Sunday, November 22, 2020

Radio - Sunday, November 22nd, 2020

CIUT may have you covered in terms of programming but EXD is bringing you the covers for tonight's fundraising drive. Tonight we start out with a shout out to the Prophesy and an oi band doing a Harry Belefonte number. Download tonight's show here.

THE BUSINESS - Dayo (Link / Captain Oi / Step-1)

Tonight’s our official fundraising show and we ask that you donate to CIUT at But first here is a message from one of our co-hosts who comes in so far on special occasions, but we are trying to get him in more often. Dave Stevenson.
DAVE STEVENSON - Testimonial 

As promised we are keeping it an all covers show. Starting out with an ode to new wave and George Michael by this Italian band doing a ska version of “Careless Whisper”.

THE OFFENDERS - Careless Whispers (Destiny)
CHIXDIGGIT - Faith (Lance Rock)
LESS THAN JAKE - Laverne and Shirley (No Idea)

Help make our dreams come true by donating now to CIUT at Up next a cover of M.O.T.O.

THE TWEEZERS - Dance Dance Dance Dance to the Radio (Secret Mission)
JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS - Cherry Bomb (Blackheart)
THE BRIEFS - She’s Just A Girl on the Block (Vivid Sound / Bomp!)
Did you know that it is the 25th anniversary for Alanis Morisette’s smash hit “Hand in my Pocket”. I have been hearing so many tributes to her. And now we can celebrate this Ottawa born singer with a cover by a band from Brussels called PUNK ROCK FACTORY.

PUNK ROCK FACTORY - Hand in My Pocket (Self-Released)
Testimonial from Paul Abrash at CJAM from Aggressive Rock. CJAM are also running their funding drive. Support campus-community radio.
AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY - Centerfold (Far Out)
BLACK RANDY AND THE METROSQUAD - Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Dangerhouse) 

THE CLOVERS - Ca Plan Pour Moi
AVAIL - Pink Houses (Lookout! / Jade Tree / Suburban Home)
EATER - Queen Bitch (Polydor / Get Back)

We’re going to start off with a cover of Neil Young’s “Ohio” recorded in the broadcast studio in August 2011.

TIM FREEBORN - testimonial (The Uncommitted)
WASTOIDS - Fortunate Son (CIUT)

Three sessions out of 211 recorded at CIUT that you can find and download most of on our blog. Donate now to support special programming like this.

DMZ - Cinderella (Sire)
THE KONKS - Beat Your Heart Out (Vivid Sound / Bomp!)

We’re going to start out this next set with a song that ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION wrote about the station.

PROPAGHANDI - Degrassi Junior High Drop Out (Recess)
BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE - SKA Sucks (Strictly Rude) 

THE LURKERS - Little Ol’ Wine Drinker Me (Beggars Banquet)
POISON 13 - What A Way To Die (Sub Pop)
THE READY MEN - Shortnin’ Bread (Norton)

PARANOID VISIONS - The Saints are Coming (FOAD / Rejected / Punkerama)
JUSTIN KOPOULOS - Testimonial 
HARD SKIN - New Age (No Future)  
SKOISTERS - Staring at the Rudeboys 

MUDHONEY - The Money Will Roll Right In (Sub Pop)
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - 20th Century Boy (Polydor)
John di Marco - Testimonial (Rubber Factory)
THE SCREWED - New York City (The Demics) 
LET'S DANCE - Fox on the Run (CIUT)

To support this featuring of new bands donate to CIUT at 

WANT - Seeing Red (Self-Released)
Vince MacDoanld’s - Testimonial (Make No Gains)

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Radio - Sunday, November 15th, 2020

Starting out with a song about Trump to define our times, please download the show here

DEATH RIDGE BOYS - Situation (Moo Cow)

First set of early punk mostly found in the first few years. 
MASTERSWITCH - Mass Media Meditation (Epic)
ACCIDENT - Kill the Bee Gees (No Threes / Radiation Re-issues) 
999 - Nasty Nasty (United Artists)
CHAIN GANG - Gary Gilmore and the Island of Dr. Moreau (Kapitalist)
DEVO - Jocko Homo (Superior Viaduct)

