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Top 10 - September 2011

1. NUCLEAR CULT “Better Nightmares” ep (Warm Bath)
2. WHOLE IN THE HEAD “Them and Us” ep (Warm Bath)
3. Various Artists “City Limits” LP (High Anxiety)
4. PULLING TEETH “Funerary” LP (A389 Records)
6. DEAF MUTATIONS “Crash Clubs” ep (Static Shock)
7. B-LINES Self-Tirtled LP (Deranged / Nominal)
8. SWINDLED “It's only peace that you want...” CD (Swi-Fi Music)
9. HOMEWRECKER / THE LOVE BELOW split ep (A389 Records)
10. DEATH TRAP “No Hicks” ep (Feral Kid / Warm Bath)

* Warm Bath – P.O. Box 652 / Buffalo, NY / 14215 / USA /
* High Anxiety -
* A389 Records - P.O. Box 12058 / Baltimore, MD / 21281 / USA /
* No Idea – P.O. Box 14636 / Gainesville, FL / 32604 / USA /
* Static Shock Records -
* Deranged Records – 2700 Lower Road / Roberts Creek, BC / V0N 2W4 / Canada / // Nominal Records -
* Feral Kid – 27 Ripley Place / Buffalo, NY / 14213 / USA /

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Kremlin “Unscrewed” demo

Six new tracks by these Finnish impersonators. It was only a couple of months ago that the first demo was released. The vocals are a little more upfront in the mix, but they still live in the back of the recording a minimalist DISCHARGE sort of way. Haikus are the way to go when the world is collapsing inwards on you. “Russia Bombs Finland” remains the guiding inspiration for the sound of this band. And while the first four tracks are barn burners the fifth one is an experimental number followed by the title track which is slow and plodding and has a “How Much Art” SSD feeling to it. (29 Somerset Avenue / Toronto, ON / M6H 2R3 / Canada / e-mail: Here are the lyrics and song titles:

Radio - Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Click for download

PENETRATION PANTHERS - Lipstick on Leather (A389 Records)

DEVO - Space Junk (Warner Bros)
PICK YOUR SIDE - Webs in the Sky (A389 Records)
THE LOVE BELOW - High Friends in Low Places (A389 Records)
TARANTUJA - Burning the Bridges (Unrest)
LEGION666 - Evil (Schizophrenic)
OVERPOWER - Montreal (self-Released)
GEHENNA - Caveman (A389 REcords)
GRAVEHILL - Black Mass Prophecy (A389 Records)

THE SPITS - She Don't Care (In the Red)
THE DICKIES - Give It Back (A&M)
THE OKMONIKS - Not That Good (Slovenly)
THEE MIGHTY CEASARS - Lie Detector (Crypt)
GENTLEMEN OF HORROR - Overhead projector (No Exit)

ARTICLES OF FAITH - What we want is free (Version Sound)
FUCKED UP - Two Snakes (Vice)
SLOBS - Technophile Society (Cowabunga)
HARDA TIDER - Bring the Ruckus (Not Enough)
HYSTERESE - Headlocked (Self-Released)
SEPTIC DIETER - operland (Yakuzzi Tapes)
ABSURD - Bojkotta Coca-Cola (Killed by death)

DEATH TRIP - No Hicks (Feral Kid / Warm Bath)
HOMEWRECKER - Internal Morgue (A389 Records)
SWINDLED - Apathy Rules (Swi-Fi Music)
B-LINES - It Rains (Deranged / Nominal)
DEAF MUTATIONS - Mutation Shuffle (Static Shock)
PULLING TEETH - Extinction (A389 Records)
OMEGAS - Social Slasher (High Anxiety)
WHOLE IN THE HEAD - A Brief History of Working Class Resistance (Warm Bath)
NUCLEAR CULT - Heimspiel (Warm Bath)

NOTFUNNYANYMORE - College Park (One Way)
ADOLESCENTS - Amoeba (Frontier)
IRON CROSS - Crucified for your sins (GMM)
BLUE DEMONS - Hot and Heavy (Schizophrenic)
FUNGI GIRLS - Velvet Days (Hozac)

CIVIL VICTIM - We are 129A (Cowabunga)
LOW PLACES - Controlled Chaos (A389 Records)
DYS - City to City (Taang!)
SABERTOOTH ZOMBIE - Send the pigs (12 Gauge)
ANIMAL FACES - Living Spaces

