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DEFECT DEFECT – I Fucking Mean It (Clarence Thomas)

DEVO – Mongoloid (Warner Brothers)
REIGNING SOUND – Stormy Weather (In The Red)
SONS OF HERCULES – Rock of Gibralter (Saustex)

RIVERDALES – Fun Tonight (Lookout)
GORILLA ANGREB – Soldat til Lete (Kick ‘n Punch)
TALK IS POISON – Declassified (Prank)
NIX – Tweakers (Self-Released)
DEATHREAT – Q: Heroes? A: Fools (Prank)

MENACE – GLC (Small Wonder)
REPROBATES – Rat Maze (No Way)
THE QUEERS – Never Ever Ever (Lookout)
SCREECHING WEASEL – Punkhouse (Selfless)

HOSTAGE LIFE – Bonfires (Juice Box)
DILINGER FOUR – Americaspremierefaithbasedinitiative (Fat Wreck Chords)
GREEN DAY – 80 (Lookout)
MARILYN’S VITAMINS – Funeral for a Living Friend (Raw Energy)
THE CLASH – Drug Stabbin Time (Epic)
THE LITTLE MILLIONAIRES – A Little Twist of Piracy (Juice Box)

PROUD SCUM – Suicide 2 (Flying Nun)
VIOLENT ARREST – Government Lies (Grave Mistake)
JOAN JETT – Bad Reputation (Epic)
SOME GIRLS – The Raing (31G)
MINOR THREAT – No Reason (Dischord)
TERROR WAYS – Short Haired Rock ‘n Roll (Flying Nun)
SUBURBAN REPTILES – Saturday Night (Flying Nun)

Demo Feature
ATTENTION – Hindsight is 20/20, Foresight is 50/50 (Juice Box)
ATTENTION – Tonight will be Like Every Other Night (Juice Box)
ATTENTION – Look what you did, you little Jerk (Juice Box)
ATTENTION – Stop or My Job will Shoot (Juice Box)
ATTENTION – Fries with Spice and a Coffee Please (Juice Box)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Shock and Awe 4

My friend, Dion Conflict, hosts these Dusk til Dawn events down at the Fox Theatre showing grindhouse films. The next one is this Saturday starting at 11:30pm and going til whenever. The films being shown are:

- THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME (1979) - Beyond the earth! Beyond the moon! Beyond your wildest imagination! Jack Palance disco dances with toy robots in Canada’s cosmic “Star Wars” knock off.
- SUPERGIRLS DO THE NAVY (1984) - Ron Jeremy, Taija Rai, and Paul Thomas take "serving your country" to a whole new level! The supergirls and the naughty navy team up in a submarine of sin! This sub is equipped with a cockpit!
- SATANIK (1968) - An old bag sips a "youth potion" and turns from drab to fab, but was the potion created by Satan himself?
- BAMBOO GODS AND IRON MEN (1974) - In this Philippino Blaxploitation film, a soul brother on his Hong Kong honeymoon must battle some bad crackers who want to put his Honeymoon action in traction.
- THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974) - The classic hits the screen again after a long-overdue absence when a vanload of hippies cross paths with leatherface, his chainsaw and a carnivorous cannibalistic family. Nothing cuts like the original!

Tickets on sale Monday November 9th. Only $25 in advance and $30 at the door. GET YOURS NOW!!SHOCK AND AWE tickets can be purchased at the Fox Cinema box office and also at Suspect Video (605 Markham St., near Bathurst and Bloor) and Eyesore Cinema (801 Queen St. West above Rotate This). Tickets are cash only at these locations and a $1 service charge may apply. Wristbands will also be given to patrons for "in out privleges" or "to get some air" for the marathon film screening, the first of it's kind in Toronto.Marketed as much of an event as a film screening, SHOCK AND AWE will also have tables of merchandise offering obscure explotation collectables including Super 8 films, B-movie DVD's, and small press publication from other GTA area film publications. Intermissions will also feature themed snack bar offerings at the FOX including breakfast items, film tie-in themed treats, and local area business restauranteurs. Curator and host Dion Conflict will also showcase some lost music videos, surprise celebrities, world premier short films by local directors, and trailers of other obscure grindhouse offerings from his archive (one of Canada's most eclectic private archives).

