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Radio - Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. It is a day to celebrate everything Irish. The first half of the show will be on the origins of the Irish punk scene. The second half will look at the development of Celtic Punk also referred to as folk punk. But we get things started with the POGUES as they inspired this Irish sound and identity within the scene. Download the show here.

THE POGUIES - Waxie's Dargle (Stiff)

Shane McGowan the singer form the POGUES started out in a band called the NIPPLE ERECTORS who formed in London in 1976. They were also known as the NIPs and they released a single in 1978 called “King of the Bop”. It had a slight rockabilly feel to it. We are going to start out the show with the B-Side.

THE BOOMTOWN RATS - Lookin after Number One (Ensign)
THE DUGGIE BRIGGS BAND - Punk-Rockin' Granny! (IT Record Co)
RUDI - Yummy Yummy Yummy (Last Year’s Youth)

In 1977 a band from Dun Laoghaire released a single called “Lookin’ After No. 1”. The BOOMTOWN RATS was a slang for Belfast  with bombs going off during the troubles and the punks in Belfast didn’t appreciate them using that name.

RUDI often credited as being SLF’s major influence had this awesome Archies cover on this compilation called “Made in Ulster”.

SHOCK TREATMENT - (This Weeks) Manchester (Spit)
BIG SELF - Snakes and Ladders (Redrum)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - State of Emergency (Bitter Fruit)
NO SWEAT- You Should Be So Lucky (Rip Off)
PROTEX - Look Out Johnny (Sing Sing)

ACME - Beer Hall in Munich (Spit)
THE SKIDS - The Saints are Coming (Bitter Fruit)
THE DOUBT - Contrast Disorder (Solo / Incognito / Spit)
THE STARJETS - Watch Out (Captain Oi)
THE UNDERTONES - Emergency Cases (Good Vibrations)

RUEFREX - Capital Letters (Kabuki)
THE ANDROIDS - Nine to Five (Radio Raheem / Punkarama)
THE OUTCASTS - The Cops are Coming (Good Vibrations / Captain Oi!) 
NO SWEAT - You Should Be So Lucky (Rip Off)

Such a small island with so many great punk bands. But a genre that I feel was spawned out of the POGUES is Celtic Punk. Many Irish spread across the world and in places that had concentrations like Boston we start to see bands like the DROPKICK MURPHYS start up. One of the first was in Kingston with the MAHONES which is where we get started. 

THE MAHONES - Take Me Back (EMG / True North)
DROPKICK MURPHYS - Curse of a Fallen Soul (TKO / Hellcat / Knock Out) 
FLOGGING MOLLY - The Seven Deadly Sins (Side One Dummy)
SAINT BUSHMILL's CHOIR - Molly Maguires (Profane Existence) 
THE KILLIGANS - Santy Anno (Self-Released) 

BLOOD OR WHISKEY - Poxy Pub (Punkcore)
VEGA'S LOFT - Irish Rover (Self-Released) 
MICKEY RICKSHAW - Raining Again (Self-Released)
ARSE CRAIC - Earlie In The Mornin' (Self-Released) 
MATILDA'S SCOUNDRELS - Folk Shit Up! (Self-Released) 

All these bands are from Spain, which seems like a stretch for this sound. But the jig is based on similar time structures as some Spanish music making it a fit. 

13 KRAUS - Little Timmy 
SIGELPA – Necroguateke 
SKONTRA - Sal a la cai 
X-FANEKAES - Corbella en mà

HOLD FAST - My Girl is a Singer in a Punk Rock Band (Self-Released) 
IRISH MOUTARDE - The Bear and the Maiden Fair (Self-Released)

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Radio - Sunday, March 10th, 2019

I saw a women on the bus yesterday with a sign reading "Women's Rights are Human Rights", which reminded me how inclusive women are with societal evolution. It warmed my heart to see. In honour of all the women who make up the scene, we pay tribute by playing bands with women in them for the first hour and a half. The last half hour is Black Dots 4: 2005 - 2019. IWD meets BHM. Sadly we were unable to play a lot of material we had programmed for tonight. 

