Sunday, June 19, 2022

Radio - Sunday June 19, 2022

On tonight's show, a tribute to Vinnie Value. More pride programming. More Hammer City noise. More Mendeku Diskak. More New material. More Victoria bands’ in the demo feature. And a quick interview about the opening of a new local punk record shop…..called Emissions Records. Download the show here.

UNSANITARY NAPKIN - TERF War (Always Never Fun / Limbless)    

Profile on Emissions 
MINOR THREAT - Minor Threat (Dischord)
Interview with Dave Stevenson 
BUZZCOCKS - Harmony in my Head 

LA GACHETTE - Instinct De Tuer (PILS)
YELLOWCAKE - Eradicated Peace (Self-released
BOSQUE ROJO - Laberinto (Discos Enfermos) 
SQUANDER - Not An Option (Self-released
ABSOLUT - Kill Your Illusion (Self-released
Hamilton #4 - Grant Coates 
LEFT FOR DEAD - Standing By (A389)
SNAKE CHARMER - Powder Burns (Schizophrenic
SNAKE CHARMER - I'm Not Responsible, You're Not Responsible (Schizophrenic
SNAKE CHARMER - Flip The Bird (Schizophrenic
SNAKE CHARMER - Boots & Hearts (Schizophrenic
NAAMAHK - Product of Sin (Death Mask Tapes
THICK PISS - Fear Boner-Firemen (Self-Released)
STAY DOWN - Caved In (Self-Released)

The Value of Vinnie - Vinnie Value Tribute 
WARZONE - United Worldwide (Victory
NRSV - Olde-E (Striving For Togetherness) 
CAUSE FOR ALARM - Beyond Birth and Death (Victory
KILL YOUR IDOLS - Can’t Take It Away (Blackout!
GREYAREA - Reminder (Victory

LGBTQAI2s programming 
PINK PANZER - Stick in the Mud (Chapter Eleven
TOILET BOYS - Paul Stanley (Was A Lady) (Squeeze Box) 
TRANSEX - Cops Are Gay (White Zoo)
EASTFIELD - Glad to be Gay (Rowdy Farrago)
SAVAGE BELIEFS - Pink Shirt (Wasteland)
Mendeku Diskak 2022 
KOLPEKA - Nagusikeri Faltsue (Mendeku Diskak
BRUX - Bullet (Mendeku Diskak
ARESI - Bat Hiru Bat Bi (Mendeku Diskak
SELF-INFLICT - “Your Choice” (Mendeku Diskak
MESS - Traidores (Mendeku Diskak

New releases 
BAD MOJOS - I Wanna Be Dead (Voodoo Rhythm)
BURNER - Love City (Self-Released
LOST LEGION - Bridging Electricity (Self-Released)
WINTER WOLF - Blue Lights (Self-Released)
GENTLEMEN ROGUES - Black Film (Snappy Little Numbers/Rocket Heart
JUDY AND THE JERKS - Blight Makes Right (Refuse) 
RECKLESS THREAT - Yellin' In My Ear (Coffin Curse
BORIS THE SPRINKLER - Ready, Steady Go! (Just Add Water
MIKEY AND HIS UKES - Alternative Ulster (Self-Released
Demo Feature 
Chris talks with Bryan of Victoria, BC’s Dispösal about their December 2021 demo on slow death records. 
DISPÖSAL - Mutual Constraint (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Coercion (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Observator Infinitor (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Standard Issue (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Stagnant Water (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Stress Dream (Slow Death)

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Radio - Sunday June 12th, 2022

There will be some new material courtesy of Chris. Andre is playing some favs this week. The demo feature is Crosshairs from BC. But this week is defined by oldies. A lot of classics starting out with some classics from the LGBTQAI2s community. And an interview with Mike from Crosshairs about their demo in our demo feature. Download the show here.

IGGY POP - Mask (Virgin)

LGBTQAI2s programming for Pride month 
JAYNE COUNTY - Are You A Boy (Konexion) 
THE RAPED - Foreplay Playground (Parole) 
SCREAMERS - Magazine Love (Authorized) 
NERVOUS GENDER - Monsters (Subterranean
AU PAIRS - Pretty Boys (Human)
BUZZCOCKS - Ever Fallen In Love (United Artists) 
Chris New material
CRNA ŽUČ - Crna Žuč (Doomtown
PUFFER - Puppet (Roachleg)  
IRREAL - Prensa Maldita (La Vida Es Un Mus
MEDIAN ROT - Sum Of My Parts (Alerta Antifascista
YOUNG BLADES - Final Blow (Pandemix)

