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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Radio - Sunday, July 15th, 2018

For those who followed the World Cup, France won their second title so we will start out the show with a band from France. You can download the show here.

RIXE - Rapport De Force (La Vida Es Un Mus)

The first set features bands from the country that came in second which is Croatia. This set couldn't be possible without the research and help of Aldo Eric, who is a mainstay on the show and introduced us to Beri Sabolic, who programmed a radio show back in Croatia called "Ill in the Head" and guest hosted shows on the Balkans on this very show. He was super generous about informing us on bands from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzogoinia, and Macedonia and you can search these shows under the tag _NOTES FROM BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN.

MRTV KANAL – Oglasi (Dallas)
TERMITI - Nova umjetnost (Dallas)
PROBLEMI - Uzalud pokusavam (Rest in Punk)
PARAF - Zivjela Jugoslavija (RTV Ljubljana)
KAOS - Betonska Djeca (Kaos Produkcija Rjeka)
BLITZKRIEG - Tko je kriv (Ne!)
YARS - You spin me round (Like a record)
OVERFLOW - Empty Tonight (Slusaj Najglasnije!)
PASMATERS – Gone (Self-Released)
PERONOISEPORA - Nuclear future (Self-Released)

For those who listen to MRR radio you might recognize this song as the opening track to the radio show.

French punk
PURA VIDA - Last Night (Skydog International)
DOGS- 19 (Melodies Massacre)
ABJECT - Rien De Nouveau A l'Est (Skydog International)
1984 - D Section
CALCINATOR – Electrifié (Faites Le Vous-Meme)
CAMERA SILENS - Est Ouest (Sydney Town)
SCRAPS - Le Pen Fuck You (Aaltrack)
NO CLASS - Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Chaos Productions)
STARSHOOTER - Quelle Crise Baby (Pathe Marconi)
GUERILLA POUBELLE - Culture Poubelle (Crash Disques)
THRASHINGTON DC - Egg raid on Mojo (La Fee Verte)
LOST BOYS – Kaliningrad (Ainu / Krusty le Clown / Noise Til Death / positively Negative / Offside / Emergence / Shogun)
GASMASK TERROR - Pour L'exemple (Solar Funeral / I Feel Good)

Top 10 – June 2018
10. NARCOLEPTICS “2018” ep – Evasion
9. FRACTURED “Recognized by Failure” ep – Schoolyard Mentality
8. PHYSIQUE “Punk Life is Shit” - Life's No Fairytale (Iron Lung)
7. CRIMEX Demo - The Boot (Self-Released) 
6. PISSJAR “Apathy and Cheap Thrills” ep - Shitty Generations 

5. VEUVE SS “Traitre a Tout” – Deboite (Self-Released) 
4. LOUD NIGHT Demo - Conventional Destruction (Self-Released0
3. SCUMRAID “Control” ep – Propaganda (Iron Lung)
2. HONEY Demo - Mindless Violence (Self-Released) 
1. STRAFPLANET “Freizetstress” LP – Klassenfeind (Contraszt!)

Runners Up
SECT MARK “Worship” – Moth (Iron Lung)
DWARVES “Take Back the Night” - Nowhere Fast (Burger / Greedy)
RETIREMENT “Priced Out” ep - Live For Nothing (Iron Lung)
I.S.S. “I Wanna Be Dated” ep - Armchair Aryan (Richard Spencer's Gifts)
GELD “Perfect Texture” LP - My Own Most Hopeless Case (Iron Lung)

O.U.T. –Satisfied - Sapporo
STRUL – Snorvalp - Gothenburg
DISTRUBIO – Disturbio - Uruguay
SEPTIC ROT - Restless Dead - NYC
OI! TORITER - Working Class Heroes - Indonesia

Tonight’s demo feature is Dead Cells from Vancouver/ they released a six song back in April that we are getting to play tonight.

