Monday, March 30, 2009

Top 10 – March 2009

Top 10 – March 2009

1. FIX MY HEAD “Empty Slogans” ep (No Options)
2. RATS, THE LP (Thrashbastard)
3. ALTERNATE ACTION “Thin Line” CD (Longshot Music)
4. NK6 “Yellow Beauty” ep
5. GUILTY FACES “Nightmares” ep
6. DISCO ASSAULT “Saturday Night Bleeder” ep (Schizophrenic)
7. VITAMIN PARTY “Back on Task” CD (Get It Out!)
8. GENETIC ANGRY “Thoughts / Change” ep (Sewercide)
9. KEITZER “As the World Burns” CD (Yellow Dog)
10. ADIXION CD (MCR Company)

Label Info:
* NO OPTIONS - P.O. Box 22285 / Oakland, CA / 94623 / USA /
* LONGSHOT MUSIC – 980 harrison Street / San Francisco, CA / 94107 / USA /
* SCHIZOPHRENIC – 17 W. 4th Street / Hamilton, ON / L9C 3M2 / Canada /
* MCR COMPANY – 157 Kamiagu / Maizuru / Kyoto / 624-0913 / Japan /

Sunday, March 29, 2009

HAZARDOUS WASTE - Profit and Power (Nerve Hold)

HAZARDOUS WASTE - Profit and Power (CIUT)
HAZARDOUS WASTE - You’re Consumed (CIUT)
HAZARDOUS WASTE - Colour Blind (Self-Released)
HAZARDOUS WASTE - Pay (Nerve Hold)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flyer - Saturday March 29, 2009

