Sunday, July 14, 2019

Radio - Sunday, July 14th, 2019

On the nights when ISS raids are being carried out in major cities in the United States it seemed fitting to play this new song by Good Riddance. Download the show here

GOOD RIDDANCE - No Safe Place (Fat Wreck Chords)

PASSAGE - Love Song (Object Music)
TV PERSONALITIES - Where's Bill Grundy Now? (Kings Road)
BABYLON DANCE BAND - Pulling Away (Noise Pollution)
HOMO ELECTRICA -Beat On (Violent Vinyl)
THE COMMITTED – Advertising (ACE)
THE RUDE KIDS - Punk Will Never Die (Polydor)

JACK OBLIVIAN AND THE DREAM KILLERS – Scarla (Black and Wyatt / Ghost Highway / Beluga)
KIRA JARI - Is It Noticeable (Dirt Cult)
NUEVA GENERACIÓN - Mira a tu alrededor (Tormenta de Ideas / Antitodo / Broca / Muerte a Tipo / Colilla / Distribuidora Sorell / In My Heart Empire / Malditos Vimilos / Andalucia Uber Alles / Tabano / The Safety Pin Generation)
EMERGENCY - Media Control (Self-Released)
TEN FOOT POLE - The Jackals (Thousand Islands / Disconnect Disconnect / Morning Wood / Pee)

PISSER - Breaking Chains (Self-Released)
DISAVOW - Won't Own Me (Self-Released)
NOSFERATU – Factory (False Form / La Vida Es un Mus / Pissed Off)
WILD SIDE - Past, Present, Future (Triple B)
GAZM - W.A.Y.G.S.A. (11 PM)
EXCESS - World Still Sick (Diseased Society pt.II) (Iron Stance)

GOBBLINZ - Love Me Too (Bacon)
FATAMORGANA – Until (La Vida Es Un Mus)
WLMRT – Stretching (Self-Released)
SIDE ACTION - Pink Dick (Self-Released)
TORPOR - Culture Sanglante (Self-Released)
SHROUD - Use of Force (Self-Released)
BLINDED HUMANITY - Surveillance State (D-Takt ja Rapunk / Televised Suicide)

This set was informed and inspired by a remote radio broadcast on the contemporary NY HC scene that Liana curated and is found on MRR Radio.

VAXINE – Anxiety (Self-Released)
FLOWER - Secular Facade (Self-Released)
GHULA - চোখের বালি (Constant Irritant) (Self-Released)
HIGH COST – Glut (Self-Released)

Top 10 - June 2019
10. RED MASS  - Fight-or-Flight
9. FREAKEES -Yummy Buggies
LAUNCHER -  Gene Simmons
8. ROTTIES “End of You” - The Pretenders
7. TOTAL DEFEAT Demo - Waste Away (Self-Released)
6. YDINTUHO - Split with Ydinaseeton Pohola - Atomic Grave
5. THE DUMPIES “Zola Budd” cassette - Zaragoza Pool (Self-Released)
4. Злурад - Во благо злу – Шизоид
3. CURBSITTER “Flippin’ Bricks” cassette - Head Fulla Bricks (Self-Released)
2. SAGO “Food Island” – Squealer (Self-Released)
1. TRAGEDY “Fury” - Kick and Scream (Tragedy)

Tonight's demo feature is a peace punk band from Ottawa called Dogma. They have two recordings. This is their first demo "Peace Can't Combine which you can find here.

DOGMA – Caged (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Repetition (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Peace can’t Combine (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Up and Coming (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Stigma (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Day to Day (Self-Released)

Radio - Sunday, July 7th, 2019

Tonight's show featured the return of DJ Waves and we played a variety of material. She played an Alison Mosshart cover of a song by 70s Detroit band The Punks. Rob mentioned the Toronto-made documentary about the band "My Time's Coming" that is currently embroiled in legal issues. You can donate to the filmmakers' legal defense fund at:

Check out the show here: 

Here's the playlist:

RANDOM KILLING - Patios and Beer (Raw Energy)
WORDPLAY - Between You and Me (Self)
GREEN DAY -  Going to Pasalaqua (Lookout)
GARDEN VARIETY - Pretty Mouth (Gern Blandsten)
AVAIL - Simple Song (Lookout)
PEZZ - Never Enough (BYO)

NOMEANSNO - It's Catching Up (Alternative Tentacles)
THE BRONX - False Alarm
OFF! - Red, White and Black
BLACK FLAG - Black Coffee (SST)
DEATH - RocknRoll Victim (Drag City)

SO TIRED - Forgiven (Self)
POW! - Free The Floor (Castle Face)
OCEANS OF THE MOON - Blowin' My Mind (Castle Face)
MODEL ZERO - Japanese Death Poem (Slovenly)
CHOICES MADE - Work Till You Die (Self)

NO WARNING - Hell Realm
PUP - Back Against the Wall
ALEXISONFIRE - Familiar Drugs

CHAINBREAKER - Leatherized
HARD CHARGER - Fuck Your Bullshit

ROMEO VOID - Never Say Never

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Flyer - Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Micro Edge goes on around 6:00pm.

