Thursday, May 25, 2017

GAZM Interview

An interview in the recent issue of MRR on GAZM from Montreal. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Radio - Sunday May 21 2017

Tonight's show focuses on music with a Freddy Pompeii tribute and lots of new material including a demo feature from a new oi inspired band out of St. John's called Lion's Share. Listen on the player above or download an MP3 of the show here.

NOMEANSNO – Victoria (Wrong)

CRUZ DE NAVAJAS – Esclavas (Self-Released)
RACE CAR - Government Funded Terror Lunch (Self-Released)
CLOUDGAYZER - Cut + Scrape (Self-Released)
VELVET SUNSHINE – Retrograde (Self-Released)
S.B.F. - Halved Snake (Self-Released)

THE SECRETS – Teenage Rampage (Other Peoples Music)
BLUE PETER – Same Old Place (Ready)
THE DIODES – Teenage Nation (Epic)
TEENAGE HEAD – Ain't Got No Sense (Inter Global Music)

LONG KNIFE - Only a Reflection (Beach Impediment)
DRUJ - White Devil (Self-Released)
LACE - Youth Hinge (Self-Released)
D-SAGAWA - Destroy Me (Self-Released)
HYANE – Systemabsturz (Self-Released)
TOTAL REALITY - Trigger Time (Self-Released)
FLUKE - War on Hate (Self-Released)

BULLET PROOF LOVERS – I Am My Radio (Ghost Highway / Rum Bar)
CONTROL FREAKS – Blowtorch Love (Slovenly)
THE BRIEFS – Poor and Weird (Dirtnap)
THE CAVEMEN – Death Row (Slovenly)
THE SAFETY PINS – We are Trash (Empty)

JUDY AND THE JERKS – Destroix (Self-Released)
FRIED EGG - Halfassed Hand (Beach Impediment)
ESPEJOS – Waiting (Self-Released)
ANTI-SEED - @nti Seed (Self-Released)
WILD ROSE - Fanatic Heart (Self-Released)

CARDBOARD BRAINS – Steppin Stone (Redrum)
THE B GIRLS – Boys are Drinking (Other Peoples Music)
ZRO 4 – Gimmie Attention (Punk History Canada)
POINTED STICKS – The Witch (Quintessence)

DROP IN – Intact (Self-Released)
FRAMECODE – They (Self-Released)
RATAAPUNK - Contra la Policía (Self-Released)
P.E.A.R.L. - Fight Us (Self-Released)
SECT MARK - Old (School) (Self-Released)
RASHOMON - Corpse Syndrome (Self-Released)
SUZI Q – Unmelted Pure Crystal Dream (Self-Released)

DESCENDENTS - No Fat Burger (Epitaph)
FRENZAL RHOMB -Storage Unit Pill Press (Fat Wreck)
FASHIONISM - One Shot (Neon Taste)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from St. John's Newfoundland featured in the New Blood section of MRR. Recorded by Luke Mumford of GENETIC ANGRY fame, who has recorded many bands from Halifax. This recent demo can be download from bandcamp.

LIONS SHARE – Wasted Moments (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – Light Duty (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – Mental Break (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – War Boots (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – Cyber Worlds (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – Streets of Rage (Self-Released)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Radio - Sunday May 14th, 2017

The bi-annual fundraising show. We want to thank all the folks who donated (Greg/NDY, Louanne, Al, Paul, John, Dave, Derek, Shawn, Gary, Jon, Gabby, Shawna, Jeff, Steve, Sue) and Rayne who answered phones and operated the phone room single handedly. You can download the show here.

