Friday, October 29, 1993

Chokehold "A Window in a Prison of Hope" LP

Different packaging for the "Prison of Hope" LP that was recorded in April 1993. This was released on Conquer the World records. The songs on here are:
1. Turn the Page
2. Depopulation
3. Deaf to Reason
4. Lies
5. More Than Ever
6. Deception
7. Existance
8. On Fire
9. To Kill A Coward

Sunday, October 24, 1993

Friday, October 15, 1993

MPA "Strang from Endville" ep

This was a split release between Scratch Records which is a record store in Vancouver and Break Even Records. There was 1,000 pressed.  Clarinet and recorder warning. The songs on here are:

1. angry sock puppet (1:38)
2. trampolintophobe (0:32)
3. ketch (0:52)
4. om (part one) (0;06)
5. om (part two) (1:05)
6. hydrwurm (0:36)
7. dreden/10:01 h/13.2.45 (0:21)
8. jazzbo (0:45)
9. vigesimal reckoning (0:47)
10. human hornette hybrid, variations 1-3 (1:33)

Wednesday, October 13, 1993

Kops for Christ ep

Kops for Christ were a hardcore band that started up after the brake up of One Blood and Crisis of Faith. Paul Abrash got the band together and played drums in this band as well. Pat Laso sang in the band and this was before the Blundermen started up. Shawn Blondin was a promoter and animal rights activist in peterbrorough and he moved down to the city and played bass in this band. And a guy named Pete was the guitarist. The name of the band comes from a real christian cop group that exists within the force. An aside note is that the acronym was a reinterpretation of the chicken chain, which most of these guys were vegetarians. This recording happened on December 6, 1992 by Glen Talsky and was released a year later. The record was released by Gusher Records. Songs on here are:
1. No Bras, No Choices
2. Serve to Oppress
3. The Nuclear Nightmare
4. Receds for Our Children
5. A Fascist by Any Other Name ...
6. Free Palestine
7. Conspiracy in Action
8. One That Worked

Tuesday, October 5, 1993

Friday, October 1, 1993

Phallocracy "The Vulva Crunch" 10"

Lyric Sheet

The "Vulva Crunch" was recorded back in 1993. This was self-released on the band's own label called At Your Servicks. Phallocracy was the contrinuation of members of BSL. The songs on this are:

1. Power 30
2. I Saw Elvis and He's a Pig
3. Religion Shouldn't be this Way Either

4. What Goes Around Comes Back Again
5. Don't Treat Me Bad
6. Outside Looking In
7. One Good Reason
8. Eat My Caviar
9. Gap
10. The Pain
11. Love is Murder
12. Hair Shirt
13. Suck Me Dry and Call Me Dusty
14. Sermon on the Mount
15. In Between