Flyer - Sunday March 29, 2009

Interview: Hazardous Waste

Alright, we’re back here with HAZARDOUS WASTE. Welcome to the show guys. Introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in the band?
E: Hey my name’s Eric, I play drums.
A: I’m Andrew, I play bass.
D: I’m Durk, I do vocals.
J: And I’m Jon and I play guitar
How long has HAZARDOUS WASTE been together for?
J: I think we’re hitting our two years.
E: Around there.
J: Two year anniversary.
When did you guys form and how did you form?
A: Well, we kind of were all playing together in a band before HAZARDOUS WASTE and our drummer left and then we got Eric.
What was the band name, what was the band before?
J: Yeah, (singing) STEER CLEAR!
D: Still has an active myspace.
So “Dust cloud” was a like a STEER CLEAR song?
A: “Dust Cloud” was a STEER CLEAR song.
J: Yes it was.
Where does the name HAZARDOUS WASTE come from? Oh, tell me about… First off tell me how the band, who is the other person you brought in.
J: The drummer Eric, he originally played guitar, but we sort of forced him to learn the punk beat on drums and that’s how he started drumming for us.
E: Well, I was drumming in a couple other bands before that so they knew that I played drums so I figured, what the hell.
You have a great drum beat though I mean it, I think it partially defines your sound right? Um there’s a …well we’ll get into sound in a minute but like there’s a very, sort of clear, um, awesome back-to-roots hardcore sound that between the guitar and the drums you guys pull off. Ah, anyway, you’re pretty much a natural I think, ah I didn’t know that you actually didn’t play drums initially.
J: A virtuoso.
A: He’s also single.
E: Yeah I’m also single.
A: Any ladies out there?
So where’s the name HAZARDOUS WASTE come from?
A: Yeah.
E: Good Song.
J: I think we were MIND CONTROL for our first show.
D: But this band MIND CONTROL ah…
J: And that’s also a NEGATIVE FX song I guess we just decided we were going to…
Go through the list, ‘till you found one that wasn’t taken?
A: I think we tried at least three NEGATIVE FX songs.
E: Around there.
Okay, so is it safe to say that NEGATIVE FX is an influence on the band?
J: Not so much, more so the last band.
J: What?
Oh sorry…
J: No, more so our last band, like STEER CLEAR. No, no…
Oh STEER CLEAR? Because NEGATIVE FX, Didn’t some of their members go on to become SLAPSHOT?
J: Yeah…
J: No SLAPSHOT influence.
I’m glad to hear that.
J: Yeah.
You had me very worried, that’s all…Okay so what was the idea of the band when you first got together then?
E: Just have fun mostly.
A: In a basement.
E: In the Basement yah, go to Jon’s Basement and jam. Write some songs.
Well you know how when some bands first get together and they sort of have a first discussion about like, “isn’t that record awesome?”
J: We never had that discussion, I think we started off with Durk and I writing songs together and recording them on a tape without bass and drums and then the other two just sort of came into the mix.
Okay ‘cause I kind of imagine you guys taking the “Group Sex” record, CIRCLE JERKS and taking the “Valley of the Yanks” record and being like “This is what we’re being.”
J: Huge influences, but no discussion.
E: Yeah definitely a good album.
It was just intuitive.
A: Yes.
Oh, I was going to ask you about the name HAZARDOUS WASTE, you don’t often use it.
A: No
Is it too long to say or what?
D: It’s just so…
J: It’s a shitty name none of us…
D: It’s just so lame but that’s just part of it.
Do you think it’s a shitty name, ‘cause I think it’s an awesome name.
J: Well I guess it’s an okay name but there’s at least two other bands.
D: There’s like an acid thrash band from like Brampton…
A: And there’s a HAZARDOUS WASTE from like Finland and there’s some Christian Hardcore from California.
E: Yeah they’re on like I-tunes and shit I checked their stuff out.
A: They actually messaged us once, I think, didn’t they?
J: No, that was another HAZARDOUS WASTE.
A: There’s many HAZARDOUS WASTEs.
J: Oh yeah…so we’re at least one of four, if not more.
A: We’re the best one though so…
So you shortened your name.
J: Yeah.
E: Yeah.
Is it a matter of distinction, you’re trying to distinguish yourself from the other?
A: We’re lazy.
Yah, whatever, okay…I didn’t want to suggest that but…
E: It’s definitely ‘cause we’re lazy.
Okay alright, uhm so tell us a bit about, you guys are, some of your guys are straightedge, some of you guys, you’re mostly all skaters aren’t you?
J: Yeah, well Durk BMXs.
D: Yeah, I skate a bit on the side though, the same shit though.
A: I carry skateboards sometimes.
J: We all skateboard.
E: I try, I try.
J: We’re down with the skate scene.
A: Yeah we’re down with the skating.
Okay, so do you think that has an impact on the sound?
A: Well we have that song “Skate Block”.
D: That’s one that I wrote because, I don’t really ride skateparks that much I’m always out in the street and that’s what feels good to me and it just pisses me off…
J: Liberate those ledges Durk, liberate those ledges.
D: I spend all this time just waxing these ledges just to have some asshole comes and says yo, “Fuck you” I don’t know man.
A: You’re destroying my property!
D: No one cares about this shit or looks at it so, like, who cares if it’s black on the top, you know what I mean?
Yeah, yeah totally.
D: Fuck that.
So what about sound ? Out of those scenes there’s always been a distinct sort of hardcore root to like the skate scene and the straightedge scene. Do you draw, is there bands that you draw influence from?
J: Bands that we draw influence from, well you mentioned the “Group Sex” record …. definitely a lot of CIRCLE JERKS influence.
Doesn’t one of you guys live in a CIRCLE JERKS shirt?
E: Jon does.
D: I have the same shirt but Jon, is harder.
Not tonight but, usually.
J: I guess, I guess I wear that shirt a lot.
It’s okay you can wear it proud, it’s not a bad band to wear proud.
J: Loud and proud, loud and proud.
Okay ah, who would the band credit as other influences on the sound?
J: THE ADOLESCENTS the first, self-titled record.
E: ADOLESCENTS, Self titled.
J: As you mentioned before VICIOUS CIRCLE, ZERO BOYS. In terms of the modern, yeah definitely ’86.
