Sunday, September 13, 2020

Radio - Sunday, September 13th, 2020

The riddle posted on Facebook about tonight's show was

Do you remember one of the best bands from the Repo-Man soundtrack (Plugz)? Ever wonder what Soulside are up to today? Do you want to hear new Hard Skin? Have you ever heard a punk band covering Pink Floyd? What's your favourite song from the P.E.A.C.E. comp? Did you enjoy the Snarler song from a couple of weeks back? See playlist below for answers. But tonight's show starts out with new Alien Nosejob. You can download the show here.

ALIEN NOSEJOB - Air Raid on NT (Iron Lung)

Diggin in the crates set
THE PLUGZ - Let Go (Slash)
PLASTIC SANDWICHES - Parties at War (Ellie Jay)
SWINDLED - Who Wants Guns (Swindled)
BASTARDS - Harhaa (Propaganda)
BAD INFLUENCE - War's No Fun (Who Cares)
E.A.T.E.R. - Religion (Loud Punk)

Early T.O.H.C. 
YOUNG LIONS - Young Amerika (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION - I Like Speed (Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Four Points (Schizophrenic)
MICRO EDGE - Take A Look Around (UXB Press) 
M.S.I. - Back in Control (Schizophrenic)

BOB MOULD - American Crisis (Merge)
DEAD ENDING - American Virus (Self-Released
SOULSIDE - This Ship (Dischord)

BONECRUSHER - Tomorrow Is Too Late (Knock Out)
MOB RULE - Stay Dangerous (Last Punkrockers)
HARD SKIN - We Don't Want It (JT Classics)
FINNEGAN'S HELL - Work is the Curse of the Drinking Class (Wild Kingdom)
LOST IN SOCIETY - Police on my Back (Self-Released)

HERD OF WASTERS - I Can't Remember (Wasted Wax)  
PIGMENT VEHICLE - Dig (Incentive)
TOTAL WOLF - I'm Sick (Self-Released)
THE SPORES - Meat Biproduct (Criminal)

THE GENERICS - Cost Cutter (Feel It
THE ZITS - Can't Get Over You (Feel It)
INFERNO - K.K.K. (Self-Released)
KILLING CHILDREN - Happy Mutants (For Nuclear Energy) (Gravelvoice)
CIRCLE JERKS - World Up My Ass (Frontier)

DRAKULAS - Electric Eliminators (Dine Alone)
MEANBIRDS - Off the Leash (Concrete Jungle)
THE PINK TORPEDOES - Blue Spark (Self-Released)
THE DAMAGED - Fitshaced (Hell Brigade)
BITE BACK - She's A Rebel (Antipop)

GARGOYLES - Michigan (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
H.I.C. SYSTEEMI - Ei Sotaa (Hohnie)
DECLINO - Inutile Trionfo (R Radical)
SCRAPS - The Wall (Strive / X-Mist / Never Ending Greed / Refuse)

ANTI-SCRUNTI FACTION - Daddy's Little Girl (Unclean)
MAID OF ACE - Let's Go (Self-Released)
MENSTRUAL TRAMPS - Punk Rock Nation (Self-Released)
POLITKILL INCORECT - God Bless You Jimmy Bakker (T.O. Mohawk)
THE RITES - Demirep (Bikini Kill) (Six Feet Under)
Demo Feature 
Snarler are a self described grindcore band from Halifax. Jose played them on the show a week ago. Tonight we are featuring that release in our demo feature. You can find this on bandcamp.

SNARLER - Let Them Choke (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Fucked Up Society (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Pain and Time (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Wraith (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Stubborn (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Work (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Destroyed (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Wasting (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Why? (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Disagreement (Self-Released)
SNARLER - Finale (Self-Released)

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Radio - Sunday, September 6th, 2020


Tonight's show features new material by Long Knife, Krigshoder, Orlando Furioso HC, and Barcelona. We feature some Canadian bands like the Vicious Cycles (Vancouver), Nerve Button (Moncton), Hard Charger (Fredericton), and Bootlicker (BC). We dig out some classics by Extroverts, Shag Nasty, Beluga and Human Ashtrays, and Snots. And tonight's demo feature is Subsistence out of Montreal. Listen to the show on the player above or download the show here

