Monday, July 30, 1984

Stretch Marks "What D'ya See" LP

This was their full length and it came out on BYO Records. That was a sign that they had made it back then. The songs on here are:
1. What D'ya See
2. Time in Black
3. Another Tragedy
4. Family Affair
5. Turnbuckle Stomp
6. Lookin' for danger
7. Preacher
8. Deaducated
9. No Answers
10. Tomorrow Will Be Better (If There is One)
11. Just a Game
12. No Freedom
13. Bad Moon

Tuesday, July 24, 1984

BFA ep


BFA were a ska band from Windsor. As far as I know they only released this ep. The record was released on their own label Bourgeouise Dog Productions. The songs on this back cover are the songs found on the ep.

Flyer - Tuesday July 24, 1984

JFA and the Sun City Girls were both on Placebo Records, which was a label that released bands out of the Pheoniz scene. JFA were a skate team as well and one of the best from the skate punk scene. Sudden Impact were a local band that were a bunch of skaters and made them perfect as an opening act. This show took place at the Turning Point.

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Monday, July 2, 1984

Sudden Impact "Freaked Out" cassette

This was the first recording that Sudden Impact released. They self-released it as a cassette like most Toronto bands did at the time. Tim Yohannon reviewed the tape as "Totally hot HC-type tape, folks. No let-up, meat and potatoes thrash, delivered with commitment. Lest you howl "generic," go to a new wave show, then go home and play this. It'll be a breath of fresh air. (from Maximum Rocknroll #19, November 1984)". The songs on here are:
1. Cat's Life
2. Paint Fumes
3. Caught Up
4. Bent OK
5. Steamy Loafs
6. New Song
7. Drunk Driving
8. Freaked Out
9. Sudden Impact
10. Gonzo

Sunday, July 1, 1984

Flyer - Sunday, July 1st, 1984

MRR Review - Red Tide "Kelp and Salad" ep

Jeff Bale wrote this review for MRR of the Red Tide ep. This appeared in issue #15, which came out in July 1984. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.