Sunday, March 8, 2009

Radio - Sunday, March 8, 2009

PICKED ON - Welcome to Gilead (Self-Released)

Studio 3 Session
PICKED ON - Snakepit (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Welcome to Gilead (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Werewolves in the Hedgerows (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Suicide Pact, You Go First (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Sure Constable (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Compliments to the Psychiatric Industry (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Thanks for the Memories (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Interview (CIUT)
PICKED ON - Snakepit (Self-Released)

EMPTY HANDS - Dream Girls (Self-Released)
KEEP IT UP - United Party (Feelin’ It)
I HATE SALLY - Martha Secved (Self-Released)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - You’re Fired I Quit (Deranged)
ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Raised By Wolves (20 Buck Spin)
MI AMORE - President OAC (Cyclops Media)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - Run Silent, Run Deep (Self-Released)
SOME GIRLS - Don’t Hate Me because I Hate You (Three One G)
KIDS LIKE US - Outta Control (Eulogy)

THE SPORES - Meat Bi-product (Sudden Death)
THE FREEZE - Guilty Face (Dr. Strange)
SLOW MOTIONS - Dance (HG Fact)
CAREER SUICIDE - Double Life (Sewercide)
VACANT STATE - Bleak (Self-Released)
GUILTY FACES - Scum (Self-Released)

WOLFBRIGADE - Comalive (Deranged)
CRUDE - Just Go Go Ahead (HG Fact)
SACRED SHOCK - Overshadowed / Underestimated (Schizophrenic)
BLOWBACK - Transformation (String Break)

Demo Feature
CITY SWEETHEARTS - Can’t Stop Shaking (Self-Released)
CITY SWEETHEARTS - I’m a Mess (Self-Released)
CITY SWEETHEARTS - Timeless (Self-Released)

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