Friday, February 16, 1979

Friday, February 2, 1979

Flyer - Friday February 2, 1979

Zine - The Pig Paper #10a

The lead story is about Epic Records dropping the Diodes after the release of their first LP because they hadn't "lived up to the market potential that the label had envisioned for the Diodes." The Diodes had just finished their second LP and this seemed like an easy way for the label to not have to put it out. There is a great discography of punk releases starting with a Bob Segarini ep in November 1977 and situates the Viletones first ep as comng out on September 1978. The gossip column talks about the upcoming Battered Wives tour with Elvis Costello and with new drummer Cleave Anderson. There is news of teh Secrets trying to get on Saturday Night Live. The Curse try to reunite as the Curves after the True Confessions. The B-Girls were about to release their singer. Nazi Dog was suing former Viletones members. Simply Saucer were shooting a video for "Here come the Cyborgs". There is some great news under the show listings for February 1979 with Teenage Head and the Mods being on the orad and some bands playing the Rotter's Club in Ottawa.

Thursday, February 1, 1979

Flyer - February 1, 1979

One of Tyranna's first headlining shows. They played with the Dents. The show took place at the Turning Point, which was at 192 Bloor Street West.