If you haven’t been to a SHOCK AND AWE before, it’s not just a film screening, but a film event. The FOX STAFF will have the party going with endless goodies including piping hot pizza, breakfast nutrition, and bottomless pop. Plus, you’ll be able to pick up all those rare film goodies for your Christmas list while you kick back and enjoy some fine film fare.
GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW, and be sure to forward this on to other friends you know that expect more from Cinema! ONE NIGHT ONLY! DON’T MISS IT!

Radio - Sunday, November 22, 2009

THE GEARS – The Last Chord (Hepcat)

YOUNG LIONS – One Brick at a Time (Schizophrenic)
THE CLASH – Pressure Drop
63 MONROE – All Fukked Up (Speed City)
DOA – Donnybrook (Sudden Death)

SURF NAZIS MUST DIE – I Am Angry (Self-Released)
CURSED – Dead Air at the Pulpit
BAD CHOICE – Lash Out (Self-Released)
BORED STIFF – Shut Up (Self-Released)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – My Life, My Fault (Deranged)
BURNING LOVE – Alien vs. Creditor (Self-Released)
CAREER SUICIDE – Your Body, Not Your Soul (Sewercide)

STRONGBOW – My Street (Longshot)
INFA RIOT – Emergency (Captain Oi!)
DIRECT ACTION – Fire in the Sky (Bitz-core)
ON THE BRINK – M.E.M.P.H.I.S. (Longshot)
KNUCKLEHEAD – Heart’s on Fire (Longshot)

VILLAINS – Godammit Girl (Self-Released)
OUR WAR – 50 Years (Deranged)
GO IT ALONE – Turn It Off (Rivalry)
HAZARDOUS WASTE – Destroy (Self-Released)
LEFT FOR DEAD – Second Guess (No Idea)
LIMP WRIST – The Ode (Lengua Armada)
LIVING DARKNESS – Human Scum (High Anxiety)

SPORTSWEAR – Power to Change (Super Soul)
FIRED UP – Looking In (Youngblood)
BLUE MONDAY – A Moving Train (Bridge 9)
GET THE MOST – Apart From You (Crucial Response)
COME CLEAN – Murder of Crows for a pack of Doubts (Self-Released)

CHOKE HOLD – Existence (Conquer the World)
TRUE COLOURS – Focus on the Light (Powered)
REGIMENT – Autumn Rhythm (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
THE NEW ENEMY- Tim Horton Hears a Hoo (Self-Released)
THE NEW ENEMY- Crawdaddy (Self-Released)
THE NEW ENEMY- The Pony Collector (Self-Released)
THE NEW ENEMY- Level 2 Scapegoat (Self-Released)
THE NEW ENEMY- the Skull Rule (Self-Released)
THE NEW ENEMY- Shelf Life (Self-Released)

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Flyer - Saturday November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

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POINTED STICKS – Start Something New (Northern Electric)

RANDOM CUTS – Make Damage (Nominal)
INSUBORDINATES – 1968 (Feral Kid)
THE ACTION - Waiting for the Man (Sudden Death)
B-LINES – Busy Man (Nominal)
TWIN KILLING – Best of Us (Akashic)
DUN2DEF – 1979 (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT – Beast Ice Army (Urban Pirate)
BROKEN NEEDLE – Time for Liars (Schizophrenic)
CAUSTIC DEFIANCE – Who Are You (Akashic)

