Monday, February 6, 2006

Sunday, February 5, 2006

LAST DAYS - Hearing Voices / Calling Shots (2nd Hand Smoke)

NO DICE - Guilt (625 Productions)
ROSENBOMBS - Once Again (625 Productions)
INSECT WARFAFE - At War with Grindcore (625 Productions)
NEURON - Faschistenstaat (Crimes Against Humanity)
WADGE - Tiki Timewarp (Regurgitated Semen)
F.A.T.O. - Liposuction Fetish (Self-Released)
WACO FUCK - Persecution Complex (Thrash Your Face)

BRIEFS - Fuck Me Dead (Zaxxon)
SEVENTEEN - Dont Let go (Vinyl Japan)
POPPERS - Shes Got It (Bomp!)
VAPORS - News at Ten (Liberty)
FIRST ALERT - TV Masturbation (Mangrove)
THE CHECKERS - Running with Scissors (Teenacide)

NERVOUS EATERS - Loretta (Penniman)
MOTORHEAD / GIRLSCHOOL - Please Dont Touch (Bronze)
DISCHARGE - They Declare It (Clay)
LEBENDEN TOTEN - State Laughter (Wicked Witch)
AFTER THE BOMBS - Centuries of Genocide (Sjakk)
GUNNAR HANSEN - Rats (Audio Fellatio)

G.I. - Anarchy is Dead (Dischord)
BLACK MARKET BABY - World at War (Dr. Strange)
THE FALL0UT - War Without End (Longshot)
SOUND CITY HOOLIGAN - United (Self-Released)
SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE - So D.I.Y. it Hurts (Self-Released)

FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES - Nuke the Frats (Firestarter)
CRIMINALLY INSANE - The War Has Begun (Parts Unknown)
RUINATION - Got Myself a System (DeadAlive)
BLACK DONNELLYS - You Would (Audio Fellatio)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Jimmy Swaggart Stuck His Pee Pee in my Poo Poo (Self-Released)
NO SLOGAN - Retro Kids (Southkore)

EXPELLED - Government Policy (Riot City)
BURNING KITCHEN - Life in a Colony, Part II (Alerta Antifascista)
YOUNG WASTENERS - Stained Circle (Kick n Punch)
ADOLESCENTS - Creatures (Frontier)
DEATH TOKEN - Walking Dead Life (Backwards Masking)

MURDERSQUAD T.O. - Here Today (Wounded Paw)
UNDER PRESSURE - The Ritual (Primitive Air Raid)
POSER DISPOSER - Better Than TV (Regurgitated Semen)
VOETSEK - Fighting Somebody Else's War with Shits 'n Giggles (MCR Company)
DE WAONZIN - AC Godverdomme (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
HONG KONG BLONDE - Blind Faith (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Day of the Clown (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Johnny (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Into the Darkness (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Rock n roll (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Skulls (Self-Released)
HONG KONG BLONDE - Queen of Remediallo (Self-Released)

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