTADO - Something to Say (KDFB Records)
WAR HERO - Local Asshole (for Mayor)
MIDDLE AMERICA - Out of My Head (Home Invasion)
NON PROFIT - Dobra Droga (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)

Top 10 - June 2009
BRAT ATTACK - This Police State Causes Urban genocide (Rebel Time)
LEATHERVEIN - Endless Nights (Hjernespind)
THE ROTTEN - Human Disaster (Rebel Time)
LAPINPOLTHAJAT “Kokoomus” ep – Syvemmalle Pimeaan (Kamaset Levyt)
DEEP SLEEP - Need to Kill (Grave Mistake)
PSYCHED TO DIE - OCD Life (Grave Mistake)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - El Juego No Perdona (Thought Crime)
THE CRAWLERS -Movies about Vietnam (Blind Spot)
HUL - Ingen Lektier (Hjernespind)
TIME TO ESCAPE - Cost of Living (Grave Mistake)

Demo Feature
POINTBLANK - Reagan’s Still Dead (Self-Released)
POINTBLANK - The Hunter, Part 1 (Self-Released)
POINTBLANK - Pills (Self-Released)
POINTBLANK - Monster (Self-Released)
POINTBLANK - Joke (Self-Released)
POINTBLANK - Bloodshot Mind (Self-Released)
POINTBLANK - The Hunter, Part 2 (Self-Released)
POINTBLANK - She Kills You Faster (Self-Released)
BREAKFAST - El Burrittos 2 (625 Productions)
SCHOLASTIC DETH - Time to Rock (625 Productions)
VIOLENT ARREST - Bastards (Deranged)
VICIOUS CYCLE - I’m Watching You (Vinyl Addict)
ROGUE NATION - Pat Robertson Death Clock When the Hell are You Going to Die

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Various Artists “Shredded Wheat, Volume 1” CD

This is a regional comp this time coming from Saskatchewan. Most of the bands are from Regina and most of the bands are punk bands. I love the name given that most of our wheat comes from Saskatchewan. But these bands don’t sound like a bunch of farmers. Most of these bands are hardcore bands with one hip hop exception, which was still pretty rad. But the stand outs on the comp are POINT BLANK, who are a skate band from Calgary, who either moved to Regina or play there a lot. Also of note is KLEINS96 who start out the comp with a punked up R.E.M. cover. And the other stand out is WEST PORT MURDERS who have a noticeable celtic influence not unlike DROPKICK MURPHYS and totally remind me of the SKIDS. These like to be mostly previously released songs but mostly of self-released records that are totally off the radar. Great idea on how to shine the spotlight on some prairie punk. (Harvest King Records –

Wadge “Double-Take Hawai’ian Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” CD

This one man blast beat grind demolition squad returns with his second Hawaiin themed full length. And the opening song “Cleared for Landing at Honolulu International (Knott’s Landing)” really does sound like one of those kitsch-ie Hawaiin meets surf style garage rock numbers. Keeping in the spirit it is an instrumental. But this window dressing is quickly laid to waste with some over-modulating grindcore. Pfeiff-dawg does go back to the surf garage sound intermittently to keep the theme running. And in some ways I think this is more than a gimmick. I think the surf sound is an homage to b-culture and the marvelous 60’s when beach movies were all the rage and the theremin was being introduced to the western world. Besides who wouldn’t want to work in that creepy space making instrument like the theremin? And the Don Knotts theme is funny especially for those of us who grew up watching re-runs of the Andy Griffith show. And I went and watched the “Apple Dumpling Gang” movie in the theatre so the “Pineapple Dumpling Gang” gag was not lost on me. WADGE continues to stretch the boundaries being at home on a mixed tape with the TIJUANA BIBLES as easily as the NO COMMENT or MAN IS THE BASTARD. Kooky and quirky this full length brings the legacy of Don Knotts into the Hawaiian fascination and makes it seem totally normal. Could a split with Hawaiian grind band MAKUA VALLEY BLAST TEST be far off in the future? (Regurgitated Semen Records – c/o Sandro Gessner / Strasse des Friedens 45 / 07819 Mittelpoellnitz / Germany / - SP

