Monday, December 31, 1979

Flyer - Monday December 31, 1979

Flyer - Monday December 31, 1979

This show was recorded as a live record (Rock n Roll Ressurection) for Jayne County. The idea was to be the first recorded album for 1980. Tyranna were also able to get a recording out of it but only after Jayne County swapped out all the good recording mics. So much for helping out the scene. This was Tyranna's final show.

Friday, December 28, 1979

Monday, December 17, 1979

The Hot Nasties "The Invasion of the Tribbles" ep

The Hot Nasties were a punk band from Calgary. They started out as a band called Social Blemishes with a love of the Who and the Kinks. The band featured Warren Kinsella a.k.a. Nuclear Age on bass and vocals, Ras Pierre Schenk on lead guitar, Sane Wayne Ahern on rhythm guitar, and Tom Edwards on drums. This ep was re-released on the "Smash the State" comps that followed the book release. The Evaporators and Moe Berg would go on to cover Hot Nasties songs. The songs on here are:
1. I am a Confused Teenager
2. Invasion of the Tribbles
3. The Secret of Immortality

Saturday, December 15, 1979

Saturday, December 8, 1979

Monday, December 3, 1979

Martha and the Muffins "Metro Music" LP

This was Martha and the Muffins first full length. This was the first release by DinDisc. The band used a map of their hometown as the cover and it is of the water line, which made it perfect for a song like "Echo Beach", which was the first single from the record. There is a lot of great background found on M+M's site under the story section. "Paint by Number Heart" became the second single.

1. Echo Beach

2. Paint By Number Heart
3. Saigon
4. Indecision
5. Terminal Twilight
6. Hide And Seek
7. Sinking Land
8. Revenge (Against The World)
9. Cheesies And Gum

Saturday, December 1, 1979

The Bureaucrats ep

The Bureaucrats released this ep on their own label called Red Tape Music. These songs were recorded at Passeport Studios. The songs on here are:

1. Feel the Pain
2. Grown Up Age

Friday, November 30, 1979

Dream Dates "The Mess You're In" ep

This is the second ep of the Dream Dates to come out. This is part of the same recording as the first ep. Ugly Pop released this in 2000, but the recording is from November 1979. There is a cover of Iggy's "Search and Destroy" on the B-Side. After this single came out Zurich Chainsaw Massacre released both eps as a 12" over in Europe.

1. The Mess You're In
2. Search and Destroy

Simon did a bunch of limited edition versions of his early releases with a Drew Berrymore cover. This one was limited to 30 copies.

Thursday, November 29, 1979

Dream Dates "Moans on the Phone" ep

Simon Harvey of Ugly Pop met up with Dicky Fix and found out about his early band the Dream Dates. They wound up putting out two eps of the band's material. This was the first which was recorded at Kill Kill Studios in November 1979. The ep didn't come out until 2000. The material is along the vein of Teenage Head and the Forgotten Rebels in terms of being melodic first wave punk. My wife sings the A-Side all the time from having heard it at home. This was some great punk rock archeology work by Simon.

1. Moans on the Phone
2. Heartattack Rhythm

Wednesday, November 28, 1979

Tuesday, November 27, 1979

Sunday, November 25, 1979

Subhumans "Firing Squad" ep

This came out on Quintessence in 1979 as a 7". The songs on here are:

1. Firing Squad
2. No Productivity

Saturday, November 24, 1979

Flyer - Saturday November 24, 1979

Tyranna headlines a show at the Picadilly Tube which was a place on Yonge Street that didn;t have many punk shows. Willie English opened up.

Thursday, November 22, 1979

Saturday, November 17, 1979

Tuesday, November 13, 1979

Monday, November 12, 1979

Friday, November 9, 1979

The Diodes "Released" LP

This was released on Epic Records in 1979. The songs on here are:
1. Red Rubber Ball
2. Teenage Nation
3. Photographs from Mars
4. Madhouse
5. Mercenary Flight
6. Tired of Waking up Tired
7. Jenny's in a Sleep World
8. Weekend
9. No Right to Make me Bleed
10. Terminal Rock

Thursday, November 1, 1979

Wednesday, October 31, 1979

Flyer - Wednesday October 31, 1978

From the archives of Henry Martinuk.

