Sunday, July 18, 2021

Radio - Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Tonight on EXD another unearthed demo from around these parts (Barrie) by B.S.L. Recorded in 1988 the second demo never really saw much circulation as the band was breaking up. They would go on to become Phallocracy and more recently the Groogies, but this unreleased demo shows the band’s roots of speed (a la HERESY / LARM / MDC). We will also be featuring some dep cuts from the Britain’s Burning comp. New international releases from Morocco (TAQBIR), Indonesia (ZAGOBART), Singapore (SIAL), and Chile (LUZ DE GAS). Lots of Canuck-core (COLD SHAKES, MISUSED, REAL SICKIES and the CHOICE FEW) and dad-core (THE ACCUSED A.D./ DOA) and re-issues (TOXIC WASTE / PROTEX). Download the show here.

REAL SICKIES - Sickies Don’t Talk (Stomp)

Oldies set - taken from the Britain’s Burning compilation that you have played in the past. The companion compilation to the Ian Glasper book. It’s a 4 CD boxset and these are lesser known songs from just the first CD.

THE WALL - Ghetto (Cherry Red)
THE STIFFS - Volume Control
 (Cherry Red)
!ACTION PACT! - London Bouncers
 (Cherry Red)
CHARGE - Kings Cross
 (Cherry Red)
NOTSENSIBLES - I Thought You Were Dead
 (Cherry Red)

Rob’s Oldies set
PROTEX - I Can Only Dream (Polydor / Sing Sing / Bachelor)
TRANZISTA - Better Beware (Land Speed)
MANUAL SCAN - Nothing You Can Do (Cheap Rewards)
THE ODDS - Don’t Get Angry 

New International releases
ZABOGART - Petugas ASN Catatan Sipil Ngot!!! (Self-Released)
SIAL - Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Mati (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LUZ DE GAS - Sentir (Iron Lung)
TAQBIR - Sma3 (La Vida Es Un Mus)
POGY ET LES KEFARS - Bye Bye Johnny (Crapoulet / No Front Teeth / Bitume Rugueux)

SLUMLORD - Fanbase (Self-Released)
MISUSED - Leatherface (Self-Released
PROXY - Slow Suicide (Self-Released)
NO HEART - Where Did You Go (Bords de Seine / Rebellion)
COLD SHAKES - Cheeze Ballz (L.I.P. Productions)

THE FRUMPIES - She’s A Real Cutie Pie
FEELS - Play It Cool (Castle Face)
THEE ALMIGHTY HANDCLAPS - Walkin’ Out (Goodbye Boozy)
PALE LIPS - Mary-Lou Sniffin' Glue (Hosehead / Resurrection)

THE ACCUSED AD - Eating Teeth (Blackhouse / Dread)
SARCASM - Cause You Suck (Radio Raheem)
THE BLUE CARPET BAND - Back in the Trash (Bomber Music)
THE DISASTER POINTS - Tonight I'm Waiting For You (Catch All)
STRONGHOLD - London Can Take It (Ravenhammer)

AFTERBOLTXEBIKE - Manifesto (Rebel Time / Dure Realite)
AN UNEASY PEACE - Fighting Sleep (Dirt Cult)
TOXIC WASTE - Listen Margaret (Sealed)
DOA - It's Treason (Sudden Death)

THE CHOICE FEW - Out On A Tenner (Longshot Music / Rebellion)
BOIDS - Bike Thief (Stomp)
CIGGIE AND THE DARTS - Cosmonaut (Tetryon Tapes)
DRAMA INFORMER - Gutterball (Self-Released)
IMPOTENTIE - Een Wereld Zonder Bom (Roachleg)

Demo Feature
BSL were a band from Barrie back in 1986-1988. The three letter acronym was adaptable and the band had made a few stickers to suggest what the three letters could stand for. Boys from Scuttlebutt Lodge was the one that I have heard repeated back to me fairly often. They recorded a second demo in 1988 that really didn’t get much fan fare but three songs from their first demo made it to a compilation that I put out in 1988 called “Ontario: Yours to Discover”. We’re going to hear the eight song demo tonight.