Rob’s first set
YOUTH BRIGADE - Fight to Unite (BYO)
NEO-PUNKZ - Facist Fuckers (Neo)
SAUCERS - Muckraker (Orange)
THE ACTION - Let You Down (All the Way) (Montreco / Rave Up)
ROGER C. REALE & RUE MORGUE - High Society (Big Sound)

When garage punk met hardcore
THE ULCERS - I Wanna Be Your Ulcer (Oddball)
TEEN CRUD COMBO - Study Tall (in Study Hall) (Deranged)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Tattooed Apathetic Boys (Crypt)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - I Hate Chores (Deranged / P Trash)
DEAN DIRG - Fuck Yeah (Pandoras Box / Stereodrive!)
HENRY FIAT'S OPEN SORE - Faster Phil Spector Kill Kill (Alien Snatch!)

THE CAVEMEN - Nightmare (Slovenly / Media Burn / Trash Wax)
BUREAUCRATS - She’s An American (MP)
THE NERVE - Penchant (Village)
DROP - I’m Wearing an Appliance
THE SPEEDIES - Something On My Mind (Speedy Delivery Music)

THE JANITORS - Durango 88 (Un Vie Pour Rien
VIOLENT AFFAIR - Social Disease (Jailhouse)
TERMINAL CITY RATS - Hastings (Self-Released)
THE REBEL SPELL - Fight for the Sun (Not Yer Buddy / Harvest Kings)
SNFU - Straightening out the Shelves (Of My Mind) (Cargo / Chasing the Glory)

DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Used to Be in Love (Sharpe / Unrest)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Ready to Fight (Reptilian)
CRUCIAL YOUTH - Be Kind Rewind (Faith)
DOGGY STYLE - Straight (Flipside)

Some new stuff and some off the beaten path scenes
THE SLIME - Mutant Generation (Self-Released)
SEPTIC YANKS - Everyday (Stucco)
CRYING SINGALONG TOGETHER - Get Up Myself (Self-Released)
NORMS - Földbaszók (Mindig Otthon Punk Discs)  
LOS VIOLADORES - Viejos Pateticos (Umbral)
LA INQUISICION - Los iniciados (Self-Released)

SCIENCE MAN - Top of the Crown (Self-Released)
PUS - Internet (Self-Released)
THE APOSTLES - Punk Squat (Fight Back / Inflammable Material)
DISORDER - Air Raid (Ace) 

Demo Feature 
Tonight’s demo feature is a band from Winnipeg. They have a brand new 10” ep that I read a review on MRR’s site which described them as 

The impression of listening to the first couple of tracks was about DISORDER/CHAOS UK vibes but this also somehow has a F.Y.P. or Recess Records feel. Less punch or aggression, more garage punky, and sloppy, catchy (somewhat), and most importantly, fun. Artwork consists of pictures of a dump and with song titles like “We’ve Tried Nothing And We’re All Out Of Ideas” it sounds like trash in the most appropriate way possible. 

The recording is great and we’ll add a link to our blog tomorrow, but here is a demo recorded three years earlier. 

NOPE! - Couch Gag! (Self-Released)
NOPE! - Alright (Self-Released)
NOPE! - Nothing (Self-Released)
NOPE! - Role Remodeling (Self-Released)
NOPE! - Don’t Pretend (Self-Released)
NOPE! - No Hope (Self-Released)

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Radio - Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Tonight's show features some anarchy (Exit-Stance), some classics (Stab Your Back), some brand new rippers (Lumpen), and brand new material by the Merinuks. There is a feature on the fastcore roots of the Boston scene (Gang Green et al). And a demo feature celebrating a brand new Supreme Echo release. Download the show here.

