Sunday, July 20, 2014

Radio - Sunday, July 20th, 2014

In honour of Tommy Ramone's passing we started out the show with the Vapids song about him. 

THE VAPIDS - Tommy Ramone (Amp)

The Subhumans UK were in town on Saturday so we started out the show with them and a reggae inspired set of punk songs. 

SUBHUMANS UK - Human Error (Bluurg)
CULTURE SHOCK - Human Zoo (Bluurg)
THE CORPORATION - Last Call (Self-Released)
BIG BROTHER - What Dreams are made of (Self-Released)
DOA - War in the East (Fringe)
SPANNER - Always Antifascist (Rebel Time)

BUM - Don't come close to (Lance Rock)
ROCK AND ROLL BITCHES - Broad Daylight (Ugly Pop)
STEVE ADAMYK BAND - For you (Hold On) (Hosehead)
NERVOUS TALK - Hit the Town (Mmmoth Cve)
MYELIN SHEATHS - Operation (Hozac)

WARTHOG - Control (Iron Lung)
KREMLIN - Kremlin (Self-Released)
FARANG - Psychic Bruise (Self-Released)
GAS RAG - Annhilation (Beach Impediment Recrds / Even Worse)
VALLEY BOYS - Drone Attack (CIUT)

B-GIRLS - Fun at the Beach (Bomp)
POINTED STICKS - What do you want me to do (Ugly Pop)
WHITE WIRES - Pogo 'til I puke tonight (Ugly Pop)
TIJUANA BIBLES - Ringside Rosie (Isotonic)
RIOT'99 - Start a Riot (Riot)

THE GROGGIES - Into Hell (Self-Released)
CAREER SUICIDE - Hapless (Deranged)
CIRCLE JERKS - Red Tape (Frontier)
OFF - Borrow And Bomb
SCHOOL JERKS - Ugly Minds Ugly Faces (Bad Vibrations)

STRAWMEN - Jack Rabbit (Foul and Fair)
BLACK DONNELLYS - Freddie's Revenge (Audio Fellatio)
NUNFUCKERS - Snap (Self-Released)
MISSING LINK - The Cutting Edge (Self-Released)
BUREAUCRATS - Grown Up Age (No Exit)

PRIMITIVE PACT - Helpless (Self-Released)
SKUNX - Untitled (Unreleased)
PROXY - Lawless (Self-Released)
BLITZ - Vicious (Anagram)
HUSKER DU - First of the Last Calls (SST)

The Naughty Girls are form Montreal and the "Bad Habits" ep was released b the School Jerks on their label Bad Vibrations. Their newest recording which was done in 2012 was just reviewed in July's review section for MRR. You can download the recording from thier bandcamp page. 

NAUGHTY GIRLS - Poisoned Being (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Famous Man (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Sun Life (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Black Canvas Shoes (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Don't Wanna Die (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Toy Cop (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Italian Roses (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Cheated (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - City Councillors (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Go Wild (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - No Direction (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Cheap Leather (Self-Released)

You can download an MP3 of the whole show here

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Radio - Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Tonight's show started out with the piecing together of the studio 3 session of Skunx. Skunx are a local oi trio that reminds me a lot of Blitz in terms of guitar sound. The singer sings in English, Portuguese as in the Dose Brutal cover and Spanish in their new song "Delincuente Adolescente", which is great to hear. Below is the how we heard the interview and session mixed together also including a couple of songs on their bandcamp page.

SKUNX - Destiny (CIUT)
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - Dose Brutal (CIUT) 
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - No Future (CIUT)
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - Call Girl Tramp (Self-Released
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - Terrorist Attack (CIUT) 
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - Law and Order (CIUT) 
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - Delincuente Adolescente (CIUT) 
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - Youth (CIUT) 
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - Chaos (CIUT) 
4-SKINS - Chaos (Captain Oi) 
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - Public Disgrace (CIUT) 
SKUNX - Interview (CIUT)
SKUNX - Riot (Oi! the Nische) 

Gio, the singer from Skunx, is a fan of futebol and music from South America. Given that Argentina played in the final, the first two bands are from the country tha is the runner up in the tournament. But this set also has bands from the host country (Brazil) and some bands from other countries in the tournament (Uruguay) and Venezualan.

COMANDO SUICIDA - Y ya o ve (Pure Impact / Crowbar)
ALERTA ROJA - Situacion Limite (Pinhead)
DOSE BRUTAL - Vadia (Radykaos)
CARBONARIO - Operario Brasileiro
LOS INVASORES - Dr. Demetrio
OHLO SECO - Nada (ST2 Music)

The last two bands appear come from the audio for a documentary titled "Botinada - The origin of Punk in Brazil. Gio shared a link to an upload of the documentary with some English subtitles. 

We had a set for Germany, but we ran out of time but the recent Stage Bottles single represented the international spirit of the tournament. Urban Blight covered Upright Citizens in Studio 3 so here it is again. Beav was just in town this weekend.

STAGE BOTTLES - One World One Crew
URBAN BLIGHT - Bombs of Peace (CIUT)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from France that I read about in the June issue of MRR. In the Skunx interview Gio tolsd a story about the Hired Goons likening the Skunx sound to French oi. We just happened to read about a new french oi band so we thought it dovetailed the show nicely. Here is a review from the June issue of MRR. The demo can be downloaded at

SYNDROME 81 - Une Vie Pour Rien (Self-Released)
SYNDROME 81 - Brest la grise (Self-Released)
SYNDROME 81 - Recourance (Self-Released)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Zine - Art Through Intimidation: An Introduction to the flyers of Black Flag

This amazing zine was put together by someone locally and was inspired by their love for Raymond Pettibon artwork. In an interview we did with the author this love developed at an early age reading some of Pettibon’s early zines. As the author started collecting Pettibon flyers the author found that a lot of collectors didn’t share the same curiosity for meaning behind the artwork. All the artwork found in this zine has been collected by the author and purchased. He has made a special distinction between original flyers and copies, so only original pieces have been commented on. Anyway, the author has applied a sophisticated art analysis to Pettibon’s artwork with  a look at the evolution in stages compared through Black Flag’s history. He points out that Pettibon never drew artwork for Black Flag. It was used by Black Flag so his artwork should be looked at on it’s own. This is a book that the author wished was around when he was a kid and has been pulled together through correspondence with the Charles Dukowski and other sources listed inside. Here is a PDF download of Art Through Intimidation. 

Flyer - Friday, July 11th, 2014

Word is that this is a free show and that the Dogs will have their brand new 7" available which makes this a record release show.

Flyer - Friday July 11th, 2014