B.S.L. - Canada, Home of Candians, and O (Self-Released)
B.S.L. - Everything’s Just Fine (Self-Released)
B.S.L. - Growing in Size (Self-Released)
B.S.L. - Guilt (Self-Released)
B.S.L. - Human Prey (Self-Released)
B.S.L. - Patriotic Worship (Self-Released)
B.S.L. - Pumping Gas (Self-Released)
B.S.L. - You’re a Man (Self-Released)

The pride of Simcoe County. Probably not. But members of this band would go on to form Phallocracy and members of that band would go off in direction forming Career Suicide and the Groogies to name a few.

We are going to end with some more Canadian releases

FULLY CRAZED - Curb Session (Cursed Blessings)
PRESSON - Dying Light (Self-Released)
PUNITIVE DAMAGE - Baited (Convulse)
BOOTLICKER - State of Fever (Neon Taste / Static Shock)

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Radio - Sunday, July 11th, 2021

Tonight on EXD an unreleased 7 song recording by the BLASTCAPS recorded 20 years ago complete with a YYY cover in our demo feature. Mark and Bubby tell us about the recording. And now that Italy has settled who is Europe’s champs we featured bands from the final four countries which means you get punk from Italy (NEGAZIONE), Spain (ULTIMO RESORTE), Denmark (A.P.A.), and England (SHAM 69). We start the show out with some older (THE UGLY / THE SYSTEM) and recently re-issued material (NEOs / SKIN FLUTES) and fill out the show with a bucket load of new releases (YUGO / DIRECT THREAT / NO BRAINER). Download the show here

NEOS - Where Did You Go Wrong (Supreme Echo)
THE UGLY - All Because of You (Bomb)
THE SYSTEM - Their Decisions (Pax)
SOLENT GREENE - Frank Discussion (Placebo)
THE SKIN FLUTES - Straight Edge Song (Lavasocks)

NEGRO TERROR - Voice of Memphis (Chicken Ranch)
REBELMATIC - Feel Some Type of Way (Coffee Grind Media)
ΝΟΜΟΣ 751 - M.A.T. (Slovenly)
THE NUCLEARS - I Just Wanna Have Nothin' To Do (Self-Released)
CLOWNS - Like A Knife at a Gunfight (Self-Released)

YUGO - Invasión (Polze de la Mort)
HAPEA - Kun Kulkee se Kulkee (SPHC)
DIRECT THREAT - Direct Threat (Iron Lung)
DEFIANT STATE - Violent Culture (Self-Released)
NO BRAINER - Voices In My Head (Self-Released)

ANTAGONIZERS ATL - Kings (Pirates Press / Sexy Baby)
TV STATIC - Metropolis (Self-Released)
KRONSTADT - Hors sol (Une Vie Pour Rien / Destructure / Lada / Senseless Acts of Anger)
SOUS ESCORTE - Crier Frapper Vaincre (Primator Crew / Une Vie Pour Rien)
THE CLINCH - The Knife (Clockwork Punk / Osu! / Sunny Bastards)

HIT THE STREETS - Judy Goes Pop (Self-Released)
SPERMBIRDS - A Quarter Till The End of the World (Boss Tuneage / Last Exit Music / Rookie)
MANDIBLE KLAW - In the End (Self-Released)

At the time of producing this show we were in the semi finals of the Euro Cup. So we programmed sets which faced of punk bands from countries facing each other in those games. Here is Italy versus Spain 

SPIRITO DI LUPO - Nessuno vedeva, nessuno sentiva (Iron Lung)
IRREAL - Dissolució Total Del Sistema (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NEGAZIONE - Tutti Pazzi (No Plan)
ULTIMO RESORTE - Cementerio Caliente (Beat Generation / Flor Y Nata / Munster / Radikal 1977)
THE WOPS - S.I.A.E. (Self-Released)
DECIBELIOS - Cortate Las Venas (DRO / Munster)

Denmark vs England
SODS - Copenhagen (Medley / Step Forward)
SHAM 69 - Borstal Breakout (Polydor)
AMDI PETERSENS ARME - A.P.A.'s Antipoloitisang (Hjernespind)
HARD SKIN - Another Terrace Anthem (JT Classics)
[PSD] - Copenhagen Punk (Self-Released)
THE CHISEL - Criminal Crew (Beach Impediment / La Vida Es Un Mus)
Demo Feature
Tonight’s demo feature is not an official cassette release. It is an unreleased recording by a local band known as BLASTCAPS. A recording that they did that they never used and then they broke up and never got released. It was brought to my attention by Ryan Elinsky who we will talk to here along with Mark Harpur who played guitar. 

