Thursday, January 22, 1981

Friday, January 16, 1981

Dayglo Abortions "Out of the Womb" LP

This is Dayglos first release. Robin Sharpe wound up funding and releasing the project under the name God Records. They recorded this at Legacy Studios and they were able to get Nick Jones the singer from the Pointed Sticks and Colin Griffiths the guitarist from UJ3RK5, who showed up a day late. The band had already recorded the bed tracks. Nick convinced the Dayglos to add extra percussion, organs and keyboards, and weird guitar effects to the songs which added a comic relief feel to the recording. The record came out before the covers so Neil Embo of House of Commons glued posters to old record covers. This lead to the record coming with a poster once the covers arrived. I also understand that if your record does have a copy of the poster it is rare. The cover artwork has an error with the band name. Dayglo is spelled Dayglow. The humour of the record was misunderstood and the band got a lot of critical reviews and Cretin was actually surrounded by a bunch of hippies and feminists where he was chastised. Some record stores kept the album under the counter and sold them in paper bags. One record store made a front window display with the record cover to piss off a local anti-porn feminist group known as FLAG, which lead to the smashing of the window and trashing of the store. The original pressing was 1,200 copies and in 2007 Unrest Records re-released the record in a pressing of 4,000. The songs on this record are:

1. Religious Bum Fucks

2. 1967
3. Scared Of People
4. Black Sabbath
5. Used To Be In Love
6. I KIlled Mommy
7. P.E.T.
8. East Indian
9. Kill The Hosers
10. Suicide
11. Too Stoned To Care
12. Idiot
13. I Am My Own God
14. Germ Attack

- with assistance from the "Kill the Hosers" chapter of "Argh Fuck Kill: The Story of the Dayglo Abortions" written by Chris Walter. There is a great story about how "Spud" doing the vocals on "The Idiot" so get the book through Gofuckyerself Press.