Download the show here

International Women’s Day 2019

ALIEN BOYS - Lady Day vs. the State (Self-Released)

FUTURA - Spit on the Flag (En Tu Kara)
HAIRCUT - Boys Club (Feel It)
TROIKA – Batallas (Muerte A Tipo / La Agonia de Vivir / No Thanks / Pumpkin / Grita O Muere / Distribuidor Sorell / Victim / Tranzophobia / El Fary Es Dios / Candao / La Negra / Pifia / Tirano Intergaláctico)
KRIMEWATCH – Machismo (Lockin' Out / Break the Records)
ANTIFACES - Casa de Aranas (Self-Released)

FUCKED AND BOUND - Creeps on the Street (Atomic Action / Void Assault)
NAUSEA – Electrodes (Vermiform / Black Noise) 
TIED DOWN - What Would Audre Lorde Do (Self-Released)
CUNTROACHES – Fraud (Self-Released)
HOARDER - Generation Nothing (Self-Released)

RAZORBUMPS - Don't Say Nothin' (Sarcophagus Club)
PROM NITE - I Don't Want To Talk To Pigs (Self-Released)
ACCELA – Consciousness (Not Normal Tapes)
CYBER PINK – Right (Self-Released)
SIAL – Taqlid (Self-Released)
HETZE - Routine Abuse (Loner Cult / Emergence / Up the Punx / !ZAS! Autoproduzioni / Fucking Kill)
SYRINGE – Fake Freedom (Self-Released)

COHERENCE – Eyes (Get Better / A-F / Conditions)
BITE MARKS – Hounds (Self-Released)
MOLAR – Sylvia (Everything Sucks Music)
JUDY AND THE JERKS – Dog (Self-Released)
WHIP - Weak Flesh (Self-Released)
OUTCRY – Chatter (Self-Released)

SPECIAL INTEREST - Black Silk Stalking (Self-Released)
RUBY KARINTO – Mangetsu (Self-Released)
SPELL BREAKER - Wild Night Out (Self-Released)
FEA – Fea (Self-Released)
BLEEDERS - I Hate Men (Self-Released)
GUMMING - Dirt Nap (Self-Released)

MISS DESTINY - Double Headed Snake (R.I.P. Society)
WLMRT - Dark Dollars (Self-Released)
EXOTICA – Control (La Vida Es Un Mus)
GENERACION SUICIDA - Reflejos (Symphony of Destruction / Doomtown / Secret)

HETEROFOBIA - Falsos Aliados (Self-Released)
NO LOVE - Open Mouth (Sorry State)
CRUZ DE NAVAJAS - Suna (Self-Released)
CASUAL HEX - Fool's Paradise (Water Wing)

JABBER - Only You (Self-Released)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Nina's Ghost (Dirt Cult)
PERRA VIDA- Heroína (Self-Released)

Black Dots 4: 2005 - 2019

MATERIAL SUPPORT – Know Your Rights (Self-Released)
PMS - Harassment (Self-Released)
BIG JOANIE – Down Down (The Daydream Library System)
SUB SPACE - Serpiente Maldito
NAMATAY SA INGAY - alma Konsensya
MASS ARREST – White Validation
MINORITY THREAT - Children of the Light
WORD ON THE STREET - Freedom of Choice
JOE BIDEN - No Justice
MAAFA - Not Your Exotic

FASHIONISM – Breaking Out

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Radio - Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

The first half of the show is a feature on Black Punks in the pink scene between 1995 and 2004 with some exceptions carried over for the feature on Chris Murdoch, which makes up part three of our series Black Dots. Tonight's show will look at the years 1995 through to 2004, looking at DC, Detroit, and Halifax.

The second part of this show looks at a lot of new punk with some focuses on new Belgian punk, some powerviolence / crossover and some post punk.

We finish up by playing the rest of the songs from the new Subverter demo as our demo feature.

You can download the show here.

Black Dots 3: 1995 - 2004

BAD BRAINS - Black Dots (Caroline)

In 1994, DELTA 72 started out as an alternative rock band from in Washington DC, which sounded like it was coming up in a scene that grew out of the Revolution Summer and wanted to have some fun in the way that NATION OF ULYSSES did. DELTA 72 had a decidedly soul influence and would invoke this in many of their record titles and album artwork. We are going to start off with a song called “It’s Alright” from “The Soul of a New Machine”.