CACTUS VELLA - I Hear Them All (Cactus Vella Music)

EXTROVERTS - Brain Damage (Supreme Echo)
F.U.K. - Road Kill (HoZac)
BELUGA AND HUMAN ASHTRAYS - High 'n' Tight (Howard Peluso Productions)
SNOTS - New York Love Letter
SHAG NASTY - Stranger in the City (Retro)

KRIGSHODER - Kalda Kroper (Suck Blood)  
SNARLER - Pain And Time (Sordid Bin)  
LAI - Talak Tiga (Ruin Nation / D-Tak & Rapunk
BOOTLICKER - Calm Mind (Neon Taste)  
SWEEPING PROMISES - Hunger For A Way Out - Hunger For A Way Out (Feel It)  

KILLROY AD - My Design 
THE IDOLIZERS - Stranded (Again) (Rum Bar)
ENCHANTERS - Firetruck (Trophy)
THE RAWS - Yedi Kuru Dal (Mondo Mongo)
KILLROY AD - Spiders Hardcore 

ORLANDO FURIOSO HC - Dead Cities (Self-Released)
MANIC RIDE - Roll with the Punches (Refuse)
YUGULAR - Gritar Y Gritar (Maldito)
TOWER 7 - Theory of Disease (D4MT Labs
MÖRT - Sataan (Self-Released)

CADENAXO - Fachos A La Verga (11 PM
DENIGRANTE - Delirio (Self-Released
IRON DEFICIENCY - Anxiety (Youth Authority)  
SPY - Service Weapon (To Live A Lie
ANIMA NEGRA - Plegaria (Junko)    

THE AUTOMATIX - City Terror (Demo Version) 
LONG KNIFE - Night of the Hunter (Beach Impediment)
ABORTED TORTOISE - Violent Consumers/Plastic Orgasm (Goodbye Boozy)

BARCELONA - Salvajes (La Vida Es Un Mus)
KOBRA - Incubo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NERVE BUTTON - Monctonapolean 
NEON MANIACS - Electroshock (Puke 'n' Vomit)
SECRET HATE - Hamwater (Cornerstone R.A.S.)
THE IDORU - Unacceptable (Black Star Foundation)
THE VICIOUS CYCLES - Problem Officer (Pirates Press)
EMILY AND THE BLACKOUTS - Nice Girls (Self-Released)
TURNSTYLES - Cut You Off (Black and Wyatt)

Demo Feature 
SUBSISTENCE from Montreal. This recording can be found up on bandcamp.

SUBSISTENCE - Take the Pill (Self-Released)
SUBSISTENCE - Re-Educating the Rich (Self-Released) 
SUBSISTENCE - Get Off My Case (Self-Released) 
SUBSISTENCE - How Many Days (Self-Released) 
SUBSISTENCE - Unstoppable (Self-Released) 
POLVORA SOXIAL - Ruido En El Sistema (Self-Released)
HEKATE - Καλοκαίρι 2018 (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Radio - Sunday, August 30th, 2020

Bruce La Bruce is an important name in the Toronto hardcore scene. He is mostly known for his filmaking. He was one of the first people to mix hardcore punk with LGBTQ footage. One film constantly referred to is “No Skin Off My Ass”. When he was first learning his craft he hung out and lived with FIFTH COLUMN and became a go go dancer for them and appeared on some of their recordings like “The Fairview Mall Story” which will feature in this interview. He did a zine called J.D.'s. He played drums in ZuZu’s Petals. He helped coin the term “Homocore”. He wrote a LGBTQ manifesto called “Don’t be Gay” that appeared in April issue of Maximumrocknroll in 1989. He did many films featuring some amazing people in the hardcore scene. In an interview that we did in 2018 for the book “Tomorrow is Too Late” Bruce takes us through the back stories of all these projects and fills us in on a whole lot more about the punk scene back then. This is the latest installment in the feature series on the early hardcore scene in Toronto called “Tomorrow is Too Late” with a look into Bruce La Bruce. Download and MP3 here.

ANGRY SAMOANS - Homo-Sexual (Bad Trip)


FIFTH COLUMN - The Fairview Mall Story (Hide)


SUBHUMANS - Slave to My Dick (Quintessence)


MDC - Chicken Squawk (R Radical)


SCREECHING WEASEL - I Wanna Be a Homosexual (Shred of Dignity)


BEEFEATER - Fred's Song (Dischord)


NIP DRIVERS - Nips Get Pissed (New Alliance)


OPERATION IVY - One of These Days (Lookout!)

