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Top 10 - February 2018

* HARAM – h

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Radio - Sunday, February 25th, 2018

The B-GIRLs are a super important part of Toronto’s punk history. They were the first all girl band from Toronto, they remained independent keeping their own values with some rules that countered the sexist practices within the music scene at the time, and they wrote some of the best hits that came out of this scene. They were one of the first bands to leave Toronto and make it in New York. They toured with the CLASH. They got released on a label outside of Toronto (Bomp). At the end of 2017, the B-GIRLS released their old material on an LP called “Bad Not Evil” and they played a show in Toronto. We got to speak with Lucasta Ross and Cynthia Ross (not related although that is debatable) when the B-Girls played last year. This is part 1 of the interview we did back in December. Download the show here.

B-GIRLS – B Side (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
THE GO-GOs – Can’t stop the World (I.R.S.)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
THE CURSE – Aggravation (Other People’s Music)
B-GIRLS – Jealousy (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM – Schoolgirl Hitchiker (Ugly Pop)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
B-Girls – Hearts in His Eyes (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
B-Girls – Heartbreaker (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
B-Girls – Chinese Rocks (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT) 

Top 10 - February 2018
10. INTERCISION – Disbelief (Self-Released)
9. ROSY - Moving Wall (Self-Released)
8. FINISTERRE - Crucial Times (Self-Released)
7. JUST BUSTED - Auditory Boom (Self-Released)
6. KALIK - Black Brain (Self-Released)
5. SLOW FACTION - Under Heavy Manners (Self-Released)
4. HARAM – Not a Terrorist (Self-Released)
3. INNOCENT - Beyond Control (Self-Released)
2. BOOTLICKER – Submission (Self-Released)
1. CRACKED EYE – Volatile (Self-Released)

There is a great interview in the March 2018 issue of MRR about ISS, who are from North Carolina. Daniel from Sorry State is releasing an ep by them and took the time to get into their heads about their cut and paste approach of making music with a sampler. Using hip hop approaches to song making the band has applied this to punk and as a result you get song titles that sound like in-jokes. It’s a new application of song writing methodology and a cassette has been released called “Endless Pussyfooting” so we featured this on tonight’s show. You can find “Endless Pussyfooting” on bandcamp.

ISS – Intro (Self-Released)
ISS – It’s a Chore (Self-Released)
ISS – The Government is After Me (Self-Released)
ISS – Endless Drip (Self-Released)
ISS – Still Puttin’ on the Blitz (Self-Released)
ISS – Infinite Just Laugh (Self-Released)
ISS – penISS Envy (Self-Released)
ISS – Part Time All the Time (Self-Released)

ISS – Hot Boi (Self-Released)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Radio - Sunday, February 18th, 2018

John Cooper Clarke is coming to town and so we started off the show with an old track by him. See the show listings on the right. Download the show here.

JOHN COOPER CLARKE – Midnight Shift (Epic)

The Real Mckenzies are coming to town so here is some new material by them.

THE REAL MCKENZIES - Sail Again (Stomp)
THE PROWLERS - Serial Pousseur (Insurgence / Aggrobeat / General Strike)
THE NOBLE SAVAGES - Fire in the World (Self-Released)
THE LUCKY ONES - Round and Round (Stumble)
SOCIETY`S ILLS - Shotgun Menard (Self-Released)
RIPCORDZ - Made in Montreal (En Guard / Stomp)

MELVINS – Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More (Boner)
BORN AGAINST – Well Feed Fuck (Vermiform)
INFEST – My World…My Way (Deep Six)
D.I. – Purgatory (Revenge)
HAXAN – Specter (Self-Released)

RED ROOM - TV's (Self-Released)
RAKINS - Stray Cats Lament (Self-Released
CHILLER – Monophonic (Dirt Cult)
XERTZ - Tunnel Vision (Self-Released
SCIENCE PROJECT - Deformed Depraved (Neck Chop)

GBH are coming to town.

GBH – City Baby’s Revenge (Clay)
COCK SPARRER – I Got Your Number (Razor)
UK SUBS – Teenage (GEM)
DOA – World War 3 (Alternative Tentacles)

A set on Mexico inspired by the DFMK interview in MRR

BIO CRISIS - Restos de nada (Replenish)
BONEBREAKER - Old as Dust (Self-Released)
CADENAXO – Arde (Self-Released)
XHENDRIX – Lluvias (Self-Released)
DFMK - Homicida Juvenil (Self-Released)

First half of this set features bands that Peter Swedenhammer was in. He also does the Killed by Death website.

ISOTOPE SOAP – Fancy Inbred Humans (Reich Chords)
PUSRAD - Do Re Mi (Just 4 Fun)
RAPED TEENAGERS – Roggggaa (Arda)
SELF-DECONSTRUCTION – Slight (Lost Rivers Product)
TARANTUJA – Misery (Unrest)

Tonight’s demo feature is a new band from Vancouver called CANDY.  You can find their demo on bandcamp.

CANDY – They are Watching (Self-Released)
CANDY – You Can’t (Self-Released)
CANDY – Burning Towers (Self-Released)
CANDY – Alien (Self-Released)
CANDY – Lost in My Head (Self-Released)
CANDY – On the Frey (Self-Released)
CANDY – Bears (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Radio - Sunday, February 11th, 2018

Tonight's show is inspired by reggae inspired punk. Download the show here.

