Thursday, February 27, 2003

Zine - Konflict in the Kino, Issue 07

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Saturday, February 1, 2003

625 Productions profile in MRR

I had done a couple of record label profiles for MRR by this point. I loved 625 Productions and every release Max had ever put out. He wanted to get a profile in for MRR. I think the folks at MRR were bugging him for one. So we joined forces and started compiling Max's thoughts on his discographies, re-issues and brand of fast core inspired hardcore. This interview came out in issue #237, which came out in February 2003. If you click on the cover you can download a PDf of the piece on 625 Productions. Unfortunately this issue is sold out of back issues.


When I was first getting into the Toronto hardcore scene I would often see the Raving Mojos opening up for someone in town. Blair Martin wore this unmistakable tartan beret. Greg Dick does an interview with them as the first in a series of Toronto's original wave in our local scene. Another previously unpublished interview by Daragh hayes with Itlay's Negazione. This interview was done on the first date of their "Little Drummer" tour back in 1987. There was also an interview with Josh Boundy who was George Stromboulopolous' right hand behind Punk-O-Rama which was the only commercial punk radio show that aired on the Edge. Andy Nolan of Endless Blockade fame did a report on the Super Sabada Gigante fest which was a power violence fest back in 2003. There was a label profile on a label from Philly called Ed Walters. And also did a brief interview about Shank, his previous band from Scotland. There are reviews and show listings from February 2003.