BLASTCAPS - Blinded (Unreleased)
BLASTCAPS - Seek the Sun (Unreleased)
BLASTCAPS - Ugly (Unreleased)
BLASTCAPS - Tom (Unreleased)
BLASTCAPS - Glorious Day (Beaumont Hamel (Unreleased)
BLASTCAPS - Too Bad (Unreleased)
BLASTCAPS - Wanderlust (YYY cover) (Unreleased)

YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Wanderlust (Fringe / TOHC83)

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Radio - Sunday July 4th, 2021

Tonight's show features a lot of new Canadian punk, a feature interview with the Beat Club, and a demo feature by Scheme out of Vancouver. But we start off with a knock on nationalism to coincide with America/Canada's birthday. Download the show here

TOXIC REASONS - Rally 'round the Flag Boys (Risky / Beer City)

ELEXTRALUXX - Little Miss ESP (Rum Bar)
ERIK NERVOUS - Robot Robot (Tetryon Tapes)
IMPLODERS - Shoot To Kill (Neon Taste)
THE HOLD - Serfdom (Divorce / Monorhetorik)
ELECTRIC CHAIR - Pledge of Allegiance (Iron Lung)

THE MERINUKS - Driver (Self-Released)
TOTAL WOLF - Circle Pit of the Shithawks (Wasted Wax)
SPREADEAGLE - Now Could Be Never (Longshot Music)
AGRICULTURE CLUB - Lonely Guitar Picker (Meter)

The Beat Club are a new band that Cleave Anderson put together. The Beat Club recorded at the Painted Lady last March and it reminded me of our studio 3 sessions. So Cleave agreed to tell me more about the recording and the band and the songs and so this in a radio feature kind of way we are delving into the Beat Club. 
THE BEAT CLUB - Me and My 45’s (Live)
THE BEAT CLUB - Interview 
WAYNE COUNTY AND THE BACK STREET BOYS - Max’s Kansas City (Max’s Kansas City) 
THE BEAT CLUB - Interview 
THE BEAT CLUB - Beat Club Beat (Live)
THE BEAT CLUB - Beat Club Party (Live)
THE BEAT CLUB - Interview 
THE BEAT CLUB - Don’t Wanna Wanna (Live)
THE BEAT CLUB - It is What it is (Live)
THE BEAT CLUB - Interview 
THE BEAT CLUB - My Neighbour (Live)
THE BEAT CLUB - Knuckle Sandwich (Live)
THE BEAT CLUB - Interview 
THE BEAT CLUB - Wild Junction Rock (Live)
THE BEAT CLUB - HartBeat 2Nite (Live)
THE BEAT CLUB - Interview 
THE BEAT CLUB - Kids Don’t Care 
THE BEAT CLUB - the Beat Goes On
THE BEAT CLUB - Interview 
THE BEAT CLUB - Do It In Detroit (Live)
Demo Feature
Scheme are another d-beat band out of Vancouver featuring the likes of Cordie Charge who has played in bands that we have played on the show like LAST KASTE, DESPAIR, and PHANE. This is a recent band that happened during the pandemic and they have a self-titled cassette out on Slow Death Records.

SCHEME - Anti-Social (Slow Death)
SCHEME - Survival (Slow Death)
SCHEME - No World Order (Slow Death)
SCHEME - Reality (Slow Death)
SCHEME - Shift of Power (Slow Death)
SCHEME - Humanity (Slow Death)
SCHEME - Tyrannical Arms (Slow Death)
SCHEME - Glory (Slow Death)
SCHEME - Autocratic Future (Slow Death)
SCHEME - Arduous March (Slow Death)

Here are some bands Cleave used to describe inspirations on the Beat Club to round out the show. 

HEARTBREAKERS - All By Myself (Track)
RICHARD HELL - Blank Generation (Sire)

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Radio - Sunday, June 27th, 2021

DRI - Soup Kitchen (Death / Beer City)

As we go into production city police are storming a homeless encampment to remove people living in the park due to the pandemic. Download tonight's show here.

