Sunday, January 19, 2020

Radio - Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Tonight's show is the last of the Year in Review shows for 2019. Tonight we will be looking at the Long Players (a..k.a. LPs) that came out last year. And with the length of this format there is a lot of music to choose from. Unlike previous weeks where we did reverse countdowns tonight we are starting with my favourites and by the end you will notice that the bands are still great. No duds in this list and many that we just ran out of time and couldn't get to. The actual list had close to a hundred releases on it like Gen X's "100 Punks Rule". Download the show here

1. LARMA LP - Lyckad och upplyst (Beach Impediment / Adult Crash)

2. THE RESTARTS “Uprising” LP - First World Problems (Pirates Press)
3. AXE RASH LP – I’m an Ass (Adult Crash
4. FRECUENCIA DE MUERTE “Death Frequency “ LP - Parasitos Mentales (Armageddon
5. SHIT COFFINS “Termination” LP - Termination (Iron Lung
6. BOTHERS LP - Lost Vision (Dirt Cult

7. MUTILATED TONGUE “Fuel the Flame” - Out of the Darkest Rut (Armageddon
8. TRAMPOLINE TEAM LP – Rearrange (HoZac)
9. PLASTIC HEADS “Nowhere to Run” LP – Human Pigs (Ugly Pop)
10. KHIIS “Bezoar” LP - The Spiral (La Vida Es Un Mus)
11. SPANNER “We Won’t be Stopped’ LP - The People's Trial of Jeremy Kyle (Rebel Time / Maloka / Blind Destruction / La France Pue / Mass Productions

12. KALEIDOSCOPE “After the Future...” LP - Soft Cage (La Vida Es Un Mus / Toxic State)
13. BAD RELIGION “Age of Unreason” LP - Faces of Grief (Epitaph) 
14. SNUFF “There’s a lot of it about” LP - Patient Zero (Fat Wreck)
15. CHARGER LP – Crackdown (Pirates Press
16. BORN TO FREEDOM “Time to Change” LP – Algoritmo (Self-Released

17. ACRYLICS “Sinking In” LP – New Face (Iron Lung
18. ASID “Pathetic Flesh” LP – Pathetic Flesh (La Vida Es Un Mus
19. CUTRE “Inconsistencies” LP - Lobotomizan tus ideas
20. FLAG OF DEMOCRACY “FODWorld” LP - Rendering Division (SRA)
21. WILD SIDE “Who the Hell is Wild Side” LP- On and On (Triple B)

22. FUCK IT ...I QUIT! “The War Ritual” LP - The War Ritual (Refuse / Atomic Action) 
23. FRIED EGG “Square One” LP- Confidence (Feel It) 
24. IENA “La Morte Chiama” LP - Sprofonda l'abisso (SOA) 
25. JAD “Strach” LP - - Pozorne szczescie (Howl Chain)
26. SUBHUMANS “Crisis Point’ LP – Poison (Pirates Press)

27. CLITERATI “Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies” LP - Unfuck the System (Tankcrimes) 
28. GOOD RIDDANCE “Thoughts and Prayers” LP - Pox Americana (Fat Wreck)
29. INSECURITY “Willpower” LP - Constant Anger (Refuse) 
30. JUGGLING JUGULARS “Insurrection” LP - 2000 Dreams (Tujaca Fala / Break the Silence / Roku) 
31. BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE “Kaikki on hyvin” LP – Pelko (Mogahead / Nunchakpunk / Vapaa Palva / EQ Studio) 

32. MASS ARREST “Power” LP - White Validation (Iron Lung)
33. CEMENT SHOES “Too” LP - - How It Is (Feel It) 
34. ABOLITIONIST “A New Militance” LP - Pink (1859 / Different Kitchen) 
35. BAD BREEDING “Exiled” LP – Repossession (Iron Lung / One Little Indian)
36. JARADA “Mal agal Sinala” LP - They Wore You Down, They Burned You Out (No Spirit / Doomtown / Crapoulet)