CULTURE SHOCK - Someone Has to Pay (Alternative Tentacles)

CRASS - Mother Love (CRASS)
MOTHERFUCKERS - Punk Rock Group Therapy (CIUT)

NDY Shows that you can win tickets for
CRUDE – The Earth (HG Fact)
EXTREME NOISE TERROR – Chained & Crazed (Agipunk)
IRON LUNG – Stench (Iron Lung)

Tickets for the screening of Hardcore Logo
HUGH DILLON AND SWAMP BABY – Something’s Gonna Die Tonight (Velvel)
THE LOOTERS – La La La (Rhino)
IGGY POP – Repo Man (San Andreas)

Punk Rock songs about radio
VICE SQUAD – Punk Rock Radio (Last Rockers)
CODIGO NEUROTICO - Radio Libre (Illa)
THE BITY – Radio (Self-Released)
THE BEANS - All Night Radio (Jump)

Some other bands that we have tickets for
ROSE MCDOWALL – Cut with the Cake Knife (Bar Fairy)
SHEER MAG – Nobody’s Baby (Static Shock)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS – Stupid Songs (Fringe)

Number one picks from my top 10s over the past six months
CORRECTIVE MEASURE – Break You Off (Refuse)
DEPROGRAM – Depersonalize (Self-Released)
HEAT – The Myth (Deranged)
BRUTAL YOUTH – Whiteway (Stomp)
MIND TRAP – Lifer (Refuse)
WARTHOG – Functioning World (Beach Impediment)

TV FREAKS – Pusher (Schizophrenic)
THE RIPTIDES – Baby Bottle (Unreleased)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Radio - Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Download the show here.

KICK IT! - Refugees Welcome (Self-Released)

LIMP BLITZKRIEG - Nowa Wojna (Trujaca Fala)
SOTATILA - Vittupäiden Valtakunta - Näpit Irti (Kamaset Levyt / Plague Bearer)
DEAD RANCH - False Negative (Self-Released)
EXHAUSTION - Another Wreckage (Destructure)
WARSICK - Fight To Break Control (Self-Released)
MOBLISH - Feed on the Flesh (Self-Released)
OMERTA - Fight or Flight (Self-Released)
DEAD GAKKAHS - Summer Never Comes Again (Family Values)

THE HENTCHMEN – Plumbline Stomp (Norton)
GRAVEDIGGER V – Stoneage Stomp (Voxx)
LEMONHEADS – Fed Up (Taang)
THE LOCOMOTIONS – Tell Her (Savage)
AGENT ORANGE – Pipeline (Posh Boy)

FIRING SQUAD - Waiting for Death (Agitate)
PRESSING ON - Blocked by A Wall (Self-Released)
SELKASAUNA – Haistavittu (Self-Released)
ESTADO - En el nombre de dios (Self-Released)
SCUMRAID – Addiction (Self-Released)
TIGHTLIP - Don't Care (Self-Released)
ATAXXIA – 03 (Self-Released)
OUTCRY – Walking (Self-Released)

A3 DANS LE WC – Photo Coleur (Soul Jazz)
IGGY AND THE STOOGES – Gimme Some Skin (Bomp)

OBEDIENCE - Wiped Clean (Self-Released)
ACRYLICS – Reassurance (Iron Lung)
BLOODY HAMMER - Collector Scum (Self-Released)
LYSOL – Wired (Total Punk)
MALE PATTERNS – Depression (Unreleased)
SHORT ORDER – Shackled (Self-Released)
FRIED EGG - Side By Side (Self-Released)
ORNITORRINCOS - La Distancia (Crapoluet / Annoying / No Glory)
THE DISHRAGS - Carry On (Other People's Music)
POLICE CONTROL – Ejection (Self-Released)

KING CANS – Outcast (Self-Released)
PETITE - Gang Warfare (The Strike) (Self-Released)
DUFFY'S CUT - Keep It Moving (Oi! The Boat)
RADIO DELETE - 70’s Kids (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Montreal in the vein of Proxy with that Blitz worship, which can be downloaded from bandcamp.

ULTRA RAZZIA – A La Derive (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – De Profondis (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – Dans le Gueule de Loup (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – Croire (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – A La Derive (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – A La Derive (Self-Released)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Radio - Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Tonight's show features the best new releases from April, a feature on Toronto's post punk origins courtesy of Nick Smash, and a demo feature by Ottawa's Durs Coeurs. Download a copy of tonight's show here.

