Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Flyer - Tuesday February 28, 2006

The Bayonettes played a show at Mitzi's Sister on Quuen Street with the folks from Babel Records DJing.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Radio - Sunday, February 26, 2006

FUCK ME DEAD - Mechanize Me (Part 1) (Clarence Thomas)

POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT - Cry Me a Fuckin River (Unholy Thrash)
CRUCIAL ATTACK - Burn the Suburbs (Third Party)
BLACK SS - I Want Out (Third Party)
THE BREAKS - Socially Secure Inc. (Firestarter)
BLANK STARE - Choice or Coercion (MMV)
AUTISTIC YOUTH - Banned from the Roseland (Blind Spot)
SLICKS - Rama Lama Ramborn (Not Enough)

KNAUGTY KNIGHTS - Tommy of the River (Shattered)
CARBONAS - Blackout / Waiting to Happen (Shattered)
ANGRY ANGLES - You Call It Love (Shattered)
THE AVERSIONS - Z-D Model (Die in Style)
REATARDS - Human Race (Shattered)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Terrible Evenings (P-Trash)

Studio 3 Session
GUNNAR HANSEN - Introduction (CIUT)
GUNNAR HANSEN - Fuck Your Feelings (CIUT)

February 2006 Top 10
RUM RUNNER Dead Men Are Heavier than Broken Hearts ep - Dead Men Are Heavier than Broken Hearts (Longshot)
MAXIMUM RNR Horns Up CD - Say What (Self-Released)
3TARDS Crystal Balls CD - Girl Drink Drunk (Wounded Paw)
SICK TERROR - Voce se leva a Sebio Demais / MIGRA VIOLENTA split ep (Underground Punk Support)
SKULLS AND FLAMES Dead Area Paranoia LP - Go! / Dealing With It / Justice ? (Underground Punk Support)
AMEN 81 - Fast as a Shark im Goldfischglas (Heartfirst recordings)
WASTED TIME Shameless ep - Shameless (Grave Mistake)
GUNNAR HANSEN Village Idiot ep - Nothing (Audio Fellatio)
NO DICE Suffer ep - Suffer (625 Productions)
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT / OUTRAGED - Violencia How Could Hell Be Any Worse ? ep (Unholy Thrash)

ONLY ONES - Another Girl, Another Planet (Epic)
CLOROX GIRLS - Get It Heart (Smart Guy)
BUZZCOCKS - Operators Manual (United Artists)
THE PACK - Come On (Redrum)
GORILLA ANGREB - M/S Tampa (Kick n Punch)

Demo Feature
THE OUTSIDERS - Dead City (Self-Released)
THE OUTSIDERS - Empty Heart (Self-Released)
THE OUTSIDERS - I, The Vampire (Self-Released)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006

STILL ILL - Half Asleep (Art of the Underground / Third Party)

HULLUUS - Bombraid (Wounded Paw)
LEGION666 - Exhausted (YellowDog)
DOOM - Relief (MCR Company)
ABRAHAM CROSS - Same as War (MCR Company)
STRAIGHT TO HELL - A Toast to New Beginnings (Gloom)

BETERCORE - Yep another Anti-War Song (Peculio Discos)
VITAMIN X - Down (Havoc)
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE - Its All your Fault (Urban Death Mission)
DEAD STOCK CRUSHER - Bitter Peace / Join the Fight, Buy the Shirt (Hit the Deck)
DEAD STOP - Better Than Me (Havoc)
DISCARGA - Peco com Defeito (Peculio Discos)

January 2006 Top 10
LEBENDEN TOTEN State Laughter LP - Damaging Life (Wicked Witch)
INSECT WARFARE At War with grindcore ep - Human Slaughterhouse / Death to False Grind (625 Productions)
RIOT BRIGADE Heres our Answer CD - Losing My Hope (M.S.M. 1279)
ASS END OFFEND Unchecked Aggression ep - End Result (Poisoned Candy)
RUINER What Could Possibly Go Right ep - Once Loved (Firestarter)
ADULESCENTS UK Banging a Shovel Against a Shed CD - Obsolete (Yakakaa)
WACO FUCK No Child Left behind ep - Christ Scam (Mind Control)
REGULATIONS Electric Guitar LP - Empty Head (Havoc)
ROSENBOMBS ep - Regression to Destruction (625 Productions)
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENTS - Hardcore is a Festering Sea of Bullshit (Nation of Finks)

Guest Host: Rodney Wall - CHMR
SCHIZOID - Last Call (D.U.P.P. Records)
TOUGH JUSTICE - No Proof (Self-Released)
NOT ENOUGH BULLETS - Why Bother (Cool Kid Conspiracy)
THE KILLING - Death of Optimism (Self-Released)

SKULLFACE AND OTHERS - Hardcore Makes me Cum (Self-Released)
SKULLFACE AND OTHERS - Bike Joust (Self-Released)
SKULLFACE AND OTHERS - Bike Crew (Self-Released)