CONVERGE – Dead Beat (Epitaph)
INSIDE OUT – No Spiritual Surrender (Revelation)
RIGHTEOUS JAMS – Scream and Shout (Kung Fu)
DANGERLOVES – Easy (Deranged)
EATING GLASS – Beating Myself Up (High Anxiety)

SCREECHING WEASEL – Radio Blast (Underdog)
GREEN DAY – Only of You (Lookout)
DEAD FUCKING LAST – Pizza Man (Grand Royal)
MARILYN’S VITAMINS – Squeegee Girl (Raw Energy / Duct Tape)

ANOTHER BREATH – Off with your Head (Rivalry)
PROPAGANDHI –This is Your Life (G7)
THE ROMAN LINE – Oskar Lusis (Self-Released)
SAINTE CATHERINES – You Shall Rise from your Ashes (Dare to Care)
HORSES – 14 Years (Out of Touch)
ATTENTION! – Stop or my job (Juice Box)

DSB – Social Vibration (Vex)
IRON LUNG – Politics of Science (Prank)
FORCE FED – All the Same (Painkiller)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Katie Wants Cock (Deranged)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH – Fire in the Rain (Fringe)

CEREMONY – Bite Down (Bridge 9)
N/N – Panico (Lengua Armada)
AC4 – Fuck the Pigs (Self-Released)
NAZI DUST – Value without Purpose (Self-Released)
FLOORPUNCH – True Colours (Equal Vision)
LOS CRUDOS – Illegal y que? (Lengua Armada)
TEENAGE DEPRESSION – Caught in a bind (Self-Released)
FEAR – I Love Livin’ in the City (Slash)

FEVER OUT ! – Tear It Wide Open (Unreleased)

Demo Feature
FORTUNE TELLER – Tell Tales (Self-Released)
FORTUNE TELLER – Gut Check (Self-Released)
FORTUNE TELLER – Death is Certain (Self-Released)

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Thank you to everyone who pledged and became "Friends of 89.5". It was close but we made it. Here is the playlist from last night's show.

TIME TO ESCAPE – Cost of Living (Grave Mistake)

DESTINO FINAL – Que Vas a Hacer (La Vida Es Un Mus)
HARDA TIDER – Amradet (Not Enough)
BITE DOWN – Sinking Ships (Crucial Response)

KREIGSHOG – Trapped (Heart First)
ASPIRIN – Buchiyabure (Schizophrenic)

FAIR WARNING – You are the Scene (Sonik’s chicken Shrimp)
BAD CHOICE – BDS (Self-Released)
KEEP IT CLEAR – Way It Is (Self-Released)
EATING GLASS – …to the Vultures (High Anxiety)

YOUNG LIONS – National Security (Schizophrenic)
THE ACTION – TVs on the Blink (Sudden Death)
DOA – Taking Care of Business (Sudden Death0

SICK ERROR – Lonely Hell (Self-Released)
BURNING LOVE – Internet Exploder (CIUT)
EVERYTHING FALLS APART – First Time (Self-Released)

NITAD - Brun utan sol (CIUT)
TYRANNA – Test Tube Babies (CIUT)
THE UGLY – Cruel Ones (CIUT)

BEAT NOIR – Postponed (Self-Released)
SCOTIA WIDOWS – Amish Sluts (Self-Released)

SONICS – Psycho (Norton)
RIP OFFS – My baby Yeah (Rip Off)
LEATHER UPPERS – She Digs Death (Famous)

FORTUNE TELLER – Tell Tales (Self-Released)

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flyer - Wednesday November 4, 2009

CIUT Fundraising

Hey Punk! Can you spare some change ?

On Sunday November 8th, Equalizing-X-Distort will be involved in CIUT’s semi-annual fundraising drive. Starting at 10:00pm, we will be asking you to support the radio station by becoming or renewing your membership with CIUT as a “Friend of 89.5 FM”. A $25.00 donation will allow CIUT to continue bringing punk and underground hardcore to the airwaves.

