Sunday, July 28, 2019

Radio - Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Tonight's show starts out with a French street punk inspired set featuring bands from Old and New France. There is a a show report on the Pig Destroyer show. Lots of new releases. Digging into variations of emo. And a demo feature by Ottawa's Torpor. You can download the show here.

CHARM - U Don't Talk (Self-Released

DERNIER FUTUR - Que Faire? (General Strike / Cool Marriage / Tranzophobia / Loses and the Caves / Colilla / Anadalucia Uber Alles / Super Cocktail)
RIXE - Nuit Rasoir (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CHARGE 69 – Propaganda (Combat Rock)
HAPPY KOLO - Votez Pour Moi (Autonomy)
PROXY – Parasites (Discos MMM)
FORCE MAJEURE - Guerre Civile (LCS)

SPINE - Grip (Bad Teeth)
PIG DESTROYER - Mt. Skull (Relapse)
TOMB MOLD - Planetary Clairvoyance (They Grow Inside II) (Self-Released)
SECT - Crocodile Prayers (Southern Lord)

GLIB - Pipebomb the house show (Self-Released
DECISIONS - Rich Punx on Coke (Self-Released
U.X.A. - No Time + U.X.A. (Posh Boy / Get Back)
BETTY MACHETE AND THE ANGRY COUGARS - Who Dies First (H-Bomb Records and Cylinders)
XENU AND THE THETANS - Morir de Amor (Slovenly / Muica Para Locos)
ABORTED TORTOISE - Do Not Resuscitate (Televised Suicide)

THE SCARE - Get Out (Life of Dreams)
SVFFER - Arrows (Per Koro / Vendetta)
NEGATIVE PRESS - Pastor's Son (Inimical)
AMYYGDALA - It May Be Those who do most, , dream the most
FRAIL - Inquisition (Make Your Own Noise)

GEN POP - Waxing State (Feel It)
ISS - Armchair Aryan (Richard Spencer's Gifts) (Sorry State)
KALEIDOSCOPE - Development Crisis (La Vida Es Un Mus)
MONGREL - Target In Sight (Self-Released)
DESLIZ – Idolo (Self-Released
SLUMP - Peace Freaks (Self-Released

OVERO - Constellations (Self-Released
COLD SHOWERS - I Don't Mind (Dais
INFEST - Cold inside (Deep Six / Draw Blanks)
DARK CIRCLES - The Coldest Year / Le Drapeau Noir (
JOCK - Do Something (Self-Released)

VICTIMAS - No Puedes Dejar el Punk (Self-Released)
DOTS - Spinal Tap (Dirt Cult)
GUFF - Guns at the Border (Self-Released)
QUE LASTIMA – Enfermo (Self-Released)
CEMENT SHOES - Satanic Soul Picnic 

Demo Feature
TORPOR from Ottawa have two recordings together. This is their first one that was released as a cassette and is called “Culture Sanglante”. This can be found on bandcamp.

TORPOR – Intro (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Le Neant (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Culture Sanglante (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Traitors (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Final Judgement (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Terre Mére (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Blissful Ignorance (Self-Released)

RATIONS NOISE - Screams of the Wounded and Dying

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Flyer - Tuesday July 23rd, 2019

TONIGHT - at the Toronto Public Reference Library, Beeton Hall, 6:00pm start a live podcast with the folks behind the book Tomorrow is Too Late. Will be part of a live podcast called "Kreative Kontrol".

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Radio - Sunday, July 21st, 2019

This week there was a big to do about the 50th anniversary of the moon landing so....we started with a live version of the Police hit. Download the show here.

THE POLICE - Walking on the Moon (Masquerad)

MAN OR ASTRO MAN? - F=GmM(moon)-R² (One Louder)
MARK MALIBU AND THE WASAGAS -Psychedelic Summer (Wasaga)
THE SCENICS - Face It Again (Self-Released)
FLESH RAG -In Another Dimension (Schizophrenic / Loose Lips)

DBOY – Dboy for President (Self-Released)
JACK SPADES – To the Left (Performance and Recreational Council / Dying Alone)
GEOFF PALMER – I Like Murder Too (Rum Bar)
THE CRETINS – Haven’t Got a Clue (Dirty Water)
CROMM FALLON - East Bay (Rum Bar)

KHIIS – Bezoar (La Vida Es Un Mus
IRREAL -Societat Verinosa (Self-Released
SKUMSTRIKE – Insubordination (Self-Released
ILLICIT - L'histoire se répète (Self-Released)
HEXX - Human Conditioning (Televised Suicide / Regurgitated Semen)

KILLROY A.D. – Zombie Love (Self-Released)
THE CASTOR TROYS – Blackout Love (Self-Released)
THE PEAWEES – Cause You Don’t Owe Me (Rum Bar)
THE MAKERS – (Are you on the Inside or Outside of Your) Pants (Estrus)
THE BROOD – Why Don’t You call Me?

