Thursday, March 31, 2016

Top 10 - March 2016

1. TORSO “Sono Pronta a Morire” LP (Agipunk)
2. HARD SKIN “The One that Got Away” ep (JT Classics)
3. CLOACA Demo (Self-Released)
4. DISSEKERAD  “Morkret Tilltar” LP (Phobia)
5. KOHTI TUHOA “Rutlinin Orja” LP (Svart)
6. MODERN PROBLEMS “Foolish Times” ep (Not Like You)
7. KOSZMAR “Nuklearna Supremacja” ep (Konton Crasher)
9. SILENT ORDER “Distraction” ep (Self-Released)
10. ZEN LUNATICS “Sacred Mountain Blues” LP (Divis and Mason)

* SPHC –


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Radio - Sunday, March 27th, 2016

We started off with Negative Approach and “Why Be Something That You’re Not” the song that became the title for the cable access show in Lansing Michigan and more recently the title of a book by Tony Rettman on Detroit Hardcore. I spoke with Tony back in October when he was in for the in-store talk with Damian Abraham at Faith/Void and convinced him to come over to CIUT and do an interview for this show. He has been very patient waiting for this to get to air and tonight we air that interview. We start off by talking about this song and the name for the book.

Throughout the show there was some technical difficulties with the interview which were just technical screw ups on my behalf so to hear the interview without the screw ups download this.

If you want to hear the show with all the screw ups the MP3 file is here.

NEGATIVE APPROACH - Why Be Something that You’re Not (Touch 'n Go)
Tony Rettman interview
THE NECROS - Past Comes Back To Haunt Me (Touch 'n Go / Dischord)
Tony Rettman interview
TEEN IDLES - Teen Idles (Dischord)
Tony Rettman interview
BAD BRAINS - Big Takeover (Roir)
THE STIMULATORS - Loud Fast Rules (Roir)
Tony Rettman interview
NIHILISTICS – Misanthrope (Brain Eater)
Tony Rettman interview
FALSE PROPHETS - Good Clean Fun (Worn Out Brothers)
Tony Rettman interview
THE MAD - We Love Noize (Captain Trip)
Tony Rettman interview
STARK RAVING MAD – Are You Sleeping ? / Take a Stand (Nuclear Blast)
Tony Rettman interview
MINOR THREAT - Straight Edge (Dischord)

We are finishing up with a new demo from a band from halifax that we heard about two weeks prior on Shgequalizing-X-Distort. In fact the singer was in on the show guest hosting. We did hear one song from their demo, so here is the rest of the recording which you can find on their bandcamp page.

OUTCRY – Reality (Self-Released)
OUTCRY – Soldier, Soldier (Self-Released)
OUTCRY – Chatter (Self-Released)
OUTCRY – War is Coming (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Radio - Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Uncle Ray are a power violence band from Windsor. We recorded a studio 3 session with them back in December. Born Wrong told us about this band and we eventually were able to get them to come in. 

You can download the whole show as an MP3 file here

UNCLE RAY – November (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Interview (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Interview (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Interview (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Delusion (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Interview (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Interview (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Dark Mind (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Interview (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Tough Guy (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Interview (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Perennial (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Interview (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Disfigured (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Interview (CIUT)
UNCLE RAY – Strong Arms (CIUT)

St. Patrick's Day was last Thursday, but we didn't have a show then so we paid tribute to St. Patrick by playing some early Irish punk.

