Tuesday, July 29, 1980

Flyer - Tuesday, January 29th, 1980


Johnny and the G-Rays "Every Twist Reminds" LP

JOHNNY AND THE G-RAYS are a band from Toronto that started up around the same time as the punk scene and they got developed in jam session with Carl Finkle (later of Martha and the Muffins) and John Corbett (later of the Cads and the Diodes). They were more into country music, but they saw the Ramones in 1976, and started checking out Iggy and the New York Dolls. Harri Palm joined the band and originally formed a band called the Eels with David Clarkson (from OCA). They started practising at the old livery stable just north of Queen on St. Patrick Street, near the Beverley Tavern. Their first gig was at the newly converted Club David's, opening for the Cads, a show which also featured the debut of the B-Girls. (The Ugly played their first show at the same venue later that week.) The G-Rays combined ideas of British rock from Cliff Richard onward with a love for blues , R&B, Hank- era country, electronic, psychedelic, traditional folk to Bob Dylan, philosophy, anyway of 50's jazz greats to modern Miles. Iggy, Dolls, Television, Velvet Underground, MC5, Captain Beefheart, and Jimi Hendrix. they would go on to play with Iggy Pop, Talking Heads, XTC and Teenage Head. Tom Williams of Attic Records offered us a recording contract on their new Basement label. "Every Twist Reminds" was recorded in April 1980 in downtown Toronto. Producer Stacy Heydon was our age, but had already established himself as a world class guitarist, touring with David Bowie and Iggy Pop. The songs on this record are:

1. Trying to Chew My Head
2. Every Twist Reminds
3. Put the Blame On Me
4. Answer With a Lie
5. Your Life is Dangerous
6. It Can't Be Right
7. Time Has Made Me Stray
8. Live With the Shame
9. Who Scared John
10. I'm Going to Meet Her on a Sunday
11. Trails of My Skin

Friday, July 25, 1980

Tuesday, July 15, 1980

Flyer - July 15 - July 17, 1980

From the archives of Henry Martinuk.

Friday, July 4, 1980

Flyer - Friday, July 4th, 1980

The Statics played at Square One in Mississauga with the Spoons and 8 other bands. They were filmed for a show on Rogers Cable 10.