Sunday, May 22, 2016

Radio - Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

So to celebrate Victoria Day we played a version of "God Save the Queen" as covered by Los Punk Rockers which was recently re-issued. You can hear the whole show above or download an MP3 file here. Here is the rest of the playlist :

LOS PUNK ROCKERS – God Save the Queen (Nevada)

PERONOISEPORA – Excommunication (Self-Released)
ONKIIRTAS - Háború (Permaculture)
THICK SKULL - Thicken Your Skull (Self-Released)
SPINE – Visitor (Bad Teeth)
MAGRUDERGRIND – Stagnant (Bones Brigade / Kaotoxin)

RED MASS – Possession (Slovenly)
STINKY TOYS – Boozy Creed (Polydor)
ELECTRIC CALLAS – Jingle Balls (Skydog)

SEVERE – Persecuted (Self-Released)
ZERO – Think Twice (Self-Released)
THE REPOS - Wild Bore (Youth Attack)
SUNSHINE WARD - No Concern (Hardware)
TOTAL ABUSE - Watch Me (Deranged)
DARK ERA - Gaslighting (Self-Released)

WET ONES – Thumbs Down Syndrome (Slovenly)
ZEKE – On the Run (Aces and Eigths)
CANCER BATS – Scared to Death (Roadrunner)
VARUKERS – All Systems Fail (Riot City)
INEPSY – City Weapons (Feral Ward)

PMS 84 - The End (Self-Released)
NO TIME - Gutter Dreams (Six Feet Under)
SILENT ORDER - We Exist (Konton Crusher)
VCR – How Low Can a Punk Get? (Self-Released)
WAD - No Provisions (Self-Released)
ISOTOPE - Midnight Soldier (Sorry State)

PRIMETIME – Anyway (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CRIME – Hotwire my Heart (Crime Music)
ALLEY CATS – Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (Dangerhouse)

DESVERGUE - Ciudad Prisión (Jesboligakurac)
FIREWALKER - Sicker Than You (Self-Released)
LOCK – Disrespect (Iron Lung)
MIGRAINE - Dysphoria (Self-Released)
MUCH WORSE - Nothing New (25 Diamonds)

Last Kaste are a new band from Vancouver featuring Chris from Alternate Action on guitar and Gordie on drums who also plays guitar in Despair. You can hear their demo on band camp.

LAST KASTE - Intro (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Apathy (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Subvert (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Sanctimony (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Suffering (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Resistance (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Police State (Self-Released)

RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS – I Can Only Give You Everything (Red Star)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Radio - Sunday, May 15th, 2016

You can download an MP3 of the show here.

EXTENDED HELL - Authority Intervenes (Self-Released)

DEMON SYSTEM 13 were a band from Umea Sweden that formed in 1995. They broke up in 2002 and never played Canada. So when SAGO told us they were playing here I was shocked that they had even gotten back together. Here is a retrospective look back taking a song from each of the bands releases to get ready for their show on Tuesday. 

D.S.-13 - D.S.-13 (Havoc)
D.S.-13 - Rippin' shit (Communichaos Media / Insect)
D.S.-13 - Larmrapport (Busted Head)
D.S.-13 - Youth Crüe Uber Alles (Enslaved / Useless Boy)
D.S.-13 - Its About Time.... (Havoc)
D.S.-13 - Fight (Deranged)
D.S.-13 - Thrash Lifestyle (Havoc)
D.S.-13 - Jag Skiter I Dig (Busted Heads)

NAPALM RAID played last week.....