EXIT STANCE - November (Grow Your Own)

THE BOYS - Tenement Kids (NEMS / Philips / Captain Oi!)
THE DAMNED - Stab Your Back (Stiff)
DA SLYME - Piss Eyed Sleazoid (Loo Enterprises Inc)
BOB - Thomas Edison (Dumb / Rerun)

THE SLICKEE BOYS - Gotta Tell Me Why (Twin/Tone / Limp)
CHESTER VOMIT & THE DRY HEAVES - When I Lose My Self Control (Rave Up)
NOISE - Let’s Have Some Fun (Wilson)
M.O.T.O. - Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio (Criminal I.Q. / Little Teddy)
THE OUTLETS - Knock Me Down (Hendrix / Octet)

Jose’s First set
LUMPEN - Desesperacion (Educacion Cinica)
G.A.S. - Desesperados (Disordera)
CREMA - Venganza (Self-Released)
DIGMA - Bulok na Sistema (Self-Released)
BARRAGE - 800 MG (Self-Released)

THE MERINUKS - Bent Outta Shape (Self-Released
ITCHYSELF - Here's the Rub (Celluloid Lunch)
BASIC DICKS - Dan Brown Novel (Self-Released)
ANGRY SPELLS - F.U.C.K. (Self-Released)
BASTARD 86 - Loudhouse (Double Turn)
PUNITIVE DAMAGE - Imposter (Self-Released)

SUBURBAN REPTILES - Saturday Night Stay at Home (Vertigo)
ARTIFICIAL PEACE - Wasteland (Dischord)
GROUND ZERO - Nothing (GZ)
THE STAR CLUB - Hello New Punks (Japan)
FILTH - Sex (Burger)

GEFYR - I Järnsymbolens Rika Stat (Angry Hudic)
GUT WOUND - Justice Served (Self-Released)
PRESSON - Salvation (Self-Released
SOLDIER's DISEASE - Dead Monuments (Sound Grotesca)
ALTAR OF EDEN - The Abandonment (Sound Grotesca)

Boston fastcore roots 
COPS AND ROBBERS - Liar (A.D.D. / Xclaim!)
DEEP WOUND - Sisters (Radiobeat / Armageddon)
S.I.E.G.E. - Armageddon (Deep Six)
FUs - Trendy Nazi Hypocrites (Xclaim! / Reflex / Wolfpack
GANG GREEN - Lie Lie (Modern Method)

STEROIDS - Mr. Average (White Light)
DESPERATE MEASURES - 1984 (Desperate Times)
PERE UBU - Street Waves (Blank)
BOYS LIFE - More Trouble For Modern Man (Modern Method)
THE ODDS - Living Out of Control (S and M)

Demo Feature 
Tonight’s demo feature is a look back at a skate crossover band from Newmarket. They released a demo in 1984 called “Freaked Out” and Supreme Echo has just released it as a ep. Tonight we are going to play that in our demo feature. 

SUDDEN IMPACT - Cat’s Life (Supreme Echo) 
SUDDEN IMPACT - Paint Fumes (Supreme Echo) 
SUDDEN IMPACT - Caught Up (Supreme Echo) 
SUDDEN IMPACT - Bent OK (Supreme Echo) 
SUDDEN IMPACT - Steamy Loafs (Supreme Echo) 
SUDDEN IMPACT - New Song (Supreme Echo) 
SUDDEN IMPACT - Drunk Driving (Supreme Echo)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Freaked Out (Supreme Echo) 
SUDDEN IMPACT - Sudden Impact (Supreme Echo) 
SUDDEN IMPACT - Gonzo (Supreme Echo) 


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Radio - Sunday, November 1st, 2020

Like our local community garden's Hallowe'en display, the fun of punk is in it's variety. Dave Stevenson, curated, programmed and hosted a Hallowe'en show that features many punk takes on the day. A quick glance below points out the themes, but the devil is in the detail, the stories behind the song selection. We could barely get away without talking about each of these songs for their own unique back stories. And a Misfits tribute was long overdue. Listen on the player above or take the show with you by downloading it here

POISON IDEA - Bela Lugosi is Dead (Sub Pop)

Skateboarding Bands 
McRAD - Dead by Dawn (Uprising / Beware)
STUPIDS - Slumber Party Massacre (Boss Tuneage
BL'AST! - Nightmare (SST
SNFU - I'm Real Scared (BYO
NO MERCY - Day of the Damned (Suicidal

Western Masshole scene
THE PROWL - Witch Hunt (Slasher)
THE PROWL - The Way of the Wicked (Drunkula) 
BATTLE RUINS - The Coming of the Beast (Rock ‘N’ Roll Disgrace
LAST IN LINE - Digging my own grave (Acme) 
OUT COLD - Dark Side of Laughter (Sorry State / Amok / Kibou / Drunk with Power / Deleted

