Wednesday, February 24, 1982

Pickering Bay News - February 24, 1982

Tuesday, February 16, 1982

Saturday, February 13, 1982

The Neos "End All Discrimination" ep

This was the band's first ep. It was released by Alandhiscar Records. The band featured Steve Snotface on guitar and vocals, Jerkface Kev on bass and vocals. and Abnormal on drums and vocals. They credit a harp player too. Rob Wright from NoMeansNo recorded this recording and it might have been at one of their homes. The songs on here are:
1. Illiterate
2. Fasciust Rule
3. E's
4. No Tyme 4 Romance
5. School Punks
6. Kill the Burnouts
7. Churchgoer's Motive
8. Goodbye 4 Life / Scared to Die
9. Racist Act
10. Life Sentence
11. Don't Wanna Be

Friday, February 5, 1982

Flyer - Friday February 5, 1982

Looks like a Mark Malibu set list was written on the back of this flyer.