Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

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DEFECT DEFECT – I Fucking Mean It (Clarence Thomas)

DEVO – Mongoloid (Warner Brothers)
REIGNING SOUND – Stormy Weather (In The Red)
SONS OF HERCULES – Rock of Gibralter (Saustex)

RIVERDALES – Fun Tonight (Lookout)
GORILLA ANGREB – Soldat til Lete (Kick ‘n Punch)
TALK IS POISON – Declassified (Prank)
NIX – Tweakers (Self-Released)
DEATHREAT – Q: Heroes? A: Fools (Prank)

MENACE – GLC (Small Wonder)
REPROBATES – Rat Maze (No Way)
THE QUEERS – Never Ever Ever (Lookout)
SCREECHING WEASEL – Punkhouse (Selfless)

HOSTAGE LIFE – Bonfires (Juice Box)
DILINGER FOUR – Americaspremierefaithbasedinitiative (Fat Wreck Chords)
GREEN DAY – 80 (Lookout)
MARILYN’S VITAMINS – Funeral for a Living Friend (Raw Energy)
THE CLASH – Drug Stabbin Time (Epic)
THE LITTLE MILLIONAIRES – A Little Twist of Piracy (Juice Box)

PROUD SCUM – Suicide 2 (Flying Nun)
VIOLENT ARREST – Government Lies (Grave Mistake)
JOAN JETT – Bad Reputation (Epic)
SOME GIRLS – The Raing (31G)
MINOR THREAT – No Reason (Dischord)
TERROR WAYS – Short Haired Rock ‘n Roll (Flying Nun)
SUBURBAN REPTILES – Saturday Night (Flying Nun)

Demo Feature
ATTENTION – Hindsight is 20/20, Foresight is 50/50 (Juice Box)
ATTENTION – Tonight will be Like Every Other Night (Juice Box)
ATTENTION – Look what you did, you little Jerk (Juice Box)
ATTENTION – Stop or My Job will Shoot (Juice Box)
ATTENTION – Fries with Spice and a Coffee Please (Juice Box)

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