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Flyer - Monday, April 29th, 2013

Radio - Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Listen through the player above or download the show here.

EXTORTION - Buildings Collapse (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Here is a top 10 for April releases in reverse order.
MESSIAHLATOR - Righteous Man (Self-Released)
FLACCID – Untitled (Self-Released)
THE SHORTS – Quick we need another bogeyman this one’s full of holes (Suspect Device)
DAS KAPITAL - Oh Well (Johanns Face)
CAREERS IN SCIENCE – Rockets (Self-Released)
CRYSTAL MESS – Walking Corpse Sydrome (Self-Released)
RAPTUROUS GRIEF – Tormento (Self-Released)
CHANNEL 3 - A Life Remembered (Hostage)
HERATYS – Musta ja Valkoista (La Familia)
GAS RAG – Market Crash (Self-Released)

PERMANENT RUIN - Sad History (Adelante Discos)
HASSLER - Escape (Beach Impediment Records)
PORKERIA - No Te Preocupes (Adelante Discos)
THE ALTARS - Night Terrors (Adelante Discos)
SALTED CITY - Hell on Earth (Adelante Discos)

Finnish and Swedish hardcore set.
KIELTOLAKI - Sikapaskahuora (Moo Cow)
RIISTETYT - Rajoitukset (Hohnie)
KREMLIN - Doomed Youth - (Bad Vibrations / Beach Impediment / Hardware)
ABSOLUT - Lowest Denominator (CIUT)
PROTES BENGT - Ett sex-pack agg (625 Thrash)

CHANNEL 3 - This calls for a drink
VALLEY BOYS - Side Effects (Cut the Cord)
RHUBARBS - After All (Wasted Wax)
DAS KAPITAL - Ghost Bikes Ride (Johanns Face)
UNBELIEVERS - I Don't Like You (Stumble)
SNUFF - There goes the Waltzinblack (Fat Wreck)
THE STRANGLERS - Lowlands (Absolute / Ear Music)

RAD - Corporate Drugs (Sacromento)
51-50 - Slaughterhouse (Self-Released)
VENGEANCE - Silence (Reagan Era tapes)

RATOS DE PORAO - Morre (Alternative Tentacles)
INZEST - Endless (Self-Released)
DESTRUCTION UNIT - In the End (Empty)

X-CETRAS - Take your politics somewhere else
TRANSISTORS - Change your ways (DPM Circuit)
DEATH ZOPTE - 3rd World War (Self-Released)
HEAVY DISCIPLINE - Symbol of capitalism (Contraband)
CHARGE - Advanced State (Anagram)
EATING GLASS - Amongst the Wolves (High Anxiety)

RIZBY - Fuck Me (Vinehell)
NECROS - IQ 32 (Touch n Go)
MCDONALDS - Miniature Golf (Touch n Go)
JERRY'S KIDS - Straight Jacket (Modern Method)
CHOKEHOLD - True to Say (Self-Released)

CAREER SUICIDE - Things take a turn (Sewercide)
IN DEFENCE - F.Y.B.(Good Times)
LUNG MATTER - Wrong Turn (Self-Released)
MONEY DOGS - Count your friends (Self-Released)
JANITOR - Suffocation (Agro Wax)

Crossover set.
BEYOND POSSESSION - Life Force (Self-Released)
CRYSTAL MESS - Outta Bounds (Daylight Slayings)
ACCUSED - Martha Splatterhead (Combat)
DFA - Useless (Unrest)
PICK YOUR SIDE - This is not a test (Regurgitated Semen)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from London, Ontario, also known as Forest City. The demo has pace and melody and can be downloaded at

WASTED POTENTIAL - Here's Your Exit Letter (Self-Released)
WASTED POTENTIAL - Douche Chills (Self-Released)
WASTED POTENTIAL - How Young Is Too Young (Self-Released)
WASTED POTENTIAL - Premature Ejaculation (Self-Released)
WASTED POTENTIAL - Visual A.I.D.S. (Self-Released)

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Valley Boys 12"

The VALLEY BOYS are a new band although they have been functioning as a group for a couple of years. But as a current line up the band is relatively new. Matt, formerly of the School Jerks, is the driving force behind the band. He is the principal song writer and the guy who has brought this group together. Matt brought in Jon from Brutal Knights after they had broken up but while Hassler was being formed. It is that fast paced garage that Jon brings to the sound. Jon also convinced a boyhood friend Kalle to play drums. This is the first band that I know Kalle for. Jimmy Vapid recorded these two sessions out at his new place in Oshawa and in the process convinced everybody that he could play bass for them. It's not like they needed convincing. But these recordings represent the band before Jimmy was on bass just knob twiddling of the production sort.

