Sunday, May 31, 2020

Radio - Sunday, May 31st, 2020

This show was programmed before the George Floyd murder sparked a nation and then some. We can't be as current as we like to. But we do start out with this cover of Linton Kwesi Johnson (LKJ) "Smash Dem Brains" which was a rallying cry to fight the national front in the UK. LKJ is a dub poet that played a large role in the Rock Against Racism movement so it s awesome to find this modern day cover by a Swedish punk band. You can listen to the show on the player above or download the show here

KALLE HYGIEN - Smash Dem Brains (Push My Buttons)

So in looking at the top releases from last month this Bona Rays review was an important unearthing. Released by a record storein Kent, the band's home town, this little known band had an acetate of their 1978 recording. As the singer, Chas Hines was unloading her records for a big move, the store happens across this acetate and a partnership to release this happens. You can read about it in this article in The Quietus

BONA RAYS – Poser (Flashback)
X-RAY SPEX - I am a Poseur (EMI International, Pathe)
IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS - Uneasy Sunny Day Hotsy Totsy (Stiff)
BITING TONGUES – Evening State (The Wave State) (Finders Keepers)
GANG OF FOUR - Guns Before Butter (EMI / Warner Bros)

DEADREAM - Vile (Extinction Burst)
FARMACO - Lider (Self-Released)
EX-WHITE - Your Body My Choice (Phantom / U-Bac / Pifia)
ISOTOPE SOAP - Easy Readable (Push My Buttons
THE STRANGLERS - Peasant in the Big Shitty (United Artists)

THE SORELS - She's in the Gang (Surfin Ki / Reta)
THE DREAM DATES - Moans on the Phone (Ugly Pop)
THE BOMBPOPS - Radio Silence (Fat Wreck)
THE PORNOGRAPHY GLOWS - Freedumb (Violent Pest)
LESS MISERABLES - Almost Fun (Rhodehouse)

DRAGGED IN - Blackest Moments (Self-Released)
THE FALLOUT - The Times Have Never Changed (Rebel Time)
A.S.O.P. - Main Sewage Treatment Playground (Lockdown)
JERRY'S KIDS - It's OK (Unreleased)

AFFECT - No more 核戦争 (Black Konflik)
SEX DWARF - Löften and Hopp (D-Takt ja Rapunk / Konton Crasher)
SUBDUED - No More (La Vida Es Un Mus)
KONG KONG - Kong Unleashed (Gorilla City)
GENOGEIST - Systematic Shroud (Black Water)

ALTERNATE ACTION - Violent Crime (Longshot / Rebellion)
VANITY - We're Friends (Beach Impediment)
PERESTROIKA - Spiced Eyes (Self-Released)
RANK / XEROX - Cradle of Life (Iron Lung
HANDLE - Sunday Morning (Maternal Voice / Upset! The Rhythm)

Top 10 – April 2020
10. ALIEN NOSE JOB - I Still Call This Punk Scene My Home (Iron Lung)
9. CONDUCTA ERRÁTIKA - Civismo (Orate Asusta A Turista Con Motosierra)
8. PHYSIQUE - Miserable Existence (Static Shock / Distort Reality)
7. LAFFING GAS - On Your Own (Beach Impediment)
6. MURO - Mundo Infesto (Beach Impediment)
5. TEST BUNKER - Management (Self-Released)
4. SPRAUT - Skallerorm (Adult Crash)
3. GOON - Pig (Convulse)
2. JACKALS - Help Yourself (Painkiller)
1. PERMISSION - Quiet Now (La Vida Es Un Mus

Demo Feature 
This is the split with DEAD HERO. Ultra Razzia are the split and they are a new band  featuring members of the PROWLERS. This was released by Primitive Crew out of France and you can find a download on bandcamp.

