Monday, July 31, 1978

Flyer - Monday July 31, 1978

Flyer - July 31 - August 5, 1978

What a line up ? Starting off with the B-Girls and the Mods on a Monday night and ending with the Dead Boys on a Saturday night. Evidence of the action packed punk scene that Toronto was in the early days. Things haven't really changed.

Saturday, July 22, 1978

Monday, July 17, 1978

Flyer - Monday July 17 - Saturday July 29, 1978

This was a flyer for the Horseshoe done done by Colin Brunton, who would later go on to make the Last Pogo film.

Thursday, July 13, 1978

Flyer - Thursday July 13 - Saturday July 22, 1978

Thanks to Henry Martinuk for sending this in.

Wednesday, July 12, 1978

Thursday, July 6, 1978

Flyer - Tuesday July 6 - Thursday July 8, 1978

Three nights with the Ugly at the Turning Point. Arson, the Dents and Tyranna were to open up. Tyranna is on the flyer as Special Guest band on the bottom of the flyer. Tyranna played another show that night somewhere else and so the Ugly let them headline. Tyranna blew them off the stage and weren't allowed to headline on the following two nights. The Ugly learned their lesson.

Wednesday, July 5, 1978

Battered Wives in the Toronto Sun

Judging by the layout, this looks to be an artcile on the Battered Wives from the Toronto Sun. The story is about the name change and makes reference to the debut album so this must have been in 1978 around the release of the first album.

Battered Wives in the Globe & Mail

This article appeared in the Globe & Mail about the Battered Wives and is mostly about Bomb Records, the local label that signed them and how they had aspirations to be Canada's version of Stiff Records. Click the image above to enlargen the article. From the archives of Henry Martinuk.

Saturday, July 1, 1978

Zine - Pickering Punk #2

Issue #2 came out four months later. There is a handwritten interview with Dole Q in this issue with a bit of a Pickering scene report. Ivan also includes reviews of the Curse ep and Iggy Pop's "TV Eye". There is a punk parade list and lots of clippings about punk from other sources. There is also a neat classified section. Click on the image to download a copy of the zine.