LAST DAYS - Torn In Two Parts (Blame the Victim)

BURNOUT - Survivors of Suicide (T Live a Lie / Blast House)
LACE - Youth Hinge (Iron Lung)
DROPDEAD - The Final Chapter (Armageddon)
HVAC – T&S (Self-Released)
KORROSIVE – Maniac (Distort Reality)
WARSICK - Fight to Break Control (Unreleased)

Y2K - Sickle Swings (Self-Released)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Misplaced Anger (Refuse)
AGENT - Endless Disposal (Ciabatta Brain)
S-21 - Year Zero (World Gone Mad)
NOSFERATU - Spectator  (Self-Released)

HEADSPLITTERS - Severed Hand (Self-Released)
HELLO BASTARDS - If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?(Refuse)
SCRAPS - Wrapped Up (Be Yourself)
RENDER USELESS - Desperation Days (Slow to Burn)

Top 10 - April 2017
URANIUM CLUB - That Clown's Got A Gun (Static Shock)
HAISTELIJAT - Plenta Kohounaa (Nuuhkaja / Joteskii Groteskii)
HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - You Had Better Enjoy Treating People Like Shit While You Can (To Live a Lie / Riotous Outburst)
BEARTRAP – Kneel (To Live a Lie / Riotous Outburst)
THE UNKNOWN THREAT - No Escape (Self-Released)
ACCIDENTE – Complicidad (Pfia)
CAREER SUICIDE - Row on Row (Deranged)
VIIMEINEN KOLANNA – Tie (Self-Released)
ABNORMI - Sota on Helvetti (Self-Released)
CONCEALED BLADE - Blame Game (Beach Impediment)
CORRECTIVE MEASURE - No Acceptance (Refuse)

Nick Smash, of Smash It Up zine and Alone and Gone, put together a look at Toronto's post-punk origins through a series of hard to find compilations and cassette releases, which is timely given how much of the current scene is influenced by early new wave and general outsider punk. Here is a closer look at some of what Toronto had to offer. Thanks to Aldo Erdic for his production work on this. 

BREEDING GROUND – Mind the Gap (Self-Released)
WOODS ARE FULL OF CUCKOOS – Awesome Penguins (Self-Released)
KINETIC IDEALS – Deadman's Cadence (Self-Released)
FIFTH COLUMN - Hit the Dirt (Urban Scorch Compilation)
THE PARTY'S OVER – Half Life Curve (Urban Scorch Compilation)
THE STURM GROUP – Upon a Nerve (Green Fuse)
RENT BOYS INC. - High Meat (Self-Released)
L'ETRANGER – Light in the Morning (Sounds from the Streets)
BLOODFIRE – Natty Dub (Self-Released)
JAMES GRAY – Come out of your Shell (Nervous Recordings)
THE VITAL SINES - Rhythm of Dark (Self-Released)
UGLY MODELS – Not for Me (Smash Tapes)

Tonight's demo feature is from a band from Ottawa. This was recorded in 2014. You can download the demo from bandcamp. The band is playing at Varning.

DURS COEURS – Piege (Self-Released)
DURS COEURS – J'en Al Vu Assez (Self-Released)
DURS COEURS – Les Memes Histoires (Self-Released)
DURS COEURS – Coeurs Durs (Self-Released)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Radio - Sunday, April 23, 2017

We started off tonight's show with a band from Barcelona recorded originally in 1978 but released in 2012. Download tonight's show here.

ELS MASTURBADORS MONGOLICS – Por aqui por alla (Munster)

BAGHEAD – Scab (Self-Released)
CEROTE - Speak Spanish or Die (Self-Released)
CONCEALED BLADE - Active Shooter - Web Of Lies (Beach Impediment)
LOSE LOSE - Blood Pressure (Self-Released)
HONNOR SS – D-fire (Self-Released)
BOMBARDEMENT - Through Pain And Violence (Self-Released)
VIIMEINEN KOLONNA - Liha on Heikko (Blame the Victim / Filthy Rat / Insane Society)

The Dead Boys will be in town tomorrow night so here is a set inspired by the DEAD BOYS. 