D: ‘86 gets you going.
Now, I’m going to ask you to limit it to five records. If you had to limit your record collection to five releases as a band, what would they be?
A: As a band…oh fuck.
E: Well definitely ADOLESCENTS self titled, as we all agree.
J: We all agree to that one, Core’s shaking his head.
D: Are we going to an Island? Like, how is this working…Island or are we on like a mountain?
You can go to an island, you can be on tour, whatever, however this metaphor is going to work, you only have five releases and you have to pick five.
J: I think it depends on where we are, like if we’re on an island it definitely differs…
D: It depends on the kinda mood you’re in.
It’s an island in the north of Scotland it’s not like a Caribbean Island.
J: So it’s raining so we need some records that will make us…
J: Happy.
D: Make us want to slam…I guess for me right now, I’m really pumped on, is ANTIDOTE “Thou Shall Not Kill”. That’s pretty much my record right now.
J: I’ll agree with that one I guess.
E: What about THE KRUNCHIES the “Interrobang” 7”
J: I’m down with THE KRUNCHIES but I think their “In the Winkle” LP is better.
E: I’ll agree on that one actually.
A: What about, I’d be down with just the acoustic THIS IS MY FIST I could live off that forever.
E: Acoustic Roughage?
D: I don’t know, on a Scottish Island I don’t know Core, that would take us to four.
A: Do we agree on that or…
D: Do we have to agree on them or …
You’re trying to think about it in term of the band’s sound
A: Oh the band’s sound
So you do have not agree on it, yes you have to agree on it
A: I’d throw the 86 MENTALITY up on there.
J: Us two live tracks on there.
A: I can get with that.
J: Is that alright, is that cheating like two records on a CD?
It came out so, you know, that’s fine so, I’m going to ask you about lyrics now, what are some of the songs about from a lyrical standpoint?
J: Durk, that’s all Durk.
Take it over.
D: Well ah some of the lyrics, Jon wrote and uh…they’re kinda ah, I don’t know.
A: Why doesn’t Jon explain them?
D: Sorry my thing is cutting out, I can’t hear shit.
J: Just talk Durk.
No one is saying anything other than you, tell us what you sing about?
D: Fed up is about how I worked at this store, which I’m going to mention, Kitchen Stuff Plus and how they basically made it seem like I was going to be there for a while and I’d have some money but basically all they did was use me and the people that are working there, you know, they are going through the same shit as me but somehow they had this fucked up attitude where they would push me around and make jokes and make me like I was trying to learn the shit there and get into like the whole thing going on there, their just like fucking being dicks to me, everyone who worked there was a snob, there was this bitch that worked there, she caught me on my fucking cell phone I was just checking the time on my phone and, this is what got me fired.
J: All he wanted was just one Pepsi man.
Like tonight.
J: We didn’t kick him out though, we didn’t fire him.
D: Ah and uh, also, oh uh, one of the newer songs I sang about today.
A: I think all of our songs are more or less about the same thing.
D: Not this one, this one is about…I’m not saying all jock kids are bad, like I know some cool ones, I’m friends with some but there are like…I just so happened to get jumped by these really rich kids one night in a park and they literally like broke beer bottles over me and like poured beer on my head it was just like really fucked up and these kids drive Mercedes that their dads paid for and like you I, fuck you man I’m just trying to like walk.
Do you know where they live? We can exact revenge, I tell you.
D: The one guy had two STDs so I guess he just…
J: Wait, how did you know that Durk?
D: ‘Cause I heard stories.
J: You heard stories.
It’s okay, a dicks a dick, they deserve it, we got them back…Okay so, I understand the song “Colour Blind” … there’s a story can you tell us what colour blind is about?
J: Basically Durk wrote lyrics to this song like, I don’t know a year and a half, almost two years ago. We recorded it in October of 2007 to put on a 7” and Durk said no, don’t put it on the 7”. I don’t like the lyrics, I’ll re-write them.
D: Like Anti-racist lyrics really are like really corny and like it’s…
J: Not racist lyrics, anti-racist lyrics.
Anti-racist lyrics I heard, anti-racist.
D: Well Jon was being pretty racist on the way here I felt. He made some bad jokes.
J: No way. But yeah, more or less Durk’s been talking about re-writing that song and he hasn’t re-written it for the last, it’s been a year and a half and he never wants to play it but we all like that song.
D: I think the original version, as corny as it is, which I hate.
Well the original was 7 SECONDS.
D: What?
7 SECONDS did a song called “Colour Blind”.
D: They did. Actually I already know my influence was from that ah, actually I think we were thinking CAREER SUICIDE somehow, at the same time but ah, I really don’t know, I just hated those lyrics.
What’s the song about then? It’s a song about being anti-racist but is there a story or something that inspired the song?
A: I think he forgot the lyrics because he hasn’t sang them for so long.
J: When we play that song live he usually has a tantrum and throws the mic or something.
A: But as far for like is there, I guess it’s just about being anti-racist you know and accepting everybody, in a sense.
D: But the new lyrics aren’t going to be anything about that.
A: It’s not going to be as YOUTH CREW.
D: Cause you know what, like nowadays no ones really racist and it’s not really as big a deal anymore like.
E: Oh my god.
D: You go to a show and…
A: Within the scene right, cause essentially it’s a different issue…
D: Within the scene right where it’s kind of dated, like played out.
Well maybe not lately but it’s still…
D: There are definitely some boneheads out there.
Well I think there’s still a lot of subtle racism that goes on.
A: Well for sure but it’s all systemic, I mean I’m not going to get into the whole situation on it, but it’s just all systemic. It’s just always going to be there for a bit.
