Sunday, February 18, 2024

Radio : EXD 1291 - Sunday February 18, 2024

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On this edition of EXD, some new release crate digging which showcases Arret, Klaptrap and Jug. As part of our Black History Month programming we have put together a set of punk bands covering Bob Marley covers and a set of punk bands playing reggae. We speak with the curators of Heavy Metal Karaoke in St. John’s. Our demo feature is also from St. John’s - a spanish speaking band named Desperta. And we get to speak with Otto Buj - the filmmaker for Dope, Hookers and Pavement about his film and the upcoming screening at Innis Town Hall next Sunday. 

Mojo Nixon passed away on February 7th. Mojo Nixon played psychobilly which is music that fuses rockabilly with punk and probably his best known song is “Elvis is Everywhere”. I played a song that I saw him perform at the University of Buffalo while opening up for Butthole Surfers. 

MOJO NIXON & SKID ROPER - (I Ain't Gonna) Piss In No Jar 

Interview with Otto Buj
Interview with Otto Buj (CIUT) 
BORED YOUTH - Here we are (Alona’s Dream
Interview with Otto Buj (CIUT) 
DVD or stream available at 

New Releases (Christian)
ARRÊT - What Do We Know (1753
KLÄPTRÄP - Selfish Bastards (Self-released)  
BRAIN ITCH - The Future Burns (Self-released)  
JUG - My Bodies Doomed (Neon Taste)  
ALIEN NOSEJOB - The Executioner (Anti Fade)  

Bob Marley covers 
A new movie has come out about Bob Marley called “One Love”. February 6th was Bob Marley Day celebrating Bob Marley’s birth. February 3rd saw the passing of the Wailers bassist Aston “Family Man” Barrett. There is too many things suggesting we needed to look into punk bands that covered Bob Marley. 

THE ROUGH KUTZ - Punky Reggae Party (Randale)
SMZB - Redemption Song (Maybe Mars / Wuhan Prison) 
HALF PRICE - Iron Lion Zion 
BOBBY RAMONE - I Don't Wanna Stand Up  
BBQ CHICKENS - Buffalo Soldier (Pizza of Death

Reggae covers 
ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - Love of Common People (Cleopatra) 
THE MEMBERS - Night Nurse (Cleopatra)
RUTS - Jah War (Virgin) 
DOA - War in the East (Sudden Death) 
YOUNG LIONS - One brick at a time (Schizophrenic) 

Heavy Metal Karaoke (Stephen) 
THOR - Anger 
Interview with Susan Marie and Vicki King
RAZOR - Death Race 

Demo Feature 
DESPERTA from St. John’s, NL sing in Spanish. This is a new recording 

DESPERTA - Veneno (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - Autoestima (Self-Released)
DESPERTA - Complices (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - Mundo Oscuro (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - No Esperes Nada (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - Mirar Dentro (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - Peor Enemiga (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - La Salida (Self-Released)

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Radio : EXD 1290 - Sunday February 11, 2024


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THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE - Give The Money To Bob Marley's Wife (Empty)

On this edition of EXD, as part of our Black History Month programming Andre has pulled together a set of punk bands from Africa. We have two sets of new releases which will include Smallpox Aroma, Jenkem, Nife, and Hard Pass. We have an all Canadian set with bands like Cloned Apparition and Plus Minus Tonight’s demo feature is a band from Saint John New Brunswick called Spinoza. But up first our second episode of the Punk in China series will focus on the proto punk scene - the Four Punk Gods & Underground Baby. 