DEAD CELLS – Effigy (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – Bell (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – Return (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – Stave My Name (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – This Time (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – Message Rouge (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, July 15th, 2018

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Radio - Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Lots of new punk and hardcore for tonight's show. Download the show here

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Come and See (Prank)

BESOKARNA - Anna Greta Leijons Ögon (Heartwork)
DIRTY NEGATIVES – Automatic Lover (Self-Released
TRANSIT COPS - Episode 666 (Self-Released
WHIP KISSER - You Are Not My King (Self-Released
WLMRT – My Ass My Ass My Ass (Self-Released

CHEAP CASSETTES – Black Leather Angel (Rum Bar)
THE WHY OH WHYS – Without You I am Nothing (Beluga)
CHILLER – Strangers (Dirt Cult)
WILD ZEROS – Motormouth (Nerve Centre)
THE DARTS – Subsonic Dream (Alternative Tentacles / Dirty Water USA)

NO/BREAKS – Bliss (Self-Released)
EXIT UNIT – As Statues Fall (Deep Six / Draw Blank)
VIOLENCIA - El powerviolence esta muerto (Self-Released)
CRAWLER – End (Self-Released)
CRUMB - Be Afraid (Self-Released)
STRAFPLANET - Servants of the People (Contraszt!)
VEUVE S.S. - Beton - Arme (Nerdcore)

CHAIN WHIP – How Many Chances / These Eyes (Neon Taste)
OPPRESSED LOGIC – Derranged (Cheap Ass)
PREDATOR – No Face (Total Punk)
RED MASS – Rat Race (It’s Trash)
45 GRAVE – Slice of Life (Enigma)

DAMN YOUTH - Nazi Punks-Bangers Fuck Off! (Self-Released)
CRUTCHES - Mangeling For Freedom 
CRIMEX - Innocent Lives in Ruin (Self-Released
SVART UT - Warsystem (by Skitlickers) (Self-Released)
NARCOLEPTICS - Atrocious Privilege (Self-Released)
NO QUESTION - Double Negative (Kitschy Spirit

KHIIS - Tokhme Sag (Self-Released)
MASS ARREST - Pass me the Dossier (Self-Released)
SNOR - S.Y.F (Self-Released)
STUCK PIGS - Go Away (Self-Released)
SOAKIE – Cream (Blow Blood
BB AND THE BLIPS - Lucky Country (Blow Blood)
CHEETAH PRINT - Love in the Attic (Self-Released)
THE WORMS - Psycle Paths (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
No Blues are a new power pop quartet from Hamilton featuring members of the defunct BORN WRONG and current members of BLACK BARON and SCRAPHEAP. They credit influence like the NERVES, RADIOACTIVITY, and LOVE TRIANGLE. This demo is put out by Blowblood out of Melbourne. You can get the demo on bandcamp.

NO BLUES – So Far (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – Kiss for Luck (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – Caffeine Shakes (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – Bad Grammer (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – I Want You (Self-Released)

GERMEN - Declaracion de suicidio (Self-Released)

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Radio - Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Happy Canada Day. And what better way to honour Canada Day than to play bands from the east coast to the west coast, but first we started out with an iconic summer song by the Gods from the Hammer.  You can download the show here.

TEENAGE HEAD - Top Down (Inter Global Music)

DA SLYME - Defecation on the Nation (Loo Enterprises Inc.)
THE REACTION - The Kids Arrived (Neutron)
SCHIZOID - Possessed to Golf (D.U.P.P.)
WEAK LINK - Tradition Fails (Self-Released

These were all off demos which can be found as downloads on Ian Hart blog “Atlantic Canada Hardcore and Punk".
FALSE SECURITY - Twist and Shout (Self-Released)
INTOXICATORS - Oh Canaduh (Self-Released)
DEEP WOODS - Night of the Living Rednecks in Mount Uniacke (Self-Released)
THE CHITZ - Bingo Riot - Dumb Girls (Self-Released)

Prince Edward Island
SLOW DEATH - You've Got Problems (Sewercide)
PEST CONTROL - What We Want! (Self-Released)
ACOUSMA - Civilized Cycle (High Fashion Industries)
ANTIBODIES - Failed Attempt (Self-Released)

New Brunswick
GUILT PARADE - Fuck Off America (Self-Released)
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Face the Nation (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Border Destroyer (No List)
WARSICK – Indoctrinate (Rotting Head)

THE 222s - Hold Up (Rave Up)
GENETIC CONTROL – 1984 (Generic)
BORN DEAD ICONS – Parades (Dead Alive)
INEPSY - No Order Disorder (Feral Ward)
PROXY - Shackled To A Corpse (Self-Released)

BUREAUCRATS - Today and Everyday (Self-Released)
UNION OF URANUS - Face Value (Great American Steak Religion)
GERM ATTAK - Vagrant Nation (Capitalicide)
DURS COEURS - Chateau de Cartes (Discos MMM / Imminent Destruction)

LOWLIFE – Leaders (Airout)
PERSONALITY CRISIS - The Advocate (Sounds Escaping)
STRETCH MARKS - Tomorrow Will Be Better (If There is one) (BYO / Headbutt)
PROPAGANDHI - ...And We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea (Fat Wreck Chords)