THE MAHONES – St. Patrick’s Day Irish Punk Song (Wolverine)
THE DEFECTS – Brutality (Casualty)
THE SUSSED – I Wanna Conform (Dead)
PROTEX – Listening In (Good Vibrations)
THE UNDERTONES – Top Twenty (Sire)
RUDI – No. 1 (Good Vibrations)
EX-PRODUCERS – Newer Wave ’79 (Spit)
SHOCK TREATMENT – Future Plans (Spit)
XDREAMYSTS – Dance Away Love (Good Vibrations)

Here is a Top 10 for February reverse order

DILETTANTES - Useless Babies (Self-Released)
SNOB - Killing Machine (Self-Released)
NAKAM - Get Up (Spastic Fantastic/Crapoulet)
SANG - Peus De Fang (La Vida Es Un Mus)
PISS - Pubertala Uppror (Static Age)
ALIENATION – Terminal (Self-Released)
FATIGUE “Dogs Bodies” ep - Shivvers
AGENT ATTITUDE - Deranged Realities (Adult Crash / Monument)
SCALPED – Progress (Self-Released)
TV FREAKS - Pick My Brain (Deranged)

NERVOUS TALK LP – Sasha (Hosehead / P Trash)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Katatonix Studio 3 session

When we did the SAGO session, Alex the singer said to me you should really have the Katatonnix in. I didn't know who the Katatonix were. Alex explained the Sofistifucks connection. Alex is the drummer in the Sofistifucks and Jakob who sings in Katatonix plays bass in the Sofistifucks. Paul plays guitar in both bands. So that is the connection. They all play in the Sofistifucks and the Sofistifucks are still together however they are taking a break while Downey is doing school. I think it might be graduate work. But this band also came together because Vince from Make No Gains wanted to be in a band with Paul and Jakob. Jakob and Vince are both from the east coast and there is something to that which helps create a chemistry in this band. Curtis is the drummer in School Damage and he wanted to play in another kind of punk band that is meaner and angrier. The seem to have accomplished that with Katatonix. In the interview the recurring theme about Katatonix songs are misanthropic in nature. We recorded the following songs in this session:

1. Race to the End
2. Pharma Lobotomy / Drowning
3. No Hope
4. Rust
5. Rip Off
6. Deep Stench
7. Discomfort / Disconnect

The band also did an ID for the show.

This session was recorded in Studio 3 by Ian Wilkinson. This is the last session recorded in the broadcast studio. Since this session an engineer has given the opinion that these live sessions have been effecting the wiring of the broadcast board and so we no longer are able to use this studio, which effects the sound.

This session was also video recorded by Aldo and Candy of Punks and Rockers.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Radio - Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Shequalizing-X-Distort returns for an annual International Women's Day broadcast with hosts Sarde, Zoe, Marji, and Chloe. They also had a guest host in from Halifax named Rosie who currently sings in Outcry and formerly played guitar in Vixens, who were out here for a Not Dead Yet show. The show features material so new that in one instance it was recorded yesterday. There is historical and contemporary punk being played side by side. There are mad shout outs throughout the program and hilarious banter one story of which involved a beatdown between Humpty Dumpty and Miss Vickies. Not to be missed. Photos and playlist coming soon. You can download an MP3 here.

KRIMEWATCH – Peach Generation (Self-Released)

THE DEATH – It's not a Joke / Pile Drawer (Self-Released)
WHIP KISSER – Disco (Self-Released)
SIYAHKAL – Untitled (Unreleased)
MIRROR – Bootlicker (Self-Released)
TRIAGE – Secret War (Self-Released)

MADDAME – Endless Feeling
OUTCRY – Process (Self-Released)
CHROMA – Por Llegar (Self-Released)
BEAUTY REST – Mask (Self-Released)

THE DEAD – Duty Calls
HALF READ – No System (Self-Released)
INTENSE DEGREE – Politician (Earache)
COLLAGEN – Vigil (Self-Released)

A BITCH NAMED JOHANNA – I'm a Bitch (Project X)
WOMB RAIDER – Make Waves (Self-Released)
GAZM – No Escape (Self-Released)

JJ DOLL – Egoist (D4MT Labs Inc Neuronsonic Research)
THE RATS – Kids are Kids
SHEER MAG – Nobody's Baby (Static Shock)

ANOMIE - Liens II (Sarja / Anima)
PROM NITE - It's Boring (Self-Released)
HAGAR THE WOMB - Dressed to Kill (Mortarhate)