ULTRA RAZZIA – Perte Totale
ULTRA RAZZIA – Les Lignes Blanches
ULTRA RAZZIA – Les Boulevards
ULTRA RAZZIA – Nos Chemins

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Radio - Sunday, May 24th, 2020

This week's show features some old chestnuts from Bad Brains, Flux of Pink Indians, the 222's. There is a shit ton of new material from everyone like 999 (Yes they are still around) to Dead Heroes to Nuclear Power Genocide (members of Absolut and Paranoid - pan Atlantic kang).There is a bunch of covers, a set made up of compilation tracks, a motorcharged set, some oi, some melodic punk, and a demo feature with Saskatoon's d-beat thrashers - Krash. Listen on the player above or download the show to go here

BAD BRAINS – Coptic Times (PVC / Abstract)

LONDON - Siouxsie Sue (MCA)
JET BRONX AND THE FORBIDDEN - Ain't Doin' Nothin' (Lightning)
THE 222s - She Wants Revenge (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp)
CHAOTIC YOUTH - Don't Take Their Shit (Vomitopunkrock / Beat Generation)
FLUX OF PINK INDIANS - Some of Us Scream, Some of Us Shout (Spiderleg / One Little Indian)

THE TEMPLARS - The Sixties Are Over (Dim / Templecombe)
PRESSURE 28 - Spirit of 69 (Longshot Music)
STARS AND STRIPES - Garden Goons (I Scream)
DEAD HERO – Todo o Nada (Primator Crew)

PRIMITIVE TEETH – Avoidance (Dirt Cult)
M.O.T.O. - Month of Sundays (Mind of a Child / Criminal I.Q. / Red Lounge)
INJECT THE LIGHT - The Apocalypse is Boring (Dirt Cult)
THE YEARNERS - Give it to the Spirit (Dirt Cult)
DZTN 1980 – Birth (Self-Released)

THE BRAINS - Electric Avenue (Cleopatra)
THE ADHOCS - Girl Of My Dreams (Contra / The Firm / Tough Ain't Enough)
999 – Addicted (Cleopatra)
TILT - Theme from the Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys) (Fat Wreck)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Communication Breakdown (Perpetrator) 

LIQUOR PIGS - Someones Gonna Fuckin Die (Lockdown)
MONOMANIAS (Dave Williams) - Oh Oh I Love Her So (Drunk Dial
THE HEXTALLS - In Love with the System (Mutant Spider)
THE STRIKERS - Kick Around (Hi-Test / BDR)
CONDEMNED- TV Addict (Antisociety)

LOSER POINTS – Tribes (Self-Released)
CHIPS OV OI! - Chocolate Chips (Self-Released)
JEFF DAHL - Am So Wasted (Iwannabeahoople / Beluga / Ghost Highway)
AN UNEASY PEACE - Fighting Sleep (Dirt Cult)
UNJUSTIFIED VIOLENCE - Mainlining Hatred (Self-Released)

Motorcharged set
OVERCHARGE - Libero E Selvaggio (PoGohai / Angry Voice / Insane Society / Death Crush)
INEPSY - 21st Century Breakout (Feral Ward)
NUCLEAR POWER GENOCIDE - No Power Regime (D-Takt and Rapunk / Bullwhip)
ABSOLUT - A Futile Life (Schizophrenic)
PARANOID – Don’t Really Care (PND)

Demo Feature
KRASH are a D-Beat band from Saskatoon and they have a full length out called “Devastation”. You can find this on bandcamp.

KRASH – Devastation (Self-Released)
KRASH – A Living Hell (Self-Released)
KRASH – Nuclear Strike (Self-Released)
KRASH – Power Corrupts (Self-Released)
KRASH – They Declare It (DSICHARGE) (Self-Released)
KRASH – War System (SHITLICKERS) (Self-Released)
KRASH – Innocent Victims (Self-Released)
KRASH – The Final Winter (Self-Released)
KRASH – Death Toll Always Increases (Self-Released)
KRASH – War is Life (Self-Released)

CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Whose Right is It (Schizophrenic)

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Radio - Sunday, May 17th, 2020