So with the song, does it have an inspiration?
D: What?
Does the song have an inspiration, was there a moment or something that happened where you just decided to write a song about anti-racism?
D: Ah well.
Did something happen to you or like a friend of yours or something like that?
D: No, well just like…just like I’m not really personally down with it, I do joke about a lot I’ll admit.
J: Boooo.
D: But who doesn’t like really honestly like…
J: He`s part of the problem, part of the problem.
D: Back off a bit… I just think it’s something that should be like, though obviously not like bad jokes but…
J: Don’t talk.
D: Yah I can’t talk dude, I’m sorry.
Does this song appear on something like is it on, is this a demo?
J: I think it might have been released, I’m not even sure if Craig from Schizophrenic records put out… he put out a compilation recently. We had a few tracks on the LP and he was going to do a CD.
This is the Omnibus, the Toronto Omnibus Volume two?
J: Yeah number two yeah, the “Toronto’s Burning” if he did do the CD as well, this song is one of the bonus tracks on the CD but I’m not sure... I don’t even have a copy of the CD.
A: I don’t either.
J: So we’re not sure it`s released.
Okay, so it might be unreleased so let`s play that anyway.
J: This time with lyrics.
A: Yeah we played it live.
J: Durk didn’t sing.
D: I actually like it as Intermission song.
A: Yeah it’s the intermission song, apparently.
As an instrumental.
D: Yeah, a chance to catch my breath.
Tell me about what your favourite song from a lyrical standpoint is and why you like it. It has to be a HAZARDOUS WASTE song
D: I guess “Skate Block Ledges”.
E: Definitely.
Okay and why do you like it?
D: Cause it rules and it’s like everyday life and like you know what, I don’t know it’s just so simple and stupid. It’s awesome.
What about the rest of you guys?
A: I just ah I think I like “Slaves”, ‘cause it’s really catchy half the time I don’t even know what the lyrics are until like a year after they’re out because I’ve listened to them so much but I think it’s one of the catchier songs we have.
E: I’m going to go with “Profit and Power”.
And why do you like it?
E: Just cause it’s one of the first songs that we wrote.
J: It was the first song.
E: It was the first song actually, and we’re still playing it today and there’s so many songs that we were doing and stuff at the same time that we just totally ditched and they`re all from the same time and I think that one stuck because it’s one of our best songs I think.
D: Getting a little played now but…twice today.
Yeah overplayed tonight.
A: Twice in a row today.
But you know deservedly, deserves attention for sure. Jon do you got a …?
J: I guess I’m going to have to say “Nothing” probably because the lyrics remind me of poetry my little sister wrote in elementary school. I think that’s why that’s my favourite song.
D: I can quote the best part of that song.
J: It’s about two naked people in a garden.
D: Adam and fuckin’ Eve.
Okay I’m going to ask you about the recordings you’ve done so far to date so, I think it sounds like you might have three recordings is that right? How many times have you recorded so far?
J: We have our demo which was really poorly released by ourselves and we have the “Pay” 7” and we have the Schizophrenic Records compilation record.
How long ago was the demo recorded?
A: This time in 2007, or was it…
J: It was in the summer of 2007 I guess.
A: It was before the LIFE TRAP show so it was definitely like spring time.
J: It wasn’t before the LIFE TRAP show it was before the show we played in Montreal with SOCIAL CIRCLE at least.
A: Yeah, well we recorded that demo sometime summer of 2007 and we recorded that by ourselves, in Jon’s basement. That’s when it was.
Okay and you recorded it by yourselves in your basement then the “Pay” ep, was that also self-recorded?
J: No that was the only one we were in a studio. That was recorded at Green Door Studios.
A: By John Critchley and Sam Cave.
When did you record that?
J: October 28th, 2007
D: Do you actually know the date?
A: Yo I just remember that really big centipede. That’s how I remember we recorded there.
D: I remember wearing a T-shirt but… whatever.
J: It was definitely October. I remember the folder on my computer was called October 28th.
A: That was a fun time.
Okay, so that was a couple of months later and then the Schizophrenic Recording after that?
A: Funny story about that one. We were supposed to head back to Green Door where we did the “Pay” ep but it didn’t turn out that way.
J: Yeah, I think he had a funeral, I think he had to bail on it a few days before we were supposed to record and we wanted to get these recordings to Craig ASAP so…
E: That’s not a funny story at all.
J: Well, it’s rather unfortunate I guess.
D: It turned out pretty good though from what was going on.
A: Jon had a broken wrist at the time. His hand was in a cast. He could barely play.
So how did you play?
J: I don’t know, we just took our time I guess and we were going to record more songs that we did because we rented all of the equipment ourselves and just wanted to take advantage of the money, but we just recorded what we had to and I think I had to take certain parts out of songs ‘cause I couldn’t bend my hand certain ways.
E: I was super stoked ‘cause I got a new Drum Kit and that was the first time.
To break it in.
E: Yeah, it was wicked.
And everything was working, I suppose
E: Not really, I’ve had problems with it since, like, I got it.
J: Those were some pretty messy recordings, we were supposed to start recording at like 10 in the morning.
A: And some of the equipment we rented didn’t work so we drove to like three different Long and McQuades in different cities and none of them like had what we needed so we finally got what we needed and actually started recording at 7 or 8 pm.
A: We had to go to Brampton to do that.
That’s crazy, all day you spent trying to track down stuff.
E: Well I didn’t track down anything.
J: He sat at my house.
J: I think it was Durk and I driving around and then I think we all went to Brampton…
E: I didn’t go to Brampton.
