Friday, September 9, 2011

Legion DCLXVI “The Final Days” LP

This was rumoured to be LEGION’s last record and with a song title like “Final Days” one would think that is in the offing, but I have been reassured that these are just rumours. This makes me wonder if album title is refering to the apocalyptic Christian groups which dominate the fear parade in today’s society or the satanic pose found around this band. The clues lie in the lyrics for the title track, which uses religious writing to write about Armageddon. It could be a metaphor for the decline of Western civilization. Who knows? The song was originally written for a side project that Blas was involved in called MEGIDDO and the singer Oskar does some vocals and guitar work on the song so MEGIDDO get more input than a routine cover would offer. The song is clever, just like the re-make LEGION do of the 4 SKINS song “Evil”. And when you stand back to give it some thought LEGION utilize the dark side of metal in their sound and look. They call themselves misanthropic blackened hardcore. The choruses of the 4 SKINS classic is perfect for a reinterpretation to LEGION. This is where a cover is more than just a crowd pleaser, although the band did perform it when they opened for OI POLLOI. Overall the songs are slower than on previous records. It allows the band to get heavier sounding. It has been four years since “Black Goat Armageddon”. Part of the time delay was in getting the artwork, which didn’t actually make it on the cover but did make it into the lyric sheet. The band is already at writing new material more in the EXTREME NOISE TERROR vein so expect a new curve ball for their next release. Until then we have “The Final Days” to chew on. The songs on this release are:

1. Mass Hysteria
2. It Just Gets Worse
3. The Final Days
4. Delusions
5. Inherenet Laws
6. Paranoid Landscapes
7. The End
8. Evil (4-Skins cover)

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