Tonight's show features tribute sets to the STRANGLERS and KRAFTWERK. The rest of the show features a mix of old and new releases. The demo feature is a band from PEI called WARSH. You can listen on the player above or download the show here

EXTROVERTS - Tactical Squad (Self-Released

D.O.A. - It Was D.O.A. (Sudden Death)
THE MAHONES - 100 Bucks (North End)
PRIOR CONVICTIONS - Glasgow handshake - In Your Face Mix (Lockdown / Dat Sound)
HARD SKIN - We Don't Want It (JT Classics)
DOPE TIMES - Stagger On (Mad Drunken Monkey)

S.H.I.T. - Eraser III (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SIAL - Mantera Ratah Dan Lahap (La Vida Es Un Mus)
BIB - Eyes of the World (Pop Wig)
MURO – Infertil (La Vida Es Un Mus)
UZI - La Vida que Quieres (Adult Crash / Discos MMM)

DRAGGED IN - No Surrender (Self-Released)
BURNING HEADS - I've Heard (feat. Yohan - Ed Warner) (Self-Released)
DAVE SMALLEY AND THE BANDOLEROS - Punk Rock Battle Cry (Little Rocket)
FUTURO INCIERTO – Revelation (Kids on Coffee Management)
ARTERIALS - Savage Season (Gunner)

I learned from a friend at work that Dave Greenfield of the Stranglers had died from COVID-19 on May 3rd. One of the first casualties of COVID-19 in the punk scene. So I thought we could do a bit of a tribute to Dave Greenfield, the keyboard player for the Stranglers. Hugh Cornwell tweeted that “Dave was the difference between the Stranglers and every other punk band.” His Wikipedia bio describes his trademark style of rapid arpeggios. He was often likened to Ray Manzarek of the DOORS. “No More Heroes” was one of the first songs that I had heard and has been my pogoing anthem through life. In tribute to Dave Greenfield’s passing here is a set showcasing Dave Greenfield’s work in the Stranglers.

THE STRANGLERS - No More Heroes (United Artists)
THE STRANGLERS - Dead Ringer (United Artists)
THE STRANGLERS - Hanging Around (United Artists)
THE STRANGLERS – Duchess (United Artists)
THE STRANGLERS – Genetix (United Artists)
THE STRANGLERS - Golden Brown (Liberty)

Dead Ringer is also on “No More Heroes” and is a song that Dave Greenfield sung vocals on.

The live version of Hanging Around was recorded at the Horsehoe Tavern on April 14th, 1978 and is song that demonstrates Dave Greenfield’s versatility as a keyboard player.

“Duchess” was next from “The Raven “ LP.

“Genetix” is also found on “The Raven” and this song was pulled out specifically as an example where Greenfield used a Korg VC-10 vocoder to accompany is own vocal with a unique effect.

“Golden Brown” was a song originally written for “MeninBlack” the band’s first concept album. It was written by Greenfield in a waltz time and eventually appeared on “Le Folie” becoming the band’s biggest hit.

Okay so I know this is a punk show but we are going to get a bit deeper on the electronic edge because another significant passing Florian Schneider, a founding member of KRAFTWERK, passed away from cancer on April 21st, 2020, but his death was just announced on May 6th. The founding members originally met at the Academy of Arts in Remcheid in 1968 forming a couple of improvisational bands ORGANIZATION and then PISSOFF which would evolve into KRAFTWERK, which means “Power Plant” in German. Florian played flute which he would combine with electronics and eventually invented an electronic flute. Schneider was interested in sound design (being referred to as a sound fetishist) and fits in with how the band viewed themselves as sound chemists. Florian also combined vocoding with speech synthesis to patent the implementation of something known as robovox. In 1997 the NY Times referred to KRAFTWERK as the Beatles of electronic music with many accolades coming from so many artists as diverse as David Bowie and Afrika Bambaataa. We’re gonna start out this feature with “Airwaves” from their 1975 release “Radio-Activity”.