DELTA 72 – It’s Alright (Touch ‘n Go)
THE GORIES - Detroit Breakdown (New Rose)

In 1996, SWEATBELLY FREAKDOWN started out with last line up from SWIZ re-grouping to start a new band. This happened in 1996 and continued until 1999. We heard a track from the ep, which came out first and has the SWIZ feel to it.

Mick Collins is a guitarist and singer for many bands in Detroit, starting out with a Blues / garage band in 1986 called the GORIES and "Detroit Breakdown" is off “I Know you Fine But how You Doin” LP put out on New Rose in 1990. Mick Collins would go on to play in many bands and here is a sampling of some of them. 

BLACKTOPS - Blazing Streets (Au Go Go)
KING SOUND QUARTET - Annihilate this Week
THE DIRTBOMBS - Armageddon Double Feature (Lovesick Blues #4)
THE SCREWS - Strange Things
VOLTAIRE BROTHERS - Trouble Man Everyday (Fall of Rome)

The BLACKTOPS were around between and were a much heavier and darker garage band.  Blazing Streets" is off a full length “Up All Night” released in 1994 on Au Go Go.

KING SOUND QUARTET was around next between 1996 – 1997. They released a single on Estrus, which "Annhilate this week" comes from and  “The Getdown imperative” which came out on In the Red Records in 1997.

THE DIRTBOMBS started out in 1996 and were around for a decade. They were probably the best known of Mick Collins projects hand originally started out as a singles band. "Armageddon Double Feature (Lovesick Blues #4).

THE SCREWS were a side project formed through a RED AUNTS visit to Detroit were they recruited Mick Collins. "Strange Things" appeared on "Shake Your Monkey  which was the band's second release coming out in 2001 also on In The Red. 

And the VOLTAIRE BROTHERS are a two piece side project that plays strictly funk. They are pretty great and and this song comes from their only release "I Sing The Booty Electric". 

A lot of this material was found on a blog called "Nothin' Set Somethin'" in a post called "Mick's Music" that if you enjoyed I would advice checking out further. 

Moving on from Detroit and the one man force of nature, we venture into screamo, a new style of emo that took what the Revolution Summer sound had developed and added spastic mathcore bits with hardcore energy. YAPHET KOTTO was one of those bands who formed in 1996 in Santa Cruz, California and released records on Ebullition Records, a label known for this fledgling new genre. Mag Delena played guitar in this band. 

YAPHET KOTTO - Torn Pictures (Ebullition)
AMALGAMATION - As I Slip into Roles (Rice Control)
PAY THE PRICE - Moving of the Second Hand (Self-Released)

Forbes Graham played in AMALGAMATION from DC between 1999 and 2003 and then PAY THE PRICE afterwards.

In 1997, a band from Southern California started up calling RUIDO.  The band featured  a guy named Lamin. The song "Destino Fatal" came off a split with FUCK ON THE BEACH out of Japan which came out in 2000.

RUIDO – Destino Fatal (Know)
CLOSE CALL - Crooked Cops (Sanitation Station)
ENVISION – Belong (I Drink Milk)
NEGATIVE RAGE - Don't Wanna Talk (Self-Released)
OUTTACONTROLLER - It's True (P. Trash)

Also in 1997 was a band from Boston called CLOSE CALL who were Straight edge band. Rasheed Hale was in the band and this collection of demos can be found up on their bandcamp page.

Meanwhile in Halifax Chris Murdoch was starting out with his first of many bands called ENVISION. Also a straight edge band Chris “Murda’ Murdoch would go on to sing in NEGATIVE RAGE between 2011 - 2015, and OUTTACONTROLLER between 2012 - 2017.  We played a song from each of these bands. Once again Chris' "Black Dots" presentation was one of the main inspirations behind this and Chris also sang in a band called WORD ON THE STREET, which we will play next week. 

