Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rumours 2009 demo

So the band takes their name from the Fleetwood Mac LP. And schlong from San Francisco actually covered this whole album as a 7" and called it "Tumours" . I watched them perform it at a boozecan the one time they played Toronto as they hopped on one leg. It was bizarre and but awesome. This band has nothing to do with that other than the Fleetwood Mac connection. Juls from Margaret Thrasher moved to St. John's after the break up of Margaret Thrasher. She started this band with her boyfriend. They have a blog up at
You can download the demo at this blog. The songs on the demo are:
1. Eels Blind
2. Left Wing Douchebag
3. Socialization Worker
4. Brick Through the Window, Head Through the Wall
5. Dead Culture
6. Minimum Wage, Maximum Wage
7. the Chain
8. Black Hole

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