KRAFTWERK - Airwaves (Kling Klang / Hor Zu / EMI Electrola)
KRAFTWERK - The Model (Capitol)
KRAFTWERK - Pocket Calculator (EMI)
KRAFTWERK - House Phone (EMI)
KRAFTWERK - Tour de France (EMI)

“Airwaves” was taken from their 1975 release “Radio-Activity” and a lot of this material could form the basis for a sci fi score.

“The Model” came from the 1977 release “The Man Machine”

“Pocket Calculator” was probably the first big hit here in North America as the song would get regular airplay on CFNY and came out on the 1981 release “Computer World”.

“House Phone” came from their 1986 release “Electric Café”.

“Tour de France” was Kraftwerks biggest breakout hit but was actually inspired by the band’s love for cycling. They would do interviews where they would just talk about cycling and this song was written as a soundtrack for their cycling pursuits.

Check out this appreciation of Kratfwerk on the BBC.

DEFECT PLAY - Dulled (Iron Lung)
DAYS N DAZE – Rewind (Fat Wreck)
COVERED IN PUNK - Psycho Killer (Self-Released)
BOMBS BLAST - Wasting Away (Self-Released)
MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE - Out the Basement (Fire and Flames)

NUFO - Obi-Wan (Lonesome Surfer
FROM THE GUT - Faithless Unbelievers
DESTINAZIONE FINALE - Inesorabile silenzio (Self-Released)
NUKKEHAMMER – Kills (Self-Released)
ANTIBODIES - Let's Get Serious About Punk Rock (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
Tonight we will be featuring another band from Prince Edward Island, a band called WARSH. They have two recordings out, a demo and this new four song cassette called “Burning Edge”. 

WARSH – Big Mouth (Self-Released)
WARSH – Burning Urge (Self-Released)
WARSH - Backseat Boxing (Self-Released)
WARSH – Brat (Self-Released)

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Radio - Sunday, May 10th, 2020

DIRECT ACTION were one of the most important hardcore bands to come out of Toronto. They inspired almost everybody in that early scene. Everyone we spoke to had a story about DIRECT ACTION. People talked about how loud they were, how heavy they were and how righteous they were from a political standpoint. They encompassed everything from sound to lyrics to looks. They were everything. DIRECT ACTION were Toronto's answer to DISCHARGE except they wrote songs that expressed themselves in songs longer than a haiku. DIRECT ACTION released a demo and an LP. Their tape was booted after they broke up and has been officially released by Schizophrenic Records. We spoke to Dave, Buzz and Mike (Three guys on the right in the picture above) three years back for the making of the book, "Tomorrow is Too Late". You can listen to this interview on the player above or download the show to listen on a device here

DIRECT ACTION - Direct Action (Schizophrenic)
THE UNKNOWNS - Teenage Terrorist (Punk History Canada / Stumble)
DIRECT ACTION - P.C.P. (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION - I Like Speed (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION - Angels of Death (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION - 19 A.D. 4 (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION - Liberty (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION - Living Dead (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION - Hate Generation (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION - Trapped in a World (Schizoprhenic)
DIRECT ACTION - One Tin Soldier (Schizophrenic)
DIRECT ACTION - Tomorrow is Too Late (Schizoprhenic)

Thanks to Derek Emerson for helping with the coordination and interjecting with important questions that were getting skipped over AND Shawn Chirrey for the sound engineering and real time fact checking while the interview was in progress. And then the hours of de-briefs while we tried to make sense out of what we just learned. Thanks to Darrin for sharing the photo above. 