THE HUNDRED STEEPLES - Where Do I Fit In (Self-Released
THE MOOR - Just Another Lie (Self-Released
TOTAL MASSACRE - Fascists Stole My Haircut (Self-Released
FERIDA - Entre l'Obscuritat (Andalucia Uber Alles / Polze de la Mort / Fuck Empty Music)
BAD RELIGION - Old Regime (Epitaph)

THE BOSS MARTIANS – Rob Roy’s Revenge
THE SHIVVERS – When I Was Younger (Fliptop / Bachelor)
BIG G – I Hate the Whole Human Race (Only Fit for the Bin)

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - Pleasure Forever (Self-Released)
CARNE - Romper Cosas (Andalucia Uber Alles)
DIRTY JUNK – 10,000 (Don't Panic)
TELEKRIMEN - Ni Esperanza Ni Futuro  (Slovenly / Musica Para Locos)

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Radio - Sunday, July 14th, 2019

On the nights when ICE raids are being carried out in major cities in the U.S. , it seemed fitting to play this new song by Good Riddance. Download the show here

GOOD RIDDANCE - No Safe Place (Fat Wreck Chords)

PASSAGE - Love Song (Object Music)
TV PERSONALITIES - Where's Bill Grundy Now? (Kings Road)
BABYLON DANCE BAND - Pulling Away (Noise Pollution)
HOMO ELECTRICA -Beat On (Violent Vinyl)
THE COMMITTED – Advertising (ACE)
THE RUDE KIDS - Punk Will Never Die (Polydor)

JACK OBLIVIAN AND THE DREAM KILLERS – Scarla (Black and Wyatt / Ghost Highway / Beluga)
KIRA JARI - Is It Noticeable (Dirt Cult)
NUEVA GENERACIÓN - Mira a tu alrededor (Tormenta de Ideas / Antitodo / Broca / Muerte a Tipo / Colilla / Distribuidora Sorell / In My Heart Empire / Malditos Vimilos / Andalucia Uber Alles / Tabano / The Safety Pin Generation)
EMERGENCY - Media Control (Self-Released)
TEN FOOT POLE - The Jackals (Thousand Islands / Disconnect Disconnect / Morning Wood / Pee)

PISSER - Breaking Chains (Self-Released)
DISAVOW - Won't Own Me (Self-Released)
NOSFERATU – Factory (False Form / La Vida Es un Mus / Pissed Off)
WILD SIDE - Past, Present, Future (Triple B)
GAZM - W.A.Y.G.S.A. (11 PM)
EXCESS - World Still Sick (Diseased Society pt.II) (Iron Stance)

GOBBLINZ - Love Me Too (Bacon)
FATAMORGANA – Until (La Vida Es Un Mus)
WLMRT – Stretching (Self-Released)
SIDE ACTION - Pink Dick (Self-Released)
TORPOR - Culture Sanglante (Self-Released)
SHROUD - Use of Force (Self-Released)
BLINDED HUMANITY - Surveillance State (D-Takt ja Rapunk / Televised Suicide)

This set was informed and inspired by a remote radio broadcast on the contemporary NY HC scene that Liana curated and is found on MRR Radio.

VAXINE – Anxiety (Self-Released)
FLOWER - Secular Facade (Self-Released)
GHULA - চোখের বালি (Constant Irritant) (Self-Released)
HIGH COST – Glut (Self-Released)

Top 10 - June 2019
10. RED MASS  - Fight-or-Flight (No Coast)
9. THE FREAKEES -Yummy Buggies / LAUNCHER -  Gene Simmons (No Front Teeth)
8. ROTTIES “End of You” - The Pretenders (Self-Released)
7. TOTAL DEFEAT Demo - Waste Away (Self-Released)
6. YDINTUHO - Split with Ydinaseeton Pohola - Atomic Grave (Nightstick Justice)
5. THE DUMPIES “Zola Budd” cassette - Zaragoza Pool (Self-Released)
4. Злурад - Во благо злу – Шизоид (Self-Released)
3. CURBSITTER “Flippin’ Bricks” cassette - Head Fulla Bricks (Self-Released)
2. SAGO “Food Island” – Squealer (Self-Released)
1. TRAGEDY “Fury” - Kick and Scream (Tragedy)

Tonight's demo feature is a peace punk band from Ottawa called Dogma. They have two recordings. This is their first demo "Peace Can't Combine" which you can find here.

DOGMA – Caged (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Repetition (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Peace can’t Combine (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Up and Coming (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Stigma (Self-Released)
DOGMA – Day to Day (Self-Released)

Radio - Sunday, July 7th, 2019

Tonight's show featured the return of DJ Waves and we played a variety of material. 

Check out the show here: 

Here's the playlist:

RANDOM KILLING - Patios and Beer (Raw Energy)

WORDPLAY - Between You and Me (Self)
GREEN DAY -  Going to Pasalaqua (Lookout)
GARDEN VARIETY - Pretty Mouth (Gern Blandsten)
AVAIL - Simple Song (Lookout)
PEZZ - Never Enough (BYO)

NOMEANSNO - It's Catching Up (Alternative Tentacles)
THE BRONX - False Alarm (Ferret Music)
OFF! - Red, White and Black (Vice)
BLACK FLAG - Black Coffee (SST)
DEATH - RocknRoll Victim (Drag City)

SO TIRED - Forgiven (Self)
POW! - Free The Floor (Castle Face)
OCEANS OF THE MOON - Blowin' My Mind (Castle Face)
MODEL ZERO - Japanese Death Poem (Slovenly)
CHOICES MADE - Work Till You Die (Self)

NO WARNING - Hell Realm (Last Gang)
PUP - Back Against the Wall (SideOneDummy)
THE DIRTY NIL - Head On (Dine Alone)
ALEXISONFIRE - Familiar Drugs (Dine Alone)

CHAINBREAKER - Leatherized (Hells Headbangers)
HARD CHARGER - Fuck Your Bullshit (D7i, Doomsday Machine, Wasted Time)

ROMEO VOID - Never Say Never

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Flyer - Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Micro Edge goes on around 6:00pm.

Flyer - Saturday, July 6th, 2019