37. WOLFBRIGADE “The Enemy Reality” LP - Narcissistic Breed (Southern Lord)
38. THE OLD FIRM CASUALS “Holger Danske” LP - Overdose on Sin (Pirate Press / Rebellion / On the Boat)
39. THE CAVEMEN “Night After Night” LP - Got My Eye On You (Slovenly) 
40. D7Y “D7Y” LP - Martraðaveröld (Iron Lung)
41. CYBERPLASM “The Psychic Hologram” LP - Nihilist Dictator (Iron Lung

42. FATAL STATE “Estado Fatal” LP - Real Terror (Old City / Fatal State)
43. MEAN JEANS “Gigantic Skies” LP - Basement Animal (Fat Wreck) 
44. THIS MEANS WAR “Heartstrings” LP- Greed is Out (Self-Released
45. LAGWAGON “Railer” LP - Dark Matter (Fat Wreck)
46. MILLENCOLIN “S.O.S.” LP - Carry On (Epitaph) 

47. PERSONALITY CULT “New Arrows” LP – Weigh Down (Dirtnap) 
48. THE SISSIES “Milksop” LP - I Don't Care (Self-Released)  
49. THE CONTROL FREAKS “She’s the Bomb” LP - Time's Up (Slovenly)
50. ESTORBO – Destrucción (Self-Released
51. MIDNITE SNAXXX “Music Inside” LP - Not Normal (Slovenly) 

52. DAS DRIP LP – Math (Sorry State)
53. DOTS LP - Dethroned 
54. DUMP HIM “Dykes to Watch Out for” LP - Judi Bari Almost Died For Our Sins

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Review - The Clash. All the Albums. All the Songs.

I have heard of books like this, but I have never read one. And by books like this I mean a book that analyzes a band by their songs. And the CLASH have the right person for this. Martin Popoff has written more reviews than anybody in the history of music writing. More knows how to tell a story through a review. But this book, unlike review writing, allows Martin the opportunity to dive deep into each song. This seems like a dream for review writers at least once in their life. To expand their expertise in a granular way. And if there is ever a band to do this for it would be the CLASH. The CLASH had a lot to say and they had a lot of important things to say. So the format is suited for the subject matter. 

One other thing I will say about the author. Martin used to listen to songs for music that might be copyright infringements. So he has a trained ear for listening to songs and song structures. This also make him suited for a song by song analysis of a band. And the CLASH had a ton of influences. Each record up until their last would show off their ever broadening listening tastes. 

Martin approaches this book in a chronological order. Starting with the first release and moving backwards. Starting with the first song and moving to the last. That makes sense when approaching a band with a big back catalogue. You start at the beginning. But Martin also goes through different country pressings because the first album had different songs that weren't released in England on the first release. And it came out a year or two later in North America. So this book captures every song officially released by the CLASH. It is through. Thorough in that every song is looked at. Thorough in that photos and gig flyers are matched with a song being looked at. Thorough in what gets covered in the review. 

The reviews include possible meanings for the lyrics. With the CLASH there were texts and subtexts that need to be taken into consideration. Double entendres. There is consideration for influences. Historical looks at what the band was going through is probably the most interesting part of these reviews for me. They help tell the story of the song, but in so doing you get the story of then band. And then there is the musical analysis. As has already been mentioned the CLASH had a broad and ever expanding range of musical influences. Martin also compares the song with the rest of the CLASH's back catalogue. Sometimes there is insight into the songs by way of studio stories. You get a look at how the songs developed as a band. Even "Cut the Crap" gets reviewed and is used to illustrate the dissolution of the band. 

Overall Martin creates a biopic for the only band that mattered. And what better way to judge a band then through their art. I learned so much about a band that I thought I knew everything about. 

(Yoageur Press - / Martin Popoff -

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Radio - Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Part two of the Year in Review show features a Top 9 from Waves, a Top 10 Canadian releases from Rob and top 10 eps and cassettes from Stephe. But we start out with a reference to a false warning on the nuclear power plant that folks in Toronto woke up to this morning. You can download a copy of this show here.