A significant amount of this list comes from Afro Punk which we haven't mentioned until now and some bands that we tried to find material on but were unable include the following:
1) Danny Chavez who was in THE VELDT, APOLLO HEIGHTS, and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (although I don't know what records)
2) THE 90 DAY MEN were a math core band featuring Robert Low from 1996
4) Jeff Jaworski from RED TAPE who were a punk band from Sacramento that formed in 1998
5) Temesgen Wubeuh who was in SUPER CHINCHILLA RESCUE MISSION around from 2001 - 2002 in Baltimore / DC area. 
7) Mitch “Damage” – ANGRY RED
8) Gary Sullivan – CRO MAGS, B-52s
10) Kevin Kennebrew – WHITE HOUSE, SWANS
11) Ryan Bland – HOME 33, BUSHMON
12) Nicole – SYSTEMIC INFECTION (2001)
13) Zambia Greene – TEENBEATTERS, OURS
14) Jonathon Wilson – ANASARCA
15) Rodg Little – SANS SOBRIETY (“Cooter Liquor” - 1995), DATA, THE KALI
16) Scottie – STRYDER
17) Harry Wilson – THE PEGANS, FUCK EMO’s
18) Shannon – ACTIVATOR
Without the great work of the film Afro Punk this list would not have been possible and the backbone for this series either. 
Here is some new stuff I have ben trying to play for weeks now:

ANTIBODIES - Suck Wank Freak (Self-Released
HOLY GRINDER - I.S.D. (Self-Released)
CELL - Rules of the Game (Self-Released)
WALL BREAKER - Lucky Assholes (Refuse)
SICK OF IT ALL – Self Important Shithead (Century Media)
TOTAL REALITY - The Final Letdown (Hardware)
MAN AGAINST MAN - Back From The Dead (Self-Released)

PLAN NINE - I Ain't No Robot (Supreme Echo)
DEAD CELLS - Stave My Name (Self-Released)
WHIP - Weak Flesh (Neck Chop)
WLMRT - C.U.T.V. (Self-Released)
VICIOS - No Tengas Miedo (Self-Released)
SOGA – Encerrada (Self-Released)

This next set feature new bands from Belgium as found out about in a recent scene report on Belgium published in MRR.

HAEMERS – War (Self-Released
PERMANENT DEBT – Food Chain (Self-Released
VOGUE – Caffeine Addict (Hardware)
HETZE – Distress (Self-Released
THE BLUDGEONING – The Line (Self-Released)
CLCKWS - Blow Up the Boiler Room (Self-Released)

A set of Crossover and Powerviolence bands

OVERVIOLENCE - The World To Be (Psychocontrol / Nerve Altar / Mono Canibal)
LOADED FOR BEAR - Masada Disraeli Masada (The Race War Finish Line) (Give Praise / Dead Heroes)
THE HIRS COLLECTIVE – It's Ok To Be Sick (SRA / Get Better)
PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER – Odious Demagoguery (Regurgitated Semen / Six Weeks)
NAZI KILLER – Outta My Head (Kids of the Lughole / At War with False Noise / Samizdat / SuperFi / Gronk! / Nuclear Mind / Repulsive Minds)

Some post-punk and electornic bands to round things out

SCIENCE MAN - Love Potent (Self-Released)
MORNINGSTAR RISING - Let Them Eat Wall (Self-Released)
RIK AND THE PIGS – Keyhole (Total Punk)

Tonight’s demo is a band we played last week from Surrey BC called SUBVERTER. Fantastic four song demo, so we will play the other three tracks tonight. You can find this demo on bandcamp.

SUBVERTER – Manic Depressive (Self-Released)
SUBVERTER – Pick up Your Fence (Self-Released)
SUBVERTER – Sticks and Stones (Self-Released)

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Radio - Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Tonight's show starts off the latest instalment of LatinoAmerica Resiste. Tonight's focus is on Chile. Jose El Podrido has curated a show that looks at various bands from the beginning to today. 

You can hear the show on the player above or download the radio show here

VINCHUCAS - Dejen Respirar - Demo Tape (Not On Label) 1983 Santiago

This band changed their name to Los Prisioneros and became one of the most famous Chilean "rock" bands. They also changed their style from a band heavily influenced by the Clash and the 80's new wave and synth pop.

