Saturday, April 26, 1980

Flyer - Saturday, April 26th - Monday April 28th, 1980

The Subhumans "Incorrect Thoughts" LP

This is a Canadian classic. It was released on Friends records back in 1980. After the band broke up, they were able to arrange a deal with CD Presents to release this in the States with two extra songs. CD Presents kept the reels and the bnad has not been able to re-press this since. Punkanada has the CD presents versions available for download. The songs found on it include:

1. The Scheme
2. New Order
3. Behind My Smile
4. Out of Line
5. Big Picture
6. Dead At Birth
7. Urban Guerrillas
8. War In the Head
9. Firing Squad
10. Slave to My Dick
11. Death to the Sickoids
12. Greaser Boy
13. Model of Stupidity
14. We’re Alive
15. Refugee
16. Let’s Go Down to Hollywood (and Shoot People)

The Sturgeons "Punk Rock Virgins" ep

The Sturgeons were from Calgary. This 7" came out in 1980 on Social Blemish Records. The singer and guitar player, Al Charlton, went on to play in the Von Zippers. the Von Zippers also featured the bassist from Riot 303 who had an ep come out in 1982 called "Crowd Control".

The Spys "Underground / Machine Shop" ep

The Spys were from Windsor and were part of a scene that included the Dry Heaves and the Flesh Columns. There was two pressings of 250 copies each for this ep. The second was on yellow coloured vinyl.

Flyer - Saturday April 26, 1980

Saturday, April 19, 1980

N.F.G. / 63 Monroe 12" ep

No Fucking Good or N.F.G. as they were refered to were the early inceptions of this London area band. They were inspired by the Demics and played their first show in the tourist town of Grand Bend on the shores of Lake Huron. The band consisted of Steven R. Stunning on vocals , Markii Burnaway on guitar , Mark DeRoux on bass and Pete Lambourghini on drums and they did some recordings some of which appear on this 12". The band's reputation as being the rowdiest, dirtiest, and most chaotic punk band got around and they couldn't get any gigs so they disbanded and reformed under the name 63 Monroe. This line up featured Pete Dekoker on bass and Jeff (Rooster) Rooth on drums. This 12" was a bunch of tunes left over from their early days, trashy but fun, hard-nosed punk anthems indicative of the late 70s London punk sound and was released on Nardem Records in 1980. For a history on 63 Monore check out Sleazegrinder. The songs on here are:

Flyer - Saturday April 19, 1980

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