CHEETAH CHROME – Take Me Home (Numero Group)
WHITE HEAT – Nervous Breakdown (Valium)
WASTED LIVES – Divorce (Spoken)
THE VICTIMS – Disco Junkies (1977)
DEAD BOYS – Caught with the Meat in Your Mouth (Sire)

CULTURE SHOCK - Forever and Ever (JMR)
THE HUM HUMS – Some Kinda Shit (Waterslide)
BANGS – Dirty Knives (Kill Rock Stars)
SHEER MAG – Can't Stop Fighting (Static Shock)
HI-FI'S – Look What You've Done (Show Time)

Inspired by the election in France

PETITE - Gente Play (Self-Released)
RIXE - Tenter Le Diable (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NO CLASS - Blue Collared Rock And Roll (Self-Released)
COMBAT FORCE – Fight (Self-Released)
LAST DAYS - I Have the Right (Self-Released)
PMS 84 - Gaza (Self-Released)
BRASS - Don’t Look at Me (Self-Released)
STREETLIGHT SAINTS - Bash the Fash (Self-Released)

GAUNT – USA (Thril Jockey)
ADAPTORS – Trust in Technology (Plastik Rapture)
THE ELECTRIC VOMIT – Treasure Hunt (Garbage Bag)
THE CITY LIMITS - Morse Code Messages (Luggage)

Tonight's demo feature is of a band that wil be at this year's Varning. The demo reminds me a lot of Diskonto who are one of my all time favourites. You can download this demo from bandcamp.

MOBLISH – System of Fear (Self-Released)
MOBLISH – Exit of Death (Self-Released)
MOBLISH – Feed on the Flesh(Self-Released)
MOBLISH – Self Slaughter(Self-Released)
MOBLISH – Hallucinations of Freedom (Self-Released)

NATIONS ON FIRE - Ecology (Refuse)
SNFU - No Never (Cruzar)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Radio - Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Tonight's show starts off with a sentiment we agree with from a split. Download an MP3 of the show and load it on your mobile device.

KICK IT - The Pit is for Everyone (Kink)

CIOS – Intro (Street Influence / Warsaw Punk)
DUFFY'S CUT - Fade To Olive Drab (Oi the Boat)
THE DARTS – Revolution (Dirty Water)
ACCIDENTE - La Revuelta Real (Pifia)
THE MERTON PARKAS - In The Midnight Hour (WEA)
THE EVAPORATORS - Eat to Win (Mint)
FASHIONISM - Back in the Day (Neon Taste)

LIGHTMARES – Another One about Victoria(Self-Released)
THE NASTIES – Time is Now (Self-Released)
STRANGE ATTRACTOR – Johnny Black Cat (Red Lounge)
B-LINES – Psychedilc High School (Deranged / Nominal)
EASY MONEY – Standing in your Shadow (Hosehead / Neon Taste)

April 24th will be the 101 st anniversary for the Easter Uprising in Ireland. I was listening to a radio documentary about this and was inspired to program a set of Irish punk bands and bands that sing about the troubles in the Emerald Isle. 