Punk in China - Episode 2 - Proto-Punk: The Four Punk Gods & Underground Baby
你不让我摇滚 (You Don’t Allow Me To Rock) by Pangu 
芒果树 (Mango Tree) by The Fly 
都一样 (It’s All The Same) by Underground Baby 

African punk bands (André) 
NATIONAL WAKE - Mercenaries (Light In The Attic) 
TCYIF - Tupperware (Self-Released)
CRYSTAL AXIS -Leopold (Self-Released)
L’ENFANCE ROUGE - Vantour (A World Divided
DUMA - Kill Yourself Before They Kill You Kenya (Nyege Nyege Tapes
GENERALS OF MONROVIA - You Bring This On (Self-Released)
CHIKWATA 263 - Hope and Optimism (Self-Released) 
DEMOKHRATIA - El Khouf (A World Divided / Crapoulet)      

New Releases (Nicky) 
SMALLPOX AROMA - Swallow the Defiled (Smoothie 
JENKEM - Being a Fuckass (Self-released)
MAXXPOWER - Hair Club for Men (Jay Toupe) (So2) 
LED BY REGRET - Stand (Raunchy Ass)
EXOGORTH - Resurface to Feed (Ambush)  
GUITAR - Unleashed (Spared Flesh/Julias War) 

Mixed Bag (Rob)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Rock ‘n’ Roll Bullshit (Dischord) 
THE CHISEL - Fuck ‘em (La Vida Es En Mus) 
HEART ATTACK KIDS - Platonic Love Bomb (Self released) 
THE LINDA LINDAS - Resolution/Revolution (Self released) 
INSANE HABITS - 12 Hours (Self released) 

New Releases (Chris)
NIFE - Night of the Blade (Self-released)   
EF - Gabba Gabba Hey (Self-released)  
HARD PASS - Worker’s Song (Self-released) 
NO HUMANS - Parody (Blake the Victim / Nunchakupunk)  
WASTED AGE - Demolition Man (Self-released) 
Canadian Set (André) 
CLONED APPARITION - World Powered (Self-Released) 
SCARAMANGA - Prescription 
LOBOTOMITE - Wellputrid (Self-Released) 
PALE ACHE - King Nothing (Self-Released) 
PLUS MINUS - Hard To Earn (Lifers

Demo Feature 
Tonight’s demo feature is a find from Nicky’s set back in January. Spinoza have three releases out one dating back as far as 1998. But we are going to listen to one of their more recent recordings “Sickness Unto Death”. 
SPINOZA - Severed Head (Self-Released) 
SPINOZA - Father Made Me March (Self-Released) 
SPINOZA - I Took The Dead Man's Name (Self-Released) 
SPINOZA - Repetitive Strain (Self-Released) 
SPINOZA - Flat Fifth (Self-Released) 
SPINOZA - Allies In Effigy (Self-Released)

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Radio : EXD 1289 - Sunday February 4, 2024


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On this edition of EXD, we have a feature on hardcore in Turkey with guest host Emre Sahin. We have a few sets of new releases from Vigilante and Chain Block in Andre’s set to Enemic Interior and Cash Bribe in Rob’s set to Pack Rat and Desperta in Stephen's set to Yakuza and Traumatizer in Christian’s set. So four sets of new releases. For our first show in Black History Month we have two features. Nicky has put together a set of BIPOC screamo featuring Age Sixteen and Yaphet Kotto. And a featire called the Great Rock n Roll Swindle which looks at punk artists who stole influence from Black artists. We look at the Ramones. And tonight’s demo feature is a band from Saskatchewan named Clench Jaw. 

HAREN - Policia No! (Mendeku Diskak)

The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle Pt. 2 (Chris)
RAMONES - California Sun (Sire) - Leave Home 1977 
RAMONES - Baby, I Love You (Sire) - End Of The Century 1979 
RAMONES - Do You Wanna Dance? (Sire) - Rocket to Russia 1977 
RAMONES - Time Has Come Today (Sire) - Subterranean Jungle 1983 
RAMONES - Surfin’ Bird (Sire) - Rocket to Russia 1977

New Releases (Andre) 
VIGILANTE - Follow Me Home (Self-Released) 
TRUE NAME - Just Got To Be Free (Self-Released) 
CHAIN BLOCK - Rest (Self-Released) 
BRUT - Fire & Violence (Self-Released) 
PAVEL STROKE - Dog (Self-Released) 
EPAULET - Lucifer’s Garden (Broken Skull) 
STAY INSIDE - Sweet Stripe (Self-Released)       