Matt loves the Modern Lovers so they start out this release with a cover of "Modern World". Has anyone been paying attention to that contest that is trying to get "Roadrunner" as the official state song for Massachusettes? The sound comes across like the TV Freaks meets MC5. Matt's vocals are similar to Dave's, but there is a fuller sound to the Valley Boys which comes from having two guitar players. Some of the songs like "Feeding Time" are so primal which works for this song. It is a song that repeats and is just pounded out but really gets into your psyche. Matt has a lot of observations like the pharmaceutical industry creep into life with the outrageous "Side Effects" that they can have on a person. And "Shooting Politicians" is about the incident with Gabrielle Giffords that happened in the States. The song "Auto Pilot" feels like how I get through many days and I take it as a statement on how life can become monotonous.

This recording is a collection of two different sessions but it sounds like one. It was originally released as an on-line demo through their bandcamp site, but Cut the Cord has pressed it as a limited edition 12", which I understand is sold out in the black vinyl and there are limited copies of coloured vinyl that can only be ordered through the label at this time. The songs on this release are as follows:

1. Modern World
2. Eyes on Fire
3. Feeding Time
4. Feels like shit
5. Pills
6. Rich Kids
7. Side Effects
8. Auto Pilot
9. Shooting Politicians
10. Fired

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Radio - Sunday April 21st, 2013

This is the semi-annual fundraising drive show. This season's theme is "the Evolution continues", which is a take off on the last theme "The Evolution of Sound". So we started off tonight's show with Devo who represent devolution. And isn't that what punk is a deconstruction of mainstream rock. You can hear tonight's show here.

DEVO - Jocko Homo (Warner Brothers)

Here is a sneak preview of new Stranglers material due out in mid May.

THE STRANGLERS - 15 Steps (Absolute / Ear Music)
MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS - Monotone (Din Disc)

Jon Sharron, guitar for Hassler and the Valley Boys, talked about his experiences with EXD and the Studio 3 sessions. He made the case that we have something unique with this broadcast and he brought in a special limited edition Hassler package to get people donating to CIUT.

Here is a set made up of songs from Studio 3 sessions that will appear on another pledge incentive, which is a Punks 'n Rockers DVD. The set is mad eup of songs that will appear on the DVD.


We programmed a set around bands that will be scheduled for Studio 3 sessions in the coming months.

WASTOIDS - Fortunate Son (Self-Released)
ANCIENT HEADS - Outrage (Self-Released)
SPEARHEAD - Killing The Past (Self-Released)

CULO - Modern Depression (Deranged)
GAUZE -Thrash Thrash Thrash (Selfish)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Condemned to Life (Schizophrenic)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE - Dig your grave (Grave Mistake)
WAR WOUND - Holocaust (Self-Released)
THE KIDS -oney is all I need (Philips)

BUREAUCRATS - Feel the Pain (Ugly Pop)
POINTED STICKS - What do you want me to do (Ugly Pop)
THE FEATURES - Floozie of the Nieghbourhood (Last Laugh)

RAKKAUS - Sudenhetki (Barrage of Salt)
D AND V - Wake Up (Crass)
ABDUCTORS - Your decision (Self-Released)
SYPHLETIX - You're Syphletic (Destroy)

MALINHEADS - Becks and Sex (Pogar)
WARDS - 2z Killed (Medical)

Cleave Anderson talks about a new release for a project he was in with Chris Houston and Mikey DeSadist of the Forgotten Rebels. They have a singkle out that he offered up in a prize package.

Aldo shares some behind the scenes moments at Studio 3 not captured by our recordings. Very candid.

TEENGENERATE - Right Side of my mind (Dionysus)
NO BUNNY - Motorhead with Me (Hozac)
DESASDIST A GO GO - Shit for Brains (Schizophrenic)

Here are some songs from demo features over the last six months.