Nothing is more ghoulish than the Misfits. We talk about a Henry Rollins feature on the "12 Hits from Hell", but the show is no longer available, just the playlist.
MISFITS - She (Cough/Cool) (Blank Records) 
MISFITS - Ghouls Night Out (12 Hits From Hell version) (Caroline
MISFITS - Skulls (Plan 9) 
MISFITS - Hybrid Moments (Static Age version) (Caroline
MISFITS - Demonomania (Plan 9) 

Canadian bands with Hallowe'en songs 
NOMEANSNO - My Roomate is Turning into a Monster (Wrong) 
THE SWARM - November First (No Idea
INEPSY - Horror on the Greyhound (Feral Ward / Runstate
MILLENIAL REIGN - I Start Fires With My Mind (A389
NEGATIVE GAIN - Back from the Dead (Pusmort

Scary Movies 
MAD MEN - Suspiria (Slasher) 
DWARVES - Blag the Ripper (Sub Pop
ANNIHILATION TIME - Fast Forward to the Gore (Tank Crimes / Manic Ride / Six Weeks
M.O.D. - Man of your Dreams (Caroline
S.O.D. - Freddy Krueger (Caroline

BEYOND POSSESSION - Creeping Eruption (Metal Blade
CANCEROUS GROWTH - Late for the Grave (Beer City
SELFISH - Revolution of the Nightmares (Feral Ward) 
KILL LIFE - Humanity Jihad (All The Way Alive / Chapters) 
GHOUL - Proud to be Creepsylvanian (Tankcrimes / Thought Crimes MFG) 

UNITED MUTATION - TV Preachers and Demons (Radio Raheem)

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Radio - Sunday, October 25th, 2020

A French punxploitation record pretending to be the first Chinese punk band. An SNFU cover by a local band. A cover of "Sonic Reducer" by a Belarusian band. A band named Tommy Bahama Boys. Post Punk, Oi!, Celtic Punk, '77 Punk, Japa-core, Gaijin punk, and a demo feature by Fully Crazed - full on skate-core band out of Victoria. Download the show here

BLUNDERMEN - Awonderful (

DRONES - Be My Baby (Valer / Mad Butcher Classics)
KRIMINELLA GITARRER - Hitler's Barn (Kloaak)
JUSTIN TROUBLE - No Love (Casino / Munster / Mono-Tone)
THE VIBRATORS - Wolfman Howl 
TOUGH ACTIN TINACTINS - Lets Dance (Self-Released)  

ISAAC ROTHER & THE PHANTOMS - Witches Brew (Self-Released)
FRENCH GIRLS - No Morals (Rum Bar)
SICK BAGS - Halfway to Hell (No Front Teeth / Spaghetty Town)
RULER - Tiger (Secret Mission / Mangrove)
MUCK & THE MIRES - I’m Your Man (Dirty Water)

DRAGONS - Anarchy in the U.K. (Blitzkrieg)
SMZB - Xingfu Jizhongying (Nuyi Xuanyan) (Maybe Mars)
EVERYBODY'S ENEMY - Hey Hey Hey (Teki)
BORN SHIT STIRRERS - Paper Cut The Printer Cunt (To Death) (Serial Bowl / Chaos Control)
BLINDED HUMANITY - Mind Control (D-Takt ja Rapunk / Televised Suicide)
PARANOID - Mada Minu Yuutopia (D-Takt ja Rapunk / Konton Crusher)   

CHUCK COLES & THE ORGAN THIEVES - Big Thumbs (Self-Released)
PROTEX - Wonder Why (Downtown Radio / Teenadelic)
BOBBY SOX & THE TEENAGE QUEERS - Hate in the 80s (Self-Released)
BACK TO BASICS - But Not Indifferent (Secret Mission)

THE CARRY BOOTS - Poux Laid (Self-Released)
FORCE MAJEURE - L’Appat Du Gain (Primator Crew)
BETON ARME - Crucifie (Primator Crew)
NOIZY BOYS - Npo Nnbo N Oyt6on (No Justice / Clockwork Punk