New Releases (Rob)
ENEMIC INTERIOR - Cos a Cos (Self-released) 
ATAQUE ZERO - Pesadilla (Static Shock
SPIRITUAL CRAMP - Talkin’ On The Internet (Self-released) 
MONONEGATIVES - Television Funeral (Self-released)  
CASH BRIBE - Creature of Consumption (Self-released)     

Punk in Turkey (Guest Host - Emre Sahin) 
RADICAL NOISE - Just a little bit more to survive (Zihni Music)  
TURMOIL - Apathetic System (Grinding Madness) 
CRUNCH - Find my dead body (KOD music) 
NECROSIS - CIA (Self-Released) 
ASK IT WHY- Pasta (kod music) 
There is a book written on the scene in Turkey called An Uninterrupted History of Punk and Underground resources in Turkey - 1978-1999

BIPOC Screamo (Nicky)
AGE SIXTEEN - Peter Pan Complex (Artificial Distro) * 
MERCHANT SHIPS - We Don’t Need Luck to Make It (Count Your Lucky Stars)  
HERLOVEBEHEADSDAISIES - Pave tomorrow, burn today (Self-released) 
I HATE SEX - Old New Girlfriend (Self-released)   
YAPHET KOTTO - Reserved for Speaker (ebullition) 

New Releases (Chris) 
IKHRAS - Sneen w 3umor (Quality Control HQ)  
DOOMED AGAIN - Hypershitty (Self-released)   
CHUEKO - Chueko (Sabotage)   
YAKUZA極道 - ΝΟΜΙΖΕΣ ΠΩΣ ΘΑ ΓΛΥΤΩΣΕΙΣ (Extreme Earslaughter)  
TRAUMATIZER - Bulldozer (Neon Taste / Discos Enfermos)   
New Releases (Stephen) 
THE COMPLICATORS - Keep Your Hands Up (Pirates Press
PACK RAT - Bite My Tongue (Turbo Discos / Under the Gun
TERMINAL - DOA (Terminal)   
KEVLAR UPPER - Shackle (Iron Lung
DESPERTA - Autoestima (Polze de la mort)

Demo Feature - 
CLENCH JAW  is a new project from a bunch of Saskatoon's repeat offenders. The plan was to make something that sounds like the bastard child of Agnostic Front, The F.U,'s and the Mentally Ill (or something along those lines).
CLENCH JAW - Staple You Shut (Self-released) 
CLENCH JAW - Broken Glass (Self-released) 
CLENCH JAW - Bloody Mess (Self-released) 
CLENCH JAW - I’m Gonna Go To The Hospital (Self-released) 
CLENCH JAW - Vicious Circle (Zero Boys) (Self-released) 

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Radio : EXD 1288 - Sunday January 28th, 2024


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On this edition of EXD, we are super excited to bring you the first episode of our Punk in China series done by Nevin Domer.  The episode is titled “The Pre-History of Chinese Punk” where Nevin introudces us to 69, Cu Jian, He Yong, and Dou Wei – the pioneers that laid the foundation for punk to exist in China. Also on tonight’s show we look at the Best of for Asian releases in 2023 (Angel Face, Tamaki, Blow Your Brains Out, No Excuse, Hollow Suns, Rect, Mini Myth, Soul Vice, Stilleto, and Concealers). There are two features segments on new releases (Fleshhorn, O-D-Ex, Tenaz, Dogmen, Skalp, Suspex, Vahakyro Drive By). There is a two power violence tag team to help you study (Bodybag, Mescaline Maniacs, Healer, Behavioural Issues, 25 Dollar Massacre, PS You’re Dead, Snake Charmer, Vile Intent, Recension). There is an oldies set (Steakknife, Moskwa, Scarps, Refuse, Personality Crisis). And our demo feature will be a chain punk band out of Montreal called Glowing Orb. All that and a ska rendition of a Stranglers song.

