Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zine - EXD, Volume 11, Issue 4

This is the September 2011 issue of EXD radio zine. Urban Blight is the feature interview. We did this interview originally with the band back in October 2010 just after they had gotten back from a tour in Europe. Consequently we spend a lot of time talking about the places they played. I have also been trying to get an interview with Beav about Urban Blight for years so I took the opportunity to ask him about meanings behind songs and history behind releases. I hope this covers all you wanted to know about Urban Blight. There are record reviews in here which include some new Finnish releases and some 625 releases that came in. A review of Jennifer Morton's book on BFG titled "Dirty Drunk and Punk" is in here. Nico Taus of Vicious Cycle also wrote a book about the Sudbury scene called "Songs from Nowhere" and my critiques are found in here. The big Hallowe'en fest flyer is the back cover with some of the bands playing the big three day fest in October. The show is being called "Ain't Dead Yet". Click the cover for a download of this issue.

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