Sunday, March 19, 2023

Radio : EXD 1244 - Sunday March 19, 2023


On this episode, Chris digs into some new releases, Andre pulls together the sounds of the new oi movement, Chris digs into a rare English Dogs cassette, Stephen does a tribute to Spot and a set on the Japanese fastcore scene in the Y2K era. And our demo feature is a band from Montreal called Jock. But up first a belated St Patrick's Day celebration with some Celtic punk.

THE MAHONES - Tin Soldiers (Divergent)

THE GRINNING BARRETTS - Star of the County Down (Self-Released
THE CLOVERHEARTS - Junky (Dead Ferret Productions)
SIR REG - Goodbye To All Your Freedom (Despotz
DROPKICK MURPHYS - Where Trouble Is At (Dummy Luck) 
GOGOL BORDELLO - Shot of Solidaritine (Cooking Vinyl) - The Singer Eugene Hutz did an awesome interview on the Sunday Magazine on CBC talking about this album. Eugene is of Ukranian origin and this album is to raise money for Ukraine. The Album is called “Solidaritine”

New Releases (Chris) 
VIDA MUERTA - Bloody Greed (Sistema Mortal  
TERRORVÄLDE - Deus econômico (Self-released)   
VAROITUS - Sotatila (Phobia) 
DEATH CRUSADE - Wojna (Elitbolaget / Deviance / Throne Of Lies / Hidden Beauty / Helldog) 
XIAO - Fools (Quarantined HQ) 

Today’s Crop of New Skinhead/UK 82’ Hardcore Punk Fighting Music (André)
CONSERVATIVE MILITARY IMAGE - I’m Not Your Skinhead (Lionheart) 
SKINHEAD - Soft Boiled (Closed Casket Industries) 
THE CHISEL - Crocket (La Vidas Es Mus) 
THE FLEX - Inferno (Static Shock) 
VIOLENT WAY - You Are The Fool (Self-Released
SLUGGER - I’m Not A Sucker (Try And Stop Me) 
CONCRETE ELITE - Unbreakable Breed (Self Released
THE ROYAL HOUNDS - Baby I Hope They Remember Me (Oi! The Boat/Contra) 

New stuff (Rob)
PINK LEATHER JACKETS - Keep that Shit to Yourself (Self-Released
STATUES - Dead of Summer (Lovely) 
LUCIFER STAR MACHINE - Psychic Vampires (Feat. Sparky) (The Sign) 
SCHEDULE 1 - Paint it Red (Dirt Cult
THE BOBBY LEES - Dig Your Hips2 (Ipecac)

English Dogs Rarities (Chris) 
This next segment is for fans of English Dogs. A friend of mine named Daniel recently obtained a copy of an unreleased demo by English Dogs. He was nice enough to forward it to me. Many thanks to Daniel for this kind gesture. The interesting thing about the demo is that it was recorded during a massive sound and lineup change. English Dogs went from a UK82 style band to a crossover powerhouse in (what seems like) under a year. When writing for their new sound the dogs asked long time friend of rhythm guitarist Jon Murray, Trace Abbott to assist. Trace is the guitarist and founding member of the NWOBHM band Overdrive and also played with Witchfynde. Jon had played bass with overdrive prior to starting English Dogs. So, this demo is three songs. Two of which most English Dogs fans should be familiar with and one unreleased track. Let’s have a listen to some of the demo. This is the demo version, recorded August 22nd 1984, of Ambassador of Fear.   

ENGLISH DOGS - Ambassador of Fear (Unreleased demo) 
ENGLISH DOGS - Incisor (Unreleased demo) 