CRASS – Nineteen Eighty Bore (CRASS)
EX-PRODUCERS – P-Check (Spit)
SHOCK TREATMENT - Belfast Telegraph (Good Vibrations)
CULTURE SHOCK - Northern Ireland (Bluurg)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Suspect Device (Rough Trade)
YOUNG LIONS – Goodnight Belfast (Schizophrenic)
LAWFUCKER – Fearbomb (Self-Released)
RUNNIN RIOT - Divide & Conquer (Rejected)

THE DAMNED – One Way Love (Stiff)
59 TIMES THE PAIN – Freedom Station (Burning Heart)
THE FACTION – I Decide for Me (Sessions)
AGENT ORANGE – Breakdown (Posh Boy)
THE COYOTE MEN – Who Rattled Your Cage (Estrus)

BRUTAL YOUTH – Sanguine (Stomp)
BORN WRONG – How Will I Survive (Schizophrenic)
BLEEDING GUMS - Cold Spell (Self-Released)
MONGOLOID - Dick in the Dirt (Deranged)
ALIENATION - Dad Body (Self-Released)
REMWAR - Secret Police (Self-Released)

DIRTY FENCES – Sid (Dirty Water)
THE BELLRAYS – Dream Police (Poptones / Telstar)
THE RAMONES – Time Has Come Today (Sire)
The FIZZ POPS – You Got Soul (Self-Released)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Radio - Sunday, April 9th, 2017

LIFESPITE - Blown To Shreds (Bones Brigade)

SVORDOM – Snutjävel (Self-Released)
SELKASAUNA – Tuomiopäivä (Self-Released)
AARITILA - Hulluuden Dynastia (Feral Ward)
WAR ALL THE TIME - The Amber Room (Crime Scene)
ABSOLUT - Crisis (Beach Impediment)
DESPERAT - Vi Förstör Var Jord (Beach Impediment)

SHOTMAKER – Failure (Troubleman Inc)
RYE COALITION – Great Communicator (Gern Blandsten)
SAMUEL – Lives of Insects (Art Monk Construction)
QUICKSAND – Dine Alone (Polydor)
IRE – Sympathy Trail (The Mountain Collective)

DARK TRIP - Book of the Dragon (Self-Released)
TOMMY & THE COMMIES - Suckin' in your 20s (Self-Released)
ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION – Walt Disney was a Nazi (Self-Released)
HERD OF WASTERS - Artisan Assholes (Self-Released)
RAPID LOSS - Kill You Dead (Self-Released)
ULTRA VIOLENCE -. No Help (From Up Above) (Welfare)
ELEUTHEROS - Peeping Tom (Self-Released)
SYNDROME 81 - N'oublie Jamais (Offside / Savage)

PLAYBOY MANBABY – You Can Be A Fascist Too (Dirty Water)
THE CHEAP CASSETTES – Get Low (Rum Bar Records)
MORAL PANIC – Neck Tattoo (Slovenly)
THE CONNECTION – Stay With Me (Rum Bar Records)

APATIA - Motto (Refuse)
THE CORPSE - Apatia (Warsaw Pact)
TZN XENNA - To Jest Ten Cztowiek (Refuse)
GO! - Decide (Refuse)
VOWELS - Dxwn xnd xxt (Refuse)

POISON 13 – What a Way To Die
CIRCLE JERKS – Put a Little Love in Your Heart
CAREER SUICIDE – Kill the Warden
THE CLASH – Police on my Back

EEKUM SEEKUM - Under the Vinyl Siding, the Cedar! (Self-Released)
Y2K - Languishe the Bite (Self-Released)
MOLLOT - Hammer Not a Nail (Self-Released)

You can download the show here.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Radio - Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

We started tonight's show with a band from Vancouver found on the third volume of Smash the State. Download the show here.

SIGGY MAGIC AND THE HEY-HOE BAND - Tooth Decay (Self-Released)

AHOE-AHOEA - i4iii (Self-Released)
OS REPLICANTES :Nictotina” (Nada Nada Discos)
PHILLIPPINE VIOLATORS – My Generation (Twisted Red Cross)
PERKELE - Smash It (Spirit of the Streets)
ID – Przedmiescia (Warsaw Pact)
ADRENALIN O.D. - Suburbia (Buy Our Records)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH – Turds (Self-Released)

THE APE-ETTES – Safety Strands (Self-Released)
COLD WARPS – Sleepist (Pentagon Black)
OUTTACONTROLLER – Prime Time (Jarama)
AVERAGE TIMES – She Knows (Hosehead)
FASHIONISM – One Shot (Neon Taste)