Flyer - Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Radio - Sunday, June 30th, 2019

With Stephe off on vacation, tonight's show featured Rob and guest host DJ Waves. Since it was our Canada Day show, we played some CanCon and a few songs that were leftover from last week's Pride show. Doownload the show here.

EAT MY FEAR - Never Give Up (Self-Released)

ANTI-VIBES - Strange Strange Love (Self-Released)
G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day of Revenge (Total Negativity/ Nervous Nelly / Sabotage)
CLITERATI - Marked By God (Tankcrimes)

IRON REAGAN - Fuck the Neighbors (Relapse)
RAAVE TAPES - K Bye (Self-Released)
RADKEY - Le Song (Little Man / Strange Loop / Kobalt)
DESCENDENTS - Hope (New Alliance / SST)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - I Know (Interscope)

VCR - BDSM 2 (Self-Released)
CAUSA - Q.P.O.C. (Self-Released)
PROM NITE - Eternity of Man (Barf Bag)
HOMOSUPERIOR - Pistol Dick'd (Self-Released)
HETEROFOBIA - Falsos Aliados (Drunken Sailor)

THE CHATS - Smoko (Hot Wax)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - Gacked on Anger (Rough Trade / ATO / Flightless)
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS - One Less Thing Before I Die (Suicide Squeeze)
TV FREAKS - Thirteen (Schizophrenic)
G.L.O.S.S. - Outcast Stomp (Self-Released)

UNITED SNAKES - Jericho (Little Rocket)
LES HELLCATS - Go-Go's Monsters Go! (Fans of Bad Productions)
TOMMY AND THE COMMIES - Throwaway Love (Slovenly)
POWERBOMB - Crucifix (Self-Released)
DISHRAGS - I Don't Love You (Jem)

WIRES ON FIRE - Million Dollar Maybes (Buddyhead)

L7 - Shove (Epitaph)
ALISON MOSSHART - My Time's Coming
WICKED LADY - Run The Night (Guersson)

SAGO - Throwaway (Self-Released)

SO TIRED - Yours/Mine (Self-Released)
GYM TONIC - Survivor of the Suicide Bridge (El Mon Cut C'est Du Tofu / Transistor 66)

THE DISTILLERS - Hall of Mirrors (Sire)

CROSS DOG - Vigilante (Self-Released)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Radio - Sunday, june 23rd, 2019

Today is one of the biggest Pride events in North America, which is right here in Toronto. In the spirit of celebrating LGBTQ pride we asked James Vandervoort to guest host. James played guitar in Creative Zero and Sudden Impact when first getting into the scene and coming into his own identity and in a year that looks back at the origins of the Gay Pride movement James tells us about how punk and this movement intersected. If you want to put this on a device, download the show here.

THE DISHES - Summer Reaction (Crash and Burn) (Regular)

THE POLES - C.N. Tower (Nimbus 9)
THE GOVERNMENT - Hemingway Hated Disco (Self-Released)
BUNNY AND THE LAKERS - Cops on Parade (Self-Released)
FIFTH COLUMN - The Fairview Mall Story (Hide)
CRASH KILLS FIVE - What Do You Do? (Ugly Pop)

JAYNE COUNTY - Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl (Attic)
JOSIE COTTON - Johnny Are You Queer? (Elektra)
ELTON MOTELLO - Jet Boy /Jet Girl (Attic)

CREATIVE ZERO - This Ain’t Utopia (Unreleased)
SUDDEN IMPACT – Gonzo (Marquee)
HUSKER DU - Is Today the Day (Numero)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Moral Majority (Alternative Tentacles)
MDC - America’s So Straight (R Radical)
DICKS - Rich Daddy (Alternative Tentacles)
BIG BOYS - No Love (Touch and Go)

Second wave of feminism brought Riotgirl and Outpunk and here are some bands that came out of that era....

GO! - Holy Roller (Power is Boring, Inc.)
MUKILTEO FAIRIES - Four Letter Love (Kill Rock Stars)
TRIBE 8 - Kick (Alternative Tentacles)
TEAM DRESCH - Fake Fight (Chainsaw / Candy Ass)
SKINJOBS - Gender Bender (Self-Released)
PANSY DIVISION - 20 Years of Cock (Alternative Tentacles)
TOILET BOYS - Go to Hell (Devil Dolls)
THE RUNAWAYS - Cherry Bomb (Mercury)
LIMP WRIST - A Little Nervous (Lengua Armada / La Vida Es Un Mus)