Sunday, March 27, 2016

Radio - Sunday, March 27th, 2016

We started off with Negative Approach and “Why Be Something That You’re Not” the song that became the title for the cable access show in Lansing Michigan and more recently the title of a book by Tony Rettman on Detroit Hardcore. I spoke with Tony back in October when he was in for the in-store talk with Damian Abraham at Faith/Void and convinced him to come over to CIUT and do an interview for this show. He has been very patient waiting for this to get to air and tonight we air that interview. We start off by talking about this song and the name for the book.

Throughout the show there was some technical difficulties with the interview which were just technical screw ups on my behalf so to hear the interview without the screw ups download this.

If you want to hear the show with all the screw ups the MP3 file is here.

NEGATIVE APPROACH - Why Be Something that You’re Not (Touch 'n Go)
Tony Rettman interview
THE NECROS - Past Comes Back To Haunt Me (Touch 'n Go / Dischord)
Tony Rettman interview
TEEN IDLES - Teen Idles (Dischord)
Tony Rettman interview
BAD BRAINS - Big Takeover (Roir)
THE STIMULATORS - Loud Fast Rules (Roir)
Tony Rettman interview
NIHILISTICS – Misanthrope (Brain Eater)
Tony Rettman interview
FALSE PROPHETS - Good Clean Fun (Worn Out Brothers)
Tony Rettman interview
THE MAD - We Love Noize (Captain Trip)
Tony Rettman interview
STARK RAVING MAD – Are You Sleeping ? / Take a Stand (Nuclear Blast)
Tony Rettman interview
MINOR THREAT - Straight Edge (Dischord)

We are finishing up with a new demo from a band from halifax that we heard about two weeks prior on Shgequalizing-X-Distort. In fact the singer was in on the show guest hosting. We did hear one song from their demo, so here is the rest of the recording which you can find on their bandcamp page.

OUTCRY – Reality (Self-Released)
OUTCRY – Soldier, Soldier (Self-Released)
OUTCRY – Chatter (Self-Released)
OUTCRY – War is Coming (Self-Released)

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