André - Stuff I’m Listening To 
HEX CLOCK - Betsy (Grime Stone
VIOLENT ARREST - Born On Your Knees (Deranged
CONSEC - Quit of Die (Futile Force
FAT JOCK - Guillotine (Futile Force
BLAZING EYE - Devil (La Vida Es Un Mus

MOCK EXECUTION - Shanti Ra Surakxya (Peace and Security) (La Vida Es Un Mus
COAX - Unjustified Aggression (Junko
OHYDA - Maszyna Zła (La Vida Es Un Mus
GRIPE - Dejame Solo (Junko)
WAGGLKONTAKT - Alkohol (Self-Released)

Chris M(ore)oldies 
UNRULED - Forced Mistake (Self-Released) 
DECONTROL - Plague of Destruction (Iron Bastard)
THE VARUKERS - We Hint At Things Nuclear (Liberate) 
EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Lame Brain (Discipline) 
TOTALITÄR - Vänd Dig Inte Om (Finn) 

THE ROUTES - Autobahn (Topsy Turvy) 
THE NIGHTMARES - Breakdown (Waxvaccine) 
LAZY COWGIRLS - Can´t You Do Anything Right (Bomp
THE BROOD - Gruesome, baby (Dionysus
THE REVILLOS - The Fiend (Cherry Red) 

SEX PISTOLS - Satellite  
THE SPECTACLES - Anima Distortions (Rave Up
THE DIODES - Behind Those Eyes (Artofact
CIVIL DEATH - No Fun (Self-Released) 

Demo Feature 
CROSSHAIRS are a band from BC. Their demo was released by Slow Death. Mike, the guitarist and bassist, spoke with Chris about this release and other projects he has been working on.

CROSSHAIRS - Picked Clean (Slow Death) 
CROSSHAIRS - Lechon (Slow Death) 
CROSSHAIRS - Camo (Slow Death) 
CROSSHAIRS - Cockroach (Slow Death) 

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Flyer - Saturday, June 11th, 2022


Friday, June 10, 2022

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Radio - Sunday June 5th, 2022

On tonight’s Equalizing-X-Distort, we have a third scene report installment by Graeme McKinnon on Edmonton. We have a set on punk from Alaska done on a dare for Chris by Andre. We have a surf inspired punk set with some KRAFTWERK tribute thrown in. And a lot of new releases (Bosque Rojo, Orrendo Subotnik, Dehumanisaatio, and Castigo). And another demo feature out of Montreal with Jose as the singer. The band is called A.T.E.R. Download the show here.

SWAB - Fun No More (Hardcore Victim)  

OUTDATE - Worth Nothing (Angry Voice / Riot Bike
SYNDROME 81 - Que Dalle (Derrik Hunter / Backwash / Emergence)
MISGUIDED - State of War (Reality / Mad at the World) 
TEAR THEM DOWN - Bomb City (Plunk

New Releases
BOSQUE ROJO - Solastalgia (Discos Enfermos
SUKOB - Zastave I Konfeti (Doomtown
ORRENDO SUBOTNIK - Viscide (Self-Released)  
A.B. KRÄK - Droppsmitta i ditt ansikte (Grisablod)  
WARKRUSHER - Darkness on the Streets (Coitus)

Surf punk
THE ROUTES - The Robots (Topsy Turvy) 
45 GRAVE - Surf Bat (Enigma)
THE CRAMPS - Surfin’ Dead (Illegal)
D.I. - Hang Ten in East Berlin (Reject)
FORGOTTEN REBELS - Surfing on Heroin (Star)

Anchorage, Alaska Set 
CLIFF AND IVY - Bloody Ghost (House of Extreme Darkness) 
FACEHUGGER - Cast Iron Idiot (Self-Released
SKATE DEATH - Spare Change (Bullhead) 
CARNAGE S.S - Horrific Tragedy (Self-Released
OLD HOUNDS - Bloom (Self-Released

NOISE ANNOYS - Born to Shop (KO) 
CHIXDIGGIT - Mila, Caroline and Me (Delmonica) 
TOTAL LOVE - Sort You Out (Self-Released)
THE SHITGIVEITS - Inflation Bomb (Self-Released)

Scene Report - Edmonton - round 3 
With the battle of Alberta settled and Champion City moves on in the playoffs it’s time to revisit Graeme MacKinnon’s feature on Edmonton’s punk scene with some more killer bands. 