Bruce has a new movie called "Saint-Narcisse" that will be world premiering at the Venice Film Festival on September 11th. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Radio - Sunday, August 23rd, 2020


Tonight's EXD features new Long Knife, Los Fastidios, Spectres and Fragment, we dig in the crates for the Epileptics, Das Schnitz, Against, and Hype and we play some oi, some power violence and a whole lotta punk. Tonight's demo feature is a grind band from Toronto called Garter. Download the show here.

SCIENCE MAN - Steal the Street (Self-Released)

THE EPILEPTICS - 1970s Have Been Made In Hong Kong (Spiderleg)
ELEKTROSHOCK - Fever of the Night (Numero Uno)
PROLES - Kings Road Punks (Incognito)
DAS SCHNITZ - 4 AM (Ellie Jay / Different Class)
NEON - Bottles (Sensible)

SPECTRES -The Call (Artoffact
PSYCHIC VOLTS - Totally Useless (Cherry Red
THE REDS - Luxury (A and M)
45 GRAVE - Riboflavin-flavoured Non-carbonated Polyunsatured Blood (Enigma)
THE SKIDS - Out of Town (Virgin / Captain Oi!)

KOMBATANTS - Skinhead Girl (Pretty Shitty Town)
NO QUARTER - Bootboy Rock N Roll (Askania Productions / Olifant)
ALL GONNA DIE - Anti-Social 

THE SORELS - School Girl Blues (Surfing' Ki / Reta)
THE WALL - New Way (Small Wonder)
STRANGLEHOLD - She's Not Leaving (Taang! / One Step)
WHITE 'N' HAIRY - Involved (Fartblossom Enterprizes)
THEE DIRTY RATS - Ghost Town (Mandinga)

GOLDEN SHOWER HANDSHAKE - Compraventa (Self-Released)
DEMOKHRATIA - El Khouf (Darbouka / Kawaii / Maloka / Les Nains Aussi / Crapoulet / Fraction Production / Tranzophobia)
GAG - Mad Dog (Iron Lung)
psd - Empty Barrel (Self-Released)

AGAINST - Aftermath (Grand Theft Audio / Radio Raheem / Coladicto)
KATUPARTIO - Syöksykierre (Self-Released)
NO CRISIS - Darby Crash (Grand Theft Audio)
HYPE - You Slay Me (Reuben Kincade Productions)
FRAGMENT - Die Alone (Sewercide)

BAKERS DOZEN - See It Say It Sorted (Askania Productions / Oldschool)
THE ELECTED OFFICIALS - Whitewash (Self-Released)
BLACKLIST - Don't Stop (Self-Released)

BRAND NEW UNIT - No Heroes (HeartFirst)
THE DRUNKEN KNIGHTS - Good Night Irene (Self-Released)
THE ESSENTIAL LETDOWNS - Police Won't Leave Me Alone (Self-Released)
CHAIN WHIP - Six Day Weekend (Neon Taste)

Demo Feature
A new grind band from Toronto with a member of Paliolithic Brain Surgery and a member who works at Eypiecalypse Bakery. Can be found on bandcamp.  

GARTER - Horrifying Existence (Self-Released) 
GARTER - Politically Motivated (Self-Released)

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Radio - Sunday, August 16th, 2020


With protests scaling up in Minsk and Russian soldiers on standby to protect Europe's oldest dictator's, we program a set of Belarusian punk. We have loads of new, old and Canadian punk, which includes Friction in our demo feature. Download the show here.