STREET CODE - Predator (Longshot Music / Try and Stop Me)

Punk in China - Episode 1 - Episode 1 - The Pre-History of Chinese Punk (Nevin Domer)

朋克万岁 (Long Live Punk)” by 69 69 - Pengke Wansui (Tian An Men 89) 

That was 69’s “朋克万岁 (Long Live Punk or alternatively translated 10,000 Years Punk)” off of the 1997 compilation 7” from Tiananmen 89 Records’ “10,000 Years Punk” -  considered first punk release. Transform revolutionary classics into Oi! Inflected punk 

When and where did punk start in China? 
Turbulent Mao years - 1949 to 1978 * ‘78 - western products began entering the country. Canto-pop from Hong Kong and Taiwan * Xibeifeng * Cui Jian - China’s first rock song. 

CU JIAN - Nothing to My Name 

Anthem of pro-Democracy protesters in 1989. Televised music gala in 1986 He Yong * Considered successor to Cui Jian * Father member of the Central Conservatory * Dropped out to play rock, ‘87 joined the band May Day * Starting a show by punching his bass player and then spitting beer all over the audience * ‘89 joined Cui Jian in performing for the protestors * Wrote most famous song “the world we live in, is just like a garbage dump.. we eat our conscience and shit out our ideology.” “Is there hope? / No! / Tear it down!” 

HE YONG - Garbage Dump 

The summer of 1989 was a high point for rock music in China. The government had allowed the young scene to grow, and students all over the country could sing the new rock anthems by heart. Immediately after the protests in Tiananmen, however, the central government suppressed and banned all rock music performances. Beijing security forces were ordered to locate and imprison prominent rock musicians. May Day broke up after the Tiananmen Square crackdown, and Chinese rock musicians laid low for a few months, but the tough stance only lasted a few months, though, and then the government allowed rock to tentatively reemerge, resurrected by small private venues catering to the tourist and foreign student crowd. While tentatively experimenting with pop, state-owned music companies shied away from rock, forcing local musicians to rely on contracts with offshore Hong Kong and Taiwanese record labels. In the early 90s, the Taiwanese label Rock Records set up a sub-label on the mainland called Magic Stone. They signed and promoted the harder-edged acts that had emerged at the end of the 80s, including heavy metal bands such as Zhang Ju’s Tang Dynasty and Dou Wei’s Bon Joviesque Black Panther. By ‘92 (check this), these bands were selling hundreds of thousands of CDs and touring across the country, performing in stadiums. They introduced Chinese audiences to heavy metal, and the sound of rock in China got harder. In 1994, Magic Stone released He Yong’s album together with records by Black Panther’s singer Dou Wei and folk-rocker Zhang Chu. These three artists became known as the Magic Stone Three, and their albums were widely popular across the country. Unfortunately, He Yong disappeared again in 1995 after the death of his best friend, Zhang Ju, bassist for the heavy metal band Tang Dynasty. While Zhang Ju played metal, he lived as a rebel and was revered by many of the early punks as the first among them. His death in a horrific motorcycle accident sent He Yong into a spiral of alcoholism and depression which eventually led him to smash his piano on stage during a live performance. That incident got him kicked off of his record label and banned from public performance for a number of years. This is a recording of Zhang Ju playing with his heavy metal band Tang Dynasty (or Dou Wei’s “Black Dream”). 

DOU WEI - Black Dream 

Best of Asia 2023 (Andre) 
ANGEL FACE - Big City (Slovenly
TAMAKI - Blast (Self-Released) 
BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT - Reveal Your Rotten Minds (Quality Control)  
NO EXCUSE - Excruciating Smile (Set The Fire) 
HOLLOW SUNS - All You Got (Sunday Drive) 
RECT - Pyro (Self-Released)  
MINI MYTH - Forgive (Self-Released)  
SOUL VICE - Soul Vice (Self-Released) 
STILETTO - Control (4490)  
CONCEALERS - Throw Hands (Self-released) 

FLESHHORN - Sex Ray (Self-released) 
O-D-EX - S Drive (Dirtnap
SATANIC TOGAS - Your Choice (Sweet Time
FLESH RAG - Can’t Turn Back (Self-released) 
IRON WARNING - There Lies Oblivion (Neon Taste