X - Alphabetland (Fat Possum)
UJ3RK5 - Eisenhower & The Hippies (Quintessence)
NIGHT CHILL - Pestilence (Self-Released)
FEMALE HANDS - Monopoly of Minds (Quintessence)
THE COOLIES - Uh Oh (Wicked Cool)

DUMB PUNTS - Stressed Out (Pissfart
SMOOCH - Pucker Up (Pissfart
THE SORELS - She’s in the Gang (Surfin' KiReta
PALE LIPS - Don't Take Your Switchblade to New York (Resurrection / Surfin' Ki
THE FORGOTTEN REBELS - The Hammer (Magnetic Air)
Euro Cup tribute 
Group A 
Italy - LOS FASTIDIOS - Let's A.F.A. (KOB)
Wales - ICONS OF FILTH - Ghetto of Disillusion (Go Kart)
Switzerland - PROFAX - Presque Gentil (Equality)
Turkey - UGLY SHADOWS - Kids of Tomorrow (Dark Liquid)

Group B 
Belgium - P.I.G.Z. - Bloody Belgium (JW's / Payola / Ugly Pop)
Russia - RAT'S EYES - Russian Punx Federation (Self-Released)
Finland - BASTARDS - Delusion (Propaganda)
Denmark - WAR ON DESTRUCTION - Fri For Værdi (Self-Released)

Group C 
Netherlands - SAVAGE BEAT - League of Fools (Longshot / Rebellion)
Ukraine - THE BITY - Wonderful World (Self-Released)
Austria - STRAFPLANET - Verlierertyp (Contraszt!)
North Macedonia - NERVOUS SS - Despair (La Vida Es Un Mus

Group D 
Czech Republic - JUST WAR - All Wound Last Kills (Emergency)
England - RUDIMENTARY PENI - Witness (Sealed)
Croatia - ZULJ - Resetiraj Civilizaciju (Monsterbilly)
Scotland - BAKERS DOZEN - The Lines Have Been Drawn (Askania / Oldschool)

Group E 
Sweden - EXIL - Downward Spiral (Armageddon
Slovakia - DAVOVA PSYCHOZA - Strata Identity (Papagajuv Hlasatel)
Spain - VENENO - Héroes (Kremon / Broca / Little Jan's Hammer / El Lokal / Los Discos de la Bestia / Crapoulet / Tocsin / Repulsive Medias)
Poland - GOVERNMENT FLU - Waiting Game (Refuse)

Group F 
Germany - VSK - Der Wind Hat Sich Gedreht (Black Cat Tapes / Twisted Chords)
Portugal - SYSTEMIK VIOLENCE - Cultural Masturbation (Raw 'n' Roll Rex / Crucificados Pelo Sistema)
Hungary - CONTRA - Your War (9 Lies)

Demo Feature 
Lootbag is a band out of Victoria and they had recorded quite a few releases which came out on cassette. They formed out of the band SECTION 46 who also had a few releases. Lootbag started up in 1992 and this is one of their first releases. The band mostly released material on cassette. The band lives on today as AK47

LOOTBAG - The Fucking Mall (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - This One (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Ed Rocks Hard (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Skip One (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Whatever Happened to Fawn (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Holy Shit (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - 5 Banana (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Mike Makes Rice (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Heard They Were Cops (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Jan (Incentive) LOOTBAG - Our War (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Our Lives (Incentive) 
LOOTBAG - Hate (Incentive)

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Radio - Sunday, June 20th, 2021

LIMP WRIST - The Ode (Lengua Armada)

This song that recounts iconic punks from the LGBTQ community appeared on a compilation called “Histeria” in 2002. So we are using the call outs for the opening set. Download this week's show here

Thanks to everyone who donated to CIUT. We are still accepting donations. The grand prize draw will be July 9th so any donations have to be in before June 30th to be eligible for one of those two Everyday Electric Assist Pedal Bicycles and two home studio packages. If you want to donate you can do so at

LQBTQ Pride classics
EDITH MASSEY - Punks, Get off the Grass (Egg)
TOM ROBINSON BAND - Ain't Gonna Take It (EMI)
BUZZCOCKS - Orgasm Addict (Voto / Hugh Normones)
THE DICKS - Kill from the Heart (SST / Alternative Tentacles)
BIG BOYS - Heart Beat (Big Boys)
GO! - A Day to Fight For (Forefront)
WARPATH - Silence = Death (Warfear Collective)
THE SAVANTS - Everybody is a Little Gay (Hulk Rackorz)

Juneteenth punk
Saturday June 19th - marks the end of slavery and is known as Black independence Day. Joe Biden just declared the day a national holiday. Here's some punk by contemporary BIPOC punks. 
SOUL GLO - Guilty of Being.... Wait (SRA / Middle Man)
MASS ARREST - Liberation (Iron Lung)
MINORITY THREAT - Minority Threat (6131)
BIG JOANIE - Fall Asleep (The Daydream Library Series)
SPECIAL INTEREST - With Love (Thrilling Living)