GUILT PARTY - Double Standards (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Crouchy (Self-Released)
NO MISTAKE - Unibrower (Self-Released)
CONCRETE ASYLUM - You're spit to me (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Chicago likened to Urban Blight in the vocals. The drumming is as manic as early Gang Green. You can get the demo at rag demo, but I downloaded it from Narrow Mind at

GAS RAG - Market Crash (Self-Released)
GAS RAG - It Hurts (Self-Released)
GAS RAG - Progress (Self-Released)
GAS RAG - War Pervert (Self-Released)

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the Evolution of Sound

Do you like what your hearing on Equalizing-X-Distort ? How about CIUT? Did you know that Maximumrocknroll radio is now in a permanent slot starting after EXD on Sunday nights? Have you checked out the studio 3 sessions or the EXD blog ( which archives everything you might have missed? On Sunday April 21st we are involved in an on-air drive called “The Evolution of Sound” to raise money to help pay the bills at CIUT. CIUT is the only station in the city that plays punk. And it plays it in abundance. Instead of following the money, CIUT has followed culture in an underground way. We need your help to keep it going. A $25 donation gets you an entry into our grand prize draw and there are a bunch of prizes from a health and wellness package to an entertainment package to a Muskoka getaway to a bike from Urbane Cyclist. You can read more about the prizes at We also have some guests coming in who will be bringing in some pledge incentives and Aldo will be making a special edition DVD of the Studio 3 sessions from the last few months which will include footage by Sid’s Kids, Suicide Dates, Kremlin, Violent Future, Demolition, Born Wrong, Wrong Generation, Slander, TV Freaks, Careers in Science, the Groggies, Direct Approach, Hassler, and Pick Your Side. You can donate in person by coming down to the show at 89.5 Tower Road, or by phoning 946-7800 (1-888-204-8976) or on-line by paypal using this form found at

Flyer - Friday, April 19th, 2013

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Radio - Sunday, April 14th, 2013

You can hear the show using the player above or download an MP3 file of the show.

BORN WRONG - Torch the Place (Schizophrenic)

RUNNAMUCKS - Fuel for the Youth (Self-Released)
GAS RAG - Chernobyl (Self-Released)
KNIFES AND FORKS FOR FREEDOM - What How Why (Self-Released)
SEX DWARF - Bevakad (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - Out Of Sight (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Fanatics (Bad Vibrations / Hardware / Beach Impediment Records)
KAIVOSURMA - Painot jalkoihin (Slode)

KRAUT - All Twisted (Garage)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - We have a website (Deranged)
DR. KNOW - Circle of Fear (Ghetto Way)
REDD KROSS - I'm Alright (Frontier)

Born Wrong were in from Hamilton to share their new ep and catch us up with their plans which include a summer tour.

BORN WRONG - Interview (CIUT)
BORN WRONG - Always here to help (Schizophrenic)
BORN WRONG - Interview (CIUT)
BORN WRONG - No Etiquette (Schizophrenic)
BORN WRONG - Interview (CIUT)
BORN WRONG - Wage Slave (Schizophrenic)

GUN CLUB - Sleeping in Blood City (Passport)
NOMEANSNO - Dad (Psyche)

HUSKER DU - Keep Hanging on (SST)
CORRUPTED MORALS - Big Man (Lookout)
MONO MEN - Waste o' time (Estrus)

GLAM - Montruos (La vida es un mus)
GAG - I'm a punk (Self-Released)
WHO KILLED SPIKEY JONEAH Pigs in bondage (Total Fucker)
CHAINSAW - Out of Stupid (Six Weeks)
GOOSEBUMPS - Stcept Scarred (Burn Books)
BUZZCOCKS - Breakdown (New Hormones)
POLITICAL CRAP - Slow Death (American Sandard)
SUBURBAN MENACE - Get outta my way (Chainsaw)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Vancouver called Write Off. Write Off features former members of Strain, Contessa, Deadsue and many others. Recently in MRR the band was likened to No Comment for how fast and short the songs are, but what was missed was just how heavy the band sounds. The band features older guys in the scene who will only play all ages shows which remembers how tough it was for them when they were kids to get to see shows. It is admirable to see a band take a stand like that these days.