Equalizing-X-Distort is a two hour hardcore show that airs every Sunday night from 10:00 pm til midnight. We have been very lucky to be able to continue bringing you hardcore from emerging international scenes, which has always been a big part of the show.
CIUT, the radio station that we program EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT on, is in a situation where we have to fundraise, in order to be able to make up the difference in our operating expenses. Equalizing-X-Distort was unable to make our donor goals and the show has been red-lined by the station. In order to make our on-air pledge goals we need to hear from you or else the show may not be on the air in the future.

I am getting in touch, to see if you would make a pledge donation to become a “Friend of 89.5” on behalf of EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT, to help the station meet our operating expenses.

Aside from keeping the one hardcore show in this area on-air, you would be making a difference to keep media that is independent on-air.
EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT has remained committed to :

1. Programming as much international hardcore as we can get our hands on like HUL from Denmark, KRIEGSHOG from Japan, N/N from California, and HARDA TIDER from Sweden.
2. Supporting independent labels
3. Paying homage to demo formats with the weekly demo features like SICK JUMP, LOW VISION from Japan, GAS CHAMBER, GAY MARRIAGE, CO-WORKER, FORCE FED from Boston, POINT BLANK, RAH, GORDON IVY AND THE JAYBIRDS, EXECUTION OF TERROR from the Philippines, KILL RATIO, CHEAP TRAGEDIES from Cleveland, FRATRICIDE from Vancouver, DEAD CAT LOUNGE from Florida, RAKOSI from Hungary, and SISTER BASTARD from the Philippines.
4. Analyzing emerging scenes and sounds with a monthly Top 10 for hardcore releases like the CRAWLERS, TIME TO ESCAPE, BITE DOWN, DESTINO FINAL from Barcelona, DEEP SLEEP, and BROKEN NEEDLE.
5. Playing loads of good new Canadian hardcore like the WAR HERO from Squamish, GERM ATTAK from Ottawa, SUPERSTITIONS, RUMOURS from Newfoundland, BAD CHOICE, OVERDOSE from Newmarket, KEEP IT CLEAR from Vancouver, STEF AND THE STUDS from Hamilton, SPASTIC PANTHERS from Calgary, OMEGAS from Montreal, WADGE from Newcastle, SHUT EYES from Barrie, and BURNING LOVE.
6. Interviewing folks like Greg Benedetto of Stuck in the City, SICK ERROR, the CORPORATION, and Daragh Hayes who brought us an update on the Japanese scene
8. Keeping everyone up to date on shows in the surrounding areas with our weekly show listings and postings;
9. Our continued commitment to live broadcasts with new local bands like McBAIN, DEATH IS EASY from Albany, TYRANNA, the re-united UGLY, CITY SWEETHEARTS, DISCO ASSAULT from Detroit, IN TIME, RUMOURS from Newfoundland, NITAD from Sweden, and METALIAN from Montreal.

The station would also like to thank you for your gift. For folks who donate a certain amount we have a unique station gift for you. For a gift of:
__ $25.00 - $59.00: Year long subscription to Friends of 89.5 newsletter
__ $60.00 - $99.00: Year long subscription to Friends of 89.5 newsletter, one entry into the Grand Prize Draw & your choice of one gift
__ $100.00 - $149.00: Year long subscription to Friends of 89.5 newsletter, one entry into the Grand Prize Draw & your choice of two gifts
__ $150.00 + Year long subscription to Friends of 89.5 newsletter, one entry into the Grand Prize Draw & all three gifts
Note: A gift is either a CIUT toque, a CIUT rechargeable flashlight, and / or a CIUT Tote Bag. And sizes can be specified on the attached form.

Those who join Friends of 89.5 or renew their membership by November 9th will qualify for the grand prize draw. The grand prizes to be given away include a Black Volare e-bike, season passes to the Blue Mountain Ski Resort, and an Arts and Culture prize package.