VICIOUS X REALITY – Blindfold (Refuse)
POWERBOMB - Brothers of Destruction (Self-Released)
KOVAA RASVAA – Salainen Agentti (Emancypunx)
NOSEBLEED - Climb (Self-Released)
RATA NEGRA - Espinas En El Corazón (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW – Punk Rock Song (Refuse)

EASY MONEY – It Keeps Me Living (Neon Taste / Hosehead)
LORDS OF ALTAMONT – Bury Me Alive (Fargo)
OI POLLOI – Let the Boots Do the Talking (Ruptured Ambitions)
TRICKY WOO – Teenage Hurricane (Sonic Unyon)
FLIPPER – Sex Bomb (Subterranean)

Top 10 – March 2017
10. DISVEIN - The Endless Fight (Self-Released)
9. IRON EYE - Give It Up (Self-Released)
8. PISSE - Hundegelatine (Self-Released)
7. BUDDY SYSTEM - The Grudge (Self-Released)
6. LEMONADE - Noches Blancas (Not Normal / Thrilling Living)
5. NAIVE SENSE - Kerosene (Self-Released)
4. GYPSY SS - Hardcore (Pizza Days)
3. TERRORSTAT - Forpliktelser (Byllepest Distro)
2. NEGATIV - N.A.T. (Byllepest Distro)
1. DEPROGRAM - Nuclear Winter (Self-Released)

We got to hear part of Alien Boys demo titled "Self Critical Theory". For fans of Jingo de Lunch this is a must hear. You can get their demo from their bandcamp page. 

ALIEN BOYS – Anthem (Self-Released)
ALIEN BOYS – Don’t Shoot (Self-Released)
ALIEN BOYS – Debassment (Self-Released)
ALIEN BOYS – Silencer (Self-Released)

Friday, March 31, 2017

TOP 10 - March 2017

1. DEPROGRAM " Demonstration Tape 2016" (Self-Released)
2. NEGATIV "Automatic Thoughts" (Byllepest Distro)
3. TERRORSTAT "6 Spors" (Byllepest Distro)
4. GYPSY SS Demo II (Pizza Days Records)
5. NAÏVE SENSE "Body Trauma" (Self-Released)
6. LEMONADE "Pink" (Not Normal)
7. BUDDY SYSTEM "Intergalactic Friendship demo" (Self-Released)
8. PISSE "Kohlrubenwinter" (Phantom)
9. IRON EYE "Demo 2016" (Self-Released)
10. DISVEIN "The Endless Fight" (Self-Released)


Flyer - Friday, March 31st, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Radio - Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Lots of music tonight in the all rock, no talk show. Download an MP3 file of the show here.

OMERTA -Fight or Flight (Self-Released)

ZOOM – Nowheresville (Ugly Pop)
CONTINGENT - Nuit Blanche (Contigent)
THE ACCIDENT – Kill the Bee Gees (No Threes)
AUNT HELEN – Big Money (Self-Released)
THE DEADBEATS – Deadbeat (Dangerhouse)

BUDELLAM – Sang Sang Sang (Macaco)
BUTRON – Asesinos (Allau)
KRUJIDO – Necesidad de Luchar (Self-Released)
LOS MAS PEORES – Status Quo (Self-Released)
RODRIPICO – Con el Pico Saco Caca (Self-Released)

DECRANEO – Criminales (Crapoulet)
HUMAN GARBAGE – What Unity (Self-Released)
KONTRA – We Are Marching (Self-Released) - Macedonia
LAST CRUSADE – Cycle of Terror (Self-Released)
BATTLE RUINS - Cut Blood Line (Self-Released)

KASTETE – Dogma (Pelican) - Latvia
WACO – What the Fuck (Self-Released)
HOOKLINE – No Compromise (Self-Released)
FEEL NOTHING – No Faith (Self-Released)
FIRESTRAIGHT – Maybe I’m a Dreamer (Self-Released)