Demo Feature
TOTAL WAR - Total War (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - And For What (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - Lifeline (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - Mind Destruct (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - They Lead, We Follow (Self-Released)

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Radio - Sunday, September 18th, 2011

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SLANDER - Upside Down (CIUT)
SLANDER - Interview (CIUT)
SLANDER - No Slander Reunion (CIUT)
SLANDER - Interview (CIUT)
SLANDER - Tearin' Me Apart (CIUT)
SLANDER - Full Time Fool (CIUT)
SLANDER - Let's Shake (CIUT)
SLANDER - Ain't Got No Sense (CIUT)
SLANDER - Interview (CIUT)
SLANDER - I Want Your Woman (CIUT)
SLANDER - Interview (CIUT)
SLANDER - Interview (CIUT)
SLANDER - I'm a Believer (CIUT)
SLANDER - Interview (CIUT)
SLANDER - Still the One (CIUT)
SLANDER - 8 Days a Week (CIUT)
SLANDER - Interview (CIUT)
SLANDER - Interview (CIUT)
SLANDER - Jail Bait (CIUT)
SLANDER - Interview (CIUT)
SLANDER - It's Over (CIUT)

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Zine - EXD, Volume 11, Issue 4

This is the September 2011 issue of EXD radio zine. Urban Blight is the feature interview. We did this interview originally with the band back in October 2010 just after they had gotten back from a tour in Europe. Consequently we spend a lot of time talking about the places they played. I have also been trying to get an interview with Beav about Urban Blight for years so I took the opportunity to ask him about meanings behind songs and history behind releases. I hope this covers all you wanted to know about Urban Blight. There are record reviews in here which include some new Finnish releases and some 625 releases that came in. A review of Jennifer Morton's book on BFG titled "Dirty Drunk and Punk" is in here. Nico Taus of Vicious Cycle also wrote a book about the Sudbury scene called "Songs from Nowhere" and my critiques are found in here. The big Hallowe'en fest flyer is the back cover with some of the bands playing the big three day fest in October. The show is being called "Ain't Dead Yet". Click the cover for a download of this issue.

Slander studio 3 session

1. SLANDER - Destination (CIUT)

2. SLANDER - Rocking on Main Street (CIUT)
3. SLANDER - Good Thing (CIUT)
4. SLANDER - Upside Down (CIUT)
5. SLANDER - I Need You (CIUT)
6. SLANDER - Jailbait (CIUT)
7. SLANDER - I Want Your Woman (CIUT)
8. SLANDER - The Pigs (CIUT)
9. SLANDER - Ghetto (CIUT)
10. SLANDER - It’s Over (CIUT)
11. SLANDER - No Slander Reunion (CIUT)
12. SLANDER - Still the One (CIUT)
13. SLANDER - 8 Days a Week (CIUT)
14. SLANDER - First Time (CIUT)
15. SLANDER - The Tribute (CIUT)
16. SLANDER - Sonic Reducer (CIUT)

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Unlearn LP

Isn’t this always the way. As soon as a band gets an LP out they are broken up. That is the case for UNLEARN. I was just reading on the UNLEARN blog that they played their last show in September. That’s a shame because these guys rage. Do you remember at the beginning of hardcore just after the first DISCHARGE record had come out and many bands were trying to sound like them but very unsuccessfully and that was alright because they were creating all these amazing styles of hardcore in the process. Like the FARTZ who tried to be like DISCHARGE or RATTUS from Finland or WARSYSTEM from Denmark. That is what it is like listening to UNLEARN. The DISCHARGE influence is there but I would never say they play d-beat. And in an interview found in September’s, the bassist credits DISCHARGE as being an influence. But UNLEARN credit early Finnish hardcore and even more artistic noise bands like G.I.S.M. as playing a part into how fucked up they sound. Think DISORDER and DISCHARGE having it out in Helsinki in the early 80’s. (Deranged Records – P.O. Box 21534 / Vancouver, BC / V5L 5G2 / Canada /

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Radio - Sunday, September 11, 2011


DIRECT ACTION - Living Dead (Bitzcore)
LIP CREAM - No No Mercy (Hold-Up)
GAUZE - Wassyoi (XXX)

SCHOOL JERKS - Decline (Cowabunga)
STEELPOLE BATHTUB - Bee Sting (Lookout)
SUBWAY SECT - Ambition (Rough Trade)
WIRE - Dot Dash (Harvest)