The Rotten “Enemy of the State” CD

THE ROTTEN have been slugging it out for ten years now and this is their second CD. This is the follow up to “Circus of the Demented” that came out in 2003. The band is self-described as a ’77 style punk band, but it is ’77 style in that BLANKS ’77 way. It is a fusion of punk and hardcore. And with the vocalists gruff sounding vocals they totally remind me of DOA. It is a mid-paced type of hardcore. And the title of this release even seems like a combination of DOA songs “The Enemy” and “Smash the State”. The band has some drinking and fighting songs like “K.W.D.P.”, but they also have songs about unhealthy partying like “No Good at All”. They make good arguments for atheism with songs like “God’s Helping”. And then they express their appreciation for greaser culture with “50’s Pontiac”. It’s all kids counter culture so chalk it up to kindred spirits I suppose. Songs like “Oh’ Dell” and “Human Disaster” are totally pointed commentaries which I love to see. And songs like “Scenewrecker” and “Punk Love” are totally scene specific, which I also like to see because you should write about what you know and if you are immersed in the punk scene you know about shit going down. What I am trying to say is these cats are well rounded and genuine as far as punk bands go. A healthy dose of serious and fun. This will be a long time listening release. (Rebel Time – 2 – 558 Upper Gage Avenue, Suite 162 / Hamilton, ON / L8V 4J6 / Canada / - SP

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flyer - Wednesday July 1, 2009

Eating Glass headline a Canada Day show ay Siesta Nouveaux.


  1. KEEP IT CLEAR Self-Titled ep (Self-Released)
  2. YHTEISKUNNAN YSTAVAT? “Porojen Maa” ep (Roku)
  3. SACRED SHOCK “You’re Not With Us” LP (Residue)
  4. BITE DOWN “Doomsday Machine” ep (Crucial Response)
  5. GERM ATTAK “They Live We Sleep” CD (MCR Company)
  6. PAHAA VERTA “VVVV” ep (Roku)
  7. ZILEMMA “Brave for Slave” CD ep (MCR Company)
  8. CANADIAN RIFLE “Visibility Zero” LP (Residue)
  9. THE ROGUE NATION “Be Your Own Rogue Nation” CD (Suicide Watch)
  10. THE HUSSY “Winter Daze” ep (A Fistful of Records)
Label Info:* KEEP IT CLEAR -
1637 West 62nd Avenue / Vancouver, BC / V6P 2G1 / Canada /
Poroelontie 1 A 3 / 96100 Rovaniemi / Finland /
von der mark Str. 31 / 47137 Duisburg – Germany /
* MCR COMPANY – 157 Kamiagu / Maizuru / Kyoto / 624-0913 / Japan /* SUICIDE WATCH


There hasn't been a Toronto scene report in sometime and I was reading the issue with Luke Haas and I got inspired to write one. That same issue MRR was doing a call out for scene reports so it seemed to work out. We did miss some news from bands like the New Enemy, but for the most part I think we caught everybody. If you want a more readable copy you should order one from Maximumrocknroll at This was in issue #314, the July 2009 issue.


This is a zine done by EXD related to activities pertaining to the radio show. This issue features interviews with In Time, Molested Youth, and Death is Easy who all did Studio 3 sessions for us. There are also some reviews and a flyer page of recent shows.

1. TIME TO ESCAPE “Cost of Living” ep (Grave Mistake)
2. HUL “Den Danske Ungdom” LP (Hjernespind)
3. CRAWLERS, THE “Level the Forest” Lp (Blind Spot)
4. V/A “Does it Hurt?” LP (Thought Crimes)
5. PSYCHED TO DIE “Sterile Walls” ep (Grave Mistake)
6. DEEP SLEEP “Paranoid Futures” ep (Grave Mistake)
7. LAPINPOLTHAJAT “Kokoomus” ep (Kämäset Levyt)
8. ROTTEN, THE “Enemy of the State” CD (Rebel Time)
9. LEATHERVEIN Self-Titled LP (Hjernespind)
10. BRAT ATTACK “Those Who Sow Sorrow Shall Reap Rage” CD (Rebel Time)

Label Info:
* GRAVE MISTAKE – P.O. Box 12482 / Richmond, VA / 23241 / USA /
* HJERNESPIND – P.O. Box 505 / 2200 Copenhagen N. / Denmark /
* BLIND SPOT – P.O. Box 40064 / Portland, OR / 97240 / USA
* THOUGHT CRIME – Muskauer Str. 19 / 10997 Berlin / Germany /
* KÄMÄSET LEVYT – Vallikatu 28 A 2 / 33240 Tampere / Finland /
2-558 Upper Gage Avenue, Suite 162 / Hamilton, ON / L8V 4J6 / Canada /