Friday, September 28, 1990

Flyer - Friday September 28, 1990

This was a benefit show to raise money for the "Summer Squash" cassette comp that would become the first Fans of Bad Productions release.

Flyer - Friday September 28, 1990

Sunday, September 23, 1990

Sunday, September 2, 1990

Saturday, September 1, 1990

One Blood "Untitled" ep

One Blood was my first hardcore band. You never forget your first. The band featured myseplf on vocals, Omar and Adam on guitar, James on bass, and Paul on drums. Chris Iler of Fans of Bad Productions did the cover artwork. We put way too many songs on a 7". Friends of ours Ted Wong and Spencer Mack teamed up as a Lobotomy Exchange to release this record. Songs on here are:

1. Not so Mysterious Histories
2. Friends
3. Speedy "Just Us"
4. Yankee Parasite
5. Decimation (Nunfuckers cover)

6. Respect
7. Mid 20's Crisis
8. Faith Based on Starvation
9. Purple Stains (Jimmy Hendrix cover)