CAREER SUICIDE - Jonzo's Leaking Radiation (Kangaroo / Deranged)

Top 10 eps of 2019
10. HAIRCUT “Sensation” ep – Seeking (Beach Impediment
9. ALIEN NOSEJOB “HC45” – Chemical Solution (Iron Lung
8. BATO “Ravages of Time” ep – Delusional (Not for the Weak)
7. SCREAMING FIST “Templanza” ep – Latigazo (Iron Lung)
6. GOVERNMENT FLU “House Arrest” ep - Life Illusion (Refuse)
5. STATE FUNERAL “Built for Destruction” ep – Squeeze (Static Shock)
4. NO HEADS “Pressure Cracks’ ep - No Future (Refuse)
3. CURLEYS “Johnny” ep – Bragging (Total Punk)
2. ELECTRIC CHAIR “Performative Justice” ep – Law means Nothing (Iron Lung)
1. LOOSE NUKES “Behind the Screen” ep - Nukes Theme (Beach Impediment)

Waves' Top 9 Tunes
1. NOBRO - LaLa (Self-Released)
2. PRETTY VICIOUS - Move (Big Machine)
3. DRUNK MUMS - Headshrinker (Self-Released)
4. SURFBORT - Saturday Night (Modern Sky USA)
5. KNOCKED LOOSE - By the Grave (Pure Noise)
6. CROSS DOG - Sheep (Uncle D)
7. WIRES ON FIRE - God's Guest List 
8. DEARLY BELOVED - Race to the Bottom (Self-Released)
9. TEETH - Destroyer (Self-Released)

Top 10 Canadian release for Rob
10. BARNACLE - Sunblock (Self-Released)
9. STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Paradise (Dirtnap)
8. SORE POINTS - On the Wire (Slovenly)
7. CORNER BOYS - Waiting for 2020 (Drunken Sailor)
6. SO TIRED - Forgiven (Self-Released)
5. WORDPLAY - Between You and Me (Self-Released)
4. GYM AND TONIC  - Purple People Eaters (Self-Released)
3. PALE LIPS - You're a Doll (Gods Candy)
2. PHONE JERKS - Frig Off (Alien Snatch)
1. DOORS AND FOURS - Feeling Dead (Self-Released)

Top 10 cassettes by Stephe
10. KAZAN – Demo – Kazan (Self-Released)
9. PEEDOH – Demo – Zaborra (Overdose)
8. UNSANITARY NAPKIN - split with CONTENDERS – Inert (Self-Released)
7. THE WOUND “Strange Feeling” cassette – In the Dark (Maple Death)
6. TOTAL DEFEAT - Demo – Circles (Self-Released)
5. SCHIZOID “You’re to Blame” – Deadbeat (Straight and Alert)
4. THE SKITCHERS “Gleam Another Cube” - Feelings (Poop Stick)
3. LEATHAL MEANS – Tape II - Total Silence (Not for the Weak)
2. TOTAL LOSERS “(Do You Remember) Youth Energy” cassette - With Punkrock I'm Not Alone (Best Seller)
1. CHOW LINE – Demo – Weak Bones (Self-Released)

CHIXDIGGIT - 2012 (Fat Wreck)

Flyer - Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Radio - Sunday, January 5th, 2020

This show brings top 10 reviews to help see 20-20 in the new year. We started off with Wild Side for two reasons. Firstly they are a Canadian band and I will feature my top 10 Canadian releases at the end of the show. Secondly, the song is called "Past, Present and Future" and I am going to start off the show with my top 10 re-issues for 2019. We use MRR reviews as the benchmark for when something was released some some of these releases were in 2018 just reviewed in 2019 which is when they came on my radar. Hope that makes sense.  Here is a download for the show. 