WRITE OFF - Trapped (Self-Released)
WRITE OFF - You Support Hate (Self-Released)
WRITE OFF - Dodger (Self-Released)
WRITE OFF - Dumb Fuck (Self-Released)
WRITE OFF - Smoke and Mirrors (Self-Released)
WRITE OFF - Stumble (Self-Released)
WRITE OFF - State the Obvious (Self-Released)
WRITE OFF - Knob (Self-Released)
WRITE OFF - Pissy (Self-Released)
WRITE OFF - I didn't learn shit (Self-Released)

You can get in touch with Write Off at

VENKMAN - Powerviolence and Applesauce (Self-Released)
RAPTUROUS GRIEF - Attaque de Nervios (Self-Released)
METRALLETA - Kaidaren Erasda
UNFAIR FIGHT - I'd Rather Be Skating (Crucial 45)
DRI - I'd Rather Be Sleeping (Death)

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Flyer - Monday, April 8th, 2013

Radio - Sunday, April 7th, 2013


ABSOLUT - Lowest Denominator (CIUT)

PROBLEM CHILDREN - Fuk Yuz All (Irate Faction)
DEEP END - Swarmed (Epidemic)
BEYOND POSSESSION - Hard Times (Death)
NEGATIVE GAIN - Situation all fucked up (Pusmort)

ABSOLUT are a new four piece raw punk d-beat band from Toronto, which is unusual for this city. The band is inspired by ANTI-CIMEX, DEATH SIDE, and DISORDER and they do covers by CRUCIFIX and SKITLICKERS although they didn't get them recorded in our studio 3 session. This is a mix of the interview and songs recorded on Tuesday night. ABSOLUT is worth knowing about.

ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Fucking Pain (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
SHITLICKERS - Warsystem (Malign Massacre)
ANTI-CIMEX - War Machine (A-Records)
DEATHSIDE - To the End (Selfish)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
KREMLIN - Old Man (Hardware / Beach Impediment / Bad Vibrations)
ABSOLUT - Thieves in Law (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - No Single Tear (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Tiring Planet (CIUT)
CRUCIFIX - No Limbs (Corpus Christi)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Dirty Grave (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Insane Power (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Life Sketch (CIUT)
DISORDER - Life (Anagram)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Black Void (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Neofuckers (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Martyr Fuckoff (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Interview (CIUT)
ABSOLUT - Your Fraud (CIUT)

SYSTEMATIK was in town on Friday and Saturday and we wanted to play their demo in our demo feature but we ran out of time.

SYSTEMATIK - Corrupted Thoughts (Self-Released)

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Flyer - Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Absolut studio 3 session

ABSOLUT are a relatively new group from Toronto that are inspired by Swedish and Japanese hardcore. I guess the Swedish part goes without saying especially if you name your band after a brand of Swedish vodka. But the burning spirits part is not obvious until you hear the soaring guitar gnashing and the racing drum beat. ABSOLUT channels everything from G.I.S.M. to DISORDER to KREMLIN. The band has been an idea sine Saigon Distress Signal broke up. Chris carried on with some of the newly broken up band recording a demo back in 2008. Then the band lay dormant for a few years until KREMLIN came along. That’s when these guys started connecting and Chris and Vassil from the City Sweethearts got Rich from

ACTION and Joel from Rammer/Left for Dead to join ranks. The band plays a version of raw sounding D-Beat not often heard in this city. I was floored watching these guys race through their set. In fact the band’s equipment gave out before they did. Joel’s guitar cut out in the last take of “Fucking Pain” so we had to call it a day. And Vassil’s cymbal had a huge chunk taken out of it by the end of the set as well as playing through half the set with bloody knuckles. Their commitment to their sound is impressive. And they have something to say despite titles like “Neofuckers” which sounds more like a play on broken English. The song is actually about the development industry that has made Toronto an unaffordable city to live in and is part of the story of this city that is underplayed. Here is the interview in two parts.

