Sunday, July 14, 1991

One Blood "Building a World of Prosperity with the Efficiency of the Free Enterprise System" LP

This was our full length LP. We recorded it at Pete Hudson Studios in July 1991 over a couple of weekends. Although two of the tracks were recorded a year earlier at a different studio. The record was teh first release on Germ Blandsten Records, which was a label that Charles Maggio started up. Charles was from New Jersey and sang in Rorschach and we got to meet him when he came up to play a bunch of shows in Southern Ontario. Charles dug us and wanted to put us out as his first release. There was a big newsprint booklet included in the record that has lyric and graphics about each song. Omar's brother played harmonica at the beginning of "Indian Summer". This was our last release although we had planned for more. The songs on here are:
1. Indian Summer
2. Settler Nations
3. Make the Links
4. Reform Party
5. Safe
6. Can You Feel It?
7. Operation Exodus
8. The Heat Is On
9. Uncle Joe's Revenge
10. Guardian Angel
11. Life Vision
12. Opinion Control in the Democracies

Tuesday, July 9, 1991

NoMeansNo "0+2=1" LP

NoMeansNo back to a two piece with the Wright Brothers. The songs on here are:
1. Now
2. The Fall
3. 0+2=1
4. The Valley of the Blind
5. Mary
6. Everyday I Start to ooze
7. When Putting It All In Order Ain't Enough
8. The Night Nothing Became Everything
9. I Think You Know
10. Ghosts
11. Joyful Reunion