Those were demo versions of Ambassador of Fear and Incisor by English Dogs. The lineup that recorded these versions consisted of 3 members of the classic line up. Jon, Wattie and Pinch. With Trace on lead guitar and friend of the band Troy on Vocals. I was lucky enough to speak with Trace regarding this demo and he helped me fill in a few blanks. I should mention that this is not uncharted territory. Negative Insight did a brief but informative write up about this rarity. Check the live Facebook commentary or the equalizingXdistort blog for links. One thing that struck me besides the difference in lead guitar players was that the demo featured a vocalist that wasn’t part of either lineup of the band; UK82 or crossover. As Trace explained, he was a friend. However, this demo was used to recruit a new vocalist; Ade Bailey formerly of Ultra Violent. Wakey having departed the band, because of the new music style. Due to Trace’s involvement in Pendragon coupled with the loss of a loved one, he was not able to fill the role of permanent lead guitarist. But life long friend of Trace and former member of the (most excellent) Destructors, Gizz Butt was recruited. Coming up next are the album versions (with Gizz playing lead and Ade on vocals) of the same two songs we just heard!! Once again, this is Ambassador of Fear. 

ENGLISH DOGS - Ambassador of Fear (Rot Records) 
ENGLISH DOGS - Incisor (Rot Records) 

That was Ambassador of Fear and Incisor by English Dogs. This is the unreleased demo material from English Dogs. As well as album versions of the tracks; such as the last two songs we played. Kind of seeing how their sound evolved. Kind of nerding out. I spoke briefly with Trace Abbott of Overdrive (who played lead guitar on the demos) to help me fill in a few blanks. Trace paid to have the demos restored from 1/4” tape this year by Bart Gabriel. The tape itself was damp and covered in mold, but Bart was able to restore it and transfer it to a digital format. I asked Trace if he had done any other collaborations with members of English Dogs and the answer I got was yes; with a but. I mentioned that Jon was the bassist of early Overdrive. What I came to learn was Pinch teamed up with Trace for about a year in the band Metalstorm. However, the only recording was a live board recording that was stolen in 1989. Something that would definitely be nice to check out, unfortunately. In any case both the Dogs and Trace are still at it pursuing their own projects. Overdrive have a new LP ready and are currently looking for a well suited label. I can maybe drop that the album is called Resurrection and features riffs from the lost Metalstorm board mix. Hence resurrection. He’s also playing live with Witchfynde-X. We’re going to close out the set with an unreleased and mostly unknown English Dogs demo. Many thanks to Daniel, Trace, Gizz and Negative Insight for their contributions to this feature. As a lifelong fan this kind of material blows my mind. 

ENGLISH DOGS - Cut and Dry (Unreleased demo)  

Tribute - Spot - Real Name: Glenn Michael Lockett 
Spot (born July 1, 1951 – died March 4, 2023) best known for being the house producer and engineer for SST Records. He briefly played bass for Panic and recorded all the bands in this set. 
PANIC - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 
HUSKER DU - First of the Last Calls 
MINUTEMEN - One Chapter in the Book 
CRUCIFUCKS - Go Bankrupt and Die 

Japanese youth crew sound Y2K (Stephe) 
TOTAL FURY - Slam Chop
RAZORS EDGE - Razors Edge is Most Thrash!! (Groupsounds) 
EXCLAIM - No Skate No Thrash (Straight Up) 
REAL SHIT - R is for Real (2 Hard / Mickeyroom)
VIVISICK - Beautiful Shit in the Crowd (Dan-Doh) 

Demo Feature (Chris)
Jock is a Montréal hardcore band. The demo was released on March 14th.  
JOCK - Guilty (Mouth of Madness)
JOCK - Leech (Mouth of Madness)
JOCK - Coward (Mouth of Madness)
JOCK - Baymen (Mouth of Madness)
JOCK - Working Class (Mouth of Madness)
JOCK - I Don't Trust Your Opinion (Mouth of Madness)
JOCK - Breaking Point (Mouth of Madness)

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Radio : EXD 1243 - Sunday March 12th, 2023


On tonight's show we pay tribute to Jae Apple who passed away on March 2nd 2023. In honour of International Women's Day, Chris features some highlights for Yell Out Fest in Montreal next weekend. Andre looks at some of Rollins' deep cuts for a feature on discogs. Andre also does an audio show review for the recent Combust show that took place last weekend. Rob looks at the 90's garage punk scene. Stephen does a mod feature on the Chords.  Chris features some new releases. And a demo feature by Obedient who are a west coast cross channel punk band out of BC. 