Tuesday, October 30, 1979

Flyer - Wednesday October 30, 1979

Teenage Head LP

Teenage Head are legendary. They are from Hamilton and people like Steven Leckie swear by them as the real deal. They were and this was the first album that came out in 1979.

1. Top Down
2. Ain't Got No Sense
3. Bonerack
4. Picture My Face
5. Lucy Potato
6. Curtain Jumper
7. You're Tearin' Me Apart
8. Little Boxes
9. Get Off My Back
10. Kissin' the Carpet

Thursday, October 18, 1979

Wednesday, October 17, 1979

The Government "33-1/3 RPM" ep

This was the Government's second ep titled "33-1/3 RPM". It was recorded in late 1980. You8 can download the songs at Andrew Paterson's website. The songs on here are:

Tuesday, October 16, 1979

Photo: The Existers

Sunday, October 14, 1979

Saturday, October 13, 1979

Friday, October 12, 1979

Flyer - Music Hall shows

I think these were the Gary's doing shows under the Edge and these shows were simulcast on Q107. Loads of people listened and recorded them. Iggy Pop, the Police, the B52's, Tom Waits.

Thursday, October 11, 1979

The Existers "Telex Love' ep

The Existers were part of the early Toronto punk scene. The band featured were Barrie Farrel on guitar and vocals, George Higton on guitar and vocals, Stephen "Baby Oil" Hall on bass and vocals, and Denis Grey on drums. This came out on Shy Anne records. Songs on this single are:

1. Telex Love

2. Spadina

Flyer - Thursday October 11, 1979

Like a tour of California.

Tuesday, October 9, 1979

Flyer - Tuesday October 9 - Wednesday October 10, 1979

Bassist, Johnny Bublegum, did the artwork on this flyer.

Friday, October 5, 1979

Tuesday, October 2, 1979

Flyer - Tuesday October 2, 1979

Arson play another show with Tyranna this time at Larry's Hideaway.

Monday, October 1, 1979

Flyer - Monday October 1 - Saturday October 6, 1979

Here is a flyer for shows at larry's Hideaway for the first week of october back in 1979. It is amazing to me that you could see punk bands every night of the week. Platinum Blonde played the weekend.

Sunday, September 30, 1979

Thursday, September 20, 1979

The Demics "Talk's Cheap" 12'

The Demics were the best known band from London, Ontario. London is a city two hours west of Toronto. Keith Whittaker was the singer and was most well known in the band. Rob Brent was the guitarist, Iain Atkinson the bassist, and Nick Perry the drummer. The band first played a loft party in front of 250 people on December 23, 1977. Jim Weatherstone replaced Neil Perry on the skins. The Demics started playing in Toronto with the Viletones, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, and the Dead Boys and by late 1978 had recorded their first EP. The recording was done by some sound engineering students at fanshawe who did the recording as a project for school and they set up the label Ready Records to put out the recording. "New York City" is the hit of the 12" that started getting loads of airplay and an anthem in it' own right. Songs like "Oh Well" were 43 seconds in length and proved that the Demics could right a punk song as well.

1. I Wanna Know
2. You Tell Me
3. Talk's Cheap
4. New York City
5. Oh Well

The Engineer was Kevin Doyle and the 12" was produced by Andrew Crosbie and Angus MacKay for Daily Productions.

Wednesday, September 19, 1979

Pointed Sticks "Lies!" ep

This was the third Pointed Sticks ep to get released by Quintessence qand was recorded before the band went over to England to record for Stiff. This is the line up where Dimwit had joined the band and is on this recording. There is a great family tree of the band that appears on the Bloodied but Unbowed website. the band sold 11,000 copies of the three singles, which is insane for a punk band back then. The songs on here are:
1. Lies
2. I'm Numb

Wednesday, September 12, 1979

Flyer - Wednesday September 12, 1979

I think there were two flyers for this show. This would have been when the Gary's left the Horseshoe and started booking the Edge. The Suspects headlined and Tyranna opened up.