Friday, January 28, 1977

Flyer - Friday January 28, 1977

The Diodes convinced the student council at the Ontario College of Art (OCA) to use student funds to bring in the Talking Heads from New York City. $3.00 to see the Talking Heads.

Thursday, January 27, 1977

Thursday, January 6, 1977

Zine - New Century Gazette #2

 New Century Gazette was a magazine done by the students of the Ontario College of Art. This is issue #2 and John Catto of the Diodes was the editor. there is lots of arts material in here, but there is also a huge picture of Jayne County and the first Ramones interview for Toronto conducted by John Catto and Rob Sikora. An interesting note about the back cover design is that it is an actual tape loop in a glassine bag stapled to the back page. The reel-to-reel tape could be played on an old time news-seller.