CONSCRIPTS - Summer of Truncheons (Byllepest Distro)

BEARS - Decisions (Good Vibrations)
DYAKS - Gutter Kids (Bonaparte)
ADVERTS - No Time To Be 21 (Bright)
JUNIOR AND THE LIGERIANS - Goodbye (Self-Released)
PALE LIPS - The Kids (Alien Snatch / God's Candy / Spaghetti Town) 
OUTTACONTROLLER - Time To Crash (Self-Released)
ONE MAN ARMY - Stuck in the Avenues (Adeline)
DOA - All the President’s Men (Sudden Death
YOUTH BRIGADE - What Price Happiness (BYO) 

PESADILLA - Imagen (Self-Released)
ARGH - Trampa Para Ratas (Junko)
NERVIOS - Farsa (Junko / Tobi)
AUXILIO - Ciclo Vicioso (Self-Released)
HURANA - Mi Generacion (Iron Lung)

Belarusian punk 
A week of clashes in Minsk over contested re-elections with Alexander Lukashenko. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya refused to accept the results, but has had to flee to Lithuania. The lack of scrutiny has led to allegations of vote rigging. Wouldn’t be the first time for a satellite country of Russia. Lukashenko is even using the same dismissive conspiratorial language that Putin uses and now has the assurances of the Russian protection on the form of their military. Here are some punk bands from Belarus to let you know we are thinking about you. 

FORCE EVENTS - Farewell (Self-Released)
PATRIYA - Capitalism Played A Cruel Joke (Byllepest / No Bread)
MULCT - Corrupt (Self-Released)
TIRED OUT - Disappointment (Self-Released)
MISTER X - (Lads-shitheads) (Self-Released)

CRY OUT - Garden Song (La Vida es en Mus
JONCRO - Degenerate (hi-fi) (Self-Released
GREEN/BLUE - No Place to Go (Self-Released)
DOCTORS HATE HER - Megan Draper (Self-Released)
THE CAVEMEN - Drownin’ (Slovenly

DEATH GASP - Murder Policy (Self-Released)
LIQUIDS - When You Were Born You Should Have Died (Self-Released)
NSA - You Killed It (Invisible Audio)
PEACE TALK - A Lasting Peace (Self-Released)
SCOWL - Retail Hell (Self-Released)

UNBELIEVER - Same Old Story (Self-Released)
VIS VIRES - Vengeance (Battle Scarred)
JADED EYES - Hate Speak (Boss Tuneage / Serial Bowl)  
NOISE - Price We Pay (Pirates Press)

WHITE STAINS - Quarantine (Self-Released)
UTOPIAN - Tierra Ajena (Urge
BURNER - Love City (Self-Released)
THE LET’S GO’S - Danny My Love 

Demo Feature 
FRICTION are a hardcore beatdown band from Toronto. This is released on one of the band members zine labels, Homie Shit Mag
FRICTION - Kick It (Self-Released) 
FRICTION - Bad Dogs Bite (Self-Released) 
FRICTION - Youth of Disaster (Self-Released) 
FRICTION - Huge Grin (Self-Released)

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Radio - Sunday August 9th, 2020


Tonight's show features new material from Turkey (Hexa Boom), new music from older bands (MDC / Dropdead), and humourous material like Chips ov oi!. Demo feature is the Automatix from Montreal, but we kick things off with new Territories out of Calgary. Download the show here

TERRITORIES - The Lockdown (Pirates Press)

THEE DIRTY RATS - Don't Even Try (Mandinga
THE JACK CADES - You've Seen it All (Dirty Water
HORRORPOPS - Psychobitches Outta Hell (Hellcat)
JOHNNY MAFIA - Big Brawl (Dirty Water
GRIN HOUND - Basement Parents (Kafadan Kontak) 

M.D.C. - Corporate Deathburger (Twisted Chords)
HEXA BOOM - L.A.H.M. (Self-Released)
DAME - Skeleton (Beach Impediment)

ZUTATEN - Hercolubus (Self-Released
D GENERATION - Degenerated (Chrysalis) 
THE SHAFTONS - Accidentally Accurate (Self-Released
SANO EX MACHINA - Social Distance (Self-Released)

STRIKE ANYWHERE - Dress the Wounds (Pure Noise
TOMMY AND THE COMMIES - One Arch Town (Slovenly)
BAMBIES - Red Guitar (Reta)
THE FALLOUT - Can't Take It (Rebel Time)
CHIPS OV OI! - Tiki Pogo Punk Rock Party (Self-Released)

ZIPGUN BOMBER - Reflections (Rum Bar
ANTI-FLAG - Sky is Falling (Spinefarm)
MILLENCOLIN - Happiness for Dogs (Burning Heart)
THE LIVING END - End of the World 
RANCID - Corazon De Oro (Randale)