PINOCHET BOYS - Pinochet Boys ( Self Released) 1984 
Pinochet Boys are another band that are considered the first punk band in Chile although like the rest of the bands in this first part of the show don't actually sound a lot like punk but more in the new wave / no wave genre, for some reason i feel like Pinochet Boys is better known internationally and more famous for being the "first Chilean punk band" but the information i found is divided since according to all of the bands and their fans all of them were the first ever punk band in Chile, the only certain thing is that all of this younger individuals were playing music that no one else was playing while the dictatorship was still in full effect and that has a lot of value in my opinion.

VANDALIK - Maldito Espejo - The Unlikely History of the Punk Rock Chile. (Not On Label) 1986, Santiago

DADA - Yo Odio A Los Politicos. (Self Released) 1986 Santiago
Dada never recorded an album but a few of their recordings belong to a live session at a show called Melodias Subterraneas on the University of Santiago. They also played the first punk festival in Chile in 1986 organized by Pinochet Boys, bands like Zapatilla Rota, Niños Mutantes, Indice De Desempleo and Corruption Girls also played at the fest. The band was active for only 2 years and ended up due to the tragic death of the singer nick-named "Rock Star" who suffered from epilepsy.

ORGASMO - (a.k.a. CENSURADO) - (a.k.a. THE SLAM) - Hijo De Puta. (Self Released) 1987? Santiago de Chile
They meet in school and started playing in 1983, apparently they became famous and were constantly playing concerts plus tv shows interviews and they recorded one studio album. The name of the band was constantly censored on tv and radio which lead them to sometimes introduce the band with the name (CENSURADO) or sometimes THE SLAM. They reunited for one show on the 90's and recorded it. There is one more compilation album called "Antropologia" featuring all of their known recorded tracks.

FISKALES AD HOK - Estupidos Policias Mata Ratas Demo (Self Released) 1987 Santiago.
Fiskales Ad Hok started playing in 1986 but didn't released any official album until 1993. This song comes from their 1987 demo titled "Mata Ratas". They are also considered one of the first and long standing punk bands in chile since they are still active and playing.

POLITICOS MUERTOS - Burocratas Corruptos - Politicos Muertos (CFA Corporacion Fonografica Autonoma) 1997 Santiago. 
This is from"Politicos Muertos" their first and only studio album, and although it was released in 1997, but featured recordings from 1987 through to 1995.

EMOCIONES CLANDESTINAS - Animate - Abajo En La Costanera. (Emi Records) 1987 Santiago.

OCHO BOLAS - Corrupcion - ...Al Servicio (Self Released) 1989 Valparaiso.

CAOS - Libertad De Expresion - Caos O Democracia (Self Released) 1989 Santiago.

LOS KK - No Eres Nada - Kk Urbana Demo Tape (Self Released) 1989 Santiago.

INDICE DE DESEMPLEO - Werema Kk - Warema Kk 7". (Hueso Records) 2013 Santiago. Originally released in 1989.

ANARKIA - Desarmer Nuclear taken from a cassette recording called "Censurado". 1989

LOS MISERABLES - Mata Al Enemigo Democracia? (Liberacion) 1991 Santiago.

BBS PARANOICOS - Libertad Condicional - Incierto Final (Alerce) 1993 Santiago.

CAMION POLICIA - Contra El Gobierno Y La Burguesia - Demo (Not On Label) 1991 Valparaiso.

MACHUCA - Yo Aspiro - Si Tapas Tus Oidos. (Self Released) 1992 Concepcion.

LOS JOROBADOS - Animal De Pelo Corto - Etapa Anal (Self Released) 1996 Santiago. This album was released in 1996 and is a compilation of all of their songs.

LOS MOX!! - Se Me Apago La Tele - Se Me Apago La Tele. (ANadie Records) 1997 Santiago.

PUNKORA -La Cancion Del Rencor- . Nadie A Los Llamados. (Self Released) 2001 Santiago.

MARCEL DUCHAMP - Utopia - Redencion 9.11. (Masapunk Records) 2001 Santiago.

TETRANARKO - Carta Ajuste - Luchando Por Su Vida. ( Ktim Records) 2001 Arika. The singer on this band burn himself to death inside his car.

