Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Absolut studio 3 session

ABSOLUT are a relatively new group from Toronto that are inspired by Swedish and Japanese hardcore. I guess the Swedish part goes without saying especially if you name your band after a brand of Swedish vodka. But the burning spirits part is not obvious until you hear the soaring guitar gnashing and the racing drum beat. ABSOLUT channels everything from G.I.S.M. to DISORDER to KREMLIN. The band has been an idea sine Saigon Distress Signal broke up. Chris carried on with some of the newly broken up band recording a demo back in 2008. Then the band lay dormant for a few years until KREMLIN came along. That’s when these guys started connecting and Chris and Vassil from the City Sweethearts got Rich from

ACTION and Joel from Rammer/Left for Dead to join ranks. The band plays a version of raw sounding D-Beat not often heard in this city. I was floored watching these guys race through their set. In fact the band’s equipment gave out before they did. Joel’s guitar cut out in the last take of “Fucking Pain” so we had to call it a day. And Vassil’s cymbal had a huge chunk taken out of it by the end of the set as well as playing through half the set with bloody knuckles. Their commitment to their sound is impressive. And they have something to say despite titles like “Neofuckers” which sounds more like a play on broken English. The song is actually about the development industry that has made Toronto an unaffordable city to live in and is part of the story of this city that is underplayed. Here is the interview in two parts.

Interview, part 1
Interview, part 2

Here is the set list that you can download as individual songs:

1. Lowest Denominator
2. Thieves in Law
3. No Single Tear
4. Dirty Grave
5. Life Sketch
6. Black Void
7. Neofuckers
8. No Card
9. Tiring Planet
10. Insane Power
11. Martyr Fuckoff
12. Your Fraud
13. Fucking Pain

14. EXD ID 1
15. EXD ID 2
16. EXD ID 3

The band has recorded ten new songs, nine of which will appear on a 12” on a label out of Brooklyn to be called “Black Void”. You can download their six song demo at This session was recorded by Jonathon Hawkes. Aldo Erdic videotaped the session for Punks and Rockers. Here is a medly of some songs from Studio 3.

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