So did all of it get released on the comp or is there some other stuff?
A: Three songs were recorded and yeah, they’re the ones on the comp.
Okay and what about the demo, have you done anything with that or are you trying to hide that recording?
J: Well not necessarily, I guess we’re sort of trying to hide it,
D: We gave a bunch away, so.
The thing is bands usually their first recordings are amazing and even though, they think because they’ve gotten better they just kind of try and bury them, I think it’s a mistake to lose those.
J: I think amazing is a lot much to say about our first recording.
A: “Pay” is pretty much just the demo but recorded in a studio.
J: No, not even, the demo had one song that the “Pay” 7” had and we changed the song it had “You’re Consumed”, the demo had “Skate Block”, the other two songs on the demo, “Totally Controlled” and “Searching” we ditched those songs after the demo.
D: We played them at a few shows though.
J: Yeah but I mean in terms of release wise.
So you don’t even play them now.
J: No, there’s one song off the demo we play in complete, like I said “You’re Consumed”.
A: I was wrong sorry.
J: You were wrong.
Okay I’m going to task you about the “Pay” ep. First off who is Nerve Hold Records?
J: His name is Dan Degroot. He lives in London. He’s the bass player for NAIL SPLITTER who’ve been broken up for a bit.
Okay and how did you get to put out an ep on this label? How did that come about?
E: We played with them a couple of times, NAIL SPLITTER, and we got to know Dan he put on a lot of shows and we got to play at least one show that he put on.
J: Yeah, basically He was just asking me what we were going to do with our recordings and we were originally going to put them out ourselves but that was becoming extremely tedious because most of us didn’t have much money and we were just learning how expensive it was to put out records by ourselves.
E: Mostly me.
J: No, I think everyone was pretty broke at that time.
A: We were all working part-time.
E: I don’t even know, I think I got fired at that time.
A: You still owe me $45, no you quit, you quit.
J: Ya, I think you still owe core money for that.
A: Yeah you own me $45 dude.
E: Oh, do I?
A: I’m expecting that.
J: Yeah basically Dan offered to put out the record, he said he wanted to start up a label and he said ``I’ll do this record for you`` and we were like ‘Fuck ya.
So do you have plans for future recordings? It sounds like you’ve got new songs because you were playing a bunch of things I’ve never heard before tonight
J: Yeah, I think we’re going to record hopefully sometime next month, which is April for another 7” that Schizophrenic is going to do for us and then we might have something else lined up in a little bit but that’s still sorta black and grey but yeah we want to do another 7” with Schizophrenic.
E: Black and grey, eh?
A: Black and white…
I understood it, it made sense to me.
J: He understood it, it made sense to him.
It’s not a usual kind of phrasing but I get it, it hasn’t been ironed out yet.
J: It’s original, it’s OG.
D: It’s a Michael Jackson song.
I like it when people expand diction, it’s good, you did well Jon.
J: Thanks.
So okay what are some of the bands you’ve played with so far.
Tell me about, there’s a BANE story I think, Jon your guitar cut out partway through the set, and what did you do? Tell us what you did.
J: Well, probably for like half the song I sort of just stood there, I didn’t know what to do, I was trying to pretend I was trying to make it work but I didn’t know what to do. I had sort of run out of ideas, like I don’t know what’s not working, so I like sorta just turned knobs and stuff and tried to look busy. I sort of just gave up and nobody was really moving around so I just sort of went and jumped on people I guess.
That’s kinda cool.
J: That was alright it was more fun than trying to look busy and I don’t think the rest of the band, they didn’t know my guitar wasn’t working.
E: I did, I was looking at you the whole time I was playing I was like okay.
A: Trouble with the sound guys.
D: Show has to go on right?
You guys seem to have trouble with soundmen.
J: Yeah we do. I don’t think we’ve ever had a good experience with somebody doing sound.
A: Like monitors and stages and HAZARDOUS WASTE don’t go together.
D: Yeah we need shitty basements.
E: Durk and Microphones don’t happen.
Yeah, that’s another story isn’t it.
A: Yeah good times
You have a story about a Guelph show.
A: Oh god.
Tell us about Guelph and how much you love Guelph
J: Wait, let me just put it out there that there are a lot of cool kids there, like we played at the Punk-A-Low and 99 percent of the kids in that house were like super rad to us I think there was just one or two bad apples, who we’ll talk about in this story I guess. But no, most of the kids are super cool kids.
A: Yeah, they cooked us food and they got us out there to play a show it’s just some of the people out there were just, I don’t know.
E: Really opinionated too, like hardcore opinionated.
A: And kinda hypocritical too.
J: They burned a Canadian Flag before our set.
A: For solidarity to their brothers fighting the democracy in some south American country, didn’t you hear that? I watched it, it was pretty cool I guess.
J: Basically what happened in Guelph is, back to the song “Skate Block”. We played “Skate Block”, “yo skate Block ledges yo fuck those bitches” the lyrics in the song, the one bad apple, he wasn’t happy about Durk saying the word bitch so he grabbed the microphone and goes “yo what era do you think this is?”
D: I had no clue what he said so I was like…fuck..
E: I think he was just all bent up with fucking like anger inside because he lived in a closet a walk-in closet, and it wasn’t like a big walk-in closet it was like a tiny walk in closet, for like $60 a month so I think he was really pissed.
Yeah, that would do your head in.
E: Especially the fact that he had to pay to stay in the closet, you know?