Interview, part 1
Interview, part 2

Here is the set list that you can download as individual songs:

1. Lowest Denominator
2. Thieves in Law
3. No Single Tear
4. Dirty Grave
5. Life Sketch
6. Black Void
7. Neofuckers
8. No Card
9. Tiring Planet
10. Insane Power
11. Martyr Fuckoff
12. Your Fraud
13. Fucking Pain

14. EXD ID 1
15. EXD ID 2
16. EXD ID 3

The band has recorded ten new songs, nine of which will appear on a 12” on a label out of Brooklyn to be called “Black Void”. You can download their six song demo at This session was recorded by Jonathon Hawkes. Aldo Erdic videotaped the session for Punks and Rockers. Here is a medly of some songs from Studio 3.

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Hassler interview in MRR

This is a piece we worked on for months. The original interview from the studio 3 session back at the beginning of November. That interview you can go back and check out here. We looked at the interview and cut it down and met again in January. This was transcribed worked into the text and editted down again. Then we went back and forth with the band to make sure it got at the essence of the band's involvements, namely the two eps. In February or March we finished and submitted the piece to Miriam at MRR and they had an opening in the April issue. Jon remebered that Martin Sorrendeguy had taken photos when he was up here for Varning in Montreal and Not Dead Yet in Toronto. He was happy to share them with MRR for this layout. Here is the interview in all it's glory but it looks even better in a printed format. This interview appears in the April 2013 issue of MRR, #358.

Review - White Lung "Two of You" ep

The latest White Lung single is reviewed in the April 2013 issue of MRR (#358). 

Review - Herd of Wasters "Beer Whore" flexi

Herd of Wasters from Saskatchewan release their secnd recording captured in the latest MRR (#358).

Review - Haggatha "IV" LP

Vancouverites doing some crushing black metal reviewed in the latest MRR (#358).

Review - Flaccid "Fuck 2012" demo

Flaccid are from Calgary and we have played their demo in the past. Here is a review of the demo in the latest MRR (#358).

Review - Dahmer / Mesrine split ep

This is a re-issue of this split. Dahmer are from Montreal and Mesrine are also from Canada. Here is a review in the latest MRR (#358).

Review - Careers in Science "Foreverwolf" LP

Careers in Science are from Toronto and this is their second release in the latest MRR (#358).

Review - Skeleton / Beton split ep

Here is a review of Skeleton who are from Canada. This split gets reviewed in the latest MRR (#358).

Radio - Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Thinking about the ridiculousness of Easter and the story it is supposed to represent had me think of the Freeze song "Sacrifice not suicide" and did Cliff Hanger have something when he questioned what the difference was in the song that appeared on the "This is Boston Not L.A." comp. That's why I thought it was a fitting song to start a show on easter Sunday with. What's the difference between the two and should christian behaviour be treated with the same concern that mental illness is treated? You can download the show here.

THE FREEZE - Sacrifice not suicide (Modern Method)

The weather was off today in Toronto and tehre was an Easter Parade and my downer message at the beginning of the show deserved a song like Half Off's. I followed that by a band that took their name from the Half Off song. It must be a good enough song to name your band after them. Damn Broads are an all new girl group and this is their demo and they summed up my feelings on religion better than the traditional peace punk bands that have written on the subject to date. Weekend nachos was inspired by Payson (Purity Control's) story about how great they were at A389 fest. And the Glory Stompers song is about Ralph Klein. He passed away and al the eulogizing is painting the man as larger than life, but "Tory Crimes" tells of a not so glroious period. the artwork on the ep has a picture of Ralph's head that has a perforated line around his neck and goats Klein to "Cut Here" meaning his neck.
HALF OFF - Rain on the Parade (New Beginning)
RAIN ON THE PARADE - Eating Crow (Contention)
DAMN BROADS - War on Religion (Self-released)
WEEKEND NACHOS - Watch you suffer (A389 Records)
GLORY STOMPERS - Tory Crimes (Self-released)

I love doing Top 10 inspired by MRR so here is the top 10 releases we reecievd in last month that correspond with the review section in MRR.

