Wednesday, October 31, 1979

Flyer - Wednesday October 31, 1978

From the archives of Henry Martinuk.

Tuesday, October 30, 1979

Flyer - Wednesday October 30, 1979

Teenage Head LP

Teenage Head are legendary. They are from Hamilton and people like Steven Leckie swear by them as the real deal. They were and this was the first album that came out in 1979.

1. Top Down
2. Ain't Got No Sense
3. Bonerack
4. Picture My Face
5. Lucy Potato
6. Curtain Jumper
7. You're Tearin' Me Apart
8. Little Boxes
9. Get Off My Back
10. Kissin' the Carpet

Thursday, October 18, 1979

Wednesday, October 17, 1979

The Government "33-1/3 RPM" ep

This was the Government's second ep titled "33-1/3 RPM". It was recorded in late 1980. You8 can download the songs at Andrew Paterson's website. The songs on here are:

Tuesday, October 16, 1979

Photo: The Existers

Sunday, October 14, 1979

Saturday, October 13, 1979

Friday, October 12, 1979

Flyer - Music Hall shows

I think these were the Gary's doing shows under the Edge and these shows were simulcast on Q107. Loads of people listened and recorded them. Iggy Pop, the Police, the B52's, Tom Waits.

Thursday, October 11, 1979

The Existers "Telex Love' ep

The Existers were part of the early Toronto punk scene. The band featured were Barrie Farrel on guitar and vocals, George Higton on guitar and vocals, Stephen "Baby Oil" Hall on bass and vocals, and Denis Grey on drums. This came out on Shy Anne records. Songs on this single are:

1. Telex Love

2. Spadina

Flyer - Thursday October 11, 1979

Like a tour of California.

Tuesday, October 9, 1979

Flyer - Tuesday October 9 - Wednesday October 10, 1979

Bassist, Johnny Bublegum, did the artwork on this flyer.

Friday, October 5, 1979

Tuesday, October 2, 1979

Flyer - Tuesday October 2, 1979

Arson play another show with Tyranna this time at Larry's Hideaway.

Monday, October 1, 1979

Flyer - Monday October 1 - Saturday October 6, 1979

Here is a flyer for shows at larry's Hideaway for the first week of october back in 1979. It is amazing to me that you could see punk bands every night of the week. Platinum Blonde played the weekend.