HYPOCRITE - Hypocrite (Self-Released

THE 4-SKINS - A.C.A.B (Secret)
THE MIRRORS - Nice Vice (Lightning)
THE PIGS - National Front (New Bristol)
RESISTANCE 77 - Rich and Hated  (Rot)

MISCALCULATIONS - Asbestos City (No Front Teeth)
TOMMY BAHAMA BOYS - Sand in my Beer (Self-Released)
DOLE - New Wave Love (The Ultimate Record Label)
COITUS INT - Dry Up Soon (Rock Against Records)
TIGHT NUNS - Oh Natasha (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
FULLY CRAZED are a band made up of Jak’s members out of Victoria. Skateboarders in a band. They recorded a four song ep and released it back in April. It is fuckin great. We are going to feature it on tonight’s show. You can find this on their bandcamp.

FULLY CRAZED - Pump Em and Dump Em (Self-Released)
FULLY CRAZED - Vic Goof (Self-Released)
FULLY CRAZED - Ditch the Pigs (Self-Released)
FULLY CRAZED - Curb Session (Self-Released)

MO-DETTES - Two Can Play (
CURSE – Somethin Ya Can’t Tell Your Mother

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Radio - Sunday, October 18th, 2020

In the spirit of Reagan era hardcore we have programmed a show we are calling “Trump era hardcore” but tonight’s show will feature songs written about Trump in his first term. Taking the temperature of punk opposition to a modern day autocrat through expression. Download the show here.


DOA - Fucked Up Donald (Sudden Death)
MDC - No Trump No KKK (Primordial)
OI POLLOI - Donald Trump Fuck You (Urinal Vinyl)
POISON IDEA - Calling All Ghosts (American Leather

SLAPSHOT - Make America Hate Again (Bridge Nine)

ADOLESCENTS - Just Because (Concrete Jungle)
ANTI-FLAG – Hate Conquers All (Spinefarm)
GOOD RIDDANCE - Pox Americana (Fat Wreck Chords)
BAD RELIGION - Do the Paranoid Style (Epitaph)
SWINGIN' UTTERS - Yes I Hope He Dies (Fat Wreck Chords)

DEAD ENDING - Ivanka Wants Her Orange Back (Alternative Tentacles)
ZERO AGAIN - My World Now (Kibou)
DROPDEAD - Hail to the Emperor (Armageddon)
NO HEADS - Can of Worms (Six Feet Under / Refuse)
WALL BREAKER - AmeriKKKa (AbsoluteContempt / Refuse)
FUCK IT... I QUIT! - The Art of the Steal (Atomic Action / Refuse)

THE CASUALTIES - Borders (Cleopatra)
THE OLD FIRM CASUALS - Traitor (Demons Run Amok / Pirates Press)
MASS ARREST - Black Identity Extremist (Iron Lung)
DEATH RIDGE BOYS - Right Side of History (Black Water / WHMH / Underground Disco Beocin)

Women and Trump
LIQUIDS - I Killed Donald Trump (Self-Released)
XYLITOL - Atrocity Man (Thrilling Living / Total Negativity)
THE HOMISIDES - Anti-Trump Army (Self-Released)
CLITERATI - Ugly Truth / Beautiful Lies (Tankcrimes)
WAR ON WOMEN - Predator in Chief (Bridge Nine)
VICE SQUAD - I Dare To Breathe (Last Rockers)
CHEAP PERFUME - Trump Roast (Snappy Little Numbers)

No Love from the North
THE DISCARDED - Mango Mussolini (Rock Bottom)
THE UNCOMMITTED - Dear Mr. Anaemic (Never Met a Stranger)
THE UNCOMMITTED - My Ether Boutonniere (Never Met a Stranger)
CHRIS FARR - Trumped (Unreleased)
A.S.O.P. - Lord P. Mad Nut (Self-Released)

BARKER - Hurricane (Denizen)
JACK AND THE ME OFFS - Designer Fascist (Denizen)
THE ANTIDONT'S - Make America Think Again (Swamp Cabbage)
DEAD END AMERICA - Twitter Troll (Southern Lord)
FLAG OF DEMOCRACY - Let's Build a Wall (SRA / Boss Tuneage)