THE ATTACK - Ill Take Misogyny in Hardcore for $100, Alex (Dispossessed)
DRUNK AS SHIT - Public School Brainwash (Self-Released)
BANK ROBBERY - xRAMBOx (Self-Released)
WHICH SIDE ? - No Longer Idle (Break the Cycle)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Katie Wants cock (Deranged)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Death Ritual (Sound Pollution)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Radio - Sunday, February 12, 2006

ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - Prevailing Darkness (Self-Released)

REGULATIONS - Protect and Serve (Havoc)
4 SKINS - 1984 (Captain Oi!)
THE BUSINESS - Blind Justice (Captain Oi!)
ADULESCENTS UK - Intro / My Very Favourite Stalker (Yakakaa)
THE STRIKE - Gang Warfare (Captain Oi!)
INFA RIOT - Riot Riot (Captain Oi!)
OPPRESSED - White Flag (Insurgence)
BLITZ - Fight to Live (Get Back)
HARD SKIN - First Day Angry Song (Broken Rekids)

SHOP FRONTS - Dont Quit (Rapid Pulse)
BBQ - Shake Real low (Bomp!)
THE MINDS - Rip your Eyes Out (Alien Snatch)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Dont Judge Me (Deranged)
DISKORDS - Winnebago man (Dirtnap)
PEDESTRIANS - Caution Final Exit (CIUT)
FLIPTOPS - Washed Out (Johnny Cat)
THE STIPJES - I Love My Job (Rip Off)
RAMONES - Youre Gonna Kill That girl (Sire)

Studio 3 sessions
ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - Save me, Forgive me, Fuck you (CIUT)
ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - Angels Saints and Heroes (CIUT)
ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - Sinking Feelings (CIUT)
ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - On the Wheels of False Prophets (CIUT)
ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - the Endtimes Welcoming Committee (CIUT)

ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - Kiss My Balls (Self-Released)
ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - Autumn in St. Louis (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
FORCED MARCH - Fucked from Birth (Self-Released)
FORCED MARCH - Revisionist (Self-Released)
FORCED MARCH - 150 mg (Self-Released)
FORCED MARCH - A Legacy of shit and Failure (Self-Released)
FORCED MARCH - Cut the Cord (Self-Released)
FORCED MARCH - Gitmo a go go (Self-Released)

Monday, February 6, 2006

Sunday, February 5, 2006

LAST DAYS - Hearing Voices / Calling Shots (2nd Hand Smoke)

NO DICE - Guilt (625 Productions)
ROSENBOMBS - Once Again (625 Productions)
INSECT WARFAFE - At War with Grindcore (625 Productions)
NEURON - Faschistenstaat (Crimes Against Humanity)
WADGE - Tiki Timewarp (Regurgitated Semen)
F.A.T.O. - Liposuction Fetish (Self-Released)
WACO FUCK - Persecution Complex (Thrash Your Face)

BRIEFS - Fuck Me Dead (Zaxxon)
SEVENTEEN - Dont Let go (Vinyl Japan)
POPPERS - Shes Got It (Bomp!)
VAPORS - News at Ten (Liberty)
FIRST ALERT - TV Masturbation (Mangrove)
THE CHECKERS - Running with Scissors (Teenacide)

NERVOUS EATERS - Loretta (Penniman)
MOTORHEAD / GIRLSCHOOL - Please Dont Touch (Bronze)
DISCHARGE - They Declare It (Clay)
LEBENDEN TOTEN - State Laughter (Wicked Witch)
AFTER THE BOMBS - Centuries of Genocide (Sjakk)
GUNNAR HANSEN - Rats (Audio Fellatio)

G.I. - Anarchy is Dead (Dischord)
BLACK MARKET BABY - World at War (Dr. Strange)
THE FALL0UT - War Without End (Longshot)
SOUND CITY HOOLIGAN - United (Self-Released)
SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE - So D.I.Y. it Hurts (Self-Released)

FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES - Nuke the Frats (Firestarter)
CRIMINALLY INSANE - The War Has Begun (Parts Unknown)
RUINATION - Got Myself a System (DeadAlive)
BLACK DONNELLYS - You Would (Audio Fellatio)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Jimmy Swaggart Stuck His Pee Pee in my Poo Poo (Self-Released)
NO SLOGAN - Retro Kids (Southkore)

EXPELLED - Government Policy (Riot City)
BURNING KITCHEN - Life in a Colony, Part II (Alerta Antifascista)
YOUNG WASTENERS - Stained Circle (Kick n Punch)
ADOLESCENTS - Creatures (Frontier)
DEATH TOKEN - Walking Dead Life (Backwards Masking)

MURDERSQUAD T.O. - Here Today (Wounded Paw)
UNDER PRESSURE - The Ritual (Primitive Air Raid)
POSER DISPOSER - Better Than TV (Regurgitated Semen)
VOETSEK - Fighting Somebody Else's War with Shits 'n Giggles (MCR Company)
DE WAONZIN - AC Godverdomme (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
HONG KONG BLONDE - Blind Faith (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Day of the Clown (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Johnny (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Into the Darkness (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Rock n roll (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Skulls (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Queen of Remediallo (Self-Released)