Sunday, October 30, 1983

Personality Crisis "Creatures for Awhile" LP

Personality Crisis were from Winnipeg originally. This was an LP recorded back in 1983 and has been recently re-issued on a label called Worker Cooperative. The songs on here are:
1. Vampires Dream
2. Mrs. Palmer
3. Twilights Last Gleaming
4. The Advocate
5. Double Take
6. People in Glass
7. The Look
8. Creatures for Awhile
9. Scavengers
10. Wild Game
11. Namedropper
12. Tyrants

Friday, October 28, 1983

Flyer - Friday October 28, 1983

This is a Hallowe'en show out at the Music Hall on 1087 Queen Street West. The Viletones headline over the Effigies who came in from Chicago. Direct Action opens up and so does the new band of Mike Nightmare's who are called the Wild Things.

Thursday, October 27, 1983

Flyer - Thursday, October 27, 1983

DOA plays a free gig for Rock Against Racism in MacArthur Park with Gears and Silencers.

Monday, October 24, 1983

63 Monroe "Henry VIII" ep

This single came out on Savvy Records in 1983. The songs on here are:
1. Henry VIII
2. Soup To Nuts

At the time 63 Munroe was Steven R. Stunning - vocals, Marky Burnaway - guitar, vocals, Pete Dekoker - bass, vocals, Jeff "Rooster' Rooth - drums, vocals, and back-up vocals by Susie Creem Cheese. This record was produced by Davin deKergommeaux, Rob Nation and Joe Vaughan at Emac Studios.

Friday, October 21, 1983

Wednesday, October 19, 1983

Stretch Marks "Who's in Charge" ep

One of the all time greats from Winnipeg. This is one of the all time classic Canadian hardcore records. Stretch Marks, along with Personality Crisis, were at the forefront of the Winnepeg punk scene in the eighties. Mixing a love for wrestling with Minor Threat-style hardcore, they put out a 7” on their own Headbutt label in 1983 and toured Canada and the United States. Songs on here are:

1. Who's in Charge
2. Force Fucker
3. Dog's World
4. Barren Cities
5. Sik Pleasure
6. Professional Punks

Saturday, October 8, 1983

Various Artists "T.O. Hardcore '83" cassette

This was a compilation put together by Brian Tailor, the singer of Youth Youth Youth. Brian was very active in the early Toronto hardcore scene. He was able to record bands for short sessions at Accusonic, which is how this comp came together and has unique recordings for all these early hardcore bands. As the cover says, 7 bands for 23 songs featuring A.P.B., Chronic Submission, Dead End, Direct Action, the Young Lions, Youth Youth Youth, and Zeroption. The track listing is as follows:

1. Bonehead Music – Oh Canaduh
2. A.P.B. – Constant Threat
3. A.P.B. – Know My Name
4. Chronic Submission – Go For It
5. Chronic Submission – Cops Ain’t Tops
6. Chronic Submission – I Hate Preppies
7. Chronic Submission – They’re Fucked
8. Dead End – Youth Now
9. Dead End – We’re Not Dead
10. Dead End – Government vs. You and me
11. Direct Action – 19AD4
12. Direct Action – U.X.B.
13. Direct Action – Eat the Rich
14. Young Lions – Shithole
15. Young Lions – Progress
16. Young Lions – Lizard for a Day
17. Young Lions – Defy the State
18. Youth Youth Youth – White Reggae
19. Youth Youth Youth – Wanderlust
20. Youth Youth Youth – Made in England
21. Youth Youth Youth – Domination
22. Zeroption – Traitor, Red
23. Zeroption – Live Your Life
24. Zeroption – Rain of Terror

Young Lions 3rd Cassette

I am guessing that this came out in 1983 or 1984. Songs found on this cassette release are:
1. Pray for Julie
2. Guns and Children
3. Young Amerika
4. National Security
5. Royal Killers

Thursday, October 6, 1983

Youth Youth Youth "Sin" 12"

This is my favourite Toronto hardcore record of all time if not my favourite hardcore record of all time. The music is amazing. The lyrics are amazing. It was released in 1983 by Fringe Product, which was a label that the Record Peddler did to put out local stuff and license imports domestically. The record was reviewed by Jeff Bale of MRR as "Canada's Y.Y.Y. play real fast punk rather than thrash. The tempos are driving, the guitars are plenty loud, the singing exhibits a lot of emotion, and the lyrics are very thoughtful. I like every song individually, but then played back-to-back, they tend to run together a bit due to the unusually consistent tempos and vocal inflections. It's a high-powered debut, though." Tracks found on "Sin" are:

1. Greed
2. Philosphy
3. Wanderlust
4. Headline Hunters
5. Fire in the Rain
6. White Reggae
7. Sinistre

Wednesday, October 5, 1983

Dead End - Where Do We Go From Here cassette

Dead End were a first wave hardcore band from Toronto. Like so many of their contemporaries, Dead End self-released their full length recordings on cassette. Cassette was a legitimate format baxck in the day and allowed bands to released smaller runs and to run them off on their tape decks or take them down to Accudub and make copies of 50 or 100. "Where Do We go From Here" is one such release. Click on the song titles to download an MP3 version of the song. The song titles on this release are:

1. The Subversive Pool
2. Sheep Don't Care
3. The System (Its Got You)

4. North Scout Guard
5. Company
6. Blindsight

7. Pickup
8. End of the Rope
9. World So Shit

Tuesday, October 4, 1983

Dead End "Where Do We Go From Here" cassette lyrics

Here are the lyric sheets that accompany the "Where Do We Go From Here" cassette.

Saturday, October 1, 1983

Flyer - Saturday October 1, 1983

MRR Review - Silent Minority "Jungle of Lies" cassette

Tim Yohannon write this review for MRR of the Silent majority tape. This appeared in issue #9, which came out in October 1983. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Red Tide "Rundown" cassette

Tim Yohannon write this review for MRR of the Red Tide cassette. This appeared in issue #9, which came out in October 1983. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Living Proof ep review in MRR

Jeff Bale write this review for MRR of the Living Proof ep. This appeared in issue #9, which came out in October 1983. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - DOA "Right to be Wild" in MRR

Jeff Bale write this review for MRR of the DOA single "Right to be Wild". This appeared in issue #9, which came out in October 1983. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

Flesh Columns "Schweigen vor dem Storm" ep

This Windsor band had a release on Touch 'n Go Records.

Tim Yohannon reviewed the ep as "Buzzsaw fuzzed-out guitars, pounding tom-toms, nimble bass playing, echoey singing, slightly metallish arrangements, and "destroy the system" lyrics characterize the first release by this Windsor, Ontario band. Most of the songs are more punk than thrash, though the tempos do pick up at times. This record has a '78 feel to it, which makes it a nice alternative." in MRR #11, January / February 1984. the songs found on this release include :

01. Where Did They Go
02. Muammar Khadafi
03. Time's Up
04. Ban Nestles Products