CURASBUN OI! - Moreira - Kaos (Anarko Proleta Rekords) 1999 Santiago. 
They wrote this song to ivan moreira a 90's senator in chile which among other things became famous for his support to Augusto Pinochet he even did a hunger strike in support of the dictator while he was detained in london. A piece of shit war criminal supporter none the less. Curasbun toured a couple of times in Canada in 2016 and 2017 playing toronto at the hard luck the first time and coalition the second one.

BÖMBARDEÖ - Viviendo Con Terror - Misfortunes Of War (Espiral DIYscos, Eskaramuza Distro, Disordera Records) 2017 Santiago.

EDIÖNDÖ - Basura Policial - Punk Hardkore Que Te Hace Estremecer (Orate Asusta A Turistas Con Motosierra Records) 2016

ALAMBRE DE PUAS - Punkis Viejos - Demo (Self Released)

PESADILLA - Paralisis De Sueño - Pesadilla Cassette (Tobi Records) 2016 Santiago. PESADILLA also played Toronto a while ago, two of the members were somehow visiting/living in Toronto and decided to do a show with the help of Lautaro another Chilean member of the Toronto punk scene who also plays in bands like

IGNORANTES - Persuacion Montajes Y Banderas Falsas - Demo Buena Onda (Tobi Records) 2015 Concepcion. 
Ignorantes is playing this year in canada, they are touring towards the end of the year and they certainly have a date in Toronto so be aware of this if you're into this awesome band.

Some sources for tonight's show include the following:
1) One of the main sources to inform tonight's show is a documentary called "Pank: Origenes del punk en Chile" by Martin Nunez that you can watch below.

There is a transcript of an interview with the Director in English found on-line here.

2) LOS PRISIONEROS Cristian gala teleanailsis

Leonarda Aller Jeria
Libros la Calabaza del diablo.
Santiago de Chile, 2014

4) Orgasmo la primera banda punk Chilena
Mikeh Serrano
Ediciones Askasis
Libro de anécdotas, una bitácora para viajar por indios del punk Chileno

Pablo berthelon
Carnada Films
2013, Chile

Gonzalo Justiniano
1984 Chile

Some compilations that you might find helpful on this scene:
1) V.A. - Clasicos Del Punk Chileno - Alerta Discos 2013 Santiago
2) V.A. - La Revuelta Deforme Vol. 1 - Babuino Records
3) V.A. - La Revuelta Deforme Vol. 2 - Babuino Records
4) V.A. - La Revuelta Deforme Vol. 3  - Babuino Records  

Some of the bands that we were not able to play include:
1) ARKOLIKOS ANONIMOS - El Recluta - A La Salud De Los Muertos (Venganza Records) 1994 Santiago 
2) MALGOBIERNO - Guerra - Split With Apatia No ( Self Released) 2002 Santiago
3) SUDOR OBRERO - Dolor Sangre Lagrimas Y Sudor - Callejeros (Frontline Records-Bar Crew Records) 2003 Santiago
4) IGNICION - Falso - Demo Tape ( Not On Label) 2018 Constitucion Chile
5) DISHUMANIZAR - No Hay Futuro - Trastorno Explosivo Intermitente ( Not On Label) 2017 Concepcion Chile
6) MUERTE TOTAL - Ahogo - Muerte Total Ep ( Orate Asusta A Turistas Con Motosierra Records) 2015 Santiago
7) INMADURA RESPUESTA ACTUAL - Cuidado Somos Los Daggers - Inmadura Actitud Adolecente (Toby Records) 2011 Santiago
8) NERVIOS - Disciplina - Demo (Toby Records) 2014 Santiago
9) NINJAS MUTANTES ADOLECENTES - Furioso - Demo (Toby Records) 2010 Santiago. MNE Played last year Not Dead Yet Fest and went on a north american tour right after. 

Here are some new Canadian releases.

