Sunday, December 10, 2017

Radio – Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tonight's show is the programmed by the Shequalizing-X-Distort collective featuring Sarde, Marjie, and Zoe. Sarde gets things started..... Download an MP3 of the show here.

PURPLE X – Awaken (Self-Released)

NASTI – Parasites (Iron Lung)
CCFX – 2 Tru (Self-Released)
BIB – Hypnotized (Pop Wig)
HONEY – Mindless Violence (Self-Released)
CRAZY SPIRIT – Come a Little Closer (Toxic State)
PLAYBOY – The Traffic (Self-Released)

Marjie's first set
MALA HERBA – Rusalki (Self-Released)
GRUFTROSEN – Morder von Gestern (Gockel)
THE NURSE – Title in Japanese (Incest)
JANITOR SCUM – Vacuum Rebuilder (Self-Released)
SANCTION A – Sullivan (Self-Released)

Zoe's first set
TOTAL CONTROL – Vanity (Alter)
RIKI – Charming City
STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE – Since Yesterday (Korova)
THE CHAMELEONS – Don’t Fall (Statik)
WIRE – Outdoor Miner (Harvest)

Sarde features a new demo that is a band that features Jonah Falco (of so many bands from here) and Ola from Stab / Quality Control). The demo is titled "Who Will Play?" and can be heard on Quality Control's bandcamp page.

GAME – Game (Self-Released)
GAME – Marsz Tchorow (Self-Released)
GAME – Crush (Self-Released)
GAME – Silver (Self-Released)
GAME – Rzad Osiol (Self-Released)

Second set of Marji's starts out with a new band from Montreal that features members of proxy so it is being referred to as TBD. Josephine is Marjie's band.

TBD – In The City (Unreleased)
THE KIDS – There Will be No Next Time (Mercury)
THE TIGHTS – Cracked (Cherry Red)
JOSEPHINE – Ashes (Unreleased)

Zoe brings us out with...
VOICE OF THE PUPPETS – I Don’t Want to Know (Sing Sing)

WARM GUN – Broken Windows (Isadora)

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