New Releases (Chris) 
TENAZ - Normal? (Self-released
DÖGMËN - Restricted (Dirty Slap) 
SKALP - Il Prossimo Sei Tu (Sentiero Futuro / Sistema Mortal)   
SUSPEX - Grit (Self-released)  
VÄHÄKYRÖ DRIVE-BY - Miksi (Self-released)  

Study Music (Nicky) 
BODYBAG - Mudcrawler - O (Awesome Mosh Power)   
MESCALINE MANIACS - Sactown Beatdown (Thrash Tapes)  
HEALER - Mom is Drunk and Talking Shit (Self-released)  
BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES - Song 2 (Crush Death) 
25 DOLLAR MASSACRE - Cancer (BeenThereSceneThat) 
P.S. YOU’RE DEAD - this looks like a great place to lay my eggs (Graveyard Disturbance)  

Power violence set 
SNAKE CHARMER - Peat Moss - High Times On The Khyber Pass - Codex (Schizophrenic)   
VILE INTENT - Leech (Self-Released)  
RECENSION - Sexism 0, You -3 (Sounds of Revolution)
GUNS LIQUOR AND WHORES - Scene Killer (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
UNCLE RAY - Miserable (Self-Released) 
STARVATION - Humanity's Final Breath (Slow Death)   
NEOS - They'll destroy themselves (Supreme Echo
KOSZMAR - Zmuszony Do Życia (Self-Released) 

Oldies (Stephen)
STEAKKNIFE - Finger In My Butt (Rookie
PERSONALITY CRISIS - People in Glass (Self-Released)
MOSKWA - Co Dzien (Warsaw Pact
SCRAPS - CRS = SS (Refuse
REFUSE - Refuse (Refuse)

Demo Feature 
I came across this review on the MRR site for GLOWING ORB. The reviewer described them as wicked chain punk and referred to an early demo from last year. They just released a new cassess called “Subterranean Prison” and that’s what we are going to feature tonight. 
GLOWING ORB - Line Goes Up (Self-Released) 
GLOWING ORB - Innerworld (Self-Released) 
GLOWING ORB - Web (Self-Released) 
GLOWING ORB - Labyrinth (Self-Released) 

Friday, January 26, 2024

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Radio : EXD 1287 - Sunday January 21, 2024



On this week's show, we have a lot of new material we will be showcasing. Rob (Sleeveens, Grazia, Virvon Varvon, Jerkoff Diary), Andre (Clique, Zeal, Bullshit Detector, Mutated Void, War and Rumour, Ozone, Neck Deep, Total Sham, Royal Drug, Cosmic Joke, Ivy Creep), and Chris (Clench Jaw, Raw War, Prisao, Non President, Hydra, Blessure, Hacker). So playing catch up with 2024 already.

Plus Stephen continues with a look back at 2023 with his top ten Canadian releases (Old, Brain Candy, Emergency, A.S.O.P., Enfants Sauvages, Brutal Youth, S.H.I.T.) and something else unique about 2023. Classic bands getting back together and putting out a new release. In many cases for the first time in decades. (JFA, MDC, Adolescents, Fear, Scream). 

MOTHERFUCKERS - Living In Fear (Wasted Wax)

Top 10 Canadian releases (Stephen) 
10. OLD - I Know You (Blue Fog)   
09. BRAIN CANDY - Smoke & Ash (Slow Death
08. BETON ARME “Second Souffle” ep - Victoire
07. EMERGENCY “Last Goodbye” ep - Cracking Up (Longshot / Step 1)  
06. A.S.O.P. “It Ain’t Right Anywhere” LP - Crazy Times (Self-Released) 
05. ENFANTS SAUVAGES “Arythmie” LP - Punition Totons (Self-Released)  
04. BRUTAL YOUTH “Rebuilding Year” LP - Post Tour Depression (Stomp) 
03. BEYOND THE PALE - Dead (Self-Released)
02. S.H.I.T. - Imminent Destruction (Homie Shit Magazine)  
01. HEADCHEESE “Expired” ep - I Can’t Listen (Neon Taste