SUBVERTER - Pharm Life (Self-Released)
ALIEN BOYS - Mother Chaos (Self-Released)
CHAIN WHIP - Overstimulated World (Neon Taste / Dirt Cult)
THE FAPS - John Denver (Double Lunch)
WIREHEAD - Conjure Club (Self-Released)

A.S.O.P. - Cap'n Punk (Self-Released)
BOOJI BOYS - Kanadian Kontent (Sewercide)
NERVE BUTTON - Bite the Bullet (Self-Released)
TOMMY AND THE COMMIES - Permanent Fixture (Slovenly)
PLASTIC HEADS - I Can't Sleep (Self-Released)
PRIORS – Swelter (Slovenly)

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Radio - Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Black History Month and punk : Black Dots - 1985-1995

The continuing look at the impact that Black punks have had on the scene. Listen above or download a copy of the show here.

BAD BRAINS - Black Dots (Caroline)

DC Scene continued
Revolution Summer begins in DC in the summer of 1985 in which the original kids from the hardcore scene re-engaged with the punk scene by starting bands and working on a cultural revolution within that took a hard stance on violence especially at shows, a hard stance against sexism, and a re-engagment with political activism in the form of the punk percussions events. Musically they created the basis for Emo,  but it started with a broad experimentation in sound.

There was no broader inspired band then BEEFEATER, who borrowed liberally from funk, soul, reggae and metal. Of course they layered everything over a punk bed. the band started in 1984 and didn’t start releasing records until 1985. They had a black guitarist named Fred Smith who brought the metal. He was a metalhead with leather jacket and studded shin guards. I saw him play at Ildiko’s where he put his foot through the wall. This is BEEFEATER with a song that Fred wrote called “Fred’s Song”.

BEEFEATER - Fred’s song (Dischord)
BEEFEATER - Satyagraha (Dischord)
BEEFEATER – Wars in Space (WGNS)
BEEFEATER – Apartheid (Olive Tree)
BEEFEATER – Freditude (Dischord)
BEEFEATER – Blind Leads Blind (No Master’s Voice)

BEEFEATER recorded three records and broke up in 1986. Fred Smith had the nickname “Freak” and would go on to play in a band called STRANGE BOUTIQUE in the 90’s. Sadly, Fred Smith was stabbed to death in San Fernando, last year on August 8th at the age of 55 s reported by MRR. In that last set comprised songs from everyone of their releases : i) Plays for Lovers, ii) Alive and kicking, iii) Need a Job, iv) House Burning Down, and v) The ALF is Watching and There is No Place to Hide.

FIRE PARTY were an all women punk band that also came out of the Revolution Summer. Tomas Squip, the singer for Beefeater, credits Amy Pickering, the vocalist for FIRE PARTY, for setting Revolution Summer in motion. FIRE PARTY’s drummer, Nicky Thomas, was black and experienced discrimination on another level. On a European tour, while FIRE PARTY were being dismissed as BANGLES wannabes, Nicky Thomas was being asked what was she doing at the punk show? The band defended her but the story demonstrated how racism was still an issue in a movement that was trying to bring this to light in the mainstream. 

FIRE PARTY – Only Nine Mottos (Dischord)
DAG NASTY – Never Go Back (Dischord)
SWIZ - Sunstroke / Pet Tricks / Tylenol (Sammich)

Shawn Brown, was originally known for singing in DAG NASTY with a bunch of scene vets. In some liner notes to the Selfless Recording, Don Zientara, the sound engineer, said that Shawn brought the edginess to the band whereas the other members were starting to fall back on pop hooks which is evidenced in their next release “Wig Out at Denko’s”. DAG NASTY kicked out Shawn before releasing “Can I Say” and re-record it with Dave Smalley, which is still a monster release, but Dischord had the foresight to keep the recording and after much pressure release the Shawn Brown recordings in 2010.

Shawn was inspired by Bubba Dupree from VOID. Shawn was not deterred and starts a band called SWIZ in 1987. SWIZ strived to be a non-political band so even though DC is hugely political place like DC that had Positive Force and Revolution Summer. Shawn still wrote songs like “Sunstroke” and “Pet Tricks” comparison between black men and animals., and “Tylenol” about getting a headache from continually having to explain your presence in the scene.

NYC scene continued
1986 - UNDERDOG formed when Richie left YOUTH OF TODAY to start a dub mosh blended hardcore band. It was truly unique at the time. They would go on to release a number of eps and LPs and Chuck Treece from McRad would later join the band which seems like a natural fit in terms of sound and direction.

