Sunday, March 22, 2015

Radio - Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Listen to the show on the player above or download an MP3 file of the show.

ALCOHOL FUELED - Poison (Self-Released)

BLANK PAGES - Golden Chains (Hardware)
TV FREAKS - Battle (Schizophrenic)
IMAGINARY DICTIONARY - James Brown (Hardware)
CATHOLIC GUILT - Man Of Straw (Doom town / Cut the Cord)
DEAD MOUTH - Through Being Cool (CIUT)

FIRST BASE - You've got a hold on me (Hosehead)
FASHIONISM - Smash the state with your face (Hosehead)
SUBWAY SECT - Ambition (Rough Trade)
SPASTICS - Cherry Pop (Rip Off)
BUM - Don't come close to me (Lancerock)

CRIMEN - Bien Chafa (Discos Enfermos)
S.H.I.T. - Private Lies (Static Shock)
RAYOS X - El Ejercito (Silenzio Statico)
CHEAP DRUGS - Still Nothing (Hardware)
HASSLER - Cannon fodder (Deranged)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Fight War, Not Wars (Fade In)

LOW CULTURE - Nervous Wreck (Dirt Cult / Rad Girlfriend)
TRANZMITORS - Teenage Tragedy (Deranged)
POINTED STICKS - All I Could Take (Unreleased)
BUZZCOCKS - I don't know what to do with my life (United Artists)
THE CLASH - What's My Name ? (CBS)
THE SCREWED - In the City (Screwed)
AJUTINE VALITSUS - Kasuta Asju Oigesti (Self-Released)
TOTAL LOVE - I Don't Wanna Work (Self-Released)

A Nuggets / Pebbles set inspired by an upcoming show with the Sonics which also sees a new release by the band. "Bad Betty" below is one of the new songs. 

LOVE - My little red book (Elektra)
THE CHOB - We're Pretty Quick (Lavette)
THE DEL-VETTS - Last time around (Sundazed)
THE STOOGES - I wanna be your dog (Elektra)
THE SONICS - Cinderella (Etiquette)
THE SONICS - Bad Betty (Re Vox)
SHOCK TREATMENT - Belfast Telegraph (Good Vibrations)
PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS - Never find me (1-2-3-4 Go)
LEATHERFACE - Springtime

SCHOOL JERKS - Ugly Minds, Ugly Faces (Bad Vibrations)
KREMLIN - Anti Septic (Hardware)
ANTIDOTE - Zero Mentality (Antidote)
THE MOB - Doctor Butcher (Mob Style)
RAD - Banned in Citurs Heights (Sacramento)
DOUBLE-O - Putting DC on the Map (R&B)
NO LABELS - Not for me (Fartblossom)

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Subliminal (Frontier)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Radio - Sunday, March 15th, 2015

We started out the show with this new Hamilton band and an interview and studio 3 session recorded back on February 24th. The band features two Rocket Reducers and one Vapid. You can hear the show here.

FLESH RAG - It Ain’t Enough (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Interview (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Burning Sands (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Interview (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Fucked Up (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Bad Attitude (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Interview (CIUT)
FLESH RAG – You fucked me up, you put me down (CIUT)
FLESH RAG – Running Around (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Interview (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Interview (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Ugly Death (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Interview (CIUT)
FLESH RAG - Tombstone Heart (CIUT)

TNT - Zuri Brannt (Static Age)
TOM AND THE BOOT BOYS - Oi! Boy Oi! Girl (Fear of War)
URBAN SAVAGE - Wasted time (Self-Released)
OI POLLOI - Skinheads Of Tomorrow (Rotten to the Core)
SKUNX - Destiny (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - Another Round (CIUT)

SEX DWARF - Din Gud (D-Takt and Rapunk / Konton Crusher)
SUFFER - War Paint (Per Koro / Vendetta)
PLEASURE CROSS - Only In A Dream (Iron Lung)
MENTAL DISTRESS - Love Sex, Hate Sexism
THE SICKS - Pretty Plastic (Fair Warning)
WAR EMBLEM - Frustration (Narshardan)
PURE DISGUST - You Don't Care (Flophouse)

THE CAPITALIST KIDS - I dreamed I saw Phil Ochs last night (Toxic Pop)
WASTOIDS - Faux Pas (High Anxiety)
BOSTON STRANGLER - Call to Arms (Fun with Smack)
VACANT STATE - Where's the line (Hardware)
S.H.I.T. - Nobody knows anybody (Iron Lung)
PURA MANIA - Sospepchoso (CV Recs)
LOW CULTURE - Georgia (Dirt Cult)

On the woman's takeover show last week, Lia played this great new band from Montreal.  We featured their demo which can be found at

MALOKIO - Futuro Feo (Self-Released)
MALOKIO - Selvaggio (Self-Released)
MALOKIO - Bambino (Self-Released)
MALOKIO - Home (Self-Released)
MALOKIO - Formiche (Self-Released)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Selected Illustrations and Zines by Tara Bursey: 2005-2015

- The exhibit will contain original drawings for lots of School Jerks/Bad Vibrations-related art (original drawings) as well as artwork for other bands and projects 
- The exhibit will be held at Hammer City Records and opens at this Friday's art crawl event, Friday, March 13th, 2015 from 7-11pm
- Tara will be selling zines (new and old) and screenprinted posters in honour of International Women's Day. 
- Proceeds will go to Hammer City Records and Hamilton's chapter of the Elizabeth Fry Society.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Radio - Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Sarde, Zoe, and Lia programmed the 2015 version of International Womens Day show with loads of great new bands and lots of members from the current scene which included Erica and Jada and McKenzie and Sadie and Susie. It was a great vibe in the studio with loads of interactive discussion and killer tunes. Here is what was played. 

