Monday, April 29, 2013

Radio - Sunday, April 28th, 2013

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EXTORTION - Buildings Collapse (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Here is a top 10 for April releases in reverse order.
MESSIAHLATOR - Righteous Man (Self-Released)
FLACCID – Untitled (Self-Released)
THE SHORTS – Quick we need another bogeyman this one’s full of holes (Suspect Device)
DAS KAPITAL - Oh Well (Johanns Face)
CAREERS IN SCIENCE – Rockets (Self-Released)
CRYSTAL MESS – Walking Corpse Sydrome (Self-Released)
RAPTUROUS GRIEF – Tormento (Self-Released)
CHANNEL 3 - A Life Remembered (Hostage)
HERATYS – Musta ja Valkoista (La Familia)
GAS RAG – Market Crash (Self-Released)

PERMANENT RUIN - Sad History (Adelante Discos)
HASSLER - Escape (Beach Impediment Records)
PORKERIA - No Te Preocupes (Adelante Discos)
THE ALTARS - Night Terrors (Adelante Discos)
SALTED CITY - Hell on Earth (Adelante Discos)

Finnish and Swedish hardcore set.
KIELTOLAKI - Sikapaskahuora (Moo Cow)
RIISTETYT - Rajoitukset (Hohnie)
KREMLIN - Doomed Youth - (Bad Vibrations / Beach Impediment / Hardware)
ABSOLUT - Lowest Denominator (CIUT)
PROTES BENGT - Ett sex-pack agg (625 Thrash)

CHANNEL 3 - This calls for a drink
VALLEY BOYS - Side Effects (Cut the Cord)
RHUBARBS - After All (Wasted Wax)
DAS KAPITAL - Ghost Bikes Ride (Johanns Face)
UNBELIEVERS - I Don't Like You (Stumble)
SNUFF - There goes the Waltzinblack (Fat Wreck)
THE STRANGLERS - Lowlands (Absolute / Ear Music)

RAD - Corporate Drugs (Sacromento)
51-50 - Slaughterhouse (Self-Released)
VENGEANCE - Silence (Reagan Era tapes)

RATOS DE PORAO - Morre (Alternative Tentacles)
INZEST - Endless (Self-Released)
DESTRUCTION UNIT - In the End (Empty)

X-CETRAS - Take your politics somewhere else
TRANSISTORS - Change your ways (DPM Circuit)
DEATH ZOPTE - 3rd World War (Self-Released)
HEAVY DISCIPLINE - Symbol of capitalism (Contraband)
CHARGE - Advanced State (Anagram)
EATING GLASS - Amongst the Wolves (High Anxiety)

RIZBY - Fuck Me (Vinehell)
NECROS - IQ 32 (Touch n Go)
MCDONALDS - Miniature Golf (Touch n Go)
JERRY'S KIDS - Straight Jacket (Modern Method)
CHOKEHOLD - True to Say (Self-Released)

CAREER SUICIDE - Things take a turn (Sewercide)
IN DEFENCE - F.Y.B.(Good Times)
LUNG MATTER - Wrong Turn (Self-Released)
MONEY DOGS - Count your friends (Self-Released)
JANITOR - Suffocation (Agro Wax)

Crossover set.
BEYOND POSSESSION - Life Force (Self-Released)
CRYSTAL MESS - Outta Bounds (Daylight Slayings)
ACCUSED - Martha Splatterhead (Combat)
DFA - Useless (Unrest)
PICK YOUR SIDE - This is not a test (Regurgitated Semen)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from London, Ontario, also known as Forest City. The demo has pace and melody and can be downloaded at

WASTED POTENTIAL - Here's Your Exit Letter (Self-Released)
WASTED POTENTIAL - Douche Chills (Self-Released)
WASTED POTENTIAL - How Young Is Too Young (Self-Released)
WASTED POTENTIAL - Premature Ejaculation (Self-Released)
WASTED POTENTIAL - Visual A.I.D.S. (Self-Released)

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