RECENSION - ....and Watch out for Christians (625 Productions)
PSUDOKU - Dimensional Warp (625 Productions)
GET DESTROYED - Sort out (625 Productions)
GAZ-66 INTRUSION - She Suffers (625 Productions)
INTERNAL ROT - Purple Rain (625 Productions)
SOCIETY OF FRIENDS - Adult Humour (625 Productions)

RORSCHACH - Hardware (Vermiform)
NO COMMENT - Modern Moses (Noise Patch)
NEANDERTHAL - Fluids (Vermiform)
BORN AGAINST - Resist Control (Vermiform)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Bikini Diet (Deranged)
CHEAP TRAGEDIES - Ain't Dead Yet (Mad at the World)
NAPALM DREAM - Spit in the Wind (Mandible)
NILS - Truce (Profile / Rock Hotel)
HUSKER DU - Somewhere (SST)
RHYTHM PIGS - Marlboro Man (Mordam)

YOUNG PIONEERS - Regrets of the Doublers (Lookout)
CRIMPSHRINE - Pretty Mess (Lookout)
NEW TOWN ANIMALS - Baby, You're the Reason  (Zircon Virile Acxtion)
THE STATICS - Rebel Like Me (Ugly Pop)

BOSTON STRANGLER - Hit and Run (Self-Released)
RAMONES - Loudmouth (Sire)
BROTSKOD 11 - Infor Doden (Self-Released)

PSYCHED TO DIE - OCD Life (Grave Mistake)
ENUF - Face the Music (Self-Released)
MOLESTED YOUTH - Dead world (Deranged)

SNAKEPIT - Snakes never sleep (No Contracts Just Trust)
CONDOMINIUM - Elevators (Self-Released)

DIRECT APPROACH - My Time (Self-Released)
SICK CHARADE - Sick Charade (Self-Released)
SICK CHARADE - Victims (Self-Released)
SICK CHARADE - Lock Up (Self-Released)
SICK CHARADE - Getting Too Much (Self-Released)
SICK CHARADE - Formaldehyde Face (Self-Released)
SICK CHARADE - Fucking Hesitation (Self-Released)
SICK CHARADE - Modern Genocide (Self-Released)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Legion DCLXVI “The Final Days” LP

This was rumoured to be LEGION’s last record and with a song title like “Final Days” one would think that is in the offing, but I have been reassured that these are just rumours. This makes me wonder if album title is refering to the apocalyptic Christian groups which dominate the fear parade in today’s society or the satanic pose found around this band. The clues lie in the lyrics for the title track, which uses religious writing to write about Armageddon. It could be a metaphor for the decline of Western civilization. Who knows? The song was originally written for a side project that Blas was involved in called MEGIDDO and the singer Oskar does some vocals and guitar work on the song so MEGIDDO get more input than a routine cover would offer. The song is clever, just like the re-make LEGION do of the 4 SKINS song “Evil”. And when you stand back to give it some thought LEGION utilize the dark side of metal in their sound and look. They call themselves misanthropic blackened hardcore. The choruses of the 4 SKINS classic is perfect for a reinterpretation to LEGION. This is where a cover is more than just a crowd pleaser, although the band did perform it when they opened for OI POLLOI. Overall the songs are slower than on previous records. It allows the band to get heavier sounding. It has been four years since “Black Goat Armageddon”. Part of the time delay was in getting the artwork, which didn’t actually make it on the cover but did make it into the lyric sheet. The band is already at writing new material more in the EXTREME NOISE TERROR vein so expect a new curve ball for their next release. Until then we have “The Final Days” to chew on. The songs on this release are:

1. Mass Hysteria
2. It Just Gets Worse
3. The Final Days
4. Delusions
5. Inherenet Laws
6. Paranoid Landscapes
7. The End
8. Evil (4-Skins cover)

(Schizophrenic Records -

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Unlearn / Kruel split ep

This is like listening to a double A side of a raw noise punk record. Either side challenges for the right to be heard first. To be honest both bands are evenly matched. On one side you have these transplanted Calgarians called UNLEARN who crank out some noisey as fuck punk. This is the kind of stuff that would make KAOSS and DISORDER proud. KRUEL are a Spanish speaking hardcore band from L.A. There is lots of reverb on the vocals which invokes thoughts of G.I.S.M. and TERVEET KADET. There is some heavy ANTI-CIMEX / SHITLICKERS worship going on here. At the beginning of “No Hay Cruces, Ni Craciones” there is this wailing guitar scream reminiscent of DISCHARGE. The music is raw punk in sound with a barreling bass sound and a galloping drum beat. As far as splits go this was a thoughtful pairing. (Crucifacados Pelo sistema –

