Monday, April 1, 2013

Hassler interview in MRR

This is a piece we worked on for months. The original interview from the studio 3 session back at the beginning of November. That interview you can go back and check out here. We looked at the interview and cut it down and met again in January. This was transcribed worked into the text and editted down again. Then we went back and forth with the band to make sure it got at the essence of the band's involvements, namely the two eps. In February or March we finished and submitted the piece to Miriam at MRR and they had an opening in the April issue. Jon remebered that Martin Sorrendeguy had taken photos when he was up here for Varning in Montreal and Not Dead Yet in Toronto. He was happy to share them with MRR for this layout. Here is the interview in all it's glory but it looks even better in a printed format. This interview appears in the April 2013 issue of MRR, #358.

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