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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Radio - Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Tonight's show can be downloaded here.

REPTILOIDS - Сладкий Делирий Любовного Голода (Self-Released)

A set of re-issues or old recordings that came to our attention recently.

ZOWISO - Cold War System (Atoomatje)
CRISIS - UK '78 (La Vida Es Un Mus)
STETZ - East Coast Slamming (Self-Released)
ABORTTI 13 – Veteraani (Colditz)
DEAD PIDGEONS - I Despise Exercise (Peer Pressure Productions)
NEGAZIONE – Niente (No Plan)
THE LANDLORDS - In Which the Scene Stole My Walkman (Feel It)

We recorded JockStrap in CIUT's hallway in what we call a Studio 3 session. You can read more about it on our blog. Here is that session and interview all put together.

JOCKSTRAP – Guilt Parade (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Worthless Life (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)

BRAIN ITCH – Poverty Coast (Self-Released
GELD - Scando Ripper (Iron Lung
SYSTEMIK VIOLENCE – Anarquia-Violência (Self-Released)
PHYSIQUE - Price of Progress (Iron Lung
SCUMRAID – Loveless (Iron Lung

FLQ – Repent (Bad Vibratrions)
HEAT – The Beast (Deranged
VIOLENCIA – Hartos (Self-Released)
MASTERLESS DOGS - 4 Walls (Longshot / Contra
OBEDIENCIA – Pupilas (La Vida Es Un Mus
LASSIE – Chucklehead (Self-Released)

SHITTY LIFE – Faith (Euro Trash)
RIXE – Nuit Rasoir (La Vida Es Un Mus)
86 CREW – Sur Le Pick Up (Une Vie Pour Rien)
ZODD - Nuclear Nightmare (Self-Released)
CRAWLER – Die (Self-Released
PROVOKE – Indifference (Self-Released

Russia had an election today so we are featuring a band from Moscow in our demo feature. You can download this demo from bandcamp

FURTHER CHARGES – Get Out of My Way (And Die) (Self-Released)
FURTHER CHARGES – Anti-Them (Self-Released)
FURTHER CHARGES – Decay Before a Death (Self-Released)
FURTHER CHARGES – Voices in my Head (Self-Released)

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Radio - Sunday, March 11th, 2018

Tonight's show features a set inspired by a piece in MRR on the Karate Klub so a Dublin scene report. And a demo feature by London Ontario's Cracked Eye. Download the show here.

WHIP - Weak Flesh (Self-Released)

DEHIDRATAL FEJEK -Part Time Punks (Self-Released)
BLEEDERS – I Hate Men (Self-Released)
CONTROL TEST – Sin Sentimientos (Iron Lung)
ISS -I Wanna Be Dated (Sorry State)
LOST LEGION - Used to Be Fun (Foreign Legion)
KNUICKLEHEAD – Bonnie and Clyde (Melodiya)

BEASTI – Summer of ’81 (Girlsville)
THE ALLEY CATS – Today (Time Coast)
RIK L RIK – Black and Red (Posh Boy)
AMMLS – Mierda (Slovenly)
RAZOR BOYS -Shitface (Hozac)

K7’s – All About Me (Rum Bar)
BIG SCHOOL – Read My Mind (Self-Released)
ACTION FAMILY – Dream Girl 2000 (Self-Released)
THE BLACK HALOS – Sell-Out Love (Sub Pop)
DANNY LAJ AND THE LOOKS – Left Right to One (Some Call It Pop)

SIGO AQUI - Lo Que Has Olvidado (Self-Released)
SECONDHAND UNDERPANTS - Ninjas! (Self-Released)
RETIREMENT – Priced Out (Iron Lung)
FRAGMENT - Truth-Lies (Self-Released)
INTENSIVE CARE – Silence (Iron Lung)

In the recent issue of MRR I read about the Karate Klub in Dublin and decided to put together some of the better songs from the bands listed in the article. You can read the article here.

THE BLOW INS - Nieodebrane Polaczenia (Self-Released)
LOVESCUM – Hourglass (Self-Released)
SISSY – Attack (Self-Released)
SCUMHEADS - Sex Music (Self-Released)
GAZE - Shit with your Eyes (Self-Released)
STRONG BOYS - Straight Act (Self-Released)
RAT'S BLOOD - Dublin's got HC (Self-Released)
PUTREFACTION - Drown them in their Wine (Distro-Y/ Underground Movement / Phobia / Ratbone)
SURGE - To the Front (Sjakk Matt Plater)

OWNER – Lied (Nervous Energy)
COUPE GORGE – Précipice (Thrashzone)
IMPULSO – Soffoco (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
CEMENT SHOES - Vile Facist Future (Self-Released)
BUNDOLO - Vuonna 85 (Self-Released)

GOOLAGOON - Book Attack (Dead Heroes)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from London, Ontario and you can find this demo on bandcamp.

CRACKED EYE – Worth (Self-Released)
CRACKED EYE – Let’s Talk (Self-Released)
CRACKED EYE – Volatile (Self-Released)
CRACKED EYE – The King (Self-Released)
CRACKED EYE – Repellent (Self-Released)
CRACKED EYE – Sheepskin (Self-Released)
CRACKED EYE – Service (Self-Released)