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Radio - Sunday, September 4, 2011

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LOVE SONGS- There's No L in Fool, Foo (New Disorder / 625 Productions)

AUTHORITIES - Radiation Masturbation (Get Hip)
CAREER SUICIDE - Jonzo's Leaking Radiation (Deranged)
BRADY'S PROBLEM - Drink (Unreleased)
UNLEARN - Used and Killed (Deranged)
SPECTRES - Rats in Walls (Charged // Distorted)

BATTERED WIVES - Uganda Stomp (Bomb)
STRAW MEN - Jack Rabbit (Foul and Fair)
SUB SONICS - Voodoo Doll (Homo Habilis)
BARRERACUDAS - New York Honeys (Douche Master)
WOMEN IN PRISON - Circles and Circles (HoZac)

BANJAX - Shiroi Hako (MCR Company)
U.G. MAN - First Song (625 Productions / Wajlemac)
SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Rasen (625 Productions)
BREAKFAST - Scar (625 Productions)

THE ONLY ONES - Another Girl, Another Planet (CBS)
THEE MIGHTY CEASARS - Cowboys are Square (Damaged Goods)
DECRY - Falling (Toxic Shock)
OVERNIGHT COWS - Last Meal for the Underachiever (Goner)
FEEDERZ - Dead Bodies (Placebo)

SOKEA PISTE - Vieraantuneet, Sopeutuneet (Tuska ja Ahtistus / Kamaset Levyt)
DOA - Nervous Breakdown (Sudden Death)
BEARDAGE - We Trash Electric (Lunacy)
BURNING LOVE - Destroyer of Worlds (Deranged)
TO HELL AND BACK - Blood of the Father, Heart of the Son (Peterwaulkee)

OFF! - Now I'm Pissed (Vice)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Behind the Wall (Per Koro)
LOW THREAT PROFILE - My Only Friends (Deep Six)
OWL EYES - Lonely Roads (Self-Released)

CREEPER - Sueke (No Contracts, Just Trust)
CURSED - Search and Destroy (Goodfellow)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - Exhaust Filled Damnation (625 Productions)
WARFARE - Zombie Rock (Quaderno a Quadretti)
VEINS - 4/16/2007 (Youth Attack)

LAMA - Tavaista (Svart)
VIVISEKTIO - Tyo Tappaa Meidat (Roku / Hohnie)
TUHKAUS - Lestat (Roku / Psychedlic)
ABDUKTIO - Griller (Nyt Mausttaan Paaministri Matti Vanhanen) (Combat Rock Industries)
KURWA APARATA - Silent World (Self-Released)

WASTOIDS - Hoop Dreams (Self-Released)
WASTOIDS - Moon People (Self-Released)
WASTOIDS - We are the Wastoid Crew (Self-Released)
WASTOIDS - Fuck You, I'm Here to Party (Self-Released)

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Overpower “Hogtown Skins” CD

OVERPOWER are a local oi skinhead band featuring members of HOLD A GRUDGE, RAMMER, the PROWLERS, and KOPS FOR CHRIST. Pat Laso, the bassist from BLUNDERMEN, is singing in this band and his vocals are low growls. This is a heavier oi than what I am used to. Sort of an oi crossed with tough guy hardcore. But Laso is part of the anti racist movement here in Toronto and the heaviness is a sign of his commitment. And these themes of loyalty play themselves out in songs like “The Wrong Side”, “The Crew”, and “Good Fight”. I know Laso is a big Toronto FC supporter as well and these themes run throughout

whether they be the photo on the back cover taken from the bunker at BMO field or the offside analogies that make the lyrics in “The Wrong Side”. These subtleties are not lost on me. One of the highlights off this is the cover of the OPPRESSED’s “Work Together”. It’s a great song and a local anti-fascist label, Insurgence Records, re-issued the OPRESED material a year or tow ago and so Toronto folks have been re-living the OPPRESSED anthems recently. OVERPOWER plays on this synergy by picking the OPPRESSED best known song to cover. I dare you to try and not sing along. Insurgence is making this release available as a digital download with proceeds being raised for A.F.A.

groups in Russia. (Insurgence Records -