Monday, May 4, 2009

Radio - Sunday, May 3, 2009

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ELVIS COSTELLO - Radio Radio (Columbia)

DOA - Smash the State (Sudden Death)
THE ROTTEN - Enemy of the State (Rebel Time)
TEENAGE HEAD - Top Down (Sonic Unyon)
THE VAPIDS - Little Boxes (Double Hell)
SPOILED ROTTEN - Taser Party (Unreleased)

CHARLES BRONSON - the Kids are Gonna Stick together (Sound Pollution)
N/N - Buitres (Lengua Armada)
GASMASK TERROR - Architects of Death (Flowers of Carnage)
MAD MINDS - Can’t Take Much More (Leave Em)
ROT SHIT - I Can’t Wait to Hate You (Big Neck)
VICIOUS IRENE - Beauty or Slaghter

CHARLIE - Vatican in Flames (Thought Crime)
WAR HERO - Attack of the Posi Christ (Just Say No / Black Banana)
LIMP WRIST - This Ain’t No Cross on My Hand (Lengua Armada)
R.A.M.B.O. - Jesus’ Middle Initial Does not Stand for Hardcore / Avenging the Anarchy Moose (625 Productions)
POISON IDEA - God not God (Taang!)
MINOR THREAT - Filler / I Don’t Want to Hear It (Dishord)
URBAN UNREST - On a String (Rabbit’s Food)

SECRET SEVEN - Irreversible Mistake (Kiss of Death)
REIGN OF BOMBS - Public Demands (Wasted Society)
DETENIDOS - Power to the people (Self-Released)
VENICE – Wish I Felt This Way (China)
MURDER CITY DEVILS – Murder City Riot (Die Young Stay Pretty)

PSYCHED TO DIE - Permanent Solution (Grave Mistake)
TIME TO ESCAPE - Obscene (Grave Mistake)
The SKATE-O-MASOCHISTS - Tear It Up (Big Brown Shirt)
HAZARDOUS WASTE - Pay (Nerve Hold)
JFA - Out of School (Alternative Tentacles)
ZERO BOYS - Drive In (Secretly Canadian)
ADRENALIN O.D. - AOD vs. Godzilla (Grand Theft Audio)

TOTALITAR - Change Chanel
DEEP SLEEP - Let Go (Grave Mistake)
THE GERMS - Lexicon Devil (Killed by Death)
BATALLION OF SAINTS – My Minds Diseased (Taang!)

WITCH HUNT - Super Death (Alternative Tentacles)
SOFAHEAD - Tired (Meantime)
CHUMBAWAMBA - Invasion (Self-Released)
PLATES - Pop Country Blowjobs (Feral Kid)
PROPAGHANDHI - This is Your Life (Smallman)
DEEP SLEEP - Need to Kill (Grave Mistake)
ZOMBA GREEN - Area Metro (MCR Company)

Demo Feature
GAY MARRIAGE - Reagan Eyes (Self-Released)
GAY MARRIAGE - Have You Seen “Fantastic Four” (Self-Released)
GAY MARRIAGE - 911 is a Joke (Self-Released)
GAY MARRIAGE - It’s Ok not to Skate (Self-Released)
GAY MARRIAGE - Untitled 1 (Self-Released)
GAY MARRIAGE - Untitled 2 (Self-Released)

CEREMONY - Pressure’s On
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Katie Wants Cock (Deranged)

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