Ways you can make a donation include :
· to go to the CIUT website and make a pledge on line at OR fill out a PDF form at I have attached a form to save you the effort. These forms can be e-mailed back to or
· to mail the attached form with payment to CIUT 89.5FM at 89.5 Tower Road, 7 Hart House Circle / Toronto, ON / M5S 0A2 / Canada
· to phone on Sunday November 8th at (416) 946-7800 or 1-888-204-8976 between 10:00 pm and midnight.

All of these programming elements have been building Equalizing-X-Distort into a world class punk radio show. But we can’t continue to do this without your support. We need to pay for our move to Hart House. We need to finish wiring in studio equipment. All this costs money. Our day-to-day expenses of the transmitter rental space, station personnel, and broadcast equipment keep us on the brink of bankruptcy. Your generous donation will enable us to remain an independent voice that doesn’t feel the pressure of advertising or government grants. For just fourteen cents a day, a donation of $25.00 will help keep CIUT afloat through the next fiscal year. And this will guarantee that you continue to receive our monthly mailer. Help us reach our goal and keep CIUT on the air or on-line at or by mail at CIUT 89.5FM at 89.5 Tower Road, 7 Hart House Circle / Toronto, ON / M5S 0A2 / Canada.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Young Lions "1982-84: From the Vaults" LP

The YOUNG LIONS were the first hardcore band in Toronto. They made the transition between the punk and hardcore scene. So they were considered part of the first wave that was actually trying to be a punk. Speed and convictions were added to the mix along with a sleuth of punk inspiration by then to make for a unique blend of hardcore. It’s the early hardcore that we all crave. In 1986 a local label by the name of Yodel Gems releases a full length by the YOUNG LIONS titled “Welcome to the Freak Show”. It was not the YOUNG LIONS that most people from Toronto remembered. By then the YOUNG LIONS were inspired by the REPLACEMENTS and a rock sound that was coming out of Minneapolis. For a lot of folks from here that left them yearning for the old demos. I can’t count how many times people from the local scene referred me to these old demos over the album. And for a long time this release was championed by Brian Tailor of YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH. In fact I understand that he was a huge help in mastering a bunch of the songs on here. This is the first of a Toronto hardcore series and I have to say I am pretty blown away with how it turned out. There are 14 tracks on here of varying degrees of sound quality but it is all way better than the shitty second and third generation tapes I have in my collection. There are a lot of songs on here that I have never heard or heard of before. There is a great liner sheet that has a piece from Mike Graham of the SUBHUMANS and an interview that Jill Heath did with the band back in the day. The discography notes are the most complete I have ever seen for the YOUNG LIONS. The cover looks a lot like the first FORGOTTEN REBELS LP. Songs like “Things are Gonna Change” remind me of the early CLASH. Songs like “One Brick at a Time” sound like early STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, which are a reflection of the band’s commitment to the Rock Against Racism cause. Songs like “Guns and Children” remind me of the GO-GO’s, which demonstrates that they were part of a period in time. The band has a strong lyrics that were clearly action oriented in songs like “United” which is a song about trying to break people of their apathy. This is a band to remember and a release that remembers them in the way that folks from here have been trying to do for over 25 years. This LP does them justice. The songs on here are:
1. United
2. Young Amerikkka
3. National Security
4. We Wanna Riot
5. Shithole
6. Rich kid
7. Guns and Children
8. Things are Gonna Change
9. One Brick at a time
10. Goodnight Belfast
11. Bloodless
12. Defy the State
13. Made in England
14. Royal Killers
There is also a bonus single with Pray for Julie.
(Schizophrenic Records – 17 West 4th Street / Hamilton, ON / L9C 3M2 / Canada / - SP

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

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YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH – Sinistre (Fringe)

TRAPPED UNDER ICE – Skeleton Hands (Reaper)
OUTBREAK – Brain Dead Scum (Bridge 9)
NERVE AGENTS – War Against (Hellcat)
QUICKSAND – Lie and Wait (Polygram)
BURIED ALIVE – Kill Their Past (Victory)