SECRET HATE - Theme Song (New Alliance)
MINUTEMEN - Monuments (SST)
DROPDEAD - God Illusion (Armageddon)
FANZUI XIANGFA - Racist Scum (Genjing)
PRIOR CONVICTIONS - Bought and Sold (Lockdown / Dat Sound)
THE DISCARDED - Janitor Joe (Self-Released)
FRAGMENT - Dead World (Sewercide

Demo Feature
THE AUTOMATIX from Montreal self-released a CD of material called “77 in 07”. The release was described as a demo on the Quebec Punk Scene site and so we are going to treat it as such. We didn't play the entire release but enough to give you an idea of how good they were. 

THE AUTOMATIX - Sounds of ‘77 (Self-Released) 
THE AUTOMATIX - Sex Drug and Rock n roll (Self-Released) 
THE AUTOMATIX - Scene Belongs to Us (Self-Released) 
THE AUTOMATIX - City Terror (Self-Released) 
THE AUTOMATIX - 30 Years of Punk (Self-Released) 
THE AUTOMATIX - W.A. (Self-Released)

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Radio - Sunday, August 2nd, 2020


Tonight's show starts out with a band from Ohio asking and answering the question behind the revolt. Download the show here.

RACERIOT59 - What do you expect? (Self-Released)

BLANK! - The Last Song
EMILY RATFACE - Snake in the Grass
RICHIE BOURBON - Crybaby (Martha Stewart's Prison Cell)
THE BOOBY TRAPS - Bad Reaction (Off the Hip)
THE TONE DEAF PIG - DOGS - (No More) Hotdogs (Self-Released)

BLACK T-SHIRT - Janji-Janji Tai Anjing 
HATE PREACHERS - Wrong Side (Suckblood)
MESS - Street Boys (Self-Released)
DEAD HERO - Falsas Promesas (Primator Crew)
UNRULED - Unruled (Schizophrenic)

BAT MATH - System Destroya (Self-Released)
THE HONDAS - Bad Life Decisions
JUMALVAUHTI - Nilsiänkadun ohituskaista (Self-Released)
ТРУП- Mycop
P.O.T.S. - Braindead (Self-Released)

THE ANGRY AGENDA - We Shall Prevail (Self-Released)
CRISIS UNIT - Lost It (Plead Your Case)
PERJURY - Be Lucky (Self-Released)
KALIK - Unsatisfied (Black Brain) 

PLAYTIME - Sink in
LIP CREAM - F.C.D. (Selfish / Dynamite / Oni)
INDIGESTI - Oltre Camera (TVOR / Vacation House)
NEGAZIONE - Plastica Umanità (Children of the Revolution)
PASMATERS - Vreme Bombi (Self-Released)

RAW MUD - Today your life is worthless (Self-Released)
PIG SWEAT - Find Peace (Rinderherz / Incredible Noise / Goodwill)
DEMOKHRATIA - 02 Arabic Title (A World Divided)
ACxDC - Back in Black Bloc (Prosthetic / To Live a Lie)
SUPER MUTANT - Polarized (Speedowax / Grindcore Karaoke)

MISFITS - Teenagers From Mars / Children in Heat (Plan 9)
SO MUCH HATE - We Can't Change the Past (Norwegian Leather / X-Port Plater)
GENOME - Psycho Terror (Up The Punx)
ACCIDENTE - Colze a colze (Up The Punx)

CUTTIN' EDGE - How Do We Know (Rebellion)
THE REAL McKENZIES - Death of the Winnipeg Scene (Fat Wreck)
NO CLASS - Every Now and Then (Contra)
RECKLESS UPSTARTS - Friday Night Heroes (Longshot Music)
HATS AND CAPS - Pay the Price (Bitter Boi)

Demo Feature 
Alternative Action are a noisy D-Beat out of Halifax that have come out with a demo called “Attack”. Technically this came out at the end of last year, but it is listed in discogs as a 2020 release. You can find this on bandcamp as one song but it is three. We are going out with this as a demo feature.

ALTERNATIVE ACTION - Class Conflict (Self-Released)
ALTERNATIVE ACTION - Global Assault (Self-Released)
ALTERNATIVE ACTION - Antitrust (Self-Released)

TABANO - Falsa Realidad (Self-Released)