J: So after he grabbed the microphone from Durk, we were playing with the REPROBATES, and Lenny their drummer he took the mic and he started freestyling and I guess Eric was playing along and he dropped the “N” bomb and then he gave the mic back to Durk and we’re about to play our next song and the same dude, the same like crust punk dude comes over…runs over, grabs the microphone starts yelling at him, freaking out asking if we want to finish our set and Durk’s like I don’t know what’s going on, Durk couldn’t hear a word the dude was saying he didn’t know what was happening.
E: They even kicked him out too, Lenny openly admitted it was him who said it and stuff and they kicked him out.
D: So basically everyone leaves the show and it was just us and the REPROS and like maybe 2 or 3 people…
J: Minus Lenny who was outside.
D: And we just fucked shit up man.
J: Yeah we played one more song, and then it gets better. The REPROBATES hadn’t played yet so the dude insisted that they hold a meeting on the main floor with the people in the house to determine whether or not the REPROBATES would be allowed to play.
Oh yeah?
J: Yeah, they played though, they played.
Sounds like a bit of a momentum killer.
J: Oh it was dude.
A: It totally harshed the buzz.
J: The buzz was harshed.
A: It made it really awkward.
J: But then we wouldn’t have had this story if it didn’t happen, it would have made this a lot more boring.
A: We’d have to talk about grass growing or something, I don’t know.
There’s a show you guys did with CAREER SUICIDE recently.
A: Yeah, in January.
D: Yeah that was a fun show, that was fun.
I heard there was like 500 people there.
A: We got paid actually it was good.
That’s a rare occurrence isn’t it?
D: Yeah, over 5 bucks is good.
E: Yeah, I actually think the show that we played the day after was, I don’t know.
J: The CAREER SUICIDE show was better, we played the next day in Montreal.
A: I fell off the stage and almost broke my nose, that kind of sucked.
J: I didn’t remember that.
A: I smacked it off my bass I was an idiot.
Okay you also mentioned playing with SOCIAL CIRCKLE from Boston?
J: That was actually our second show on our first completely failed tour.
J: Yah, we played with SOCIAL CIRCKLE, RABIES, WARKRIME and our friend’s band WHEN I FALL, from Montreal, now they’re AT WORST.
Yeah we played their demo on the show before.
D: That show actually has a little bit of a story too.
J: It does?
D: Yeah, cause I was like one of the only people going off ‘cause I’m like a huge fan of like RABIES and shit. But like, I was like the only one going off and some like giant skinhead French guy just comes and like punches me really hard and I’m like what the hell is this guys problem? He’s just like standing there at the side and I’m like man…okay, never mind the story sucks.
A: I didn’t even know this story ever happened.
D: I told you guys.
J: I think he’s making it up.
E: I think the best part of the whole show was my supervisor.
J: Wait this is the CAREER SUICIDE show, we’re taking it back.
E: He was at that show.
A: We’re talking about Montreal and RABIES and our failed tour.
E: My bad…
D: Basically two weeks in Montreal.
J: It was a one show tour we were supposed to…Actually, Durk`s now girlfriend…
A one show tour? A one show tour before your started or after, did shows drop off or?
J: We had three shows actually, we had a show in Halifax in Truro.
A: But we were all too poor to make it out there.
Yeah that’s a long drive.
D: Let’s not talk shit about my girlfriend.
J: She wasn’t your girlfriend at the time.
A: Is she listening right now Durk?
D: Yeah I think so.
A: Mine is too. I love you Sara…
E: Oh god…oh god…
D: I hate you so much.
What are you thoughts on the Toronto scene at the moment?
E: Good.
J: I think it’s great, tons of great local bands right now.
A: And the guys from Stuck in the City are doing an amazing job at putting shows on like every week. Never ceasing to amaze me, it’s just amazing
D: Well that was heartfelt, wasn’t it.
What about bands that you think people should pay attention to from here?
J: Oh there’s tons of bands.
D: Right now BAD CHOICE is my number one choice I’ll tell you that right now.
J: Yeah BAD CHOICE just popped up.
A: MOLESTED YOUTH just keeps getting better, BORED STIFF too, MOLESTED YOUTH.
E: BORED STIFF sure…Wassup D’arcy
You just have to say that because D’arcy is here.
J: We wouldn’t have said that, we definitely wouldn’t have.
E: Even U.T.I
J: Yeah U.T.I is really good.
J: Yeah, we were just saying that. BAD SKIN is really underrated.
E: Nice name drop Core.
D: REPROBATES were probably the best band of all-time RIP.
J: Rest in peace
E: Hands down.
D: They were definitely one of my faves of all time.
What about their new band, UNFUN?
J: Well that’s just Lenny the drummer and I think he’s singing. I haven’t really heard it, apparently they sound like JAWBREAKER.
J: I don’t know, all I heard was that they sound like JAWBREAKER dude.
J: Lenny their drummer apparently he’s singing.
Okay, so what are the bands plans for the next little while you mentioned something about recording 7” for Schizophrenic do you have plans for playing outside of the city or anything like that?
J: Yes, trying.
D: We’re definitely playing out of the city.
J: We just decided today that I think we’re going to try and plan an East Coast-American tour mid- I think May 10th to 22nd.
A: We’re all jobless now so this is the only time we can do it.
J: I have a job! I have one job now though. 12 hours a week max.
It’s barely a job.
D: I play X Box twenty-four seven.
You’re being generous by calling it a job.
J: Oh yeah.
Okay well, how can people get in touch with the band, what’s the best way to reach you guys?
A: Not our website, not our e-mail.
J: Myspace/hazardouswastemusic we do have an email however that’s checked a lot less frequently than the Myspace, like we’ll check it but then we’ll forget about it for a month so.
E: I don’t even check it period.
J: Do the Myspace or …
A: Or get in contact with one of us on Facebook our names are all on there.
Well I want to thank you guys for playing is there any last comments before we go out?
E: Shout outs to Vlad the Bad.
J: Vlad the bad- Woohoo!
D: He’s not listening but Vlad the Bad, the man.
J: Yeah dude thanks for having us.
E: Thanks for having us.