ISTERISMO – Cattena di aversionne (540)
THE SHAME – Nothing Gained (Profane Existence)
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT – They’re all the Fucking Same (Profane Existence)
BLACK COFFEE – The push and pull (Self-Released)
IN DEFENCE – Don’t call me a moshist (Profane Existence)
WARTORN  – Under Oath (Profane Existence)
CRITICAL CONVICTIONS – Music as an industry …. / ... so cliche (Self-Released)
SNUFF – Bones for Company (Fat Wreck Chords)
UTANFORSKAPET – Kängor från rännstenen (Fight Back / Rawby)
DEATHRAID – Enough to make to you sick (World Funeral)
DESPERAT – Matte Djavulen ta er split (World Funeral)

A GLOBAL THREAT - Religious Scum
LOSER X - Participation (Snuffy Smile)
HEALTH HAZARD - Trapped (Flat Earth)
DEATHRATS - SXJS (To Live a Lie)
WOLFBRIGADE - Pheonix Rising (Farewell / La Familia)
THE VIPERS - I've got you (Mulligan)

SAMPLES - No such thing
HOLDING ON - Just another day (Havoc)
A MOOD OF DEFIANCE - American Love Song (Nu Alliance)
DEATH TOKEN - Self-Infliction (Spild af Vinyl)
HOMBRINUS DUDES - Ignorance is not Innocence (I Deal)
D.S.H. - Denk Nach (Self-Released)
SEA OF SHIT - Worried Sick (Self-Released)
GBH - Sick Boy (Captain Oi!)

PILLSBURY HARDCORE - Ready to Fight (One Step Ahead)
POISON CENTRE - Poseur (Bad Compilation tapes)
MORTAL MICRONOTZ - The Police Song (Fresh Sounds Inc)
LEFT IN RUINS - Sound of Defeat (Torture Garden Picture Company)
BLOODPACT - Violent Straigh Edge Gains (Reflections)
STARSHOOTER - Pin Up Blonde (Pathe)
WRITE OFF - Smoke and Mirrors (Self-Released)
HERESY - Make the Connection (Self-Released)
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - Sore throat Syndicate (Reflections)

FACIALS - Mom (Chaos Rurale)
PUNK LOREX - Liittoudutaan (Kamaset Levyt)
MIGHTY ATOM - Words (Buzz / A Mountain Far)
PAPER DRAGONS - Annhilate the Need (Firestarter / Wall Ride / Southpaw)
SABERTOOTH - Morning Breathe (Debt Offensive)

BAD NODES - Gamma Toatser (Self-Released)
RAW POWER - I do what I like (Toxic Shock)
ZERO PROGRESS - Hall of fame (Self-Released)
RAH - The Other Side (Climbin' Aboard)
NO COMMENT - Modern Moses (Deep Six)
9 SHOCKS TERROR - Remove the Pope (Sound Pollution)
CURSED - Guilt Parade (Goodfellow)

SLEIGHT are a new three piece from Halifax featuring members of LAST LAUGH. You can find the demo at
SLEIGHT - Western Eyes (Self-Released)
SLEIGHT - Fault (Self-Released)
SLEIGHT - the Hunger (Self-Released)
SLEIGHT - Lord (Self-Released)
SLEIGHT - the Sickness (Self-Released)

Top 10 - March 2013

1.       DEATHRAID / DESPERAT split 12" (World Funeral)
2.       UTANFORSKAPET "Vildjarta" 12" (Fight Back / Rawby)
3.       SNUFF "5-4-3-2-1…Perhaps!" CD (Fat Wreck Chords)
4.       CRITICAL CONVICTIONS "Divisions" LP (Self-Released)
5.       WARTORN “Domestic Terrorist” ep (Profane Existence)
6.       IN DEFENCE "Into the Sewer" CD (Profane Existence)
7.       BLACK COFFEE demo (Self-Released)
8.       APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT “It’s Far from Fucking Over” CD (Profane Existence)
9.       SHAME, THE ep (Profane Existence)
10.    ISTERISMO "Follia Verso l'Interno" 12" (540)

* World Funeral – 3429 15th Avenue South / Seattle, WA / 98144 / USA /
* Fight Back – Mara Sjogren – Marbogatan 38 / 52230 Tadsholm / Sweden // RAWBY – Johan Helmersson – Morkullegatan 38 / 72469 Vasteras / Sweden
* PROFANE EXISTENCE – P.O. Box 18050 / Minneapolis, MN / 55418 / USA /
* BLACK COFFEE – * 540