A.P.P.L.E. - Peace is Possible (Vinyl Communications

International Women’s Day - Yell Out Fest - Montréal (Chris) 
Friday, March 17th Evening @ Foufounes Électriques
LAURA KRIEG - Tout S’effondre Tout Va Bien (Detriti)
OF THE VEIL - Wild Like Honey (Self released
Saturday, March 18th Matinée @ L’Achoppe 
DEADBOLT  - Natural Born Hater (Ice Island Hardcore) 
RATPISS - Bring Back 80’s Speed (Self released
Saturday, March 18th Evening @ Foufounes Électriques 
CELL DEATH - Pickpocket (Sewercide
DOGMA - Witch Hunt (The Mob) (Pils)

SOCCER TEAM - Lazy Colonist (Dischord
THE SODS - Police (Medley)
Bands that played at the Combust show
THE FACT - Seein’ Red (Homie Shit Magazine
BURNING LORD - Mirror Of Lies (Tribe Dream
EXHIBITION - Can This Last Forever? (Triple B
COMBUST - Why I Hate (Cash Only) 
C4 - Real Estate Barons (Triple B
SINGLE WOUND - Drop the Knife (Self-Released

90s Garage (Rob) 
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS - 1977 (Hangman)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Dragstrip Riot (Crypt
GAUNT - Jim Motherfucker (Get Hip
TEENGENERATE - Let’s Get Hurt (Crypt
TEEN CRUD COMBO - Wash Dish (Deranged)

Mod feature - The Chords (Stephe) 
The Chords commonly associated with the 1970s mod revival, were from South East London. They formed in 1978 when singer/guitarist Billy Hassett and his bassist cousin, Martin Mason, advertised for musicians in the NME and found guitarist and songwriter, Chris Pope. By March 1979 The Chords were taking the stage. They gigged continuously over the spring and summer, headlining two mod festivals at London's Marquee Club and recording their first BBC Radio 1 session for DJ John Peel in early July. They also featured, along with some of their fans, on the cover of Time Out magazine. Amongst their early supporters were Paul Weller, who saw one of their first concerts, and Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey, who signed the group to his JP Productions company. The quartet recorded a handful of demos for Pursey, before the relationship soured after he heckled The Undertones at a concert which the Chords had opened. Polydor then signed the band to a recording contract. For their debut single, the Chords chose one of the songs recorded for Pursey, "Now It's Gone", re-recorded it and had it released in September 1979. It rose to No. 63 in the UK Singles Chart. 
THE CHORDS - Don't Look Back (Polydor) 
THE CHORDS - Maybe Tomorrow (Polydor) 

They followed it up in January 1980 with "Maybe Tomorrow", which, bolstered by rave reviews in the press, shot in to the UK Top 40. A second Peel session was recorded in March, and the next month their third single, "Something's Missing", arrived. This taster for their debut album, So Far Away, reached No. 55. The album made No. 30 in the UK Albums Chart in May, bolstered by a UK tour. 

THE CHORDS - Something's Missing (Polydor) 

The album included two cover versions; Sam & Dave's "Hold On, I'm Comin'" and The Beatles' "She Said She Said". AllMusic gave So Far Away 4.5 stars, the second highest rating possible. "The British Way of Life" single arrived in July and reached No. 54, 

THE CHORDS - The British Way of Life (Polydor) 
THE CHORDS - In My Street (Polydor) 

"In My Street", released in October, topped out at No. 50. This song would go on to represent the band in many mod comps through the generations. The group continued touring, until a show at London's Music Machine in November 1980. The Chords sacked Hassett, and the former Vibrators' singer Kip Herring stepped in. The old line-up was featured on the cover of their next single, "One More Minute", which arrived in May 1981. It was a flop, as was August's "Turn Away Again", and the Chords called it a day the following month. In 1986, a live album entitled No One's Listening Anymore was issued, which was recorded at the Rainbow room in 1980. A decade later, the double album compilation CD, This Is What They Want was released. In August 2010, The Chords went back on the road with their original line-up, promoting the single, "Another Thing Coming", and playing gigs across the UK. They also toured Australia and Japan in 2012. A DVD, What Became of the People We Used To Be - The History of The Chords was available from May 2012, charting the band's rise to cult status. Here's a track from the live recording.