1986 - ABSOLUTION featured Djinji Brown on vocals. Djinji was from brooklyn and was the son of Marion Brown who was in the jazz scene. “Blogged and Quartered” described ABSOLUTION as “in a league of their own. They played some of the most creative, energetic, and powerful hardcore with some of the most thought provoking and intelligent lyrics the 80’s NYHC scene had to offer. They didn’t release much and there was a wealth of bands which has kept them in relative obscurity. They were part of the second wave of NYHC existing between 1986 and 1989. Known for song “Never Ending Game”, which is a song directed at other black folks who called him a freak because they didn’t understand where he was coming from. When Absolution break up Gavin and John formed BURN.

1987 - Chris Fist was the guitarist in CLENCHED FIST, who were a second wave supergroup for the NYHC scene. Chris Fist was in MENTAL ABUSE when joining CLENCHED FIST he would go on to start BREAKDOWN and jam with CITIZENS ARREST. He currently has a hardcore band named the WILDING INCIDENT.

ENUF were a New Jersey band that introduce Hip Hop into the hardcore sound.

1987 - TRUE COLOURS - were in a hardcore band formed out of members form OUR GANG and would go on to start CITIZENS AREEST. The contribute a song to the “New Breed” compilation titled “No Way to Live”.

UNDERDOG – True Blue (Revelation)
ABSOLUTION - Not This Time (Temperance)
CLENCHED FIST - Inner Strength (Self-Released)
ENUF - Fantasy World (Self-Released)
TRUE COLORS - No Way to Live

1985 – S.C.U.M. were a crossover band from Montreal. They appeared on the P.E.A.C.E. comp put out by R Radical Records. The singer’s name was Anthony and he was a black punk. He was known for break dancing on the stage. The band’s name is a ingenious slight on the Montreal police who were known as C.U.M. There were signs everywhere that they just spray painted an S in front of to re-name them cum – Society Controlled Under Murderers. That help explains why they had so many songs about police harassment.

S.C.U.M. - So M.U.C.H. Hate (Psyche Industries)
AFGHAN WHIGS – Doughball (Ultrasuede)
ANGRY RED PLANET – Mediocrity (Angry Red)
TRENCHMOUTH - Here Come the Automata (East/West)

1986 - AFGHAN WHIGS - a soul influenced punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio
Steve Myers – AFGHAN WHIGS

1988 - TRENCHMOUTH - post punk band from Chicago. Damon Locks was the vocalist. They did most of their recording between 1991 and 1995.

BURN would feature Chaka Malik on vocals. Members would go on to form ORANGE 9mm, DIE 116, and QUICKSAND. ORANGE 9mm formed by Ckaka Malik

ORANGE 9MM – Driver (Revelation)
BURN – Drown (Revelation)
ANASARCA -Stationary People (Planaria / Second Nature)
DUB WAR - Mad Zone (Earache)
CANDIRIA – Tribes (Rising Pulse)

1992 - CANDIRIA - progressive metal / hardcore band from Brooklyn calling their blend of metal, hardcore, hip hop and jazz “Urban Fusion”. Carley Coma was their singer.

DUB WAR – from South Wales, described as ragga rap punk. The singer Clive Webbe would go on to play in LOS HOOLIGANS and SKINDRED.

1994 - ANASARCA were a six piece demo band from Cockeysville, Maryland. They formed in 1994 and broke up in 1997. They recorded a demo and an ep and a split. The band pushed the screamo sound from the fury and intensity side of things. Jonathon Wilson was a black punk

1980 - POISON GIRLS an anarchist punk band from the UK that featured Vi Subversa on vocals, a middle aged mother of colour who wrote songs that explored sexuality and gender roles from an anarchist perspective. They are an important omission from last week which we will feature a few songs from different releases.

POISON GIRLS – Crisis (Small Wonder / Xntrix)
POISON GIRLS – Take the Toys (Xntrix)
RUBELLA BALLET - Money Talks (Ubiquitous)
RUBY KARINTO – Chikotan (Self-Released)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS – Bloody Dub (Chrysalis)

Vi Subversa passed away on February 19th, 2016. Her kids would go on to play in Rubella Ballet.

LANDFILL CREW - Youth Revolt (Pirates Press)