WILD SIDE – Past, Present and Future (Triple B)

Stephe's Top 10 Re-issues for 2019
10. MOSKWA “1984 Demo” LP – Egzystencja (Warsaw Pact)
9. DAVID QUINTON “Overlook Road” – Make Up Your Mind (Secret Mission)
8. EX-CESS “Osiguranje Zivotne Vecnosti” LP - Zamorci '69 (Ill in the Head)
7. ID “Twoja twarz” – Pieniadze (Warsaw Pact)
6. SICK-O “In the Alternate Timeline” CD - Bad Year (Self-Released)
5. SCRAPS “Dismantle the Machine One Cog a t a Time” LP - King of the Mountain (Refuse)
4. RIPCORD “Harvest Hardcore” - Poetic Justice (YOFC)
3. MISSION OF CHRIST - Skies of Revelation (Supreme Echo)
2. CHRONIC SUBMISSION “Empty Heads, Poison Darts” LP - World of Change (Schizophrenic)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION “Sick of Reality” cassette - Death Squad (Schizophrenic)
1. MICRO EDGE “1983 Demo” LP – Carpet (Ugly Pop)

Jose's Top 10 for 2019
1. POBREZA MENTAL "Yo No Me Pertenezco" - Desaparecer (Toxic State)
2. IDIOTA CIVILIZATO "Civilta Idiota" - Guerra Di Spretti (Static Shock)
3. UZI "Cadena De Odio" - Nada (Adult Crash)
4. HARAM "Where Were You In 9/11?" - Bomb in the Sky (Toxic State)
5. IGNORANTES "Con La Camiseta Puesta" - La Pieza (Bylliepest)
6. LUX "New Day" - Combat (La Vida Es Un Mus)
7. EXILIO "Self Titled" - Siempre A La Fuerza (Rat Trap)
8. HETEROFOBIA "Queremos Ver El Mundo Arder" - Rincones Polvorientos (Drunken Sailor)
9. PHYSIQUE "The Rhythm of Brutality" - Against It All (Static Shock)
10. LANGUID "Submission is the Only Freedom" - Wheel of Progress (Brain Solvent Propaganda)

Rob's Top 10 for 2019
10. THE BOUNCING SOULS - 4th Avenue Sunrise (Rise)
9. POW! - Disobey (Castle Face)
8. THE SCANERS - Random City (Dirty Water)
7. FONTAINES DC - Television Screens (Partisan)
6. CEREMONY - From Another Age (Relapse)
5. THE CONTROL FREAKS - I Am Crime (Slovenly)
4. LES BOF - Jezebel (Dirty Water)
3. THE MYSTERY LIGHTS - Too Much Tension (Daptone)
2. GEOFF PALMER - Everything is Cool (Rum Bar)
1. MIDNITE SNAXXX - 12 O’Clock (Slovenly)

Stephe Top 10 Canadian releases for 2019
10. SCORPIO RISING “Scorpio Rising” – Time (Self-Released)
9. WLMRT “Forever” - Stretching (Self-Released)
8. REAL SICKIES “Out of Space” LP – Bye Bye (Stomp)
7. HARD CHARGER “Vol. 4 – Take the Guff and Suffer” - We Own the Night - Fredricton (Wasted Time / Doomsday Machine / D7 / Emergency)
6. SICK OF SHIT “Shit Sandwich” ep - Ignorant Bastards (Self-Released)
5. FOSTER CARE LP – El Abuso (Total Punk)
4. ANTIBODIES LP – Suck Wank Freak (Self-Released)
3. PLASTIC HEADS ‘Nowhere to Run” LP - Nowhere to Run (Ugly Pop)
2. SORE POINTS “Not Alright” ep - Not Coming Back (Slovenly)
1. TOMMY AND THE COMMIES “Here Come Tommy and the Commies” - Reggie Rocks (Slovenly)

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Radio - Sunday December 29th, 2019

Big Brother were just in Japan and set up a DIY tour in Tokyo. They played with a lot of bands most of which are hard to find on the internet, so BIG BROTHER bought their official CD releases so that they could be shared with you on this show. Download the show here.