NAPALM RAID – Why? (Rust and Machine)
BLOOD PRESSURE – Fraud (Even Worse / Way Back When)
DSB – Bastard Rock
FILTH – You Are Shit (Lookout)
SAGO – Ignorant Shit (Self-Released)

VAASKA - Histeria (Beach Impediment Records)
MULLTUTE - Warten (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Incorporation (Self-Released)
CARCOSS TOSS demo - Rich Rot (Self-Released)
DESTRUYE Y HUYE - Sin Miedo (Self-Released)
S-21 - Oriental Ornamental (Self-Released)

GOVERNMENT ISSUE – Sheer Terror (Dischord)
PEACE CORPSE – Breach Birth Generation (Toxic Shock)
KLAN – Pushin’ Too Hard (Posh Boy)
BIG BOYS – Hollywood Swingin’ (Touch ‘n Go)
ARTIFICIAL PEACE – Suburban Wasteland (Dischord)

GREEN BERET - Systemic Abuse (Side Two)
DFA - Pliant (Unrest)
SCARFOLD - Kill the Clan (Self-released)
FINAL DRAFT - Destroyed Cities (Grind Promotion)
ATROPELLO! - Donde estan nuestros sueños (Self-Released)
BIG EVIL - The Air Is Just Different Up Here (Self-Released)

BARBED WIRE – The Thunderhead (Self-Released)
THE DIRTBOMBS – Cosmic Cars (In the Red)
THE BRIEFS – She’s just a Girl on the Block (Bomp)
THE DIRTYS – Rock It Out Tonight (Crypt)
THEE TSUNAMIS – Saturday Night Sweetheart (Magnetic South)

COMBAT KNIFE - Descent Into Madness (Self-Released) - Olympia
CRAZY SPIRIT - Whisper (No Patience)
ANTIFACES “Sondos Reciclados” - Discriminacion (Self-released) Miami
GAWKER - Chongo (Self-Released) - Calgary
KLOUT - Not Your Battle (Self-Released)
HARD SKIN - Bunch of Pissed Up Cunts (JT Classics)

BOOJI BOYS - New Reich (Self-Released) 
CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE - Vote Maybe On Proposition Go Fuck Yourself (Self-Released)
BLACK PILLS - Grow-Rot (Self-Released) 
BIG BLEACH - Biker Lve Song - Under The Bleacherz (Self-Released)
ULTRA - Spitting Image (Self-Released)

Facade are a new band from Montreal that features members of Vile Intent, Brazen Hell, and Black Ships. This great blog named Cut and Paste has a download for this brand new demo. 

FACADE - Cell (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Smoke Screen (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Tipsy Molly (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Paranoid (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Helping Hand (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Poison Pit (Self-Released) 

CRIMEN - Bien Chafa

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Radio - Sunday, May 8th, 2016

Coach House Books has published a fantastic little novella on Teenage Head called "Gods of the Hammer". We were able to speak with Geoff Pevere, author of the book and former host of CBC's "Prime Time". He is a wealth of knowledge and spoke enthusiastically about so many aspects of the band that it helped put context to the band in a post Frankie Venom era. Hope you take the time to pick up the book. 

TEENAGE HEAD – Picture My Face
Interview with Geoff Pevere about Gods of the Hammer
TEENAGE HEAD – Tearin’ Me Apart

We weren't able to fit in a top 10 last week so here is my favourite releases from April 2016 in reverse order....

10. GAZM – Reasons (Self-Released)
9. DIGI BOYS - No Clue (Self-Released)
8. PROM NITE - Petty Demon (Self-Released)
7. ARM’S RACE – Bastard (Quality Control HQ)
6. SIDETRACKED – Opposition (Rotten to the Core)
5. ABSOLUT - Devil (D-Takt and Rapunk)
4. AGGRESSION PACT - Scattered Ash (Painkiller)
3. SEM HASTRO – Silencio Covarde (Self-Released)
2. SPIT - We won't suffer the people of god
1. DESGRACIADOS - Caos (Deranged)

John Stabb passed away from stomach cancer this past week. Here is one of my favourite songs by G.I.