DFA - Hockey Hair (Unrest)
ROYAL RED BRIGADE - Outta My Mind (Harvest King)
HERD OF WASTERS - I Can't Remember (Wasted Wax)
BALLOT BURNER - Straw Man (Harvest King)

ROCK AND ROLL BITCHES - Someone Could Lose An Eye (Rich Young)
MALIBU KENS - Crude City (Exploding Debut)
DESGRACIADOS – Desgraciados (Self-Released)
HARPER SS – Trapped (Crude City)

British Colombia
THE DISHRAGS - Rebel Kind (Supreme Echo)
DOA - Smash the State (Friends / Sudden Death)
SUBHUMANS - Canada's Favourite Sport (SST)
BISHOP'S GREEN – Resistance (Rebellion)

Tonight's demo feature is an old hardcore band from St. John's that someone from Weak Link sent me fairly recently upon inquiring about their existence. I know that Tony Meaney was in the band and that he moved to Toronto and started up Godcorp. So these are his roots.

PUBLIC ENEMY – Guilty (Self-Released)
PUBLIC ENEMY – I Hate Your Life (Self-Released)
PUBLIC ENEMY – No Escape (Self-Released)
PUBLIC ENEMY – What Cops Say… (Self-Released)
PUBLIC ENEMY – What’s Love Do For You (Self-Released)
PUBLIC ENEMY – House of the Rising Sun (Self-Released)

JIMMY VAPID – Northern Vultures

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Radio - Sunday, June 24th, 2018

This week we celebrated LGBTQ pride with some sets of LBGTQ punk. We featured a lot of new punk and a demo feature by a new oi band out of St. Catharines. Download the show here.

THE MEATMEN - So Long (Meat King)

RUDE BOY GEORGE - Fascination (Trilby
IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS - Wake Up and Make Love with Me (Stiff)
DUNCAN REDMONDS - Homesexual WWIII (Boss Tuneage
DIZZY SUNFIST - Beautiful Sunday 
SKALAPPER - Summer Sunshine (Ska in the World)

MDC – My Family is a Little Weird (R Radical)
BIG BOYS – Hollywood Swinging (Moment Productions)
DICKS – Dicks Hate the Police (Radical)
PANSY DIVISION – Wish I’d Taken Pictures (Lookout / Mint)
TOILET BOYS – Party Starts Now (Hall of Records / Outlaw)

LIMP WRIST – Facades (Self-Released)
STRONG BOYS – Fashion Fags (Milk Run
SPIKE GIRLS- Take No Shit – Dyke Pit (Self-Released
PUSSY RIOT - Putin zassal (Protest)
NEO NEOS – Asexuallickally (Another Label
NUCLEAR FAMILY - Every Trans Suicide is a State Murder (Self-Released)
PERMANENT REVOLUTION - Gender Blind (Self-Released

MORON’S MORON – Vibrator Violator (Slovenly)
!ATTENTION! – Mary Margaret Muise
JOHNNY MAFIA - Big Brawl (Dirty Water)
THE BIZARROS – Lady Doubonette (Soul Jazz)
NOBRO – Call the Doctor (Brain Gum)

JIMMY VAPID - Hands are Tied (Self-Released)
CRIM - Watch Your Back (B-Core Disc / Testa / Pirates Press / Contra)
ERA BLEAK – Robot (Dirt Cult
ASALTO – Dualidad (Self-Released)
CHILLER – Offred (Dirt Cult)
FUTURE GIRLS - June 23rd (Dirt Cult)

DEMENTE ABIERTA – Ego  (Self-Released
S.H.I.T. - Losing in the 21st Century (Iron Lung)
GELD – Dripper (Iron Lung
I.S.S. - My Miata (Sorry State)
CONTROL TEST - Sin Sentimientos (Iron Lung)
DAUDYFLIN – Aldauði (Iron Lung)

DESPIZER - Chuj Wam w Twarz (Self-Released)
NITRAKO – Globalizadicción (Self-Released)
U.B.T. – Democrazy (Self-Released)
YDINASEETON POHJOLA - Tyhjä Huuto (Self-Released)
ABSURDO – Depressió (Self-Released)

The demo feature is by a new oi band out of St. Catharines. You can find "Takes from the Border City" up on Crowd Control Media's bandcamp

ANVIL STRIKE – Glory Days (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Hard Lesson (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Skinhead Crew (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Looking Down (Crowd Control Media)
ANVIL STRIKE – Outro (Crowd Control Media)

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