FRAU - Punk is my boyfriend (Static Shock)

CREMALLERAS - Cara Descompuesta (Cintas pepe)
PERVERTED JUSTICE - Back on the Blade (It Stinks)
CADAVER EM TRANSE - Take a Look (Nada Nada)
VEXX - Clairvoyant (Mlady)
G.L.O.S.S. - Outcast Stomp (Total Negativity/Nervous Nelly)

LEATHER DADDY - At Night (Failure)
DOWNTOWN BOYS - Maldito (Self-Released)
NANDAS - Witch's (Self-Released)
MALOKIO - Selvaggio (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - No Laughter (Konton Crasher)

RATA NEGRA - Corasones (Self-Released)
DETECTORS - Ciutat (Blau)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Boys for 20 Years (Deranged)
STRANGLED - Cost of Living (Crude City)
SNOB - Harassed (Sorry State)

The demo feature is in the middle of the show and members in triage were in studio tonight, Sadie and Lia, who do a quick back and forth with Sarde about the band and the demo

TRIAGE - Theme (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - Everyday in Hell (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - White Eyes (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - Fear Eater (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - Retaliatory Strike (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - Power Beat (Sub//Par)

THE COMES - In Japanese (Dogma)
PRETTY BOYS - Get rid of yourself (Self-Released)
MUJERCITOS - Hiper-Gordo (Self-Released)
GAZM - Pit (Self-Released)
CRYOGENICS - Black and Blue (I Love You) (Self-Released)
TOZCOS -Ahogado (overdose)
ATRAKO - Miedo (Self-Released)

IN SCHOOL - Knocked Out (Kill Test)
PIG DNA - Bosses (Self-Released)
NUCLEAR DEATH - Human Seed (Wild Rag)
TORSO - Waste of Time (Adagio 830)
DEATH EVOCATION - Relentless (Quality Control HQ)
BOLT THROWER - Psychological Warfare (Vinyl Solution)

ANTI-SEX - Desesperacion (Self-Released)
SECT - Liars (Self-Released)
ANA CURRA - Envuelta en ron (Hispavox)

It is rumoured that Chloe is coming back in April for an on air reunion with the group. So there could be another takeover sooner than you think.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Radio - Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Recorded a couple of weeks back in studio 3 we got to document this little known band from here with some huge influences taking chances with Summer of Revolution DC scene material and Ebullition styled hardcore emo fusion. The sounds that Brauer come up with are familiar but have never been done in this way before. Innovative, captivating, and catchy with a nod to performance draws comparisons to Nation of Ulysses meets Fugazi meets Beefeater. Just bowled me over with a mash up sound that I didn't think existed and still don't really believe it had I not witnessed it for myself. You can hear the show above or download an MP3 here.

BRAUER – Mumbo’s 1 through 4 (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)

The band does a Jawbreaker cover which was particularly great when everyone in the studio just broke into the chorus.

BRAUER – Kiss the Bottle (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – What a time to be alive (2011) (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Castlerock (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Lesley Gore (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Skinny Wolves (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Technicolour Yawn (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Baptist - Human Torch (CIUT)

To check out Brauer's other studio recordings visit

VCR - Bugs Bugs Bugs / Slap your mammy (Barfbag)
VACANT STATE - Chains (Hardware
BOSTON STRANGLER "Fire" LP - Outcast (Fun with Smack)

GANG OF FOUR - Anthrax (Warner Brothers)

MRR Review - Hassler "Fed, Worked and Watered" LP

The Hassler full length was just reviewed in the March 2015 issue of MRR (#382)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Top 10 - February 2015

Top 10 - February 2015
1. S.H.I.T. “Feeding Time/Private Lies” ep (Static Shock Records)
2. BOSTON STRANGLER "Fire" LP (Fun with Smack)
3. PORKERIA “Desde la Era del Terror” ep (Adelante Discos)
4. BAJA BLATZ - In it, Over it (Self-Released)
5. NO SIR I WON’T “The Whole Fucking World is Shit” 12” (Drunken Sailor)
6. AMERICAN HATE "Dead Squeeze" ep - Social Exposure (Not Normal)
7. IMPALERS “Psychedelic Snutskallar” 12” - Tracers (540 Records)
8. HARD LEFT “Skinheads Home for Christmas / Yesterday’s Home” (Future Perfect)
9. VACANT STATE “Chains” ep - Chains (Hardware)
10. VCR “VCR’s Greatest Hits” ep - Bugs Bugs Bugs (Barfbag)

* 540 Records -