Flyer - Friday March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Radio - Sunday, March 22, 2009

THE SICK NEEDS - Free Ride (No Vynil)

BLATZ - Homemade Speed (Alternative Tentacles)
SPITBOY - Touch (Allied Recordings)
DISGUSTING BODY - Harassment (Self-Released)
DISHRAGS - Love is Shit (Jem Records)
RISE ABOVE - No Pain No Gain (Stand as One)

THE BUZZCOCKS - Orgasm Addict (Virgin)
BAD BRAINS - Pay to Cum (Rhino)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Youth Crew (Revelation)
CRO-MAGS - Street Justice (Eurobray)
RITES OF SPRING - Hains Point (Dischord)

RUSTED DAWN - Battletoads (Self-Released)
INEPSY - We are Here to Climb (Feral Ward)
HARD CHARGER - Blazing Muskets (No List)
NIGHTBRINGER - Death of Heather Gods (CIUT)

VICTIMS - Who the Fuck Are We ? (Havoc)
TERMINAL STATE - Sick (Deranged)
CEREMONY - Plutocratc Swing Vote (Bridge 9)
LIVING DARKNESS - Fits / Waking Nightmare (High Anxiety)
IN TIME - For the Last Time (Notion)

ABLE DANGER - Broken Home (Feral Kid)
H100s - No Patience (S.Y.G.)
A.V.O. - Broken (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
VILE NATION - Society is Shit (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
STATE - Bleeding Heart (Punks Before Profits)
PICKED ON - Suicide Pact, You Go First (Self-Released)

SHUTDOWN - Hope (Lost and Found)
CHAMPION - One Sixteen (Bridge 9)
RISKY BUSINESS - Some Days (Rock Vegas)
DANCE ELECTRIC - Us vs. Them (Self-Released)
CURSED - Clocked In. Punched Out (Goodfellow)

FILTH - Night of Rage (Alternative Tentacles)
NO SLOGAN - Dead (Residue)
THE BLACKOUT BRIGADE - Evil (Insurgence Records)
GNAR SESH - Why We Skate (Self-Released)
EMPTY GRAVE - Monotony (Absent)

Demo Feature
DURESS - Hate Fucking Hate (Self-Released)
DURESS - Grade Me (Self-Released)
DURESS - Guilt (Self-Released)
DURESS - Asshole (Self-Released)
DURESS - Untitled (Self-Released)
DURESS - Guilty Mind (Self-Released)
DURESS - B.B. (Self-Released)
A.N.S. - Locals Only (Gnarly Slaughter)

RUNNAMUCKS - Untouchable (Gnarly Slaughter)

Rumours 2009 demo

So the band takes their name from the Fleetwood Mac LP. And schlong from San Francisco actually covered this whole album as a 7" and called it "Tumours" . I watched them perform it at a boozecan the one time they played Toronto as they hopped on one leg. It was bizarre and but awesome. This band has nothing to do with that other than the Fleetwood Mac connection. Juls from Margaret Thrasher moved to St. John's after the break up of Margaret Thrasher. She started this band with her boyfriend. They have a blog up at
You can download the demo at this blog. The songs on the demo are:
1. Eels Blind
2. Left Wing Douchebag
3. Socialization Worker
4. Brick Through the Window, Head Through the Wall
5. Dead Culture
6. Minimum Wage, Maximum Wage
7. the Chain
8. Black Hole

Flyer - Sunday March 22, 2009

Various Artists "Toronto's Burning" LP

In the spirit of MCR's city comps Schizophrenic has done a full length comp for Toronto. This is the follow up to the Toronto City Omnibus comp, which was done a few years ago. This comp collects the next generation of Toronto bands. The generation of the Toronto scene was the last one as there is already a huge new crop of bands. that however doesn't make this an important document. There are all kinds of great bands on here half of which have broken up. But this comp captures their existence. Someone was telling me that this cover was originally made for a Buffalo comp but it never got used. The tracks are :

Side A
1. BLACK SPOKES - All My Friends work at Startek
2. BLACK SPOKES - 63A Southbound
3. BLACK SPOKES - Soapdodger / Girl I Got Your Number
4. MAD MEN - The Awakening
6. LIVING DARKNESS - Some Choose Despair
10. URBAN BLIGHT - Fuck Your Bullshit
11. URBAN BLIGHT - Waste

Side B
12. THE REPROBATES - Self Destruct
13. THE REPROBATES - Dead Blood
14. DANGERLOVES - Everyday
15. DANGERLOVES - You and Me
16. RAMMER - Leatherface
17. HAZARDOUS WASTE - Common Beliefs
19. HAZARDOUS WASTE - Nothing at All
20. SCHOOL JERKS - Rock 'n Roll
21. SCHOOL JERKS - Guestlist
22. SCHOOL JERKS - High School

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flyer - Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Fucked Up play China.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

DISCO ASSAULT - Asshole Stare (Schizophrenic)

STATIONS - Shepherds (Abiology)
BLACK SPOKES - Nylon Ties (Self-Released)
U.T.I. - Limp Generation (Self-Released)
BAD SKIN - We’re Dogs (Self-Released)
ROCKET REDUCERS - Feel This Way (Kick Yer Butt)
DIRTY CHINESE THIEVES - Hate Crimes (Self-Released)
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS - Who Are the Mystery Girls (Captain Oi!)