BIG BROTHER – Unwanted Guest (Self-Released)

VAIWATT - Walk (Bee Rose Cross)
AGE OF KID- Passed (Self-Released)
U CAN'T SAY NO - King Hanna Master

TORNADO - Don't Ask Me Why (Left Hand)
FRIS BEE DOG - Jumping Knee (
SEVEN STEP - I'm Hungry (Self-Released)

DREI DRUG - Junkie Man
AGE OF KID - Too Late (Self-Released)

COQUETTISH - Friends (Asian Man)
SUBLIMINAL RIPPLE - Corruption and Destruction (Cranky Ska Punk)
SKALAPPER - Super Strong (Parking Lot Sounds)

IDOL PUNCH - Future (Bandai Music)

At some point on the tour a typhoon hits Tokyo. The worst one in 60 years. And BIG BROTHER survive it. Check out these empty shelves in the stores. Check out all their photos on our facebook page.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Review - Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records

So there was a film about the Clash called Rude Boy back in 1980, but this is not that movie. This is a kind of biopic on a record label. This is a biopic on the scene that the label represented. This is a partial biopic on the artists that were part of that stable. The label is Trojan Records, a label that captured the pioneering new sound coming out of Jamaica after independence. That sound has many names, ska, rock steady, and reggae being the primary ones. And the movie gets into the back story with the American soul scene falling out. There were a few champions for this new sound which starts with Duke Reid being the person that Trojan gets their name from. Other champions include the early sound systems, the gangsters (rude boys), the first producers, and the artists. Getting to hear their take on this scene as it developed was the reason for this film. The inter generational and inter cultural conversations are part of the point. Don Letts makes this point when he said integration came about because of music. Politics didn't do that. Economics didn't do that. Music did that. And this film is about music. Ska music. 

The film organizes itself with chapter story titles and in chronological order. So getting back to Duke Reid - the Trojan. Duke Reid was a retired cop turned bar owner. He carried a shotgun with him. He had a good sound system to attract customers. And he started recording local singers. Derrick Morgan talks about how he came to audition for Duke Reid. Bunny Lee, the producer, explains his part in all of this. Marcia Griffiths (I-Three's fame) talks about "Young Gifted and Black". And the film employs re-enactments to good effect. As Ansel Collins tells a story about Desmond Dekker, a performance set to "Israelites" is re-enacted and the point is made that these were the pop stars of their time. Some skinheads talk about how awful the radio was, and ska started showing up on pirate radio. The music became a salvation to the dreary English times. Symarip talks about creating a them song for the skinheads with "Skinhead Moonstomp" that just grew out of the studio. The talking heads and the re-enactments tell so many great stories. 

But the other story is the story of Lee Gopthal, an East Indian entrepreneur who starts selling West Indian records out of the back of his car under the name Musicland. Lee teams up with Chris Blackwell of Island Records to form Trojan Records. Trojan go on to introduce reggae to the world through artists like Lee "Scratch Perry, Toots and the Maytals, Jimmy Cliff, compilations like "Tighten Up". And the biggest supporters are the Trojan sons, the original anti-racist skins that become early boosters for this new sound. Pauline Black talks about the kids in her school who were listening to these singles in a student lounge which filled her with pride. Trojan would go on to polish up singles with string sections getting them multiple simultaneous hits in the charts in England. Artists were being flown up to perform on Top of the Pops. Everything was going so well until but the arrangements were expensive and Island pulled out and the label had to liquidate. It has been kept alive over the years by various investors and they have re-released the back catalogue through compilations. But the sounds of Jamaica had changed and the music industry had changed and some artists changed with it. The next generation of English kids started the two-tone scene, a ska revival, that continues to this day. Anti-racist skins were another offshoot. The roots rock rebel army within punk was another. And these are just some of the flowers that came up through the punk side of the scene. 

Thanks to Donna G for interviewing Don Letts when the film came out. You can check out her show called "The More the Merrier" on CIUT. She tipped us off to a one off screening at the Grande Gerard Theatre last week.