Sunday, May 3, 2020

Radio - Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

Tonight's show is hosted by Jose El Podrido and collects material he has been listening to over the past six months. You can download the show here

IRREAL - Cadena Alimentica (La Vida Es Un Mus)

ABSURD SS - No More (Self-Released)

MOCK EXECUTION - Is This The Future ? (Lengua Armada Discos)
DECLARATION - Fed To War Machine (Self-Released)
SCAVENGERS CIRCLE - Endless Winter (Masasiorangutan Records)
KRASH - A Living Hell (Self Released)
NUCLEAR POWER GENOCIDE - Fixated In Mass Destruction (D-Takt and Räpunk)

MURO - Fantasia Del Progreso (Beach Impediment Records)
TRAMPA - Victimas (Self-Released)
FUGA - Sin Control (Self Released)
DESTRUXION AMERICA - Donde Esta La Esperanza? (Sound Grotesca)
PERRO DE PRENDA - Perro De Las Fronteras (Sound Grotesca)

REEK MINDS - Sideswiped (Edger)

MAXIMUM ROACH - Sweetheart (Self Released)
UNJUSTIFIED VIOLENCE - Can Life Prevail? (Self Released)
ABRAXAS - Enough (Self Released)
ANDROID - First Kill (Self Released)

AUTOLESION - Marginal (Self Released)

AGRAVIO - Que Futuro De La Verga (Grabaciones Pinche Engendro)
ATOXXICO - Razones Para Pelear (Self-Released)
OBRERO MUNDIAL - No Creo En Un Mañana (Self-Released)
SIN RITMO - Ritmo Destructor (Planeta Destrozado)
ETCETERA - Errores (Musica Para Locos)

LOCKHEED - Catastrophe (Blown Out Media)

BONE FOLDER - Atomic Rites (Self-Released)
HPSS - Invalidentraume (Fucking Kill)
BOZGOR - Bolsonaro (Self-Released)
KAZAN - Kazan (Self-Released)

BRAINERD DIARRHEA - Deforestation (Self-Released)
GARTER - Horrifying Existence (Self-Released)
TOXOCARIASIS - Trash Orifus (Self-Released)
MISS THING - Barf (Self-Released)
BAD OPTION - ___ (Self-Released)
SHOPVAC - Fugue State (Bust Never Sleeps)

ETERAZ - Cracked Skulls (Self-Released)
ALEMENT - Seas of Consequence (Desolate)
HACKED UP - Waste (Self-Released)
WACKO - 4 out of 4 Americans Got Me Fucked Up (Self Released)
FRICTION - Bad Dogs Bite (Homieshit Mag

AUXILIO - Estrategias Del Miedo (Self-Released)
CARAJO - Mundo De Mierda (Self Released)
HERIDA PROFUNDA - Power To The People (Coyote)
KABRÄ - Te Mataran (Disordera)
PURGA - Ketamina (Self Released)
VENENO - Chapuza Colectiva (Kremon / Crapoulet)

ABUSO - Genios Del D-Beat (Self-Released

COAGULA - None Below (Self-Released)
RONTGEN - A Lesson In Fire (Blownout Media)
FUCKIN' LOVERS - Broken Head (Self-Released)
HORRENDOUS 3D - Depleted Uranium (Self-Released)
DOGMA MUNDISTA - Winter For All (Mundista Humanista)

SOLUCION MORTAL - Miles De Emigrantes Muertos (Kalleja)
PERESTROIKA - Damage Space (Self-Released)
YOUNG BLADES - Repent My Sins (Self-Released)
CONDITIONS APPLY - Who's The Victim (Self-Released
THE BIG NATURALS - Stellar Wind (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Montreal called Fractured. The band is a bit of a who's who of the Montreal scene featuring folks that played in Parasytes, After the Bombs, Primer Regimen, Dead Hero, Dekoder, Ballast, Preying Hands, Diskonnected, Skull N Bone, Droidz and current members of Young Blades (heard earlier) and Leather Kids. Link to their demo are found in the playlist below.

FRACTURED - Morality of War (Self-Released)

FRACTURED - Dead Awake (Self-Released)
FRACTURED - Shadows of the Past (Self-Released)
FRACTURED - Selfless (Self-Released)
FRACTURED - In God's Name (Self-Released)
FRACTURED - Wall of Silence (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

Tuesday, April 28, 2020