DEAD END – The System (It’s got you) (Self-Released)
OVER MY DEAD BODY – Maggie and Ronnie (Indecision)
DEAD HEARTS – Adult Crash (Reflections)
DEATH FOR EVERY SIN – The Black Path (Sounds of Revolution)
DIRECT ACTION – Living Dead (Bitz-core)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Hallowe’en (Alternative Tentacles)

ILL REPUTE - Monster Mash (Grand Theft Audio)
THE ACCUSED - the Hearse (Combat)
MELVINS – Annum (Boner)
NEGATIVE GAIN – Back from the Dead (Pusmort)
THE SWARM – Bleeding to Death / November 1st (No Idea)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Hallowe’en Party (Sell Out Activities)
RED KROSS – Linda Blair (Frontier)
THE CRAMPS – Surfin’ Dead (Big Beat)
DISKONTO - Happy Happy Hallowe’en (C.A.F.)
MISFITS – Night of the Living Dead (Caroline)
SAMHAIN – let the Day begin (Evilive)

AT THE DRIVE-IN – Enfilade (Feraless)
DISCHARGE – The Final Bloodbath (Captain Oi!)
MURDER CITY DEVILS – Midnight Service at the Mutter Museum (Sub Pop)
COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN – Disembowelment at Room Temperature (No Idea)
CITY OF CATERPILLAR – When was the Last Time we painted our Blood on the Walls (Level plan)
NEGATIVE STANDARDS – Untitled 4 (Self-Released)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS – I Wanna Die (Deranged)
LIVING DARKNESS – Streets of Bodies (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
SISTER BASTARD – Homemade Shotgun (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)
SISTER BASTARD – Our Lady of Bastard Hate (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)
SISTER BASTARD – Spoonful of Sand (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)
SISTER BASTARD – You-Nited (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)
SISTER BASTARD – Hypocrite (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)
SISTER BASTARD – Rising Brutality Against Authority (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)
SISTER BASTARD – Shutdown (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)
SISTER BASTARD – Crutch (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)
SISTER BASTARD – A Whale’s Vagina (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

DOA "Kings of Punk, Hockey and Beer" CD

This is a new-ish release by DOA about hockey and beer, mostly. they do a version of "Dead Men Tell No Tales". In Chris Walters' book "Creatures for Awhile", Personality Crisis tell us of the DOA raids on local breweries as the Beer Liberation Army which is a song on here. And DOA have a bunch of re-makes on here like the cover of BTO's "Taking Care of Business" or Stompin' Tom's "The Hockey Song". The songs on here are:
1. Donnybrook
2. Dead Men Tell No Tales
3. The Hockey Song
4. Devil's Speedway
5. Beer Liberation Army
6. Beat 'Em, Bust 'Em
7. Pencil Neck Geek
8. If I were a Redneck
9. Logjam
10. When Power Came to Canada
11. Overtime
12. Cocktail Time in Hell
13. Taking Care of Business

The Action "Complete Punk Recordings 1977-1978" CD

The Action were a punk band in 1977 from Ottawa. They released an ep back in 1977 which had "TVs on the Blink" that has made it onto a couple of KBD like comps. It's the song that the band is known for. The ep also contained a Lou Reed cover on it. Sudden Death collects an unreleased ep and some live material by the band to fill out a CD's worth of stuff. The tracks on here are:
1. TVs on the Blink
2. Down Town Boy
3. Waiting for the Man
4. Do the Strangle
5. Success Without College
6. Seafood Mama
7. Pressed Pig
8. Zona Rosa
9. Let You Down (All the Way)
10. Arena
11. Midnight Rambler
12. Darts
13. Mr. T
14. Zona Rosa
15. Seafood mama
16. Mr. Holmes
17. No Applause / Aryan Love