THE CHORDS - I'm Not Sure (Unicorn) 

New Releases (Chris) 
TIIKERI - Punk on mun elämä (Open Up and Bleed / Vox Populi) 
TIO WISE - Bake A Cake (Dirtbag Distro
SHITTY LIFE - Out of the Scheme (11PM / Budget Living / Lo-fi Lo-life
MORTAR - The System Fucks You Up (NNNW
SEX VIRGIN KILLER - Devil (Lilii Sound Loom) 

RUM RUNNER - What's The Music Mean To You (Stumble)
IQ78 - Bring It Back (Self-Released)
THE LORRAINAS - Superman Garbageman (Mom’s Basement /Surfin’ Ki
OUT OF ORDER - Stay With Me (Self-Released)
2-PUMP LOUIE - Knockdown (Federal Dog / 2-Bone) 

Demo Feature 
OBEDIENT refer to themselves as cross channel basement hardcore because one member is in Vancouver and another is in Victoria. The songs were originally recorded in 2019 and re-recorded in 2020. The vocals were laid down in January of this year. 

OBEDIENT - Over It (Slow Death) 
OBEDIENT - Dead to Me (Slow Death) 
OBEDIENT - Black Out and Block (Slow Death) 
OBEDIENT - Want to Die (Slow Death)

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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Radio : EXD 1242 - Sunday March 5, 2023

On tonight’s show, we have a feature length interview with S.C.U.M. from Montreal who are important for a number of reasons. They were a very politically minded band taken on issues of policing, religion, war, and multi-national corporations. They were part of developing a Canadian version of crossover along with peers (Sudden Impact, Micro Edge and Fair Warning). Their singer is Black and one of the few prominent persons of colour within the early punk scene. He was also an amazing skater in his own right. I was able to speak with guitarist George Pearson (thanks to Erick Roy) about the significance of S.C.U.M. From being the band that fed the Montreal punk scene with members leaving to start Unruled and No Policy to brazenly speaking truth to power to a Montreal police force bent on criminalizing kids. 

Also on tonight’s show a demo feature by a little known Toronto diamond in the rough from 2004 called Brinks of Madness. 

S.C.U.M. - Home Away from Home (Psyche / Porterhouse)

New Releases (Chris) 
NEGATIVE PRAYER - Morbid (Carbonized)
INYECCIÓN - Fuck Hipster (Discos Enfermos / A-Z)  
DESTRUCT - Children In Rubble (Skrammel / Grave Mistake)  
WARKRUSHER - Silence (Audacious Madness) 
OBEDIENT - Repulsed (Self-Released / Slow Death) 

SCUM has always been one of my favourite bands all time bands. Never thought I would ever get to talk to them. Never say never. Thanks to Erick Roy we got to speak to George Pearson who plays guitar and reluctantly bass as we learn. As I mentioned at the top their album “Born Too Soon” has just been re-issued but that is not the only surprise they have in store. We are going to start off with “So MUCH Hate”, which originally appeared on the PEACE comp and was one of SCUM’s first unveilings to an international hardcore scene. 

S.C.U.M. Interview (Stephe) 
S.C.U.M. - So M.U.C.H. Hate (Psyche / Porterhouse)
S.C.U.M. - Interview (CIUT)
S.C.U.M. - Exit Death (Psyche / Porterhouse)
S.C.U.M. - Interview (CIUT)
MOTHERFUCKERS - Exit Death (En Guard)
S.C.U.M. - Interview (CIUT)
S.C.U.M. - Pool Hunt (Psyche / Porterhouse)
S.C.U.M. - Interview (CIUT)
S.C.U.M. - No Hope Religion (Psyche / Porterhouse)
S.C.U.M. - Interview (CIUT)
S.C.U.M. - Double Cross (Psyche / Porterhouse) 
S.C.U.M. - Interview (CIUT)
S.C.U.M. - Go To War (Psyche / Porterhouse) 
S.C.U.M. - Interview (CIUT)
S.C.U.M. - Bunker Life (Psyche / Porterhouse) 
S.C.U.M. - Interview (CIUT) 
S.C.U.M. - Pyramid Mall Blues (Psyche / Porterhouse) 