GEMSTONES - No End in Sight (Celluloid Lunch)
RHYTHM PIGS - Marlboro Man (Mordam)
STIFF RICHARDS - Fill in the Blanks (Legless / Drunken Sailor)
THE CHATS - The Clap (Bargain Bin)
TV FREAKS - Silver Foot (Schizophrenic)

DESPAIR - Visions of the Inferno (Brain Damage)
HARD SKIN - Still Fighting Thatcher (Feral Ward / JT Classics / Household Name)
DEFONCE - Hopital Psychiatric (Common People / Contra)
THE REAL MCKENZIES - Nary Do Gooder (Fat Wreck / Stomp)
THE VICIOUS CYCLES - Sandpaper (Pirates Press)

With the Euro Cup on this next set is a tribute to football 
THE CHOICE - Sunday Soccer (Helen of Oi)
ROUGH CUTS - Reds (Insurgence / Contra)
VANILLA MUFFINS - The Drug is Football (Knock Out / Rebel Sound / Rebellion / Puke 'N' Vomit)

BAD ACTION HERO - Gretzkploits (Self-Released)
MANDIBLE KLAW - MK Ultra (Handsome Dan)
THE ADHAEROS - Ranks of the Rebels

MILITARY MIND - Perfect Family (Self-Released)
ELECTRIC CHAIR - Social Capital (Iron Lung)
SLANT - How Did It Feel (Iron Lung)
MALADIA - Sacred Fires (La Vida Es Un Mus)
DEVOURED IN SECONDS - Only Throats (Deep Six)

Demo Feature
SUBURBAN HYPOCRITES out of Winnipeg. We played them on the show at the beginning of May and the song stood out so we are going to feature as much as we can in the demo feature from the same tape titled “Born to Shit - Forced to Wipe”, which is a collection of their best stuff from previous releases but put out on a tape. You can find this cassette on bandcamp.

SUBURBAN HYPOCRITES - Fast Songs (Self-Released)
SUBURBAN HYPOCRITES - Another Fuckin’ Ska Song (Self-Released)
SUBURBAN HYPOCRITES - Pen-15 Club (Self-Released)
SUBURBAN HYPOCRITES - Dumptruck (Self-Released)
SUBURBAN HYPOCRITES - Trapped (Self-Released)
SUBURBAN HYPOCRITES - Haggard (Self-Released)
SUBURBAN HYPOCRITES - Zero (Self-Released)
SUBURBAN HYPOCRITES - End of the Line (Self-Released)

STRETCH MARKS - Old Man Understand (Sounds Escaping)

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Radio - Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Tonight's show features the first episode of "Speed Kills" which is a feature on power violence inspired by the West Coast Power Violence project. There is also some new releases, some classics and a demo feature by a band out of Quebec named after a mining town. Download the show here.

RUDIMENTARY PENI - Path of Glory (Sealed)

SWELL MAPS - Ripped and Torn (Rather) THE STUKAS - Klean Livin Kids (Chiswick) PUNKETTES - Going Out Wiva Punk (Response)  RADIO STARS - Johnny Mekon (Chiswick)  DAZZLER - Phonies 

Infest is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Valencia, California in September 1986 by Joe Denunzio, Matt Domino, Dave Ring and Chris Clift. The band's album covers contained imagery of a political nature, depicting the reality of war and poverty. The group unofficially broke up in 1991, having played only a handful of shows outside California. Since 1991 they’ve been active on-and-off with recording and new shows. Scene reports from the time show that locals instantly recognized the brutal power of the band, but demo reviews weren’t as enthusiastic. INFEST - Where’s The Unity (Self-Released) INFEST - Snooze-U-Lose (Self-Released) INFEST - Screwed (Self-Released) INFEST - Dirty Dope Dealer (Self-Released)
Infest predated the term power violence but their sound and members were undoubtedly the pillar that power violence was built upon, with additional foundations coming from their regional bands/friends like Eric Wood and Pissed Happy Children, Pillsbury Hardcore, Cyclops, and Plutocracy. Matt Domino of Infest coined the term “power violence” at a Neanderthal (1990 - 1991) band practice, a band that featured his Infest bandmate Joe Denunzio and Eric Wood from Cyclops and Pissed Happy Children. The Infest / Pissed Happy Children flexi was Slap-A-Ham Records first ever release in 1991. Recorded live at Gilman, Feb 10, 1989.