COLISEUM - Fall of the Pigs (Relapse)
PULLING TEETH - Herectic (A389 Recordings)
TRANSIST TRANSIST - The Price of Gasoline (Level Plane)
RAISED FIST - Perfectly Broken (Burning Heart)

THE RATS - Stab the World (Thrashbastard)
CIRCLE JERKS - Stars and Stripes (Another Step Forward)
RATIONAL ANIMALS - Visions of Death (Feral Kid)

HUSKER DU - I will never forget You (SST)
FOUND MY DIRECTION - What Can We Do (Resist)
IMPACT UNIT - Night Stalker (Crucial Response)
ENVISION - Teamwork (Self-Released)
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE - The Bitterst End (ebullition)

X RAY SPEX - Oh Bondage (Montreco)
AVENGERS - I Want In (Lookout)
ZRO4 - Blood (Chameleon)
TYRANNA - Toronto Boys (CIUT)
THE BAYONETTES - Stuck in This Rut (Deranged)

GOVERNMENT WARNING - Arrested (Grave Mistake)
BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON - Bonehead (Reaper)
ALERT - Straight Down (Self-Released)
DOWNPRESSES - Ice Cold (Streetcleaner)
GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN - Unforgiven (React)
LIGHTS OUT - Trapped (Youngblood)
ABOUT TO SNAP - Tank Runs Dry (Specimen 32)

DECEIVING SOCIETY - Peace of Reality (MCR Company)
REALITY CRISIS - Rise Again Make You Burning (MCR Company)
SLANG - Killer Religion 911 (Schizophrenic)
ZOMBA GREEN - Area Metro (MCR Company)

Demo Feature
MAD MEN - Mad Men (Self-Released)
MAD MEN - Wax World (Self-Released)
MAD MEN - Too Hot (Self-Released)
MAD MEN - No Mind (Self-Released)
MAD MEN - the Neighbourhood (Self-Released)
MAD MEN - Square Glasses (Self-Released)
MAD MEN - Counterfeit Trader (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday March 15, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take One for the Team / Forever Annihilating the Obese ep

Take One for the Team were from Ottawa. They released this split on their own Sir Punkly records. Their side was recorded back in 2007. The songs on their side of the split include:

1. Lane Drain
2. Not so Fine Grind
3. Find Them and Bill them
4. Leave the Fun to Us
5. Man on Thin Ice Photographing Young Boy on Motorcycle
6. Segway Circle Pit
7. Doom Buggy
8. Capital Breakdown
9. Smiles are Typical

F.A.T.O. are from Oshawa. They recorded their side in the Summer of 2008. the songs on their side are:
1. Labour of Hate
2. Bile
3. Five Years
4. Hearing Aids
5. Cookie Cutter

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Radio - Sunday, March 8, 2009

PICKED ON - Welcome to Gilead (Self-Released)

Studio 3 Session
PICKED ON - Snakepit (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Welcome to Gilead (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Werewolves in the Hedgerows (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Suicide Pact, You Go First (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Sure Constable (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Compliments to the Psychiatric Industry (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Thanks for the Memories (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Interview (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Snakepit (Self-Released)

EMPTY HANDS - Dream Girls (Self-Released)
KEEP IT UP - United Party (Feelin’ It)
I HATE SALLY - Martha Secved (Self-Released)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - You’re Fired I Quit (Deranged)
ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Raised By Wolves (20 Buck Spin)
MI AMORE - President OAC (Cyclops Media)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - Run Silent, Run Deep (Self-Released)
SOME GIRLS - Don’t Hate Me because I Hate You (Three One G)
KIDS LIKE US - Outta Control (Eulogy)

THE SPORES - Meat Bi-product (Sudden Death)
THE FREEZE - Guilty Face (Dr. Strange)
SLOW MOTIONS - Dance (HG Fact)
CAREER SUICIDE - Double Life (Sewercide)
VACANT STATE - Bleak (Self-Released)
GUILTY FACES - Scum (Self-Released)

WOLFBRIGADE - Comalive (Deranged)
CRUDE - Just Go Go Ahead (HG Fact)
SACRED SHOCK - Overshadowed / Underestimated (Schizophrenic)
BLOWBACK - Transformation (String Break)

Demo Feature
CITY SWEETHEARTS - Can’t Stop Shaking (Self-Released)
CITY SWEETHEARTS - I’m a Mess (Self-Released)
CITY SWEETHEARTS - Timeless (Self-Released)

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Flyer - Friday March 6, 2009

This was for the "Toronto's Burning" record release show.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Radio - Sunday, March 1, 2009

63 MONROE - Weekend Punks (Rave Up)

VIOLENT MINDS - Know It All (Parts Unknown)
LIVING DARKNESS - Streets of Bodies (Self-Released)
HAVE HEART - Something More Thank Ink (Think Fast)
VITAMIN X - On a Rampage (Havoc)
MEANWHILE - Above Our Heads (HG Fact)

63 MONROE - Interview (CIUT)
URANUS - Ballad of Gilligan’s Island (Trilogy)
63 MONROE - Interview (CIUT)
DEMICS - New York City (Ready Records)
63 MONROE - Interview (CIUT)
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Get Out of Denver [Live] (Captain Oi!)
63 MONROE - Interview (CIUT)
63 MONROE - White Christmas (Speed City)
63 MONROE - Interview (CIUT)
63 MONROE - Fuck Your Mother Later (Rave Up)

63 MONROE - Interview (CIUT)
N.F.G. - Hijack Victim (Rave Up)
63 MONROE - Interview (CIUT)
63 MONROE - Last Exit (Speed City)
63 MONROE - Interview (CIUT)
63 MONROE - Two Minutes Thirty Eight (Speed City)