Demo Feature - 
Brinks of Madness - Demo (2004) 
Brinks of Madness was a local band in the early 2000s that I was asked to join after a lineup change. The lineup that recorded this demo was Pat (Saigon Distress Signal) on vocals, Vassil (Absolut) on drums, Richard (Absolut) on bass; with myself and our friend Jeremy on guitar. We were heavily influenced by Disclose, Scandinavian hardcore (Skitsystem, Crude SS, etc.) and stenchcore (which at the time we were calling “shit metal”). We played a number of shows around the Queen and Bathurst area at venues like Q Bar and Anias International Caffe that were unbelievably chaotic with damage happening to venues, band members, the audience… it was exciting and frightening at the same time. We eventually recorded a demo with our friend Doug (who would also go on to form Saigon Distress Signal) in his parents’ basement in Scarborough. While I was touring with my other band at the time, I played the demo for a couple of people from Profane Existence and they liked it so much, they wanted us to do a release with them. However, when I returned from that tour the band disbanded. I didn’t have a copy of the demo at that point. I think I left it with the good people at Profane Existence, however alcoholism makes those years pretty blurry, with scattered memories at best. But, I always thought what we had tracked was pretty sweet. After looking for any trace of this demo for 19 years, Richard found a copy in his email; that Vassil had sent him years ago. And, he sent it my way. I did a quick remaster and tonight, for your listening pleasure, we’re going to showcase it. 

BRINKS OF MADNESS - The Ambitious Plot (Self-Released)
BRINKS OF MADNESS - Its Gotten Worse (Self-Released)
BRINKS OF MADNESS - Time (Self-Released)
BRINKS OF MADNESS - Dead Alive (Self-Released)
BRINKS OF MADNESS - Hopeless (Self-Released)

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Radio : EXD 1241 - Sunday February 26th, 2023

On tonight’s show we have lots of new sets, including a feature on a comp called Guitars4Grrls. We have a Black History Month segment on Jon McClain - drummer of Ugly Americans among others. And the third installment of Chris Murdoch's scene report which take a look at the Maritimes. Download the show here

THE SPORES - Subversive (Sudden Death

Scene report (Chris Murdoch, segment 3) 
Bands from the Maritimes 
CELL DETH - Eat Pray Fuck You (Sewercide
THE CHITZ - Reactionary (Subprofit) 
THE HOLD - Disease (Divorce) 
SCHIZOID - Death Deliverer (D.U.P.P.) 
CHILLER - Agony (Dirt Cult

New Releases (Chris) 
PUTRID FUTURE - Two Tier Economy (Razored Raw / Feral Dog
SZKŁO - Dogs Aren’t Pigs (Razored Raw / Feral Dog
MONONEGATIVES - North Carolina Atomic Bomb (Self Released / No Front Teeth / Dowd)
SALVAJE PUNK - Salvaje (Toxic State / Burning Paradise Productions)  
DEADACHE - Why (Self released
SKROT - Edsbrytare (Self released
ORRENDO SUBOTNIK - Gaetano (Self-released)  
KLINT - Mad at Myself (GI) (Self-released

Highlight of compilation called Guitars4grrrls (
BYOCTOPI - Fingernails (Put Out Your Own Records) 
MISS CONDUCT - Hangman (Put Out Your Own Records) 
MVLL CRIMES - Foods I Don’t Eat (Put Out Your Own Records) 
HEAVY PETTER - Professionally Pathetic (Tarantula Tapes) 

Pigs(z)/No Funeral (Andre)
WHITE PIGS - Early Grave (Swinch Kwilsen) 
WHITE PIGS - FukFukFuk (Swinch Kwilsen) 
VIOLENT PIGZ - Why Don’t You Ready To Die (No Solution Ltd.)
VIOLENT PIGZ - Neighborhood Kills (No Solution Ltd.) 
PEOPLE’S TEMPLE - Think For Me (RoachLeg
BOTFLY - Reflect // Reject (No Funeral)
WEDGE - Barbarism (No Funeral
VOTIVE - Marked By All Those Passing (No Funeral