T.D.A. - T.D.A. (Riot City)
4-SKINS - A.C.A.B. (Secret)
A.P.B. - C.I.A. (Self-Released)
MDC - Dead Cops / America's So Straight (R Radical)
D.R.I. - F.R.D.C (Dirty Rotten)

OMEGAS - The Glimpse (Beach Impediment)
LAUGHING BOY - My Front Door (Self-Released)
CONMAN - Clean Bars (Self-Released)
NARROW VIEW - Couldn't Care Less (Self-Released)
TRASCENDER - Seguimos De Pie - (Self-Released) 
SCHWACH – Schwachmarsch (Refuse)
PROHIBITION - Smoke In My Lungs (Self-Released)

CAR 87 – Kick (Self-Released)
STAGNATION73 - Shedding Skin (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER – Derelict (No List)
GAZM - Easy 2 See (Self-Released)

RAZOREATER - Mind How You Go
WAR ALL THE TIME - Crook of Doom
TASHME – Demons (Self-Released)

THE SKUDFUX – Alive (Self-Released)
THE EVAPORATORS - Ogopogo Punk (Mint)
SPOILER – Snooze (Self-Released)
BOOJI BOYS - Waiting 2 Die (Self-Released)
GAWKER– Chicken (Self-Released)
SCIENCE PROJECT - Deformed Depraved (Self-Released)

THE DISCARDED – Crybaby (Self-Released)
THE BRAIN - Brain Waves (Self-Released)
PROM NITE - Bad Art (Self-Released)
PURA MANIA - El Ultimo Punk Del Planeta Tierra (Cvrecs / Hysteria)
PARASYTES – Reckless (Discos MMM)
BEYOND PINK - Not After Yr Boys (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is out of Calgary and you can find it on bandcamp. Check out the Agnostic Front cover at the end. 

ENEMIES – Intro / Get in Line (Self-Released)
ENEMIES – Legal Siege (Self-Released)
ENEMIES – Enemies (Self-Released)
ENEMIES – The Last Nail (Self-Released)
ENEMIES – Friend or Foe (Self-Released)

Beyond Peace - Old Crop (Self-Released)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Radio - Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Tonight's show features a set of contemporary Russian hardcore, a studio 3 session with Wretched Fools, a set of contemporary power violence, a demo feature by Radigals from Singapore, and a whole lot of other hardcore. Download the show here.

FUCK FX – Rockenroll

LOCAL RESIDENT FAILURE – What’s the Alternative to the Alternative (Self-Released)
VIOLACION AUDITIVA – Mejor Me Voy (El Camote)
O INIMIGO – Venemo (Waking the Dead)
BYE BYE PEDRO – Bye Bye Furcias
BEAMAN – Stupid Dumb
BLANK WHEN ZERO – Blank (Self-Released)

MENTAL DISTRESS – Not Just Boys Fun (Self-Released)
RIPPED TO SHREDS – Turn Up the Vocals (Self-Released)
STABBING DEVICE – Geen Genade (Self-Released)
THE SKROTES – You’re the Reason Punk is Dead (Self-Released)
SLANDER – The Rush
THE PREVERT PREACHERS – Mass Deception (Self-Released)

Russian Hardcore
OLD STYLE VALUES – Moscow Night (Mangy Little Mut)
BYSTREET – Hated and Proud (Mangy Little Mut)
THE ZAPOY! – Boots and Braces (Self-Released)
REPTILOIDS – Выходя из гробов (Incarnate)
HORSERADISH – Dying Scene (TRVS / Lamb in a Box / Rootbeer)
LED BY FEAR – The Eyes of the Doomed (Self-Released)

Studio 3 session
WRETCHED FOOLS are from Georgetown and were in at the station on January 31st. Here is an interview that Rob conducted with them after the session along with songs recorded that night.