INSECT DEATH - Oh, the Total Bullshit Spewing From Your Mouth (Denizen)
ANINOKO - Tangina Mo Trump (Self-Released)
BAPTIST KILLING SPREE - Space Force (Self-Released)
TOTAL MASSACRE - Presidential Harassment! (Self-Released)
THE EASTSIDE SLASHERS - Fuck Trump (Self-Released)
ABOLITIONIST - Pink (1859 / Different Kind of Kitchen)

ANEURYSM - National Embarassment (Tor Johnson)
HARAM - Your President, Not A President (Sorry State)
PUBLIC SQUARES - No Hope (Self-Released)
NEGATIVE NIXON - Mein Trumpf (Self-Released)
LIKE NO TOMORROW - The Joke is Not a Joke Anymore (Self-Released)

Trump project bands
INFO WARS - Donald Trump - Al Qaeda's Buttboy (Self-Released)
ANAL TRUMP - I'm In Astonishingly Excellent Health (Self-Released)
THE ANTI-TRUMPZ - (Racist Scum) Go Trump Yourself (Self-Released)
ORLANDO FURIOSO HC - Mar-A-Lago Uber Alles (Self-Released)
MAGA YOUTH - MAGA Youth (Self-Released)
TRUMP CARD - Cult 45 (Self-Released)

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Radio - Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Tonight's show starts out with a shot at Canadian Thanksgiving. Crate digging focuses on women in early punk. We play a band from Bali (The Boldness) for the first time on the show. Some great new material from down under (Gaffer), and home (TV Freaks and UIC). Reissues from Denmark (Kalashnikov) and Japan (Grave New World). And a feature interview with Al  Nolan about his new label (Cursed Blessings) which features a song from the first all First Nations band we have ever played No More Moments. And tonight's demo feature is Punitive Damages from Vancouver. Download the show here.

MDC - Real Food Real People Real Bullets (We Bite) 

X - Year 1 (Slash)
THE BAGS - We Don't Need the English (Dangerhouse)
THE AVENGERS - I Believe in Me (Dangerhouse)
INVADERS - Under Submission (Polyester)
B-GIRLS - Savage Fever (Bomp)

THE LURKERS - High Velocity (Damaged Goods)
THE BOLDNESS - Story of Bootboys (Self-Released
CLOSE AIR SUPPORT - Time For A Change (Pretty Shitty Town)
EAST END RADICALS - Border Disorder (Stomp)

KALASHNIKOV - Schlüters Kabinet (HUB / Adult Crash)
GAFFER - Stuck (Helta Skelta)
KAOS - Cone of Silence (Artifix)
TV FREAKS - Souvenir (Schizophrenic)
FOXYCONTIN - Little Willie (Sister Raygun)

INVALID FORMAT - I can see the future!... and its doom and gloom… (Secret)
UIC - Richard (Dead Dog
UIC are doing a live streaming event from the Horseshoe Tavern on Saturday October 24th.
PARANOID VISIONS - Ignostic Front (Louder Than War / FOAD)
G.U.N.N. - Brain on Gunn (Self-Released)
SKUNK - Corporate Death (Scull Crasher / Chronic Disease)
GRAVE NEW WORLD - God breathed his last in agony (Bitter Lake)

Interview with Al Nolan about Cursed Blessing Records

THE ALMIGHTY TRIGGER HAPPY - My brain won't leave me alone (Bad Taste)
CHOICES MADE - Don’t Turn Back (Self-Released)
SEIZED UP - Manic Decompression (Pirates Press)
DRAGGED IN - Hear Me Out (Cursed Blessing)
FULLY CRAZED - Vic Goof (Self-Released)
NO MORE MOMENTS - Burn It All (Transistor 66)
MALHAVOC - Masque of the Red Death (Epidemic)

Demo Feature
Punitive Damage are from the Pacific Northwest featuring folks from Seattle and Vancouver. They have just released an ep titled “We Don’t Forget”. In a recent review they were likened to No Justice, Life’s Blood and Limp Wrist. Here is a demo that came out a year earlier. You can find the demo on bandcamp.

PUNITIVE DAMAGE - Nothing (Self-Released)
PUNITIVE DAMAGE - No Compromise (Self-Released)
PUNITIVE DAMAGE - Enough (Self-Released)