GOVERNMENT ISSUE – Religious Ripoff (Dischord)

Download an MP3 of the show to take on the go.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Radio - Sunday, May 1st, 2016

It's May 1st so we started off with a song called "Mayday" by Sinkin' Ships. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here

SINKIN’ SHIPS - Mayday (Sink and Destroy)

OBLIVIONATION - Proud To Be Dumb (Self-Released)
DOME OF OBEDIENCE - Slave State (Self-Released)
SICK STATE - Jail Gym (Self-Released)
FAILED MUTATION - Hard To Care (Self-Released)
KRIMEWATCH - ゴキブリ 男 (Self-Released)

DUCHESS SAYS – Negative Thoughts (Slovenly)
AS MERCENARIAS – Alam Acima (Soul Jazz)
THE ACCIDENT – Kill the Bee Gees (Chuckie Boy)
SADO NATION – Gimme You (Grand Theft Audio)
THE CICHLIDS – Missionary Man (Bold)

CRETINS – Shadows (Deranged) - Richmond, Virgina
DANGER - The Hangman (Montreal)
EXTENDED HELL - Struggle For Survival (Self-Released)
RELEVANT ANGER - Death By Art (Self-Released) 
TERVEYSKESKUS - Koditon Kuutamolla (Svart)

RED MASS – Noir et Blanc (Slovenly)
FEEDERZ – One of Us (Broken Rekids)
SHOW BUSINESS GIANTS – Always the Last One to Know (Way Out)
BAD ANTICS – Suck It Up, Part 2 (Skrammel)
TOXIN III – Manifestations (Rave Up)

THE CHAIN - Standing Strong (Self-Released)
GAUCHO – Demonios (Iron Lung)
DAUDLYFLIN – Mannvera (Self-Released)
USELESS EATERS – Difficult (Lollipop)
VCR – Shut Up (Self-Released)
QUITTER – Bodyworm (Blow Blood)

WASTE - Force of Production (Self-Released) 
THE REAL COST - Stay Alert (Self-Released) 
IT FOLLOWS – Intro-Disgust (Self-Released) 
FURY - Thin Line (Self-Released) 
CORRECTIVE MEASURES - Out Of Line (Self-Released) 
SEVERE – Distorted Views (Self-Released) 

RIXE - Rapport De Force (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NO TIME - You’ll Get Yours
EVACUATE - They'll Love You (When You're Dead)
THE BRISTLES - Hate in Vain

PSEUDO – Airplane (Self-Released)
BISHOPS GREEN – We Got Nothing (Handsome Dan)

SPASTIC PANTHERS – Coaldale Saturday Night (Handsome Dan)
SICK OF TALK - My Dog's Into Anarchy (Roach Motel)
RAZORBUMPS - Don't Say Nothin' (Self-Released)
INACTIVISIT - In My Head (Self-Released)
STUCK PIGS - Stuck Pigs
S-21 - Mass Grave (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is Science Project who are a one man band coming out of Halifax featuring Cody Cross who has played in Negative Rage, Grump, Unreal Though, Concrete Asylum, Alienation, Bricks, and Carcass Toss. Inspired by Devo or Dow Jones and the Industrials you can download the demo on Mediafire

SCIENCE PROJECT – Diary (Self-Released)
SCIENCE PROJECT – Oh Boy (Self-Released)
SCIENCE PROJECT – Deformed Depraved (Self-Released)
SCIENCE PROJECT – Beautiful Human (Self-Released)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Radio – Sunday April 24th, 2016

The Ramones released their first LP on April 23rd, 1976, 40 years ago yesterday. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here.

RAMONES – Judy is a Punk (Sire)

We recorded a new local band called SAGO on January 17th, 2016. They are an awesome band with a self-released demo out titled “City Wide Garbage Strike” which came out in November of last year. SAGO is opening up for DS-13 on May 17th at Coalition T.O. That’s a show not to miss. We are going to start out with a song called “Ignorant Shit”.

SAGO – Ignorant Shit (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Antipathy (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Accusations (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Fukk the Cops (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Capitol Punishment (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Throwaway (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Faceless Criminals (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – In Harm’s Way (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Squeeler (CIUT)

Tonight’s demo feature is a band from Buffalo called Radiation Risks. There is a write up in the May issue of MRR. This is for fans of VCR and the DEAD MILKMEN with new wave flourishes a la ROMEO VOID or THE STRANGLERS. This is dirty garage core in the vein of DEAN DIRG. You can download this recording at the label's bandcamp page.

RADIATION RISKS – Acid Fantasy #1 (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – This (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – The Purse (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – This and That (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – Prayers (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – A Man About Town (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – Sea of Love (More Power Tapes)