PATSY - Tuley Tude High (Total Punk)
BORED TO DEATH - Bored to Death Anthem (Recess)
NOG WATT - Big Warning, Big Mistake (Revenge)
STUCK PIGS - Stuck Pigs (Self-Released)
I.C.E. - Joke's On You (Self-Released)

UNIT 3 WITH VENUS - Beer (Permanent)
MICROFILM - Centerfold (Unforgettable / Missing Link)
DROIDZ - Deflagration (Self-Released)
POISON GIRLS - Jump Mama Jump (Small Wonder)

HONEYBANE - Girl on the Run (CRASS)

Flyer - Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Radio - Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Nancy Reagan died today. Here is what we think of the Reagan legacy. Download the show here.

FINAL CONFLICT - Burial Service (Pusmort)

DEAD KENNEDYS – We’ve Got a Bigger problem Now (Alternative Tentacles)
VAN DAMAGED – Nancy (Self-Released)
REAGAN SS - Taste the Rich Flavour (Gloom)
DRI – Reagonomics (Death)
FINAL CONFLICT - Private War (Pusmort)

THE DISASTERBATERS – Searchin’ (Self-Released)
OUTTACONTROLLER – Hit the Streets (P-Trash)
PINK WINE – Wasted Breath (Young Modern)
BRAT KINGS – Girl Quit the Cocaine (Yeah Right)
NO BUNNY – Motorhead with Me (Goner)

THE DEACONS - Liquor Store (Self-Released)
GAUCHO - Guerpos Mutilados (Iron Lung)
SYNDROME 81 – Traitre (Destructure)
VANILLA POPPERS - Rock Bottom (Blow Blood)
USELESS EATERS - Car Accident Face (Slovenly)
VLASTA POPIC - Slijepa naša (Mržnja) (Moonlee)
VERTIGO - Bajo la sombra del castigo (Self-Released)

FINGERPRINTZ - Ringing Tone (Virgin)
THE STIFFS - Volume Control (Zonophone)
ART ATTACKS - Arabs In 'Arrads (Overground)
A-HEADS - Minute Man (Self-Released)
999- Jam Me Up (With Something Nice) (Get Back)

LES ABLETTES - Spontanéité……Zéro!!! (Self-Released)
SUBWAY - Squeeze Me (Universe Productions)
PROTEX - I Can Only Dream (Polydor)
SWEATSHOP BOYS - Special Mood (Twintoe)

QUITTER – Bodyworm (More Power)
SCIENCE PROJECT - Oh Boy (Self-Released)
GOTH GIRL – Wyrm (Self-Released)
TRAUMA HARNESS - Site B (Self-Released)

SEEIN’ RED - D.O.M. (Way Back)
BLOOD PRESSURE - Bleak (Beach Impediment)
CARDIAC ARREST - Frustrate Me (Way Back)
FUCK YOU PAY ME – Jesus Loves You (Everyone Else Thinks You’re an Asshole) (Deep Six)
THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Hostage Situation (Self-Released)

NEW REGRETS - Ripper (Clearview)
THE PLAIN DEALERS - Terminal Darkness on Public Square (Public Square)
SICK OF TALK – Go/Gunned Down (Self-Released)
WORTHY VICTIMS - First Impression (Self-Released)
WITNESS PROTECTION - Going, Gone (Self-Released)

We played only a small bit of a new D-Beat band from Montreal called Cloaca

CLOACA – Social Cloaca (Self-Released)
CLOACA – Ideals vs. Paycheck (Self-Released)
CLOACA – Pig (Self-Released)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

MRR Column

Here is a column, written by the recent MRR zine co-ordinator Lydia Athanasopoulos, in her column found in the March 2016 issue of MRR. Lydia talks about her time in Toronto, and SHEXD, and the radio show and Faith/Void and a whole bunch of other things. It is neat to see how others see our city and our scene. the interview we did with Lydia aired and can be found on the blog at