INFEST - Voice Your Opinion (Slap-a-Ham) INFEST - Sick and Tired (Slap-a-Ham) INFEST - Mankind (Draw Blank / Deep Six)
Infest recorded 18 songs in the spring of 1988. 10 of these songs became the first self-titled and self-released 7”, also referred to as “Machismo”. These songs and the rest of the recording session were released later in 1988 as the Slave LP on Off The Disk. Some Off The Disk records are considered unofficial, including a later repress of Slave. Infest seem to have a bad experience like some of the other bands with records on
Off The Disk, so Slave was later later repressed on Draw Blank/Deep Six with a sarcastic runout etching reading “DEDICATED TO THOMAS AND ERICH”, the guys who ran Off The Disk.

INFEST - Sick-O (Deep Six / Draw Blank) INFEST - Life’s Halt
(Deep Six / Draw Blank) INFEST - Mindless (Deep Six / Draw Blank) INFEST - Machismo (Deep Six / Draw Blank) Before Infest unofficially broke up in 1991, Matt and Joe did Neanderthal with Eric Wood (MITB). Manpig started around this time with Matt Domino and Infest’s second drummer, RD Davies. Manpig recorded in 1992 but didn’t complete recording and mixing until 2010. Infest were rumoured to have unreleased or incomplete recordings. Some comp songs were released during an inactive period, 1991 - 1999 on Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! (Slap-A-Ham), Apocalyptic Convulsions (Ax/tion), Fear of Smell (Vermiform), Dangerously Unstable (with Suburban Voice zine issue 43), Reality Part #2 (Deep Six), and Reality Part #3 (Deep Six). The Infest related band, Low Threat Profile, were debuted on Reality Part #4 with an untitled track. INFEST - Nothing Left Inside (Ax/ction) INFEST - The World Is Dead (Ax/ction) INFEST - Big Mouth (Slap a Ham) INFEST - Three Or Nothing (Vermiform) INFEST - Dead at Birth (Deep Six)
These songs were thought to be some or all of the rumoured unreleased/unfinished recording session. Infest took a similar path as Manpig, recording most of what became No Man’s Slave in 1995, but added vocals in 2000 and finally released in 2002. Some of the comp songs were on No Man’s Slave, and others were rereleased with different names on the 10” repress of Mankind. INFEST - Cold Inside (Deep Six / Draw Blank) INFEST - Upright Mass
(Deep Six / Draw Blank) INFEST - My World My Way (Deep Six / Draw Blank)
While Joe Denunzio was imprisoned, the first Low Threat Profile records started coming out with a line-up including Matt Domino, Chris Dodge (Spazz, Slap-A-Ham Records), Bob Kasitz (Lack Of Interest), and on vocals was Andrew Beattie (No Comment). After Joe Denunzio was released from prison, he joined this line-up (replacing Andrew Beattie) as the 2012 line-up of Infest. While this band was playing a series of shows/festivals around the world, a 7” of NMS outtakes was released called Days Turn Black. One of these songs was intended for Ugly Pop Records compilation tribute to Negative Approach. Problems and delays occurred with that compilation and some contributing bands were very upset, rumoured to have led to an Integrity show riot in Cleveland when they spotted Ugly Pop’s Simon Harvey. The scope of the comp was reduced, and came out as a 7” missing many of the songs intended for it, including Infest’s version of Why Be Something You’re Not that thankfully came out here. INFEST - Why Be Something That You’re Not (Draw Blank)
The 2012 reunion line-up that evolved from Low Threat Profile, continued to evolve into Exit Unit with Domino recording both the guitar and bass parts. Instruments were recorded in 2011 and Denunzio’s vocals added in 2015, and later quietly released in 2017. The Infest live lineup has evolved more since then, replacing Kasitz and Dodge with members of ACxDC and Trap Them, but Exit Unit remains as the most recent release (and most recent known recordings) of a band that most closely resembles an Infest line-up. Unless there are more unreleased/unfinished recordings, the Exit Unit 7” could be the closest we get to an Infest swan song. Exit Unit - Blue Turns Red (Deep Six / Draw Blank) Exit Unit - As Statues Fall
(Deep Six / Draw Blank) BLOCK PARENT - Landry's Video Kingdom (Glue Gun) N.V.S. - She Looks (Self-Released) TEENAGE HEARTS - Certainly Not (Primator Crew / Tough Ain't Enough) JIMMY VAPID - Nine Lives (Self-Released) NEEDLES // PINS - Baleful (Dirt Cult) PHANE - What a Fucking Mess (Phobia) THE AUTHORITIES - Talk To Me (Self-Released) NOFX - Fuck Euphemism (Fat Wreck) THE CHISEL - Criminal Crew (La Vida Es Un Mus) ZERO TOLERANCE - When We Were Young (