WRETCHED FOOLS – Heroin Death Cult (CIUT)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Riot Scarred Cities (CIUT)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Another Wretched Day (CIUT)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Authority Anxiety (CIUT)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Born Wretched Die Wretched (CIUT)
WRETCHED FOOLS – I Don't Give a Fuck (CIUT)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Behind Closed Doors (CIUT)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Glorified Murderers (CIUT)

Power Violence
ATAQUE DE TUBARAO – I am Chewbacca (Self-Released)
BASTARD SWINE – Doublecrossed (Sea Turtle Loud Noise)
BILLxNYE – Government Funding (Self-Released)
CARNIST – Unlearn (Alerta Antifascista)
IRON REAGAN – I’m Regret (a389)
STRESS RELIEF – Emo Rules! (Self-Released)
VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE – Spoiled (Grindcore Karaoke)
WORN OUT - Life Encased (Castigated)

BIKINI MACHINE – The Pawn (Platinum)
GOOD THROB – Crab Walk (White Denim / Superfi)
DARLIGT SELSKAB – Anonymous (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a straight edge influenced band from Singapore called Radigals and they are heavy as shit. Prepare to be crushed. Check out their material on bandcamp.

RADIGALS – Intro (Self-Released)
RADIGALS – Don’t Judge Us (Self-Released)
RADIGALS – Unity (Self-Released)
RADIGALS – My Life My Way (Self-Released)
RADIGALS – Jade Views (Self-Released)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Radio - Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Tonight's show starts off with a New order sample by this great new band out of Mexico. Check out the show on the player above or download an MP3 of the file here.

ALBTRAUM - Impostores (Self-Released)

This Friday is St. Patrick's Day and the first few songs are of the Celtic punk variety.

MICKEY RICKSHAW - Monday Warning (Self-Released)
DRINK HUNTERS - Celtic Punks (Self-Released)
HIGH SEA LOOTERS - The Beginning (Self-Released)
MIDDLE CLASS BASTARDS - Your Spirit's Alive (Street Influence)
CHARTBUSTERS - Pride, Not Prejudice

ALEX CHILTON – Bangkok (Numero Group)
WEIRDOS – The Hideoiut (Rhino)
UK SUBS – Tomorrow’s Girls (Captain Oi!)
CROWD – Trix are for Kids (Posh Boy)

ARROTZKA - Infernuko Dantzak (Self-Released)
MOSKWA - Problem (Warsaw Pact)
PROXY - Downtown Drunk Tank (Self-Released)
UNRULED - Time is Running Out (Self-Released)
INEPSY - Death or Slavery (Feral Ward)

DANNY LAJ AND THE LOOKS – Remember When (Some Call It Pop)
THE BONADUCES – Understudy of the Abby Grey (Endearing)
THE BLACK HALOS – Some Things Never Fail
TEENAGE HEAD – Ain’t Got No Sense (Inter Global Music)
THE MODERNETTES – Little Girls (Quintessence)

DEFUSE - Conflict (MCR Co.)
DECLARATION OF GENOCIDE - Life is Empty (Even Worse)
BATO - Litter (Self-Released) 
KRIMINAL - Self-Assured Destruction (Self-Released) 
BLANK SLATE - Static Reaction (Self-Released)

THE WIPERS – Nothing Left to Lose (Restless)
DEAD KENNEDYS – Jock-O-Rama (Alternative Tentacles)
THE HOT NASTIES – Invasion of the Tribbles (Social Blemish)
TOKYO KNIVES – Futsu Kayoi (Ken Rock)
FRATRICIDE – Going Under (Pusmort)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Toronto. Check out their demo on bandcamp. It's worth it.

POWERBOMB - Bloodthirst (Self-Released)
POWERBOMB - You Talk Too Much (Self-Released)
POWERBOMB – xTrill Gatezx (Self-Released)
POWERBOMB - Brothers of Destruction (Self-Released)
POWERBOMB - Head Case (Self-Released)

ELEUTHEROS - The Poison Legacy of Mankind (Self-Released)