New Releases (Rob) 
THE SLEEVEENS - Aretha Franklin (Dirtnap
GRAZIA - Cheap (Feel It)  
VIRVON VARVON - Voices (Girlsville
JERKOFF DIARY - See Ya Never (Tarantula
DERMABRASION - Grim Sister (Self-released)  

More New Releases (Andre)
CLIQUE - Future Denied (Self-Released)  
ZEAL - Dead Dream (Broken Skull)  
BULLSHIT DETECTOR - Violet Crown (Self-Released)   
MUTATED VOID - Altered Insanity (Unlawful Assembly)  
WAR AND RUMOR - Seen Enough (RTR Tapes)  
OZONE - Always On My Back (Triple B
THE PACK - III (Self-Released) 

Even More New Releases (Andre) 
NECK DEEP - We Need More Bricks (Hopeless) 
TOTAL SHAM - Riding Insanity (Self-Released)  
ROYAL DRUG - Bonzo Goes to Burque (Self-Released)  
COSMIC JOKE - Kamikaze (Triple B)
AVULSION - Throne of Shadows (Self-Released)  
IVY CREEP - Identity Crisis (11 PM

Ever More New Releases (Chris)
CLENCH JAW - Broken Glass (Self-released)  
RAW WAR - Tsar Bomba (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)  
PRISÃO - Càcere (Adult Crash / 11PM)  
HYDRA - Abisme (Uterzine
BLESSURE - Ils Sont Partout (Discos Enfermos)  
HACKER - Scammer (Beach Impediment / Helta Sketla)  
JODIE FASTER - 6 Year Old Conservatives (Loner Cult)  
DÖDSKONTROLL - Plastivores In The Burgeoning Plastisphere (Burning Anger)  
ADRESTIA FEATURING JONSSON - Ticking Bombs (Alerta Antifascista

Mix of some music I’ve been enjoying lately (Nicky)
SPINOZA - Acid Burn (Self-Released)
GRANDSCHEME - Absolution (11PM
METHOD OF DOUBT - New Language (IOU)   
CARRION SPRING - Motional (TombTree
THE FACT - Our Flame (IOU)

Top 10 old bands that got together to record a new release (Stephen) 
AVSKUM “En Annan Värld Är Möjlig” - Stormtroopers of Misogyny (Skrammel)  
SCRAPS - On the Edge of the Abyss LP - Endless Source of Solution (Refuse)    
URBAN WASTE “What Else Is New!” - No Way Out 
DISAFFECT “Fuck All Borders” LP - Keep It Political (Armageddon)  
SANCTUS LUDA “Fuck All Borders” LP - Tylko Moje Własne Szczęście (Armageddon)  
ADOLESCENTS “Caesar Salad Days” LP - Just Because 
FEAR “For Right And Order” LP - Nobody Hears You 
MDC - War Is A Racket LP - World's on Fire (Cleopatra
SCREAM - DC Special LP - Bored To Life (Dischord) 
J.F.A. - Last Ride lp - Blood On My Board (DC Jam

PUSHKINS - Just Dancing (PDM) 

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Radio : EXD 1286 - Sunday, January 14, 2024



On this edition of EXD, more looks at the year that was with some top 10 Canadian releases from Andre and Rob. I will look at the best eps from last year. Nick looks at the Vancouver Screamo scene. I also put together a tribute set for people who passed away in 2023. And Chris has already started with new releases 
INTIMIDATION - 40 Hour Check (Try and Stop Me / Mister Face)  

New Releases (Chris) 
THE PIST - Fight Fire (Ryvvolte / Havoc / Dismantled / Profane Existence)
WET PLEATHER - Question (Broken Skull)   
STEP TO FREEDOM - Ice Prison (Blown Out Media)   
NIGHTFEEDER - The Suffering (New Dark Age)  
PURA MANÍA - El Mundo Al Revés (Roachleg / CV / Discos Peligrosos) 