BHM (Stephe)
Jon McClain is the drummer for UGLY AMERICANS. Jon also played in many bands. 1982 - No Rock Stars would have been one of the first bands who contribute to the “No Core” cassette compilation -  
1983 - Stillborn Christians contribute to a compilation called “Why Are We Here”. 
1983 - Ugly Americans start up and Jon McClain joins to record on the “Who’s been Sleeping in my bed” LP that gets released in 1985 
1994 - Picasso Trigger records on Fire in the Hole 
1995 - Leadfoot - stoner rock band started by someone in COC 

BAD CHECKS - I'm Paranoid (Loretta) 
NO ROCK STARS - Thrash (No Core) 
UGLY AMERICANS - Contest (Death / Armageddon)
RADICAL DANCE FACTION - Working Class Hero (Earth Zone) 
THE JAM - Move On Up (Polydor) 
Oldies (Stephe)
IVY GREEN - Another Sub-Culture Going Bad (Pogo) 
JIMMY AND THE BOYS - Vampire Love (Avenue) 
RED ROCKERS - Teenage Underground (Vinyl Solution) 
RESISTANCE 77 - Nottingham Problem (Riot City)
NO FUN - Now I Ain't Got No Face (Werewolf T-Shirts)
TEENAGE HEAD - Picture my face (Epic / Bellaphon)

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Radio : EXD 1240 - Sunday February 19th, 2023

Who is Cherl Boyze and what is her connection to Tribe Called Quest. Tune in to tonight’s EXD. We also feature part 2 of a scene report feature with Chris Murdoch in which we explore bands that Chris was in. There’s a review of the Gel show last week. A new release showcase. A power violence set. And we feature a new D-Beat band from Calgary called Closetalkers. Download the show here.

DEAD KENNEDYS - Soup is good food (Alternative Tentacles)

Scene report - Chris Murdoch (Part 2) 
MEAN STREETS - Problems (Self-Released
NEGATIVE RAGE - Snot Nose (Self-Released)
OUTTACONTROLLER - Partner In Crime (P-Trash)
SOUVENIR - Circles (Self-Released


New Releases (Chris Overall) 
SHARIZZA - Oma (Turbo Discos
SPLIT TONGUE - Class War (Hardcore Victim
SIAL - Sangkar (LVEUM
PHYSIQUE - Unreal Cruelty (Iron Lung
PEST CONTROL - Judgement Time (Hardcore Victim)
HIATUS - End is Near (Ruin Nation

So Anthony Reid is a long standing guy in the scene. He has been going to shows long before I was in the scene and we were brainstorming punk bands with members with black musicians in the band and here are some that I have never played on the show before.
NASTY FACTS - Drive My Car (Jimboco / 5th Column / Left for Dead)
SCREAMING SNEAKERS - Grin and Bear (Revoltation / Generation)
CULT HEROES - Amerikan Story (Rave Up)
ANTI-FLAG - Mumia's Song (A-F)
LEFTOVER CRACK - Operation M.O.V.E. (Alternative Tentacles)

MOVE is a radical Black Liberation movement based out of Philadelphia. Founded by the self-named “John Africa”, MOVE has an aggressively anti-capitalist, anti-technology, and anti-government agenda which led first to conflicts with their neighbors and then with the Philadelphia police. The conflict between MOVE and the Philadelphia PD exploded into violence on two occasions, finally culminating in a standoff in 1985 which ended with the police dropping a two pound bomb on the roof of the MOVE compound, starting a fire that destroyed 65 homes and killed 11 MOVE members, including several children. Check this podcast on the bombing of MOVE

Show Review of GEL @ 1978, Demo Feature, and Some More New Stuff
GEL - Attainable (Convulse)
LIFE IN VACUUM - Lost (Born Losers)
FINAL STRUGGLE - Egocide (Self-Released
FEVER STRIKE - Grinner (Self-Released)
FEVER STRIKE - Eleven44 (Self-Released)