BLINDSIDE - We Stand As One (Self-Released)
WHIZ KIDS - Gorilla Whiz Kid 
THE FRANKLINS - Hi-Skool Hi-Jinx (Reluctant)
HIGH JINKS - Not Perfect 

More new releases 
CRUNK - Participate (Break the Records)  
DEHUMANISAATIO - Uusi uljas maailma (Self-Released
CASTIGO - Tatarigami (Self-Released)  
S.H.I.T. - Eraser III (La Vida Es Un Mus / Iron Lung
ABSOLUT - Burn in Hell (Self-Released

Demo Feature
Our co-host, Jose Podrido, started a band in Montreal called A.T.E.R. They are a punk metal crust band with hints of Tragedy in their sound. You can find their demo on bandcamp

A.T.E.R. - Pesadilla Podrida (Self-Released)
A.T.E.R. - Genocidio (Self-Released)
A.T.E.R. - Vidas Perdidas (Self-Released)
A.T.E.R. - Mentes Violentas (Self-Released)

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Radio - Sunday May 29, 2022

On tonight’s Equalizing-X-Distort, we feature Philly in the 90’s, by request. We play a fake SNL band that has a lose association to Fugazi. Loads of new releases by Squander, Organ-ism, Invertebrates, Diamond Dogs (Belgium/Netherlands), Statico (Belgrade) Spy, Booze and Glory, and the Slime. And we feature the demo that Torbjorn gave us a glimpse at last week – The Sex. But we’re going to start things off with a fake band that appeared on SNL in 2010 by the name of Crisis of Conformity. Download the show here (mp3 - 273MB).

SPREAD JOY - Ow (Feel It
CRISIS OF CONFORMITY - Fist Fight! (Drag City
PEOPLE PROBLEM - Gay Panic (Coffin Cut) 
VIVISICK - Distort World Distort Future (Sound Pollution / Busted Heads) 
TOTAL KOMPLET - SS Mercedes (Self-Released)
BRING THE DRONES - Culture Attack (Phobia / Kibou)

New Releases
経血 (KEIKETSU) - ハナアブ (Break the Records
SQUANDER - Fallout (Self-Released)
ORGAN-ISM - Hora De La Loba (Unlawful Assembly
INVERTEBRATES - Red Lake Earth (Sorry State

PIFFBREAK ARCADE - Stay in the Light (Self-Released
THE HEARTDROPS - Fool For Love (Rum Bar
THE B-MOVIE RATS - Strut (Junk)
CYANIDE PILLS - Someone to Love (Damaged Goods)
ENCHANTERS - Torture Chamber (Transistor 66

Philly in the 90’s 
INK AND DAGGER - The Changeling (Six Feet Under)
KID DYNAMITE - Bench Warmer (Jade Tree)
RAIN ON THE PARADE - Second Chance (Youngblood)
KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS - Number One Asshole (Bloodlink)
FRANKLIN - Major Taylor (Tree) 

More New Releases 
MALA VISTA - NY Groove (Self-Released
BOOZE AND GLORY - Raising the Roof (Pirates Press
DIAMOND DOGS - Break Out (Rebellion)
STATICO - No Hope (Refuse
THE SLIME - Locked in a Cage (Cursed Blessing
TOURIST - Lonely at the Top (Germinate / Coxinha

Even More New Releases 
DESICCATE - Ego (Rehearsal) (Unreleased)
SPY - Violent Majority (To Live A Lie
DEATHMARCH - Militia (Self Released
POISON RUÏN - Edifice (Roachleg
REAPER - Taste The Blood (Dying Victims Productions / No Patience)

DROPKICK MURPHYS - Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding (Born and Bred) 
HOOLIGAN - Calling Joe Strummer (Reekus)
THE FALLOUT - Warpath (Self-Released)
VANDIDA - Movimiento (Self-Released)
THE BREAKING SOUNDS - Career of Hate (Self-Released)

RATS BLOOD - Meltdown (Phobia
YDINTUHO - Warheads, Thunder and Blood (Phobia
OLD - Die (Self-Released)
CHAIN WHIP - Up In Smoke (Neon Taste)
FULLY CRAZED - Raw Powerslide (Cursed Blessings)

Demo Feature    
Last week Torbojorn Rollandsen brought the Sex to our attention. The Sex is a band from Montreal that features Alicon who used to sing in Total Trash. So we're going to feature the Sex in our demo feature tonight. You can find this on bandcamp.

THE SEX - Experiment (Demo Fest)
THE SEX - Braindead (Demo Fest)
THE SEX - Home Alone (Demo Fest)
THE SEX - Mud (Demo Fest)