Andre's Top Canadian 2023 
NUCLEAR MAN - Red (Self-Released) 
STIGMATISM - No Funding (StatIc Shock)
SPLEEN - Décadence (RoachLeg)  
SLOGUTIS - Mortuary (RunState Tapes) 
GAZM - Know A Place (11PM)  
STREET GLOVES - Artifact Prophet (Sore Mind) 
BLACK DOG - Overthrow (RoachLeg
LIFESPAN - IV (Sewfl-Released)  
SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE - Kiss Tha Grave (Self-Released) 
BEYOND THE PALE - End (Painkiller Records) 
HOLLOW POINT - See You Suffer (Slow Death) 

Rob's Top Eleven Canadian 
WISE GUISE - Neon God (Self-Released) 
THE COLA HEADS - Pop Up (Cursed Blessings
BAD BEAT - Brain Smoothener (Self-released) 
OBEDIENT - Black Out and Block (Slow Death
PRIVATE LIVES - Trust In Me (Self-released
PINK LEATHER JACKETS - What You’re Doin’ To Me (Self-Released)
KLEENER - Pit Stop (Broken Skull
PRIORS - Optimizer (Mothland) 
EARLY TOMBS - See You in Hell (Self-released) 
IMPLODERS - One Year Lease (Neon Taste)  
HEADCHEESE - Who’s Got The Milk (Neon Taste)

Vancouver Screamo (Nicky)
DAD THIGHS - the rain it raineth (Old Press)  
BURIAL ETIQUETTE - My letter to your enemy (Self-released)   
MISS BLACK AMERICA - Station of the Cross (Highlight Reel) (Self-released)  
BREAKWATER - 5 - E/CC (self-released) 

Top 10 eps (Stephen) 
10 THE UPPERS “Manic Melodies” ep - Don't Start (Wanda)  
09 SMIRK - Polyrhythmic Ticks (Under the Gun) 
08 RAT-NIP “My Pillow” ep - Too Late (Song Book
07 OVEREXPOSURE “Strive to Survive” ep - Read The Signs (No Salvation) (War Against)
06 CONSERVATIVE MILITARY IMAGE “Tragedy of the Commons” ep - Yard Hard 
05 DRINK DEEP “DD” ep - Doubting Pace (Refuse
04 THE DWEEBS “Goes Without Saying” ep - Tough Love (Crew Cuts
03 DRILL SERGEANT “Grim New War” ep - Thought Better (Refuse
02 INTERPUNKCE “Nenávidět srdcem- milovat nožem” EP - Komplex viny (Svab)
01 DELCO MF’s “The March of the MF’s” ep - Dreamland (Self-Released) 

Punks who passed away in 2023 
Jan 28, 2023 - Tom Verlaine (guitarist) - TELEVISION - Little Johnny Jewel 
March 2, 2023 - Jae Apple (vocalist) - A.P.P.L.E. - Peace is Possible 
March 4, 2023 - Spot (Producer) - 
April 21, 2023 - Mark Stewart (vocalist) - THE POP GROUP - We Are All Prostitutes - 
June 7, 2023 - Jack Lee (Vocalist) - THE NERVES - Walking out on Love (Alive) - 
June 17, 2023 - John Grove (guitarist) - LIVING PROOF - 
June 19, 2023 - Teresa Taylor (drummer) - BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Suicide - 
June 21, 2023 - James Waddington (guitarist) - THE POP GROUP - 
Aug 24, 2023 - Sakevi (vocalist) - G.I.S.M. - Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter 
Sept 20, 2023 - Kent Stax (drummer) - SCREAM - Came Without Warning -  
Nov 30, 2023 - Shane MacGowan (vocalist) - NIP ERECTORS - Nervous Wreck (Soho) 
Dec 26, 2023 - Jabras “Jabá” Albes (Bassist) - RDP - Crucificados Pelo Sistema (Punk Rock Discos) 
Nov 26, 2023 - Geordie Walker (guitarist) - KILLING JOKE - Change