THE BEAT CLUB – Pompeii (Self-Released)

SODS – Copenhagen (Medley)
KRYSYS - Wojny Gwiezdne (Unreleased)
THE STRANGLERS – Peaches (United Artists)
PIL – Public Image (Columbia)
THE CLASH – Bank Robber (Epic)
THE RUTS - Love in Vain (Virgin)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Flames of Brixton (Zonophone)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae (Chrysalis)
SUBHUMANS - Black and White (Spiderleg)

K7s – Get Outta My House (Rum Bar)
DISCO ZOMBIES – Punk A Go Go (Uptown / Invisible)
ONE WAY SYSTEM - War Torn City (Anagram)
THE PUNKS – My Time is Coming (Rave Up)
NEW RACE – November 22, 1963 (Wea)

CULTURE SHOCK - Start at the Back (Alternative Tentacles)
BASEMENT 5 - Chip Butty (Bitter Fruit)
86 CREW - Reggae Music is So Nice (Une Vie Pour Rien)
ARTHUR AND THE SPOONERS - Cost of Living (Steeltown / Contra)
THE ADICTS - All the Young Droogs (DC-Jam)
INFA RIOT – Proud (Randale)
ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE - Singer Man (The Kingstonians)

TYRANNA – The Boys Are (Rave Up)
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANDSHEES – 20th Century Boy (Polydor)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Winnipeg called Honey. You can find their demo on bandcamp

HONEY – Intro (Self-Released)
HONEY – Liars (Self-Released)
HONEY – Punisher (Self-Released)
HONEY – Voyeurim (Self-Released)
HONEY – Vain Boy (Self-Released)
HONEY – Mindless Violence (Self-Released)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

JockStrap studio 3 session

I had heard about JockStrap through Scooter who played in the original line up of the band. Recently they released a new recording called "Worthless Life" and so I reached out to the band about doing a session. Lots of those songs appear in this session. The band features:

Liam on vocals
Lester on guitar
Misha on guitar
Ian on Bass, and
Michael (from Gawker) on drums

So we recorded the following songs:

Guilt Parade
Let Me Hang
Worthless Life

We asked the band to record a CIUT and EXD ID and the also did an interview. The session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson and video taped by Aldo Erdic. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Radio - Sunday, February 4th, 2018

You can download the show here.

LOUD NIGHT - Take Sides (War Fever)

Top 10 – January 2018
10. TRUTH ASSASSIN - What a Joke (Self-Released)
9. EEL – Latlay Fotfoy (Beach Impediment)
8. XRDM - Serfdom (Exit Music / Kusottare)
7. BRUNNER TODESMARSCH - Podřezat kozu, potěšit bůžka (Phobia)
6. AK 47 – All We Know (Self-Released)

5. FURTHER CHARGES - Anti-Them (Luna Luna)
4. RADIATION RISKS – Headless Horsemen (Feral Kid)
3. PASMATERS - Fake (Self-Released)
2. PARANOID - Gyakusatsu Gambou (Konton Crasher / The Sign)
1. ULTRARAT - Secte (War Cloud Lathe Cuts)

HOARDER – Starling (Self-Released)
TIGHTLIP – Pushed Around (Self-Released)
XVICOX - E la luna bussò (Atomic Soup)
YBUTTEROY - Sant' Anna (Self-Released)
SCUM HUMAN - Self Serve (Self-Released)

SUNSHINE WARD – Bloodbath (Bloody Master)
SECT MARK - Tooth (Iron Lung)
SCRAP BRAIN – BPD (Self-Released)
VILE GASH – Parasitic (Youth Attack)
UBIK - Andrew Bolt's Twitter Account (Lost in Fog)

Re-Issues that came out in January 2018
SIDE EFFECTS - Wage Hell (Shithammer)
THE MILD – Nemesis (Rip Roaring Shit Storm / 5 Feet Under / Assurd / Crust or Die / Zasi Autoproduzioni)
BORIS DZANECK - Inside the Outside (Danger)
URINALS - Sex (Happy Squid)
KANDEGGINA GANG - Sono Cattiva (Cramps)

VYPERS - Deepsave (Self-Released)
FUN THINGS - When the Birdmen Fly (EMI)
SATAN'S RATS - In My Love for You (DJM)
FLYIN' SPIDERZ - I Wanna Be With You (EMI)

WARVICTIMS - Mengeles Barn (Nuclear Fear)
PARANOID – Criminal Trap (Self-Released)
REMISO - Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes (Sista Versen / Self-Released)
PASSIV DODSHJALP - Bimbo Tsunami (Embrace My Funeral / Phobia / Halvfabrikat / Distro-Y)
MYTERI – Deserter (Phobia / Halvfabrikat / Alerta Antifascista / Svoboda / Replenish / Chaos Rural)

COLD MEAT - Nice Girls (Static Shock)
AU PAIRS - Kerb Crawler (021 Records)
NEW YORK DOLLS - Trash (Mercury)
THE STOOGES - Little Doll (Elektra)
THE BAD BEATS - Knock Yourself out (Soundflat)

Tonight's demo feature is am oi band from Montreal that will be playing here in March. This demo came out last year and can be found on their bandcamp page.

KING CANS - I Don't Give a Shit (Self-Released)
KING CANS - You Think You Belong With Us (Self-Released)
KING CANS - LSC Anthem (Self-Released)
KING CANS - Outcast (Self-Released)

MASTERLESS DOGS - War at Home (Longshot / Contra)