Thursday, June 30, 1988

Sunday, June 26, 1988

Photos: Godcorp

Friday, June 24, 1988

Flyer - Friday June 24, 1988

Missing Link and Brute Creation do a show at the Slither Club.

Monday, June 20, 1988

Zine - Photo Drome #2

 This is a photozine compiled by Rita Laberto. When Photo Drome came out it reminded me of “Welcome to Cruise Country” which was a photo zine that MRR did at the time. The theme of “Cruise Country” was to capture photos of the European bands. There was lots of attention on the North American bands, but MRR wanted to demonstrate the greatness of activity in other countries. Most photozines were limited to their local scene. That was what was easiest for photographers. Shoot pictures of local bands and the bands that came through town. This was the second issue for Photo Drome and I think Rita had made contacts from the first issue with photographers from around the world. Issue 2 got to incorporate photos from some scenes in Europe.  So although there were pictures of bands from Toronto which included D.O.G., M.S.I., BSL, the Nunfuckers, and Missing Link there were photos of bands that had played in Toronto like Life Sentence from Chicago, Hyper as Hell from Ohio, Pillsbury Hardcore from Pomona, SNFU from Edmonton. There were also international bands in this zine. Larm from Holland, Indigesti from Italy, the Skeezicks from Germany, Heresy from England. The list goes on and it is an impressive one. It was impressive to us back then because these were bands we had only read about. Photo Drome  was a window to the international hardcore scene. Photo Drome made us feel like we had something special in our scene. The zine was professionally printed with colour on the cover which was rare back then for underground zines. And Photo Drome was bound so pages didn’t come apart from the staples not holding. It was just an all round awesome hardcore scrapbook. Click on the cover above to witness the late 80’s hardcore scene in Toronto, the bands that passed through and the bands that inspired us. Here is a list of the bands photographed:

- Alternative Inuits
- Life Sentence
- Youth of Today
- Straight Ahead
- Capitalist Alienation
- Scream
- Indigesti
- Negazione
- Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers
- Stinky Rats
- Wolf Pack
- New Balance
- Confront
- Pillsbury Hardcore
- Kina
- Larm
- Dead Brain Cells
- Missing Link
- D.O.G.
- Raw Power
- Hyper as Hell
- Nunfuckers
- The Ramones
- Heresy
- False Hope
- Bad Brains
- Guilt Parade
- Circus Lupus
- Skeezicks
- G.I.
- Accused
- Outface
- Dead Milkman
- Agnostic Front
- Crach Box
- P.E.D.
- Half Off
- B.S.L.
- Henry Rollins Band
- the Doughboys

Sunday, June 19, 1988

Son of Happy "t.a.l.h.s.o.m.a." cassette

Son of Happy recorded this at Reaction Studios in June 1988. The band featured Chris Labonte on vocals and guitar, Skeletor on bass, and Dave Davies on drums. The title of this was an acronym for something. Chris was an artist and did all the band's artwork including the sticker below. The songs on here are:
1. L'il Head
2. Dive
3. 52 Blue Shirt Bash up
4. Couch Potato
5. Sweaty Ears
6. The Beautiful People
7. Voice in my Head

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Zine Archive - Rear Garde, Issue #25

Montreal zine, Rear Garde, release issue number 25 in June 1988 and features interviews with UK Subs, Ray Condo, Absolute Whores, GG Allin, Honeymoon, Henry Rollins, Talk Shop, Big Daddy Cumbuckets, and Infamous Basturds.