Demo Feature Used to be a band called RED SIDE BURNS, UNION THUGS, ACTION SEDITION. The band named themselves after the mining town Asbestos which recently just renamed themselves Val des Sources. There is an interview with them posted up on Rebel Time's site. You can find the Asbestos demo here. ASBESTOS - Mon Heroine (Rebel Time) ASBESTOS - La Ballade Des Vauriens (Rebel Time) ASBESTOS - Esprit D'Bande (Pom Pom Beretta) (Rebel Time) ASBESTOS - Des Royaux (Rebel Time)

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Radio - Sunday, June 6th, 2021


 BFG - Get a Bike Asshole (God)

Thanks to everyone who donated to CIUT. We are still accepting donations. The grand prize draw will be July 9th so any donations have to be in before June 30th to be eligible for one of those two Everyday Electric Assist Pedal Bicycles. If you want to donate you can do so at

Tonight's show has a feature interview with the Slime. We've also got a mixed bag of new and old punk. Download the show here

KAOS - Top Secret (Bomp / Iloki) 
CORPSE GRINDERS - Rites, 4 Whites (Whiplash
MIRRORS - Cure For Cancer (Lightning)
NOREGS PUNKFLAG - Du er eit svin (Self-Released)
OUTSIDERS - Calling on Youth (Beat Generation / Cherry RedRaw Edge)
THE STIFFS - Home Sick (Supreme Echo

THE IDOLIZERS - Riot Radio (Rum Bar)
SATANIC TOGAS - Strange Attraction (Goodbye Boozy)
THE SCHIZOPHRENICS - Remake Remodel (Chaputa! / 
Pig Baby)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Transitional Housing (Dirt Cult / Taken by Surprise)
ZOIDS - Running Man (Goodbye Boozy)

OUT OF ORDER - Wasted Days (
Bad Report / 8 UpRandale / Rebellion)
UNCIVILIZED - Crops (Self-Released)
45 ADAPTERS - Now or Never (Pirates Press)
RAF - Come On! (Time for Action)
THE STOOLS - Life's Hard Lover (Goodbye Boozy)

MISUSED - Mr. Bill (Self-Released)
ASOCIAL - Aldrig Som Er (Not Enough)
MUNDO PRIMITIVO - Rito de Muerte (Static Shock)
TERMINAL BLISS - 8 Billion People Reported Missing (Relapse)
LOW THREAT PROFILE - Middle Age Casualty (Draw Blank / Deep Six)
RECENSION - In My Opinion Your Opinion Is Wrong (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR - Puzzle Factory (Rabid Sasquatch)

THE SLIME came to our attention back in November 2020. That was around the time their first release "Bitter Dream" was about to be released. We featured it in our demo feature a few weeks later. And within the same year they released another full length titled "Coming Soon to an Alley Near You". I had a chance to talk to them about their humble beginnings, their origin story, some songs and their future plans and we're going to air that conversation right after we dig into the song that we first played on our show, Mutant Generation.

THE SLIME - Mutant Generation (Self-Released)
THE SLIME - Interview (CIUT)
THE SLIME - Unquenchable (Self-Released)
THE SLIME - Interview (CIUT)
THE SLIME - Life of Agony (Self-Released)
THE SLIME - Interview (CIUT)
THE SLIME - Russian Roulette (Self-Released)
THE SLIME - Maverick (Self-Released)
THE SLIME - Interview (CIUT)
THE SLIME - Washout Revenge (Self-Released)
THE SLIME - Interview (CIUT)
THE SLIME - Bitter Dream (Self-Released)
THE SLIME - Interview (CIUT)
THE SLIME - The Day the Earth Stood Still (Self-Released)
THE SLIME - Coming Soon to an Alley Near You (Self-Released)