Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unlearn / Kruel split ep

This is like listening to a double A side of a raw noise punk record. Either side challenges for the right to be heard first. To be honest both bands are evenly matched. On one side you have these transplanted Calgarians called UNLEARN who crank out some noisey as fuck punk. This is the kind of stuff that would make KAOSS and DISORDER proud. KRUEL are a Spanish speaking hardcore band from L.A. There is lots of reverb on the vocals which invokes thoughts of G.I.S.M. and TERVEET KADET. There is some heavy ANTI-CIMEX / SHITLICKERS worship going on here. At the beginning of “No Hay Cruces, Ni Craciones” there is this wailing guitar scream reminiscent of DISCHARGE. The music is raw punk in sound with a barreling bass sound and a galloping drum beat. As far as splits go this was a thoughtful pairing. (Crucifacados Pelo sistema –

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