Power Violence
RECENSION - Xtakexaxlittlexoffxthexedgex (Self-Released)
WOUND MAN - Hollowed (Iron Lung
DROP DEAD - Pliers (Armageddon)
UNCLE RAY - Delusion (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
Closetalkers is a hardcore punk band from Calgary featuring members of DEATHKNELL, and PMMA, Demonstration ‘23 was self released in January, and Closetalkers will be hitting the west coast for a string of shows in June, then out in late summer/early fall to eastern Canada as well. Next show is in Calgary on March 18th with DESGRACIADOS from Deranged Records. Tagged as a D-Beat hardcore band, there is a barreling bass sound matched with some haunting vocals and a buzzsaw guitar. 

CLOSETALKERS - Disparity (Self-Released)
CLOSETALKERS - Cursed (Self-Released)
CLOSETALKERS - Mess (Self-Released)
CLOSETALKERS - Decapitated (Self-Released) . 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Radio : EXD 1239 - Sunday February 12th, 2023


ENVISION - Best of Times (Self-Released)

Chris Murdoch has been working on a scene report segment for our show for a few weeks now and we got together and recorded it last weekend. But the segments are so long that we are going to air it on three consecutive shows. Tonight we will be airing the feature which looks at his Black Dots presentation which started out as a social media project. But I will leave that for Chris to explain. 

Also on tonight’s show Chris Overall does a Black History Month feature that looks at rock and roll and some early covers by punk bands in a feature called The Great Rock n Roll Swindle. Andre highlights a New York label - Nerve Altar. Rob has some great Canadian material which includes a Direct Action cover. And a new releases feature to round things out. 

Download the show here.

Scene report - Chris Murdoch (Part 1) 
Highlights from Black Dots presentation 
Chris Murdoch is our scene report feature for the next three weeks. Chris is from Halifax and has played in a lot of bands which include Mean Streets and Word on the Street to Outtacontroller and Souvenir. A few weeks back I pitched him this idea of doing a scene report feature for the show and he was all in. This piece that we are about to air was the third segment in his scene report and relates to a presentation that Chris has put together on celebrating Black punks. He gets into how this came about which initially started as a social media project. We are airing the piece tonight because Chris is giving this presentation at a College in Dartmouth for the first time since the pandemic. So because of timing I wanted to get this to air. 

SWIZ - Lie (Sammich
X-RAY SPEX - I Can’t Do Anything (EMI) 
MCRAD - Sundial (Red Music) 
FIRE PARTY - Pilate (Dischord
BAD BRAINS - Don’t Need It (Caroline) 

The Great Rock n Roll Swindle (Chris) 
MOTÖRHEAD - Nadine (Castle Sanctuary) 
TRA (テラ) - Final B-beat Attack (Harimasu Asia) 
THE RAMONES - Do You Wanna Dance (Sire)
VOODOO GLOW SKULLS - Charlie Brown (Epitaph) 
SEX PISTOLS - Johnny B. Goode (Virgin) 

Nerve Altar spotlight (André)
RESENT - Wallowing In FIlth (Nerve Altar)
CHEPANG - Auda (Nerve Altar) 
OVERVIOLENCE - Pass The Crown (Nerve Altar) 
WATER TORTURE - Fourth Stage (Nerve Altar) 
HAAPOJA - Takauma (Nerve Altar) 

All Canadian Punk
AVERAGE TIMES - Out of This World (Self-Released)
BISHOPS GREEN - Working Poor (Pirates Press)
ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION - Hate Generation (En Garde) 
PHONE JERKS - Three Jobs (Alien Snatch
SCHOOL JERKS - Ugly Minds, Ugly Faces (Grave Mistake

New releases (Chris) 
RIVAL - Cazadores De La Noche (Self-released
CLASS - Inspect the Receipt (Feel It)
JUDY AND THE JERKS - Criminal (Earth Girl Tapes / Richter Scale) 
FERAL - Genocide (Earth Girl Tapes / Richter Scale)