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Radio - Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Thinking about the ridiculousness of Easter and the story it is supposed to represent had me think of the Freeze song "Sacrifice not suicide" and did Cliff Hanger have something when he questioned what the difference was in the song that appeared on the "This is Boston Not L.A." comp. That's why I thought it was a fitting song to start a show on easter Sunday with. What's the difference between the two and should christian behaviour be treated with the same concern that mental illness is treated? You can download the show here.

THE FREEZE - Sacrifice not suicide (Modern Method)

The weather was off today in Toronto and tehre was an Easter Parade and my downer message at the beginning of the show deserved a song like Half Off's. I followed that by a band that took their name from the Half Off song. It must be a good enough song to name your band after them. Damn Broads are an all new girl group and this is their demo and they summed up my feelings on religion better than the traditional peace punk bands that have written on the subject to date. Weekend nachos was inspired by Payson (Purity Control's) story about how great they were at A389 fest. And the Glory Stompers song is about Ralph Klein. He passed away and al the eulogizing is painting the man as larger than life, but "Tory Crimes" tells of a not so glroious period. the artwork on the ep has a picture of Ralph's head that has a perforated line around his neck and goats Klein to "Cut Here" meaning his neck.
HALF OFF - Rain on the Parade (New Beginning)
RAIN ON THE PARADE - Eating Crow (Contention)
DAMN BROADS - War on Religion (Self-released)
WEEKEND NACHOS - Watch you suffer (A389 Records)
GLORY STOMPERS - Tory Crimes (Self-released)

I love doing Top 10 inspired by MRR so here is the top 10 releases we reecievd in last month that correspond with the review section in MRR.

ISTERISMO – Cattena di aversionne (540)
THE SHAME – Nothing Gained (Profane Existence)
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT – They’re all the Fucking Same (Profane Existence)
BLACK COFFEE – The push and pull (Self-Released)
IN DEFENCE – Don’t call me a moshist (Profane Existence)
WARTORN  – Under Oath (Profane Existence)
CRITICAL CONVICTIONS – Music as an industry …. / ... so cliche (Self-Released)
SNUFF – Bones for Company (Fat Wreck Chords)
UTANFORSKAPET – Kängor från rännstenen (Fight Back / Rawby)
DEATHRAID – Enough to make to you sick (World Funeral)
DESPERAT – Matte Djavulen ta er split (World Funeral)

A GLOBAL THREAT - Religious Scum
LOSER X - Participation (Snuffy Smile)
HEALTH HAZARD - Trapped (Flat Earth)
DEATHRATS - SXJS (To Live a Lie)
WOLFBRIGADE - Pheonix Rising (Farewell / La Familia)
THE VIPERS - I've got you (Mulligan)

SAMPLES - No such thing
HOLDING ON - Just another day (Havoc)
A MOOD OF DEFIANCE - American Love Song (Nu Alliance)
DEATH TOKEN - Self-Infliction (Spild af Vinyl)
HOMBRINUS DUDES - Ignorance is not Innocence (I Deal)
D.S.H. - Denk Nach (Self-Released)
SEA OF SHIT - Worried Sick (Self-Released)
GBH - Sick Boy (Captain Oi!)

PILLSBURY HARDCORE - Ready to Fight (One Step Ahead)
POISON CENTRE - Poseur (Bad Compilation tapes)
MORTAL MICRONOTZ - The Police Song (Fresh Sounds Inc)
LEFT IN RUINS - Sound of Defeat (Torture Garden Picture Company)
BLOODPACT - Violent Straigh Edge Gains (Reflections)
STARSHOOTER - Pin Up Blonde (Pathe)
WRITE OFF - Smoke and Mirrors (Self-Released)
HERESY - Make the Connection (Self-Released)
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - Sore throat Syndicate (Reflections)

FACIALS - Mom (Chaos Rurale)
PUNK LOREX - Liittoudutaan (Kamaset Levyt)
MIGHTY ATOM - Words (Buzz / A Mountain Far)
PAPER DRAGONS - Annhilate the Need (Firestarter / Wall Ride / Southpaw)
SABERTOOTH - Morning Breathe (Debt Offensive)

BAD NODES - Gamma Toatser (Self-Released)
RAW POWER - I do what I like (Toxic Shock)
ZERO PROGRESS - Hall of fame (Self-Released)
RAH - The Other Side (Climbin' Aboard)
NO COMMENT - Modern Moses (Deep Six)
9 SHOCKS TERROR - Remove the Pope (Sound Pollution)
CURSED - Guilt Parade (Goodfellow)

SLEIGHT are a new three piece from Halifax featuring members of LAST LAUGH. You can find the demo at
SLEIGHT - Western Eyes (Self-Released)
SLEIGHT - Fault (Self-Released)
SLEIGHT - the Hunger (Self-Released)
SLEIGHT - Lord (Self-Released)
SLEIGHT - the Sickness (Self-Released)

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